May 31, 2011

BIG News :)


What is going on?! Enjoying your short work week, aren't you!?!

Well, that is to say, you Americans out there are enjoying it. Everyone else just has a Plainy McPlain week. Sorry about that. Hey, why don't you take Friday off and we will call it even?

Or just revel in the fact that the U.S. has no government regulations on vacation days and we are ranked the lowest in the world for mandatory paid time off.


Big news. HUGE news, actually.

We found out where we will be next season!!!

EEEEEE! :))))
See, Stuart knows. (Source)
So excited! Can you tell?! ;)

Although, it is not the same place we were last year. 

Sadly, and without getting into too much detail, the top league in Germany decided that they didn't want to let any champions from the second league move up. Moving up a league is a fairly common act in other countries' hockey leagues, and it's what had been done for years and years in Germany. But not this year, so poop on them for not letting the team in :(

I feel bad for Ravensburg. What a great city and a great hockey town!!! I am sure the fans there are disappointed. And we are too, we really liked that place and would have liked to have returned if they moved up to the top German league.

We will always have great memories of the town.

But, whaddya do?? Sometimes hockey just doesn't work out in one way, only to work out great in some other direction.

And the new league we are headed to is a BIG step in the right direction.

What, you want to know where we are going?? 

And you think I am just going to tell you and not make you learn something first??? Where do you think you are?

Aiiiight, here are a couple of hints about the new country we will be moving to in August. 

See if you can guess where we are headed!
(scroll down slow, unless you are a cheater :))

    •    In 1906, it was the first governing body in the world to give women unrestricted rights to both vote and to stand for parliament.

    •    This country, per capita, drinks the most coffee in the world!!

    •    There are 187,888 lakes, 179,584 islands and forest covers 86% of the country's area, making it the largest forested area in Europe.

Any ideas yet?? I'm sure some of you smarties must know. But here are some more, just in case.


    •    A quarter of the country is in the freakin' Arctic circle. Yikes, brrrr rabbit!

    •    It is the birthplace of the Sauna.

    •    Santa reportedly lives there.

Think about it...
Are you FINNISHED yet???

Oh yeah, we are headed to the top league in Finland! 

The hubs and I were honestly flabbergasted when we heard that this was even an option. And jumped at the chance to try out a new league and country. 

Holy cow, no one told me it was way the heck up there!!! (source)

I am thinking this will be a great move. Why not, right?! You only live once.

Plus, this adventure will be fun. Finland will be like nothing before.

Heck, any country that was greatly outnumbered and managed to defend their country against those crazy Soviet Union Forces in WWII is alright by me!

I'll have to write about the Winter War another time :)


What does that mean for TexaGERMAnadian?? Well, you better believe I will still be here. Just a little tweaking to the header, nbd. I'm not too worried about it.

Check out my new little Finnish hockey dude. He will be up in the header in no time. 

Oh, and you steal it, you die. :)

I'm really pumped for lots of new material! I literally know next to nothing about Finland and I kind of like it that way. Go in with an open mind and no expectations, and you are guaranteed nothing but a good time.

So, we are still enjoying the summer, but now really looking forward to this next step in hockey....and really excited to take ya'll along!!
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  1. How exciting!! I love new adventures! :)

  2. congrats congrats congrats!!! sooo excited for yall to enjoy a scandinavian adventure!!! :-) since im moving to norway this july, maybe we can get a group together and meet halfway in sweden haha ;-) im thinking wayyy ahead of myself! but nevertheless, what a cool adventure for yall!!!!!

  3. Wow, you are so brave!! What a shame about the silly german decision, but meh, it's their loss, right?
    Keep us all posted with any news!!

  4. Tjohoooo!! Congratulations!!!That means that your hubby and mine will meet each other on the ice:)))

  5. Wow! Finland! What are you going to do for your blog title?!

    Love the Stuart Smalley pic - I often do daily affirmations :)

  6. btw- i was joking about the affirmations thing...i mean the part where i do them. i love the snl skit

  7. Sounds like a fabulous time! I love your Finnish hockey player! I'm excited to learn about your new adventure as you take it on!

  8. Awesome! We are happy for you! But I thought Santa lived in Norway...

  9. @Whity - well thanks! Me too!
    @Megan - thanks!! I actually thought about you when we found out we were there. I mean, it isn't like we are living in the same country, but I am always down to meet for a Swedish adventure! Haha. Love it!
    @Patti - I know, boo on them. Hopefully they can move up another year. I sure will!
    @MrsK - THANKS!!! I know! I hope they aren't too mean to each other, haha. I might have some questions for you when the time gets closer, if that is ok.
    @Adventures - no you weren't, don't lie, haha. I love that skit too. I don't know what I am going to do....good thing I didn't buy that URL I wanted!
    @Kristina - well thanks, and thanks! I think he is extra cute :)You are too sweet.
    @BigMike - Thanks so much!!! Hmmm, I will have to check my sources. I keep hearing that Santa lives in Finland. Maybe he summers in Norways, lol.

  10. Wow! What an adventure! I honestly don't know a whole lot about that part of Europe, but it seems like people like Finland. Can't wait to hear about what you get up to there! Oh, and I love the newest addition!

  11. OMG SO EXCITING!! I'm jealous! TexaGermaFinAdian, maybe? ;)

    PS we do have a non-plain week here thanks to Christi Himmelfahrt on Thursday! :)

  12. how exciting for you, I am visiting from Post of the Month Club.

  13. YAYY!!! congrats to you guys!!!!! :) You'll be closer to us! Maybe we can meet in Stockholm sometime in the season!! Remember when you're packing for there (in the next couple months) that it's MUCH colder than germany. hehe. So prepare :) BOOTS, JACKETS, galore! it will be a great experience though! You'll have to email me what city and what not!

  14. Joulupukki (Santa) does live in Finland - he lives at Korvatunturi. (There's a Santa's Village you can visit at Rovaniemi.)

    It's a beautiful country full of wonderful people. :) You'll love it!! #proudFinn

  15. That's so exciting and amazing that you get to live in all those different countries! Such great opportunities!

    One of my favorite 'stop flirting with me' interactions I've ever heard:
    Man: What's your name?
    Woman: Francesca.
    Man: That's a beautiful name. It is Italian?
    Woman: No, it's Finish, like our conversation.

  16. @TriGirl - well thanks! I know, I know nothing either. But that is what should make it exciting!
    @CN - hmmm, that doesn't sound half bad! Thanks for the suggestion. Hey! Good for ya'll, I love short weeks too, lol
    @Lindy - hey, well thanks! And glad you stopped by again
    @Laura - thanks girl!!! I know, maybe we can. Never been to Sweden! Haha, and don't I know. Especially colder after this ridiculously warm winter we had there. Oh geez, better start looking online for more warm stuff. :)
    @Hockey - haha, well thanks for reaffirming what I thought. I have heard about that village, too cool! What a sweet thing to say, I think we will really like it :)
    @Andrea - well thanks, we are really excited too!! Haha, I that is hilarious. Too funny, girl.

  17. WOW, CONGRATULATIONS!! What an exciting new adventure. Finland better have some totally inappropriate toiletries for me to laugh at....or else it's back to Germany you go!

  18. ohhhhhhhhhhhh FUN!!! This will be exciting - can't wait to hear all about your adventures!

  19. Can't wait to hear about Finland. Pretty sure you will not find pickup trucks with family jewels hanging between the wheels...

  20. Oh how exciting! I can't wait to follow your journey to Finland while I, at 33, still live in the town where I grew up : ) 90% happy for you, 10% jealous!

  21. @An Irish - haha, oh yeah!! I have to find me some there. Thinking about it now, it was perfect that I did that giveaway since we won't be returning! haha
    @Heather - well thanks lady! It is exciting for us :)
    @Miko - awww man. Don't know if I want to go anymore ;)
    @fpotd - well thanks!
    @my3 - I am glad you are excited to follow the journey too! haha. Want to come visit me then?! lol

  22. Here you go...

    oh yes... even your little hockey dude fits in... just add a brewski.

  23. Finland was on my list of places to visit when we still lived on that side of the world. I reallllly wanted to go to Helsinki! Have fun on your great new adventure!!

  24. I am so excited for you! We were there in December - it is really beautiful. I've met a few from there - such nice people. Can't wait to follow your new life there :) Such big news! XOL

  25. I got so distracted, I forgot to thank you for joining Post Of The Month Club :) XOL

  26. Love your attitude! We must be kindred spirits or something, because I feel the same way about adventures! I can't wait to read more about it because I seriously know next to nothing either. We will most likely be in boring ol France. You are making me want to try something new!

  27. Can't wait to learn all about a new country, you Texafinadian!

  28. @Mollie - haha, that is awesome!! Too funny. Pretty least from what we have heard!
    @Alida - I have heard nothing but good things too. Thanks!
    @Happy - Well thanks so much!! Ok, good. You are making me feel even better about our move there. Too sweet. And no prob, glad to link up!
    @Natalia - thanks girl, it really is the best way to think about all this moving we do, isn't it?! Haha, uh-oh, I am going to be the barer of Finnish trivia...we all might be in trouble, haha. Hey, France sounds pretty awesome to me!
    @Meri - thanks girl! Doesn't sounds have bad either :)

  29. Cool for you! My grandmother was Finn, and I can remember one Finnish word from her. I'm not sure if it's clean, though... :-)

  30. Woo hoo! Sounds awesome to me. One of my friends just got stationed in Italy with her husband and she's all mopey about it and I want to punch her in the damn face. Also, your little Finnish hockey dude is adorable. I would totally steal him, not to put on the interwebz, just to take home and cuddle.

  31. awesome! How exciting for you. Oh and the Stuart picture made me smile. I loved that clip when it was on SNL.

  32. I didn't cheat once! Read through it with great anticipation, letting the moment grow within. (HaHa). Is it going to be cold most of the year now for you? What a change in weather, Texas, Finland...... Congrad's to you and your husband.

  33. Oh man, you're so lucky
    I need to find a.. hockey playing.. wife, or something
    I guessed Antarctica, but i had a feeling that was a little off... :x

  34. @PapaScott - haha, well thanks, and I would LOVE to hear that word. Hey, I do Frackin' Friday, so you better believe I will be doing Finnish words now!
    @Jordan - thanks! haha, he does look extra cuddley, doesn't he, lol
    @Debbie - honestly, who doesn't love Stuart, lol! Thanks! We are pumped!
    @Marjory - you get an A then! Oh yeah, coldest by far. But that is ok. Just have to really take advantage of those saunas. THanks!
    @Colin - haha, could you imagine if there was a league in Antarcitca!? Brrr, but the penguins would be cute. I'll be on the lookout for a hockey playing wife in the mean time :)

  35. Congratulations! It was fun learning more about Finland (and I look forward to learning that much more through your blog)--you have such a positive and upbeat attitude about moving and living someplace new girl, love it!

  36. Cool Finland, that sounds interesting.

    We have a short week in Germany, too by the way. It's father's day, so most people get Thursday to Sunday off.
    Nahno ∗ McLein

  37. Finland? I was 3 keystrokes from finishing up Newark.

  38. huzzahhh! congratulations to the hubs & you! i dont know anything about finland either so i can't wait to hear all about it!!

  39. How freakin' exciting is this?!? Would Finland be where vikings are from? Because I totally love vikings. I just want to thank you for sharing your adventures with your readers. For serious, these are places a lot of us will never visit, and you sharing your stories makes us all feel like we've been there. It's a special thing, so thanks :)

    Can't wait to live vicariously through you in FINLAND! Woot!

  40. @KT - well thanks! Hey, there is no time to be negative about it, right!? At least not on the blog, lo. But really, thanks, what a compliment!
    @Nahno - should be! I really enjoyed Germany, so I hope I enjoy Finland just as much. And yeah for a short week there too!!
    @Copyboy - haha, yep, that would fit the description too, I guess
    @Kimberly - THANKS! Yeah! We will learn together, lol.
    @Katie - I am sure maybe some Vikings were from Finland too, although I think more came from Norway. Wow, well you are welcome. I am so glad I have a great group of readers to come along with me :) What a beautiful thing to say, Katie. Really awesome, thanks. Woot! lol

  41. WOW Finland!!! Excited to learn more about another country through your informative... sometimes crazy posts! haha!

  42. Wow! I am excited for you! what a cool adventure...can't wait to see what fun you find over there!

  43. Finland! Now that's a hockey country - right up there with the Czechs, Russians and Canadians. I'll be eagerly waiting to read of your new adventures!

  44. Wow how exciting!! I can't wait to see Finland that is of course from my arm chair and your blog!! YeeHaw! (I had a penpal there when I was in middle school, we won't say how many years ago that was, but loved the postcards she used to send)...(now lets hope this comment goes through)

  45. HOLY MOTHER! I have been trying to comment on this all day but my work computer wouldn't let me. CONGRATULATIONS to you and Alex! We are so very happy for you two! Give him a smack on the ass for me and tell him I said, "you were supposed to be in Germany again this year so I could hang with your wifey."

  46. So excited for y'all to know where you're going! Kind of a bummer about Germany. Hopefully Finland will have some decent beer!

    Thanks for the good luck! I think it went well!

    I think I like the new look as well, I feel like it's pretty easy on the eyes :)

  47. Sorry that blogger has been giving everyone some trouble, annoying!!
    @Kassi - well thanks! I am ready for some crazy adventures too, lol
    @Jan - no kidding, huh?! Just when you are headed to Germany, I am leaving. :)
    @Kara - heeey now there is a girl who knows her hockey!! Oh yeah, that is why we are so excited. Love it!
    @Wendy - haha, well glad to take ya'll. That is cool you had a penpal from there. You probably know more than me :)
    @HW - why has it been a mess today?!Thanks girl! You are too sweet. Haha, I will do that. But that doesn't mean I can't come visit ya!!!
    @Mallori - well thanks! Yeah, I think they will probably have some good beer too...or vodka :) I am glad your interview went well, that is awesome!

  48. Wow that's pretty awesome!!! New reader here (for like the second time I think).

    I'd love to live in Finland and actually, that's where I'm heading to this summer.

  49. I'm not lying when I say I'm watching Bizarre Foods on the Travel Channel RIGHT NOW and they're talking about Saunas in Finland. Congrats! Enjoy!!!

  50. Do you know this blogger? If not, you should - another professional sports wife (called 'WAG' in England) in Europe:



    Well, yes I can actually cause I knew before all these nuccas. NEINER NEINER NEEEINER.

    So happy for you guys none the less. Hopefully we find out this week and I am just a hop and skip away from you ;)

    And who the heck said Santa is from Finland? Have I been living under a rock? I wanna see these referenced reports Miss Linds.

    OOOO and one more thing, I LOVE the little hockey man that you created!! I can't wait to see the new header, I know it's gonna be amazing you little TexaGermaFinAnadian? What happens if you go to Sweden, Russia and Czech in years to come? This header could get out of control!! ;)

  52. Finland! How cool!! Will you have to go back to Germany and pack up to move? What about your goats? I see many a sauna in your future.

  53. This is exciting! It should be so cool.

  54. @Porkstar - well welcome back!! Hey, you will have to post about your trip to Finalnd. I would love to see how you like it!
    @Erin - Holy!! I flipped through the channels to see if I could find the episode last night, but no luck. You are too funny though :)
    @Moobeat - well thank you!
    @Happy - YES! I just met her recently, she is great. But thank you for pointing her out, that was really sweet of ya!
    @KY - haha, oh yeah, you are way ahead of the game on this one! Thanks girl, that really means a lot. And I am hoping you will have some answers soon too!! I think the British believe that...they would, lol. Well thanks! I thought he was a cutie :) It really could be out of control. The more the better!!
    @Bernie - Well thanks!!! OH my gosh, my heart just sank, didn't think about the goaties just yet :( And we have some stuff in Germany, so will just have a quick trip there to collect and then in Finland. Haha, oh yeah sauna it up!

  55. Wow! Congrats!! That sounds exciting! I'm gonna miss the German stories, but I'm looking forward to the Finnish ones :)

  56. BRRRRR! You have some seriously warm blood or some seriously thick skin...

  57. Holy Heck!!! What a great opportunity! I hope it's not too cold for you though! I'm back on the boards and posted some retro commercials, come check me out again!

    Marcy @ Life's Gristle

  58. @country - well thanks!! I know, I will miss Germany and the fun experiences there too :)
    @Hannah - hahah, I have neither! That is for sure. But I have warm clothes, lol
    @Marcy - it will be, anywhere other than Texas is too cold, lol. I will have to jump right over there!
    @Tanya - thanks lady! :)

  59. That will be a cool change of scenery. You'll be TexaFinGermaNadian or FinTexaGermaNadian or TexaGermaFinadian? haha...anyway...congrats!

  60. OMG, my identity crisis -- and thus commenting ability -- with Google seems remedied, and just in time! How very exciting to be going to Finland! What an adventure you'll have ... :)

  61. @Lesley - I think so too! I don't know what I am going to be, just yet. Haven't decided, but those are some good options!
    @Yenta - I have heard that blogger has been a poop head lately. Thank you so much Mary, it surely will be a great adventure :)

  62. How many Finns does it take to change a light bulb?

    Five. One to hold the bulb and four to drink enough Kosu (vodka) until the room starts spinning.

    WOO HOO for Finland!!! Love the new dude for your header!!!

  63. I looked it up on Wikipedia, and it turns out my Finnish word isn't dirty after all. But "Sisu" means "guts" and it's a Finnish national trait that they and hockey players (and their spouses, I'm sure) have in common.

    Alas, my mother married into a Norwegian family, so I missed out on the Sisu and on the hockey genes as well. :-)

  64. where in Finland lady?! We may be close! Well, its a small country, so we'll def be close... :) I knew as soon as I started reading your clues :) if you have any questions, let me know! Congrats to you guys!

  65. @Colie - hahah, love it! Too funny! Thanks!
    @PapaScott - Ahhh, I really like that one! Thanks for the mini Finnish lesson :) Haha, Yeah, I am Norwegian too, know what you mean, lol
    @CMD - well thanks! And thank you for the offer if I have any questions. We will be at HPK in Hameelinna. Thanks so much, we are excited for a new place!

  66. Woop woop!!! You have another European adventure!!! A much colder one I guess but it means you can buy a killer winter wardrobe- yes!!

  67. i just read this (sorry! can i claim self-absorbed injured reserve?)! GREAT NEW and GREAT ATTITUDE! congratulations to you and the hubs both!


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