May 31, 2011

BIG News :)


What is going on?! Enjoying your short work week, aren't you!?!

Well, that is to say, you Americans out there are enjoying it. Everyone else just has a Plainy McPlain week. Sorry about that. Hey, why don't you take Friday off and we will call it even?

Or just revel in the fact that the U.S. has no government regulations on vacation days and we are ranked the lowest in the world for mandatory paid time off.


Big news. HUGE news, actually.

We found out where we will be next season!!!

EEEEEE! :))))
See, Stuart knows. (Source)
So excited! Can you tell?! ;)

Although, it is not the same place we were last year. 

Sadly, and without getting into too much detail, the top league in Germany decided that they didn't want to let any champions from the second league move up. Moving up a league is a fairly common act in other countries' hockey leagues, and it's what had been done for years and years in Germany. But not this year, so poop on them for not letting the team in :(

I feel bad for Ravensburg. What a great city and a great hockey town!!! I am sure the fans there are disappointed. And we are too, we really liked that place and would have liked to have returned if they moved up to the top German league.

We will always have great memories of the town.

But, whaddya do?? Sometimes hockey just doesn't work out in one way, only to work out great in some other direction.

And the new league we are headed to is a BIG step in the right direction.

What, you want to know where we are going?? 

And you think I am just going to tell you and not make you learn something first??? Where do you think you are?

Aiiiight, here are a couple of hints about the new country we will be moving to in August. 

See if you can guess where we are headed!
(scroll down slow, unless you are a cheater :))

    •    In 1906, it was the first governing body in the world to give women unrestricted rights to both vote and to stand for parliament.

    •    This country, per capita, drinks the most coffee in the world!!

    •    There are 187,888 lakes, 179,584 islands and forest covers 86% of the country's area, making it the largest forested area in Europe.

Any ideas yet?? I'm sure some of you smarties must know. But here are some more, just in case.


    •    A quarter of the country is in the freakin' Arctic circle. Yikes, brrrr rabbit!

    •    It is the birthplace of the Sauna.

    •    Santa reportedly lives there.

Think about it...
Are you FINNISHED yet???

Oh yeah, we are headed to the top league in Finland! 

The hubs and I were honestly flabbergasted when we heard that this was even an option. And jumped at the chance to try out a new league and country. 

Holy cow, no one told me it was way the heck up there!!! (source)

I am thinking this will be a great move. Why not, right?! You only live once.

Plus, this adventure will be fun. Finland will be like nothing before.

Heck, any country that was greatly outnumbered and managed to defend their country against those crazy Soviet Union Forces in WWII is alright by me!

I'll have to write about the Winter War another time :)


What does that mean for TexaGERMAnadian?? Well, you better believe I will still be here. Just a little tweaking to the header, nbd. I'm not too worried about it.

Check out my new little Finnish hockey dude. He will be up in the header in no time. 

Oh, and you steal it, you die. :)

I'm really pumped for lots of new material! I literally know next to nothing about Finland and I kind of like it that way. Go in with an open mind and no expectations, and you are guaranteed nothing but a good time.

So, we are still enjoying the summer, but now really looking forward to this next step in hockey....and really excited to take ya'll along!!

May 27, 2011

'Nother NW 2011 Update...and more

Nad Watch 2011!! Another Update. You are now sitting on the edge of your seat, aren't you. Knew it. Couldn't resist a good Truck Nutz post.

You perv.


I had some great readers send in a few pictures of Truck Testicles that they snapped in the past week or so. And they. Are. Awesome. 

First, Alex from Ifs Ands & Butts snapped this one the other morning. 

I have to commend her for this shot. Not only was she driving (was are all about safety here at NW headquarters, don't worry) but it was early morning on the way to work. That is one keen eye to spot these babies well before coffee. Kudos to you, Alex! :)

And I love how this truck owner matched the color of his bawls to the color of his truck. Very coordinated, mister.

And the other photo comes from Heather at Belle of the Desert. Heather was the one who originally gave me the idea for readers to send in pictures. She is clever like that!

Heather, the generous person she is, had the search through her facebook account to find this bad-boy from some time ago. 

I don't know if you can really tell from this picture, but those are waaaay too lifelike to be hanging out there in public. Not only are the skin colored, but they also, are you ready for this, have vains

EWWWWWW, sorry about that. 

Regroup. Take a moment. We good now??

Do you have a Nad Watch submission?!? If so, I would love to feature it. Because, let's face it, this summer is going to be slow for posts! haha.

Send 'em to: TexaGermaNadian (at) gmail (dot) com

Oh, and the vain-ier the better. Good luck getting that out of your head this afternoon.

Can't believe I just wrote that. I hit new lows everyday.

Changing the subject now.

I am planning on doing to Storytellers Blog Hop next weekend. Mixing things up a bit. Plus I figured most of you Americans would be out enjoying the long Memorial Day Weekend.
Also, we have a ton of family coming in town, so we will be busy with them. I didn't feel like I could give the hop the time it needed this weekend, so you will have to be on the lookout for it the first weekend of June!

Really, when did May happen?? It just reminds me that hockey season is slowly creep, creep, creepin' up on us.

Think of Carmen Sandiego "where in the world will we play hockey?"

I think I might have some fun news for you next week! Might. Something to do with this crazy hockey life we lead. I know, leave you hanging, right?! All I can say for now is boy oh boy :)

And no, I am not knocked up, I don't have any kids yet. Well, unless you count the hubs and my kitty cat. 

One is really hairy and the other licks his butt. 

I'll let you decide which one is which!

Or, in my cat's case... he's both.

Haha. Sorry hon :)

Have a wonderful weekend bloggyland!!!

P.S. ANNNNND I am being featured over at Chicken Noodle Gravy. Check it out!!!

May 25, 2011

Didn't Want to Leave Ya Hanging

I just knew I was going to have the perfect post for today. It was going to be an easy one.

I didn't want to leave ya'll hanging from the 99 Cent Only store post on Monday, so a little follow up was needed.

I wanted a danged ceramic poodle figurine!

Sounds easy enough. Walk into a 99 Cent Only store. Ask where their priceless collectables are located. And bam, walk out with a treasure. You know, something to pass on to my kids.

Have you seen this dog?!

But noooo. I found every other animal figurine imaginable.

There were all kinds of dogs, except poodles, of course. About a million and one different figurines of German Shepherds. Just in case your actual dog wasn't barking enough at you, the ceramic spitting image would the remind you of its non-stop bark.

There were figurines of lions and tigers and elephants and cats and sheep and squirrels.

But no FREAKIN' poodles! And that was at three stores. See! You see my dedication I have. 

As I scoured up and down the aisles, the oh-so-flattering florescent lights burning my eyes, I did come upon a plethora of random and useless useful items.

Beautiful array of stuff...and yes, I took a picture in a 99 Cent Store!

Vuvuzelas - just in case you wanted to attend any sporting event, at which they are banned.
Mens Bikini Briefs - just in case you wanted to attend any sporting event, at which they are banned.
Knock off Disney Merchandise - because having the real Buzz Lightyear isn't cool enough.
More Prayer Candles than you could shake a stick at - for all you bad sinners out there.
A Play Axe for Kids - anyone out there hoping to raise a serial killer?

But no ceramic poodle figurines.

Although, I think my fictional heroine, Becky Sue, in the tragic, yet inspiring uplifting hick monologue would have probably gone for this baby, had she had known it was available.

Scary, yet simultaneously thought provoking....
Nothing says 99 Cent Layaway Plan necessity like a skull with a snake crawling out of it.

Is anyone special in your life having a birthday soon?? Consider your shopping done. This skull says any and everything you ever wanted.

PS - I was featured by Mallori in her Tell the World Tuesday series! You will have to check it out.

Aaannnddd, a NW 2011 (NAD WATCH for all you noobs) update coming soon. Some readers have taking up the popular sport of Nut Spotting (Yep, that is what I am officially calling it), and I have a few pictures to share.

If you have any photos of some Truck Testicles you would like to share (and that you hopefully didn't take by walking around to the back of your pick-up!), feel free to send those puppies in to: TexaGermaNadian (at) gmail (dot) com.

I'll of course credit your photo and share with my readers where you snapped the picture.

Heck, we all know that you and your blog are above showing pictures of nuts on it. I, for one, am not.

Happy Hump Day!

May 23, 2011

Not gonna to lie, it's my favorite store

In the last few weeks, I've mentioned a ton of things that I missed about being home.

There was my family and friends. The food. The beautiful sunny weather. The food. My kitty cat and the swimming pool. The food.

But I have failed to mention something that I really do long for everyday while we are abroad.

The local newspaper.

Call me old fashioned, but I would rather read the real, hard copy paper than anything that is written online. There is something about flipping through the leafy pages and having it all laid out in front of you.

Not to mention that it is my morning ritual. I wake up, have a cup of coffee, and read the most important section of the newspaper: The entertainment section. That of course includes the crossword and Jumble (which I kick ass at, in case you were doubting my mad skills) and - sometimes not so helpful - Hints from Heloise (is that just a Southern thing??) and can't forget about Dear Abby. All very helpful and useful information. Let's call is pre-coffee, light reading.

Sorry Inmagine, when I become rich and famous, I'll buy this print. Or just take it down. (source)
It is my wake up call and a chance to get my head on straight for the day. And everyone knows not to talk to me before I have done this, because they are likely to get their head bit off, or at the very least an evil stare.

I'm apparently Satan's spawn pre-coffee as well.

And yes, don't tell me anything like "Oh, well then wait til you have kids, they are up and ready to go before you are and all chippery and shiznit in the morning." I get it, and that is precisely why we don't have kids yet.

ANYWAYS, rambling. As I was enjoying the morning paper last week, I came across the weekly full-page ad for the 99 Cent Only store. I love perusing their 'selection' to see just how far 99 cents can take you these days.

And wouldn't you know, I found something mighty interesting in the paper. Did you know that you can get a layaway plan at the 99 Cent ONLY store?? An offer Kmart brought back and made popular once again. Oh yes you can! Imagine racking up even more debt and fees while buying only the nicest crap items. 

Don't lie, you want to call that number, don't you?!
I can just imagine the conversations that go on before someone applies for the layaway plan.

(turn the hick on in your head. You know you got it in there.)

"Well, honey, I know you really want the ceramic poodle figurine and the 6 pack of high-waisted briefs, but I don't know if we can afford it right now. Wait, but looky here, they got themselves a layaway plan. Oooooooeeeeee, Becky Sue, we might just be able to even get you that 99 cent Intimate Apparel for tonight!"

Aaaannnd scene.

Think I am joking about the Intimate Apparel at the 99 Cent Only store? Think again. They were hyping up this sexy little number the same week that Mother's Day items were advertised. 

The Satori Lace Panties & Camilsole. Bow-chica-bowwow (source)

I really, REALLY hope they weren't suggesting it as a gift for dear ol' Mom. 

I'm proud to say "Only in America!"

May 20, 2011

Frackin' Friday - Guest Post: Dafeenah

Happy happy Friday! 

I am so happy to bring you another guest post for Frackin' Friday! The submissions that I have received have been hilarious! And today is no different. 

If you have a fun foreign cuss word (or a funny and obscure English one) to share and want to be FEATURED on an upcoming Frackin' Friday,  shoot me an email at: 
TexaGermaNadian (at) gmail (dot) com.

Take is away, Dafeenah!

I love learning new languages. One of the first tips I figured out on my own was that it is important WHO you learn the language from. Some people like my (ex) bro in law are assholes pranksters and they like to teach you inappropriate things to say. Which is exactly what happened to my (ex) sis in law. 

She and I are American. I met her after I married my (now ex) husband who is an Arab. She was married to his older brother. They lived out of state, far from us.

On Thanksgiving, my ex and I went to visit them. She and I were in the kitchen cooking when my (now ex) husband, her husband, and a few friends walked in. One of whom was a clergy man. 

I said the correct traditional Arabic greeting "Assalamu alaikum". She on the other hand said, "In-chubby. Kiss oom-ick". I almost choked on my own spit as soon as I realized what she was saying. The guys started laughing and making fun of her. But the shocked look on my face let them know I knew exactly what she had said.

They quickly left the room. I asked her who taught her and what did she think it meant. She said her husband had taught her it meant "Hello. How are you/nice to meet you". That is when I told her what it really meant.

"In-chubby. Kiss oom-ick"
"Shut up and go f*** your mother".

Needless to say she no longer repeated any of the Arabic words her husband taught her without first checking with me. 

So boys and girls let this be a lesson to you. It might be fun learning a new language. Just be the person teaching you isn't an ibnul kelb (son of a bitch). 

That's today lesson in how to learn a new language.

Thanks Lindsey for having me here.  If you'd like to hear more of my stories about living overseas, then visit my blog Dafeenah on Thursdays for my "Across the Pond" series where I share my experiences of being an American living overseas. 

Haha, I love the way she spelled out how to say this! Too funny, Dafeenah! Love it. 

And yeah, don't think I would want any of those guys to be my Arabic teacher! Yikes!

And thanks for the awesome Frackin' Friday feature! I never knew I would know Arabic, little less how to say something so, hmmm, charming, lol. 

Hope ya'll are having a great one, bloggyland!

And try not to get in trouble with this one ;)

May 19, 2011

Forgive me now!?

 Hey there bloggyland....have you forgiven me yet??

I didn't really mean to trick ya'll with my last post. Just wanted to do something a little different. 

But I will say that I am really touched that so many of you said you were on the verge of emailing me and staging an intervention as you read the first part of the post! I think ya'll are so sweet to care as much as you do! 

Especially if it looks like I am about to jump on the express train to crazytown! 


I did lose 3 followers that day, though. Coincidence?? I think not! I have a feeling they read the first couple of paragraphs and decided that they wanted the heck outta there! Haha, that's pretty funny to me. 

Can you imagine if someone was really airing all of that dirty laundry on their blog?!? I mean, I am sure it has been done before. There are some Weirdy McWeirdos out there in bloggyland. 

And noooo, none of my readers. Not at all. Ya'll are the 'normal' ones ;)

I can assure you that the hubs and I had an AWESOME time at the concert on Tuesday night. Once again, Bon Jovi rocked our socks off! If you ever have a chance to see them live, I can promise that you won't leave disappointed. 

The least I can do for being such a meanie the other day, is share some photos from the concert. 

There are a couple of shots of my 'boyfriend' in there, plus one cute one with the hubs and a group shot of a bunch of us friends that went to the concert. 

And of course I got a special shot with Bon Jovi himself....

See, there he is in the background!!!!
That counts as a 'meeting' right?!?! Ha. It does to me!

Like I said, we had such a fun night out. It was a great way to celebrate our anniversary which was this past weekend. Really, it was a just an excuse to buy really good tickets because it was a special occasion. Love it!

Our time at home in Texas is already getting jam packed with parties and dinners and trips and seeing friends. It is great that we do so much when back in the states, but I feel that the summer is already slipping away. 

Can't even start to think about hockey next season, even though it seems right around the corner. And for those of ya'll curious, we still aren't 100% sure where we will be next year. Could be in Germany. Could be some other European country. Really, there are leagues all over the world. It is just a matter of finding one that is a good match for us. 

Could be in Australia, I've heard they have a league there! haha, well, I don't know about Australia.
 (but yes, apparently there is a hockey league there, but you basically play pro-bono and half to have a side job to pay the bills, lol)

But no matter where we are, I think I will keep TexaGermaNadian the same name and not change it to have it say some other country in the middle there. Can't go changing that because of a little technicality of where we live ;). Oh man, will new readers be confused then!

Oh hockey, you are always an adventure, aren't you?!?!

Anyways, I feel like I am rambling now. Ya'll have a great Thirsty Thursday, bloggyland! And tomorrow I have another guest post for Frackin' Friday!! Can't wait!

May 17, 2011


Doing a little something different today.

I have a confession I feel I must share.

My own personal bloggyland confessional
Something that has been weighing on my mind for some time now.

Most of you long time readers, or even some of the more recent ones, know that I don't do serious posts too often.*

But I have to write about this today. If anyone can understand the feelings I am going through right now, it will probably be some of the many supportive readers I have out there.

But don't judge me too harshly if you don't agree with my taste in things.

Well, I am not sure how to put this exactly. Guess I'll just spit it right out.

I found out a few months ago that an old flame is coming into town tonight. He is just passing through here, as he does from time to time.

The hubs and I are usually out of town when makes his way to Houston, but this year, the timing was right. There is no way to avoid it happening.

And I cannot help myself. I want to see him. Need to see him. Maybe it is wrong to feel these overwhelming urges, but I can no longer help myself.

I am ok admitting that I am once again falling in love with this old flame. I love who he is, what he does and most certainly what he looks like.

Might sound shallow, but hey, guess that is part of a confession.

To be honest with you, I can't stop thinking about him. And have been obsessing over what I am going to wear when I see him tonight. I want everything to be just perfect.

And you want know the best part about it all? The hubs is ok with all of this.

Seriously, he is.

Maybe even more that just ok.

He is even going with me to see this guy tonight.

He wants to hold my hand and love on me while I get reacquainted with my longtime crush.

Pretty cool right?! (and don't go there, no swingery...yes, a word)

But, we are not dumb.

We realize what we are both doing. We know that we will both be overwhelmed with excitement tonight, only to once again be disappointed that he is gone tomorrow morning.

And we realize that this could cost a lot for us...

...After all, we did buy floor tickets!!!!!

Hello there, lover!

Dear Bon Jovi, I cannot wait to see you once again tonight. When you look out at the crowd, I know you are looking and singing to me. I just know it!

And when the crowd gets quieter and you hear someone yell "I love you Jon!", don't worry, that is just my husband with one too many beers in him, lol.

So that's our plans for this evening. Man, does it feel good to get that off my chest.

Wait, what did you think I was talking about????

*And I still don't do 'serious' posts. Too many fun times to worry about the downers ;)

(and if I get one comment, ONE comment about how I should be faithful to my beloved, I might die :)

May 16, 2011

Are you a Weiner?!

Could this be the bestest Monday ever!?!

Well, I know it is for 3 lucky winners of the German Goodie Giveaway!

Before I announce the winner, I have to say that I really hate that I can't give everyone something. Ya'll are great for just entering, and I appreciate it.

So, sorry to all you non-winners (didn't want to be too harsh and call you losers)

And for you lucky winners, rub it in the others' faces!! Haha (Ok, but that was harsh :)).

Drum roll please....

Top Prize Package, which includes...

Haribo Starmix Mini Packs
Haribo Happy Cherries
Haribo Gummy Bears
Haribo Color-rado
Trolli Sour Gummy Worms
Ritter Sport Mini Pack (yummy German chocolate)
Hackle Butt Kissing Fresh Pack

And it all goes to number 16, Sam@The Junk House!!

Woohoo, congrats Sam!!

And for the other 2 lucky ladies - whoops, gave it away that there were no male winners :( - they will receive...

Hakle Butt-Kissing Fresh Pack
Handful of Haribo Gummy Bear Mini Packs

Those packages go to number 23,  Life's Gristle, and number 18, MJ@The Next Moment !!!

And I promise it was done all fair and right with a Random Number Generator. I have too big of a guilty conscious to cheat with this, lol. 
I will be emailing the winners, so be on the lookout!

And thanks again to all of ya'll participating :) Hope you are having a great Monday anyways.

We are FINALLY getting a round of golf in today. Yes, I golf. In my husband's family you don't really have a choice. Which is a great thing, because we all get to go together. 

Actually, the first time we went golfing, like my first official round EVER outside of a putt putt course, I went with the hubs and his dad. The hubs set me up on the first tee and said "If you can't perform under pressure, you can't be in this family". Half joking, I think.

Doncha know, I bombed it down the fairway, bitches! Or for those of you non-Step Brothers fans, I hit it right down the middle. Booyaa! Don't mess with me. 

"I'm Deereek, and I can high-igh" (source)

I thought you needed that story in case you forgot how much of a badass I was. 
Ha, right.

:) Just kidding.

Too bad it was beginners luck and I struggle around the course now. But with beautiful late spring weather like this (read: totally not sweating my face off, yet) we are going to enjoy the day. 

Have a good one bloggyland, and be on the look out for Truck Nutz in your neighborhood. Might just have to feature readers submissions. Thanks, Heather, for the idea!

May 15, 2011

NW 2011: Update!


First off, you need to know how I have been saying 'Nad Watch' these last few days.

There, that is better. Now you have an idea of how serious this situation is.

The search for the elusive Truck Nutz was pretty futile the first few days. And I even stooped as low as to drive up and down every row at Wally World to see if I could find a nice set of Truck Testicles.

But no. It appeared that all the trucks had been momentarily castrated.

I did see this presumably nice fella. Doesn't he seem like he would be so friendly and really approachable??

I'm sure some kid is proud to call this cuckoo 'Grandpa'

Yes, sadly there are lots of cars in the area that sport this, hmmm, let's call it 'conservative' paraphernalia.

So I was getting a little dissapointed that I was not greeted back in Texas with a massive amount of the Truck Testicles.

And just when I thought I would throw in the towel (um yeah, I am not very persistent, lol) I saw THIS bad boy in the parking lot at our gym.

It will enlarge if you need a better look

YES, YES, YES!!! Winner, winner, chicken dinner! And not only were there BRONZE balls hanging off the back of the truck, but it was littered with so many other cliche and douchey things, I almost had stimulus overload.

And I about gave the hubs a heart attack. He was driving and I yell "BALLS" so loud that it scared him. You can't blame me, I was pretty excited, haha.

You want to know the best part about this truck?

A 65-ish year old Grandma was the one to get in the truck and drive away. Yep, she wasn't afraid to sport the Truck Testicles! Good for you, Granny.

But don't think that this is the end of Nad Watch 2011. I will still keep my eyes peeled. And knowing these parts, I will not be disappointed!

Today is the LAST DAY to enter the no rules German Goodie Giveaway! I will be drawing the lucky winners late tonight and announcing the winners tomorrow.

Speaking of winning (duh!), I won a $50 Gift Card from Simple Dude!!! He invited his readers to guess how much money he would come back from Vegas with, and I was one of the closests! If you haven't checked out his site, go do it now. Pretty dang funny! Oh, and for those who didn't win, try out these Amazon special promos and save on your next Amazon purchase.

Have a great rest of your Sunday! It is gorgeous here, and I am enjoying the sun. What? I'm doing it for ya'll!

May 14, 2011

Have you...

.... seen the awesome guest post for Frackin' Friday below?

....entered the German Goodie Giveaway?

....had enough of blogger???

(since posts were all over the place yesterday, thought the awesome feature below needed a little extra shout out)

Tomorrow, Nad Watch 2011 Update!!! It was a good ball huntin' day yesterday :)

Ya'll have a great Saturday!

May 13, 2011

Frackin' Friday - Guest Post: TriGirl

Well, blogger, that was interesting! You deleted a post and about 30 comments. Nice.

Eeee! So excited for my first featured Frackin' Friday guest!

Take it away, TriGirl!

Hi, TexaGermaNadian devotees!  I am super-excited that my very first guest post is on none other than Frackin' Friday! Woohoo!

Ok, down to business.  I have a little French lesson for you today. While I'm not French Canadian myself, I grew up in a bilingual community and learned French as soon as I learned to talk.  I was in French immersion schools and my parents and grandparents are also fluent in French.  This is a word I have heard for as long as I can remember, and some of you may recognize it as it resembles its Spanish counterpart.

The word is:


(Pronounced: mehrd.  Bonus points if you can use a hard French 'r', kinda like you're clearing your throat, but a rolled Spanish 'r' will work just as well.)

Translation:  Sh*t.  

As in,

By the way, my 91 year-old grandmother *swears* (heh) that "Merde" does not constitute cursing...I have 13 school teachers who would beg to differ with her :)

Thanks so much to TexaGermaNadian for letting me hijack one of the best post topics online!!

Happy Frackin' Friday everyone!  Hope your day is free of la merde!


See, wasn't that fun?!?! :) Thanks so much TriGirl (for showing me up....haha, just kidding. You can't help that your feature was sooo awesome!)

Have a fun foreign cuss word to share? If you are interested in submitted your word and being featured on Frackin' Friday, shoot me an email at: TexaGermaNadian (at) gmail (dot) com.

ALSO, I am not sure if the whole blogger fiasco messed with the entry to the German Goodie Giveaway. If you haven't entered yet, visit this link to win a chance for some good ol' Deutsch treats. No strings attached!

Happy Frackin' Friday!

May 11, 2011

Now don't get testy...

You know what, it still really doesn't feel like we are home. At least not just yet.

Sure, we have had our fill of Mexican food. Taken advantage of the pool everyday. And we even went to an Astros game last night.

But something still feels like it is missing.

And I think I know what it is.

Truck Testicles.

Oh yeah, you read that right.

Or Bumper Nuts, Nutz for Trucks, Truck Balls, Big Boy Nuts. Take your pick.

Yep, that is the real deal there (source)
Ewww, it was gross just typing that. Sorry.

You see, they are apparently the macho accessory of choice around here. Or at least they used to be.

A few weeks back, Copyboy over at Not Worth Mentioning featured a set of these bad boys. He is always highlighting really useful and purposeful products :)

But it got me thinking. I guess these Bumper Balls were not a nationwide thing. He was surprised to see them. But I was not. Sadly, they are usually abundant in Texas. But like I've said, I have yet to find a decent pair hanging of the back of a truck since we have been back.

It is disappointing actually!

Whatever happened to guy that not only needed to show how un-endowed he was by having a huge, jacked up truck, but also really wanted to drive in the message that the massive vehicle he drove really did represent his you-know-what by hanging some lifelike testicles off the back hitch??

Just in case you were wondering, THEY REPRESENT HIS BALLS. Oh, and he has steel nuts. (source)
What has the world come to when people start removing man-junk from their trucks?? Certainly not a place I want to raise children


So for the next few months we are in Texas, I dedicate my time on the road to "Nad Watch, 2011". I am on patrol. There has to be some white trash, d-bag totally awesome, super sweet motorist with these puppies hanging off the back.

Boy, do I love Texas!

For you, my readers, I am doing this for you!

I am also doing THIS for you! Have you entered my German Goodies Giveaway yet?? Well what are you waiting for!?

May 9, 2011

Get Excited!!!

Aw man is it easy to be a lazy bum while at home or what?!

And I am loving every second of it :)

I hope everyone had a great weekend and a wonderful Mother's Day. I know there are a lot of deserving moms out there, so I hope you were pampered right yesterday!

On Friday, I mentioned that I had a fun giveaway coming up. Weren't you so intrigued?? lol.

I figured that the Easter candy hangover had finally passed, so it is time to reveal my 2011 giveaway extravaganza!!! Ok, maybe it isn't that fancy, but hey, who doesn't like winning stuff??

Shhhh, don't tell customs, but I snuck back some extra special items from Germany. No, not the goatie, although I was tempted. Very tempted.

You remember Things You Never Knew Were German, right?!

Well I mentioned how Haribo and Trolli candies were made in Germany. So of course I had to bring a bunch back to share with one lucky reader.

German Goodie Giveaway Grand Prize includes: 

Hey, if they look smooshed, they are. You try being in a suitcase on an airplane for 10 hours!

Haribo Starmix Mini Packs
Haribo Happy Cherries
Haribo Gummy Bears
Haribo Color-rado
Trolli Sour Gummy Worms
Ritter Sport Mini Pack (yummy German chocolate)
Hackle Butt Kissing Fresh Pack

Couldn't fool you, could I?! Saw that extra something in there, well how could you forget these babies???

Yep, brought back a few of those packs as well. Isn't this giveaway just awesome!?? Ha.

And actually, I found 3 packs at the store. So that means there will be 2 Runner-Up Prize Packages.

Those include:

Hakle Butt-Kissing Fresh Pack
Handful of Haribo Gummy Bear Mini Packs

There is no catch to the giveaway, nothing to 'like' or join. It is my way to say thank you for all the support and loving comments I have received over the last few months. I wish I could send something to every single one of my readers! But that might break the bank a bit.

Just sign into the linky list below, which I thought was the easiest way to keep track of you. Include your URL if you have one, and if not, it isn't required.

And tell your friends! Or don't. That way you'll have a better chance of winning :)

Again, this is just a tiny show of my gratitude to the great readers and supporters of TexaGermaNadian. You guys rock!

Have a great Monday, and don't forget to enter!!! Entries are open until midnight Sunday, May 15th. And the winners will be drawn at random. Good luck!

May 6, 2011

Hey! Happy Friday!

I am being lazy and late posting this afternoon. And no, it is not because of the margaritas from Cinco de Mayo. Someone had to be responsible last night, and I drew the short straw. Man, I hate being a grown up and being all "rational". Sucky.


So, it is Friday and you know what that means...Frackin' Friday!!!

But before I rattle of some good German cuss word, I want to extend an invitation to any and all of my readers. Do you think you have a good foreign or funny curse word that you would like to share??? I figured that I could
somewhat keep up with the German ones while I am back at home, but I also want to hear if you have any juicy, secret bad words. 

Come on, show me what you got!!
If you are interested in submitted your word and being featured on Frackin' Friday, shoot me an email at: TexaGermaNadian (at) gmail (dot) com.

Come on, you know you have at least one up your sleeve! lol

So, onto the word o' the day.

I heard this one a lot in the last few weeks we were in Germany. And I heard it quite often, so I know it is used  regularly. But I was around those foul-mouthed hockey boys, so what do I really know?! :)
Verpiss dich!
(Ver-piss deechk, a little hard on that -chk sound on the end)

It means "Eff off", "Piss off" or "Screw you". I guess it could be pretty vulgar if used correctly, but most of the time it is used between friends when they are ragging on you or getting on your nerves. 


Ummmmmm, how in the world did I miss this awesome, mid-90's, all girl German rap group!??! That CD looks awesome. Might have to see if I can pick me up a copy. And you know that they are just badass, I mean the name of their album says it all! Haha

You are lucky that I love you all and none of you are deserving of a verpiss dich today :) Have a great rest of the day, enjoy it up nicely. And I hope that you don't have to use today's Frackin' Friday word. But if you do, you are armed and ready to go!!!

Hey, and make sure to check back this weekend for another post on my fabulous German goodies give away. I am excited for it, and I think you might like it too!