May 15, 2011

NW 2011: Update!


First off, you need to know how I have been saying 'Nad Watch' these last few days.

There, that is better. Now you have an idea of how serious this situation is.

The search for the elusive Truck Nutz was pretty futile the first few days. And I even stooped as low as to drive up and down every row at Wally World to see if I could find a nice set of Truck Testicles.

But no. It appeared that all the trucks had been momentarily castrated.

I did see this presumably nice fella. Doesn't he seem like he would be so friendly and really approachable??

I'm sure some kid is proud to call this cuckoo 'Grandpa'

Yes, sadly there are lots of cars in the area that sport this, hmmm, let's call it 'conservative' paraphernalia.

So I was getting a little dissapointed that I was not greeted back in Texas with a massive amount of the Truck Testicles.

And just when I thought I would throw in the towel (um yeah, I am not very persistent, lol) I saw THIS bad boy in the parking lot at our gym.

It will enlarge if you need a better look

YES, YES, YES!!! Winner, winner, chicken dinner! And not only were there BRONZE balls hanging off the back of the truck, but it was littered with so many other cliche and douchey things, I almost had stimulus overload.

And I about gave the hubs a heart attack. He was driving and I yell "BALLS" so loud that it scared him. You can't blame me, I was pretty excited, haha.

You want to know the best part about this truck?

A 65-ish year old Grandma was the one to get in the truck and drive away. Yep, she wasn't afraid to sport the Truck Testicles! Good for you, Granny.

But don't think that this is the end of Nad Watch 2011. I will still keep my eyes peeled. And knowing these parts, I will not be disappointed!

Today is the LAST DAY to enter the no rules German Goodie Giveaway! I will be drawing the lucky winners late tonight and announcing the winners tomorrow.

Speaking of winning (duh!), I won a $50 Gift Card from Simple Dude!!! He invited his readers to guess how much money he would come back from Vegas with, and I was one of the closests! If you haven't checked out his site, go do it now. Pretty dang funny! Oh, and for those who didn't win, try out these Amazon special promos and save on your next Amazon purchase.

Have a great rest of your Sunday! It is gorgeous here, and I am enjoying the sun. What? I'm doing it for ya'll!
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  1. I've lived in Texas my whole life and I must say that I've only seen 2 pairs of truck nuts ever, and it's been a few years since I've had a sighting :-(

  2. LMFAO. That is pure awesome.

  3. Hahahaha!!! That is one hot mess of a truck!! They stay classy with the balls being bronze and not tacky like the others. There is so much of a treat for the eyes there I can understand why you got so excited!! Job well done- I can sleep well tonight knowing you found a nice pair haha!

  4. BALLS! belly chuckles. Thanks! Did you get my email? At least, I think I emailed you back.

  5. I think I was trying to post on your 1st truck nutz post but couldn't - due to a blogger fail... So if this is a repeated comment I apologize. But I live out in what is considered the "nether regions" of the Phoenix, AZ area. (30 minutes away from downtown Phoenix - but they consider it the nether regions - whatever! Back in Georgia I had to drive 30 miles to get to a grocery store! haha) But I digress... the point of this story is - I see quite a few brass balls around these parts. It's apparently a rather popular thing here too - which shocked me. I remember the first time I saw them on the back of someone's truck (we didn't have such things in Georgia - though I have no idea why... maybe they do now!) I had to stop and take a picture with my cell phone. I'll have to dig that picture up and email it to you... sooo funny!

  6. Looks like the cars you see back home in West Virginia lol.

  7. Holy crapulons...that truck is unreal! I do love Texas, but I gotta admit that's not my mostest favoritest part. Love that you scared the bejeeus out of hubby. Awesome!

  8. HA! I can't decide which truck I like better. Although I could have SWORN I saw the first one in our Wal-Mart parking lot last week. Apparently, conservative paraphernalia gets around...

    Can't wait for the next update on Nads Watch 2011.

  9. hahahahah, I am laughing so hard at you screaming, "BALLS!" out of nowhere at the hubs and him in confusion. "the angle of the dangle..." quote one is maybe the most bizarre... we don't have much of this in MN, keep up Nadwatch please!

  10. hahahaha.. wow... bronze balls? that's hilarious. and you screaming it as well.. lol I'm cracking up :)

  11. @S - isn't it!? Glad you liked!
    @Missy - Sooo bad, so bad. Just so much going on! Haha, I was really excited. Thanks, I will sleep well, lol
    @Mollie - haha, you are jealous. Ya'll could sport some in good ol England. Wouldn't they love them there!? And YES! I totally thought I emailed back, but I guess not. Sorry, this week has been crazy :) Getting to it right now!
    @Colin - hahahahah, that would be awesome if it was. I want to meet her!
    @Heather - I LOVED the picture you sent me. You are hilarious. I knew you would appreciate a good pair of brass balls as much as I do, hahaha
    @Lesley - so white trash, I mean awesome??
    @Dwija - No kidding. Blatant racism, check. Maybe not so good. Haha, it was pretty funny!
    @Katie - Maybe that guys just gets around! Hey, if you see him again, you can keep him :) Thanks! I am glad you like it. Don't want to beat it to death, but it is pretty entertaining being on the lookout!
    @Meri - haha, so true. He was a little frightened by my love for them, haha. Really bizarre, who would put that on their truck?! I will then!! Just for you Meri :)
    @Laura - seriously, way ridiculous! And yes, I don't scream balls that often, so he jumped, lol

  12. OMG. Yes. YES YES!!! I am so happy you were able to document these beauties! I actually saw Truck Nutz today and thought of you! Alas, I was driving on the freeway and couldn't get a photo. Texas trucks and redneck bumper stickers make my life.

  13. Hilarious!! I love that you shouted BALLS, kindred spirits we are!! I bet I can find some bronze balls out here in Canadian Texas. The first time I saw them when we moved here, I think I screamed & rubbed my eyes. I'll start my own nad watch & we'll see who comes up with the bigger in?! Lol:)

  14. Oh that you scared your husband screaming "BALLS!" I guess it's good to know that's not part of your regular vocabulary :P
    I can hardly wait for the next sighting!

  15. Haha oh man, Texas definitely had the best road signs/license plates/weird writing in bathroom stalls of any place I visited on my recent road trip across the US. Also, fun fact: everything really IS bigger in Texas....we went to a Mexican restaurant and I have never seen such a massive plate of nachos in my life. Good times.

  16. Great post! Keep up the good work!

  17. Is it wrong to bust out laughing with some grandma got in the truck???I did all I could do was picture my 70+ year old grandma breaking a sweat and then come out and get in a truck with a set of bronze ones. Ok still giggling.

  18. haha, very funny, and congrats on the gift.

  19. Not only balls, but bit ole brass ones. That should get extra points. Pretty impressive. What do you bet Granny didn't even know the balls were there? *lol*
    Good for you and your GC!

  20. Hi I'm stoppin by from the juici life. Your blog is so funny!

  21. @MegO - haha, it was a good day, lol! Wow, there is a sentence I never thought I would have heard "Saw Truck Nutz and thought of you" haha, love it! The make my life too :)
    @Sherri - how could I not have been that excited and shouted?!? And love that you would have done the same :) If you find some there, I would love to feature foreign balls! hhaha
    @TriGirl - yeah, you are right, good to know that is not my everyday talk, lol.
    @Jackie - Haha, well good that they didn't skimp on the nachos. And you are right about the road signs/graffiti/and all that goodness. They do have some funny stuff here
    @Glovey - well thanks! That was really nice of you to say :)
    @Sarah - it was HILARIOUS, so no. Haha, I should have snapped a pic of her. But didn't want to be THAT obvious!
    @Patti - well thanks and thanks! Can't wait to use it!
    @Bernie - only the fanciest for the folks around here, haha. It should! That could have been a really good possibility!
    @Rose - well I am glad you stopped by!! Thanks :)

  22. O.M.G. I'd like to be all self-righteous and claim we don't have truck balls in Canada, but I suspect I'd see plenty of them if I went to the right places. We did make a show called "Trailer Park Boys" after all (classic!).

  23. Your wish is my command, my brass 'nad story is posted.


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