May 13, 2011

Frackin' Friday - Guest Post: TriGirl

Well, blogger, that was interesting! You deleted a post and about 30 comments. Nice.

Eeee! So excited for my first featured Frackin' Friday guest!

Take it away, TriGirl!

Hi, TexaGermaNadian devotees!  I am super-excited that my very first guest post is on none other than Frackin' Friday! Woohoo!

Ok, down to business.  I have a little French lesson for you today. While I'm not French Canadian myself, I grew up in a bilingual community and learned French as soon as I learned to talk.  I was in French immersion schools and my parents and grandparents are also fluent in French.  This is a word I have heard for as long as I can remember, and some of you may recognize it as it resembles its Spanish counterpart.

The word is:


(Pronounced: mehrd.  Bonus points if you can use a hard French 'r', kinda like you're clearing your throat, but a rolled Spanish 'r' will work just as well.)

Translation:  Sh*t.  

As in,

By the way, my 91 year-old grandmother *swears* (heh) that "Merde" does not constitute cursing...I have 13 school teachers who would beg to differ with her :)

Thanks so much to TexaGermaNadian for letting me hijack one of the best post topics online!!

Happy Frackin' Friday everyone!  Hope your day is free of la merde!


See, wasn't that fun?!?! :) Thanks so much TriGirl (for showing me up....haha, just kidding. You can't help that your feature was sooo awesome!)

Have a fun foreign cuss word to share? If you are interested in submitted your word and being featured on Frackin' Friday, shoot me an email at: TexaGermaNadian (at) gmail (dot) com.

ALSO, I am not sure if the whole blogger fiasco messed with the entry to the German Goodie Giveaway. If you haven't entered yet, visit this link to win a chance for some good ol' Deutsch treats. No strings attached!

Happy Frackin' Friday!
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  1. That was a doozy Blogger unloaded on all of us yesterday and today (that's what she said?). I was able to read your balls post before it was deleted and found those bumper stickers to be hilarious! I think any driving trip from now on must include recording the most memorable bumper stickers (and any nads of course!

  2. Yea! It allowed you to post. I was so hoping that you would have added a picture to this. You didn't disappoint. Great word. I think I might have to practice it today.

  3. Just for the record, if you find yourself in Quebec, they generally say it with more of an 'a' sound.


    French-Quebeccers have a tons of good swear words, made even better by the fact that they pronounce them in an ABSOLUTELY hysterical way.

    ESTI, CHALICE, TABARNACQUE, CRISSE... and so on and so forth.

  4. "Espece de putain." Learned from my french 101 teacher. Loosely translated, "some type of whore." love it. great guest post!

  5. @KT - no joke! Well I am glad someone saw it, lol. It's ok, wasn't one of my best of best posts. But still, annoying blogger!
    @Bernie - haha, finally, right!? She did a great job on that picture, love it!
    @Kev - well thanks for the French Canadian info :) They do have a lot. The hubs plays hockey with quite a few.
    @Meri - HAHAH, I love that your french teacher taught you that! Hilarious.

  6. Don't know any French swear words but bollocks is a good British one.

  7. Supposedly the disappeared posts will be back soon according to the blogger site!

    My French teacher told me that "merde" is not swearing and is more akin to "oh crap" than "oh shit". ;-)


  8. Blogger = merde. My most recent post also vanished into thin air today. My blogging backs are packed and are ready to head over to WordPress.

  9. Hi! I gave you an award today ... :)

  10. Bernie: Thanks! Use it well!
    Kev: You musta been east of St. Laurent blvd ;) oh and btw, you just gave up all my other good words!! (i love 'em all, they're so satisfying, eh?)
    Meri: Thanks! Yup, that's another good one...isn't swearing in french fun??
    Paul: my grandmother would agree with your teacher!
    Ryan: Well put.
    Texa: *Thanks* again for letting me do fun!!

  11. After the Blogger episode, all I have to say is...Blogger fa schifo!

    I was saying quite a lot of "merde" yesterday, and the day before, along with everyone else.

    Glad I stopped by here; I needed to get my laugh back!


  12. What a great guest post! Now I know how to curse in English, French, and German. I'm so worldly :) Oh, and I love the illustration...too cute!

  13. @Tony - I like bullocks, want to guest post?!!? :)
    @Paul - yeah, supposedly! lol. I think it has probably lost its real hard meaning. Just more of an expression.
    @Ryan - OHHH, great use! lol. Sucky, so sucky. No kidding! I was thinking about that today too!
    @Yenta - awww, thanks Mary!! Can't wait to check it out. And thanks for letting me know. Since blogger has been a pain, I have had trouble getting around to blogs
    @TriGirl - awesome :) Thank YOU
    @Slidecutter - haha, NOW YOU NEED TO DO A GUEST POST! :) Would love it.
    @Katie - Didn't she do a great job?! We are just all so edumacated :)

  14. Learning to cuss in other languages is ESSENTIAL when you have kids in the house. We say all sorts of things in other languages all this is very helpful! ;)

  15. Slidecutter: Glad your day was better!
    Katie: Thanks! I'm happy i could contribute to your worldliness :)
    Dwija: So true!!
    Texa: It feels a little strange responding on your site :P

  16. @Dwija - I can only imagine! Well use those foreign words then
    @TriGirl - hey, I like it! You are welcome to respond back on my site anytime, guest post or not, haha

  17. That is fantastic! I have got to learn some more foreign cuss words so I can join "the club"!


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