May 19, 2011

Forgive me now!?

 Hey there bloggyland....have you forgiven me yet??

I didn't really mean to trick ya'll with my last post. Just wanted to do something a little different. 

But I will say that I am really touched that so many of you said you were on the verge of emailing me and staging an intervention as you read the first part of the post! I think ya'll are so sweet to care as much as you do! 

Especially if it looks like I am about to jump on the express train to crazytown! 


I did lose 3 followers that day, though. Coincidence?? I think not! I have a feeling they read the first couple of paragraphs and decided that they wanted the heck outta there! Haha, that's pretty funny to me. 

Can you imagine if someone was really airing all of that dirty laundry on their blog?!? I mean, I am sure it has been done before. There are some Weirdy McWeirdos out there in bloggyland. 

And noooo, none of my readers. Not at all. Ya'll are the 'normal' ones ;)

I can assure you that the hubs and I had an AWESOME time at the concert on Tuesday night. Once again, Bon Jovi rocked our socks off! If you ever have a chance to see them live, I can promise that you won't leave disappointed. 

The least I can do for being such a meanie the other day, is share some photos from the concert. 

There are a couple of shots of my 'boyfriend' in there, plus one cute one with the hubs and a group shot of a bunch of us friends that went to the concert. 

And of course I got a special shot with Bon Jovi himself....

See, there he is in the background!!!!
That counts as a 'meeting' right?!?! Ha. It does to me!

Like I said, we had such a fun night out. It was a great way to celebrate our anniversary which was this past weekend. Really, it was a just an excuse to buy really good tickets because it was a special occasion. Love it!

Our time at home in Texas is already getting jam packed with parties and dinners and trips and seeing friends. It is great that we do so much when back in the states, but I feel that the summer is already slipping away. 

Can't even start to think about hockey next season, even though it seems right around the corner. And for those of ya'll curious, we still aren't 100% sure where we will be next year. Could be in Germany. Could be some other European country. Really, there are leagues all over the world. It is just a matter of finding one that is a good match for us. 

Could be in Australia, I've heard they have a league there! haha, well, I don't know about Australia.
 (but yes, apparently there is a hockey league there, but you basically play pro-bono and half to have a side job to pay the bills, lol)

But no matter where we are, I think I will keep TexaGermaNadian the same name and not change it to have it say some other country in the middle there. Can't go changing that because of a little technicality of where we live ;). Oh man, will new readers be confused then!

Oh hockey, you are always an adventure, aren't you?!?!

Anyways, I feel like I am rambling now. Ya'll have a great Thirsty Thursday, bloggyland! And tomorrow I have another guest post for Frackin' Friday!! Can't wait!
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  1. I cannot effing believe that anyone would stop following you over that post! Gimme a break!!!

    Like I've said before on my blog, not all of us shoot sunshine & rainbows out of our butts constantly; writing any blog involves sharing the good and the difficult sometimes. If, at first glance, someone isn't interested in what a person has to say, fine. But, to connect with a blogger and then jump ship over a freaking joke...morons, morons, morons. Get a life!

    I'm so glad you had a ball at the concert; that's all that counts.

    Oh...and if those morons stop by? Eff you if ya'll can't take a joke!

    That's all I'm sayin'


  2. You lost three followers? Hm... As a teacher, I'd say they need to work on their reading comprehension!

  3. Glad you had a good time at the concert.

  4. Psssht. I knew what what two sentences into it. I just didn't know if it was Champion McAwesome masquerading as Bon Jovi (crushed superhard on him in 5th grade) or Diamond-crackling goodness that is know as Blue Man Group.

    Don't people know how to read these days anymore?

  5. I can't believe people would stop following you from that post, but obviously they either can't read or didn't bother to read the whole thing so maybe you're better off without them.

    I'm glad you had fun at the concert! Hope you have a great day. :)

  6. LOL... I posted a joke on facebook awhile back, about expecting cold weather. I had a ton of congratulations since many only read the beginning. I thought it was hilarious, little did I know I actually was. Surprise, Surprise!!

    I loved it!!

  7. Man, you had a huge amount of comments from that post. It just goes to show what a good writer or should I say "story teller" you are. LOL

  8. LOL people really took your last post seriously?!?! Goodness. LOL! Anyways, the photos are FABULOUS and I wish I had been there too!!!

    If options are open of where yall will go...I totally think Norway sounds lovely ;-) HAHA!

  9. Haha, don´t worry about the followers you lost, there are still lots of people who know that your blog is worth reading.

    And that´s true, there are hockey teams and leagues literally all over the world. The IIHF Inline World Championship is taking place in my hometown in June and while I had browsed the website, I got into the New Zealand´s ice-hockey federation and saw them a photo of MONGOLIAN hockey players. I am not a racist or what but I had to laugh, I have seriously had no idea they were playing hockey out there too, have you? :D

  10. Were you drinking when you wrote this? You have some of the more normal followers? Um, I resent that remark. *lol*

    I can't believe you lost 3 followers over that.
    1)They were very new and didn't know you and your sense of humor. Hence, reading that first part and bailing.
    2)It was Bon Jovi himself and a couple others. He didn't expect you to make your love public.
    3)They were folks who did a blog hop and decided they don't read half of the stuff they are fans with and cleaned out.

    Can't wait to see who is up on Friday.

  11. So one time this girl followed my blog and my sister's blog so we both went to check out her blog and it was immediate call each other and die time. This girl went on and on about her sexual escapades and then she'd fall in love with one boyfriend and then he'd buy her presents and then he was a jerk with a crazy ex and then it was time for a new boyfriend. INSANE. but extremely hilarious, on a you kind of feel bad for her but you don't because she's so dumb level.

    Glad you had fun at Bon Jovi. Jake always makes us play Bon Jovi songs on Rock Band. I think he has a secret crush.

  12. @Slidecutter - ehhh, good riddance. I have no idea who they were, so obviously they were not active readers. I like to say I was helping to filter those ones out, lol. But thanks for standing up for me! :) You are the best!!
    @Ellen - agreed! They would have not passed 9th grade English, that is for sure, haha
    @Oilfield - oh man, how could we not have! :)
    @Mollie - haha, I knew you would know. Can't fool you. And love that your 5th grade self is still head over heels for Jon. He is pretty dreamy!
    @Jessi - you know how it is, some people are skimmers, and they skimmed right past the joke. They are the ones missing out now, lol. Hope you have a great day too!
    @Open Eyes - haha, I thought that was pretty funny that it did actually turn out to be true! You trickster, you :)
    @Marjory - there really were! Well thanks! What compliment :) lol
    @Megan - haha, can you imagine if they were telling the story to their friends. Must think I am a psycho! lol. Well thanks!! And yes, Norway has hockey, haha
    @Susanne - well thanks girl, I am seeing it that way too! No joke! MOngolia?!? I would have never guessed, but I guess it really is everywhere. Who knows where this crazy life will take us!
    @Bernie - oh Bernie, I knew you would have the solution to this. Of course Bon Jovi was following my blog and didn't want to be exposed about our love. That is definitely what happened, haha. Too funny. Love it!
    @Jordan - Yikes!!! But the thing is, I would definitely stick around then and see what all that crazy person is talking about. But I am more of a 'watch the train wreck happen' kinda gal, haha. And that is ok if he has a man crush on JBJ. My hubs for sure does! lol Sorry babe!

  13. Wow...Can't believe you got to hand out with 'the other man' and the husband took pictures! haha! Glad you had a great time! I have to say, I am so jealous that you have nice enough weather to rock the daisy dukes!

    I noticed a few of the players who play in Britain (EIHL) play in Australia during the summer- one actually brought a ban over with him from there when he came back to his team last year haha!! Well, if you're in Britain I can give you some hints and tips for the best places to shop etc!! Good luck with getting sorted soon :-)

  14. *I obviously meant hang... hand sounds so much worse than my attempt at being funny!! Oops- sorry for bringing the tone of your blog down.

  15. Yes, I forgive you :) It'll take more than a love affair with Bon Jovi to scare me off!!! I made an extra special post for you today :)

  16. Bon Jovi and you look beautiful together :D

  17. I saw Jovi in the 80's, they were brilliant live and I don't even like them.

  18. @Missy - I know, scandalous, right?!? It was great weather that day, and you are right, couldnt pass up a chance to rock the shorts. Thanks for the offer!!! If we head up there, I would love to get your take on things!
    @An Irish - haha, well thanks girl! What?!? I cannot wait to check it out!!
    @Colin - well thanks, I'm trying to convince the husband of that as we speak. Can I use you as a reference?! lol
    @Tony - awww, I would have loved to see them in the 80s. Total hair band. TOo cooL!

  19. Is it me or is JBJ winking at you from the big screen? And on you anniversary as well the cheeky monkey!

  20. i know jon, do you want an autograph?

  21. Like Patty said...what the eff is wrong with people??? I lost a follower over the word Turd in my title one day, but THREE over something that wasn't even TRUE??? Give me their names! I'll tell 'em what's up!

    So glad you had fun :D

  22. Glad you had a good time! My sister goes to see him this Sunday. Honestly, I just didn't have that much of a desire to see him. I know, GASP! haha


  23. @Simon - oh no, that is not just you. I told him to do that. And yes, such a cheeky monkey to do that on our anniversary, haha (BTW love the expression, and don't use it enough over here!)
    @iZombie - you do not know Jon. No way, you are just playing with my heart strings. But if you do, I want a serenade outside my front door. That should be no prob, right?!? Hahaa
    @Dwija - who knows, people can be touchy. And with the Turd in your title, you really should have gained about 10 followers, not lose one. Really, what is wrong with people!? haha.
    @April - she will have a great time. It really isn't even about his music. He could play nursery rhymes and still rock out. You are too funny!

  24. Hey I would've thought dirty laundry would've netted you more viewers. Not lose 'em. Want me to beat the crap out of 'em?

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  26. I think you should keep the texagermanadian name since that's where the beautiful blog began! Remind you of your roots!

  27. Man can I relate! I think we will be in France next year, but not sure yet. And the basketball leagues in Australia are the same, you have to have a side job. And if I know my husband, that is not happenin' lol! Glad you had fun! Glad you aren't really cheating on your husband! LOL I thought it was hilarious, by the way!

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. No, no, I don't have to forgive you, because I'm never mad at you.
    We all are here to support you. :)

  30. I thought it was a great post:))) Funny as he*l..anyway the pics of you guys looks great!

  31. OMG, you lost three followers? Obviously people don't know how to read. LOL.

    You look hawt and the concert looks like a blast!!!

  32. First, I gotta say, "Amen, Patty!" Next, if those three idiots who stopped following are okay with missing out on your fun and entertaining posts, then the heck with 'em! Glad y'all had a good time at the concert. Great pictures!

  33. @Copyboy - geez, I thought you would never ask! Yes please, internet beat down ;)
    @Manda - well you are welcome, I think...
    @Meri - oh for sure, can't go around changing now, lol :)
    @Natalia - boy oh boy, don't you love the uncertainty of it all! Haha, yeah right. Thanks girl!
    @Tame Lion - awww, well thanks! lol. I do appreciate it though!
    @MrsK - Well thanks! Everyone should have took it that way :) And thanks!
    @Meg - yeppers. Who knows. NBD. Well thanks! We had so much fun!
    @Katie - doesn't she leave just the best comments ever?!? THanks!

  34. YAY! Love the pictures of you and your man- both of them:-)

    And this just proves a lot of people dont really read the posts- people can be so silly sometimes!


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