May 17, 2011


Doing a little something different today.

I have a confession I feel I must share.

My own personal bloggyland confessional
Something that has been weighing on my mind for some time now.

Most of you long time readers, or even some of the more recent ones, know that I don't do serious posts too often.*

But I have to write about this today. If anyone can understand the feelings I am going through right now, it will probably be some of the many supportive readers I have out there.

But don't judge me too harshly if you don't agree with my taste in things.

Well, I am not sure how to put this exactly. Guess I'll just spit it right out.

I found out a few months ago that an old flame is coming into town tonight. He is just passing through here, as he does from time to time.

The hubs and I are usually out of town when makes his way to Houston, but this year, the timing was right. There is no way to avoid it happening.

And I cannot help myself. I want to see him. Need to see him. Maybe it is wrong to feel these overwhelming urges, but I can no longer help myself.

I am ok admitting that I am once again falling in love with this old flame. I love who he is, what he does and most certainly what he looks like.

Might sound shallow, but hey, guess that is part of a confession.

To be honest with you, I can't stop thinking about him. And have been obsessing over what I am going to wear when I see him tonight. I want everything to be just perfect.

And you want know the best part about it all? The hubs is ok with all of this.

Seriously, he is.

Maybe even more that just ok.

He is even going with me to see this guy tonight.

He wants to hold my hand and love on me while I get reacquainted with my longtime crush.

Pretty cool right?! (and don't go there, no swingery...yes, a word)

But, we are not dumb.

We realize what we are both doing. We know that we will both be overwhelmed with excitement tonight, only to once again be disappointed that he is gone tomorrow morning.

And we realize that this could cost a lot for us...

...After all, we did buy floor tickets!!!!!

Hello there, lover!

Dear Bon Jovi, I cannot wait to see you once again tonight. When you look out at the crowd, I know you are looking and singing to me. I just know it!

And when the crowd gets quieter and you hear someone yell "I love you Jon!", don't worry, that is just my husband with one too many beers in him, lol.

So that's our plans for this evening. Man, does it feel good to get that off my chest.

Wait, what did you think I was talking about????

*And I still don't do 'serious' posts. Too many fun times to worry about the downers ;)

(and if I get one comment, ONE comment about how I should be faithful to my beloved, I might die :)
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  1. HAHAHAHAHAHA! I won't lie I was gape mouthed as I read the first part of this post! Have a FANTASTIC TIME! :)

  2. Holy crap, Lindsey, I am going to subscribe to comments just to see if anybody is so lazy that they don't read the whole post and go on some tirade about how you're going to ruin your marriage!!! Oh, I'm so excited :DDDD

  3. hahaha..oh my god! You got me there for a second:)))I guess that is a so called "freepass";) You go Missy!

  4. @Rachel - I was a little afraid of going too far with this thing, but oh well! Haha. Thanks!! We are going to have a blast, just know it!
    @Dwija - haha, seriously. Might be like your post yesterday. Out of control, in a good way :) Actually, can't wait for a comment like that either. Should be interesting.
    @Mrs K - sorry! Now i am feeling bad for 'tricking' people. And yes, freepass, hahah.

  5. Haha. You've got some competition because I've got the hots for him too. I once had a dream that we made out in a flight of stairs next to the concert hall.

    There's my confession. Haha.

  6. You evil, evil person, you! I was all ready to give some of my BEST older-woman advice and then you blew me out of the water as I scrolled down.

    For shame!!!

    Honey, I had front row seats to my fav, Tom Petty, a couple of years ago, wore a fab pair of black pants with hot pink embroidery, hot pink Kate Spade wedges, a black sleevless tunic (that let my tattoos show) and I freaking had a blast. I can be a Gramma when I need to but...when I don't...look out, lol.

    Just saw Bon Jovi and Daughtry 3 years ago in Florida...they absolutely rocked. A little upset to see Richie Samborra with the added poundage but he still managed to look hot.

    I'll be hating you for doing this; for at least the next 5 minutes.

    Have a great time!


  7. I can't believe you'd do that to MR. Texa you terrible wife!!!

    Kidding, I totally knew from the first line that you were pulling my (our) legs! Have fun tonight, I am so jealous you get to see him LIVE!!!!!!!!!!!! TJ and I need to invest some money in a show..I'm thinking Lady Gaga. Don't judge me.

  8. I can't believe you, so awful, just love your husband! LOL, you are hilarious, love love love this post!

  9. That was funny, the only thing that ruined the ending was the damn dashboard that showed the pictures.

    I hope you have fun!

  10. HAHAHAHA! I think my gaping mouth got wider and wider until I realized you meant Bon Jovi! I hope someone DOES write a comment about your faithlessness, just so you can have a good laugh too!

  11. You crack me up!! Goober! Have fun and enjoy your evening!

  12.!!! My favorite part..."He wants to hold my hand and love on me while I get reacquainted with my longtime crush." That's awesome!!lol! Have fuuuuun!!! I love me some jon bon, myself:)

  13. @Hannah - oh girl, well you got some competition then! haha, jk. Can we just love him together?!?
    @Patty - sorry! I had to. And oh yeah, I bet you were rocking it out. What a hot outfit!!! I bet Tom Petty is a great show. Would love to see him too. Thanks Patty!
    @KY - haha, couldn't fool you, lol. He is AMAZING live! Lady GaGa would be a great show too. I won't judge you...too much!
    @Natalia - haha, I'm sorry, don't judge me! lol
    @Jessi - ohhh forgot about. Remedying it right now!! Thanks girl for the heads up!
    @Kara - sorry about that, lol. I had to, haha
    @Wendy - well thanks, and I love the term Goober. Not used enough. We will, thanks!
    @Sherri - haha, well thanks girl, I was hoping someone would like it. Already lost a reader though, haha, who knows. I will enjoy Jon for us all!

  14. Can you still see my 'lover' in your dashboard/reader??? Or is the new first picture showing??

  15. HA.

    I did not even know they were coming to Houston. Shows you just how much I pay attention and I live here.

  16. *howling* Oh, wow! What a trooper your husband is. How so very supportive. Do you think he would be as supportive if your crush was Barry Manalow? Or do you think he would let you slut all up and send you on your own way? *teasing*

  17. HAHA Absolutely hilarious post. Have a great time!

  18. You might not be, but Bon Jovi's Sex and the City character would totally be up for some said "swingery" though.

    Loved the build up, HAVE A BLAST!

  19. LOL I KNEW you were joking, I just knew it :)

  20. Love this!!!! You definitly made a few people go eh? (me including) at the beginning but since it's you I was expecting a twist haha!!

    When I was in NY Bon Jovi was playing the gardens and there was a look a like in one of the bars me and my friend were in and he came to try chat us up haha!! I didn't realise why he had made himself look like Jon Bon (I love just calling him that) until we went to to the next bar. Then it fell into place. Have fun on the floor :-)

  21. LOL I'm dying at this. The whole time I was wondering why you were being sooo personal and open about this little love affair, then I busted out laughing when I saw it was Bon Jovi! Hope you have a BLAST!

  22. @Oilfield - haha, way to be in the loop! lol. We never are either, just never miss a Bon Jovi chance within 300 miles, lol
    @Bernie - lol, well thanks! And with Barry Manilow, I think I could sex it up that much more, hahaha too funny lady!
    @Norwegian - thanks!! We will, I am sure pictures will follow in tomorrow's post.
    @Alex - I FORGOT ABOUT THAT!!! Too funny! Good memory. Thanks, we sure will!
    @An Irish - I figured some of ya'll wouldn't buy it, haha. I had to be, right?! Can you imagine someone really saying all of that for real on their blog?!

  23. @Missy - well I am sorry, hopefully you aren't too upset :) Yeah, I am not too serious, that is for sure, lol. HAhaha, that is an epic move, too cool that your friend did that. Thanks girl, we will!
    @Megan - haha, well glad you liked. Can you imagine?! Thanks!

  24. haha- I believed you for about 7 seconds that a serious confession was coming :) Lifes too short to obsess about serious stuff, right?

  25. You totes had me for a minute. You, milady, have violated our trust.

    Wait... wait...

    There it is. It's back already! See how forgiving I am?

    Also, do you remember my that's what she said post about the blog bjfans.blogspot? Yeah, hilarious, but a bon jovi site created by a hopelessly naive and innocent person.

    Or fiendishly clever.

  26. Too funny! I was all wrapped up in the game and then scrolled down to the close.

    Have an awesome time! :)

  27. Bloody hell, I walked right into that one.

  28. Well hell, I think we dated the same guy. I too can not be torn away from his mad love...

  29. this is had me going for a second or two! :)
    so, yeah ummm... Bon Jovi is pretty darn dreamy!!!

  30. Well played. I absolutely did not see that coming.

  31. celebrity freebie, just sayin'. Have a blast!

  32. HE'S MY MAN!!!!!
    but i won't be seeing him tonight, i guess i can let you borrow him

  33. My girlfriends went to visit your old flame - he's quite the womanizer! Enjoy the show!

  34. OK, you got me. My stomach went to my throat!!!!!!!!!!!!!Then I kept telling myself, "this has got to be a joke?!?!?!" Ahhhhh now I can swallow and breathe again. Too funny!

  35. BWAHAHAHA!!! That was too funny... I was a little confused at first. Not gonna lie. But hilarious by the end! ;)

  36. I was getting a little worried (especially because I know someone who does indeed have two boyfriends: a primary and a secondary) but that only made the ending that much better :)

    Have so much fun tonight girl!

  37. If he is on your "LIST" than you are in the harm done!

  38. You are too much, my heart totally dropped for a second there thinking oh sweet jesus we're going to need an intervention! Haha, go get your crush on tonight!

  39. my hubs bought us tickets to see NKOTB (don't make fun!) and I was that crazy lady crying standing on her chair screaming for Jordan...
    true story

  40. You're ridiculous. It's entertaining!

  41. You kill me... It went on there for a while before you got to the punch line, you had me going... But then as I got further into the post I realized that I am starting to get to know you better and that there was a punch coming... HAHA! Love it!

  42. You are lucky I never take you seriously (in a good way) because you almost had me emailing you that you probably should not post this kind of thing, ha! I LOVE BON JOVI AND AM SOOOOO JEALOUS!

  43. I <3 u! Very well done, miss!

    p.s. Not a Perfect Mom made me lol :)

  44. It started off, and I was like oh man, I don't know if I can read serious. But then I was like NO WAY JOSE! TGN doesn't do serious!

    Hope you had a fun time!

  45. LOL! OMG... I was so worried at this post like... "for real???" But so jealous of that concert!! I'm sure it was a blast!!

  46. @Meri – haha, no way! You should know better than that, lol. You are right, more silly and less serious for us all!
    @Caleb – aw, I’m sorry. You are so quick to forgive. What a good quality, one of many you have, I’m sure ;) lol What?!? I don’t remember that post. Need to check it out now! Too funny!
    @Tiffany – well thanks! It was awesome, but still recovering :)
    @Tony – whoops, sorry! Lol
    @Marcy – what?! You witch! He is mine, haha. Mad, mad love. It really is :)
    @Melody – sorry, didn’t mean to trick anyone, just wanted to be a little clever, lol. Dream! What a great way to describe him!
    @Kev – haha, well thanks!
    @Jordan – oh yeah, he so is! Too bad he is all “faithful to his wife” and what not. BS, lol
    @Colin – Haha, you are so generous Colin, thank you for sharing!
    @Miko – as long as she didn’t touch him, we are cool, haha. Thanks! It was a blast!
    @Marjory – sorry!!!! I didn’t want to make anyone feel too badly, lol. Thanks!
    @Kassi – I think everyone was, so you were in the norm. Thanks!
    @KT – YIKES! Really, I can’t even imagine that. Not because I love the hubs, (but of course I do) but because that would just be too much work! Lol.
    @Heather – sorry! Lol

  47. @Tales – agreed!! See, I knew someone would understand, haha
    @Morgan – hahaha, I think there were a few of ya’ll out there thinking that. Which is really sweet of you to think. Being that worried about me. Oh, my crush was so on last night!
    @Not a Perfect – I bet that was awesome!! Haha, would have paid money just to see that lady. Wild!
    @Erin – haha, now convince the hubs that and life is perfect, hahah
    @Heather – yes!! I love that you could see it coming a bit. Too funny! Glad you liked :)
    @Shalyn – hahah, well that is really sweet that you would care that much to intervene! Honestly, can you imagine if someone posted something like that for real?!? I don’t think I could read it all. Painful. And he was AWESOME last night. Bon Jovi did it again!
    @TriGirl – well thanks girl!! I know, right! Too funny. Hey, they are coming here in late June. Maybe I will make it to NKOTB too!!!
    @Mallori – haha, see, know me too well. We did have a great time! It was too fun!
    @Meg O – I lost 3 readers yesterday, so you weren’t the only one fooled from it. I can only imagine that those people read half the post and were like nope, outta here. Too funny!

  48. It's going to be legen-

    ...WAIT FOR IT!


  49. and what is up with Caleb's new word, 'totes'?

  50. Oh, man, you make me laugh. As I got further into the post, I realized something was up. Maybe. :) I'm sure you had a blast. And what a fun way to write about it!!! You must share details of this date with your old flame later. And yep, we want ALL the sordid details :)

  51. AAAAAAA my heart was racing reading this!!! I was don't do it Texa...hahahhhahah...good one.

  52. Ever Google for sharks with human teeth? It is a must.

  53. oh my goodness, this was too funny!! I wanted to see Bon Jovi too!

  54. hehe seems like you really had fun with that!

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  55. At least your old flame is Jon Bon Jovi, my wife is still in love with one of the guys from 'New kids on the block'!!!!

  56. For a moment there you got me! It's amazing how young he still looks, reminds me of David Bowie.

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  58. hahahaha.. you crack me up :) I had to read this after i read your post from today.. i was so confused. But now i understand ;) I'm so glad it was an amazing concert!


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