May 16, 2011

Are you a Weiner?!

Could this be the bestest Monday ever!?!

Well, I know it is for 3 lucky winners of the German Goodie Giveaway!

Before I announce the winner, I have to say that I really hate that I can't give everyone something. Ya'll are great for just entering, and I appreciate it.

So, sorry to all you non-winners (didn't want to be too harsh and call you losers)

And for you lucky winners, rub it in the others' faces!! Haha (Ok, but that was harsh :)).

Drum roll please....

Top Prize Package, which includes...

Haribo Starmix Mini Packs
Haribo Happy Cherries
Haribo Gummy Bears
Haribo Color-rado
Trolli Sour Gummy Worms
Ritter Sport Mini Pack (yummy German chocolate)
Hackle Butt Kissing Fresh Pack

And it all goes to number 16, Sam@The Junk House!!

Woohoo, congrats Sam!!

And for the other 2 lucky ladies - whoops, gave it away that there were no male winners :( - they will receive...

Hakle Butt-Kissing Fresh Pack
Handful of Haribo Gummy Bear Mini Packs

Those packages go to number 23,  Life's Gristle, and number 18, MJ@The Next Moment !!!

And I promise it was done all fair and right with a Random Number Generator. I have too big of a guilty conscious to cheat with this, lol. 
I will be emailing the winners, so be on the lookout!

And thanks again to all of ya'll participating :) Hope you are having a great Monday anyways.

We are FINALLY getting a round of golf in today. Yes, I golf. In my husband's family you don't really have a choice. Which is a great thing, because we all get to go together. 

Actually, the first time we went golfing, like my first official round EVER outside of a putt putt course, I went with the hubs and his dad. The hubs set me up on the first tee and said "If you can't perform under pressure, you can't be in this family". Half joking, I think.

Doncha know, I bombed it down the fairway, bitches! Or for those of you non-Step Brothers fans, I hit it right down the middle. Booyaa! Don't mess with me. 

"I'm Deereek, and I can high-igh" (source)

I thought you needed that story in case you forgot how much of a badass I was. 
Ha, right.

:) Just kidding.

Too bad it was beginners luck and I struggle around the course now. But with beautiful late spring weather like this (read: totally not sweating my face off, yet) we are going to enjoy the day. 

Have a good one bloggyland, and be on the look out for Truck Nutz in your neighborhood. Might just have to feature readers submissions. Thanks, Heather, for the idea!

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  1. Congrats to the big Weiners!
    I hope you have a great Monday!!

  2. haha you're welcome... but DANGGIT!!! I wanted those butt kiss wipes! Oh well... LMAO! Have fun golfing Tex!

  3. Yay for the Weiners!! I just really hope they use their butt wipes in the best way possible!

  4. Glad the weather cooperated for you to play some golf! I've been a couple times and while I am not very good, I always have a good time :)

    Happy Monday girl!

  5. I see far too many truck nutz, I think I may have to put some boobs or a vajayjay hanging on my hitch just to let those guys know whats up....

  6. Well, I guess this is the first time I have ever been unhappy about not being a weiner...ha!

    Golf is boring, but I am sure you would make it super fun!

  7. Well, the least you could have done was offer some consolation prizes to us "losers" Truck Nutz....lolol

    J/K!!! Heartfelt Congrats to the lucky winners (hope you all get cavities)...:)))))))

  8. Hahaha..I tried golfing once and I realized that I simply don't have the patience for it since I'm a little hotheaded:))

  9. When I was a kid I used to golf in the summer but only because we got to stop at the clubhouse for sodas and candy bars.

  10. Ya'll are all so fake, I mean, nice! :)
    @Bernie – haha, well you are too sweet. Have a great Monday yourself!!
    @Heather – haha, I am sorry. I might have to start importing them. What a hot commodity!!!
    @An Irish – they are good Weiners, aren't they?! :) They better! Or they have to give them back, lol
    @Oilfield – that is pretty nice of you to say!
    @ KT – it has been beautiful. I am just waiting for the real hot and humidity to begin. I am not very good either, but we do have a good time going :)
    @Jessie – Haha, I LOVE it. Maybe I will internet search and see if I can find any of those. Too funny!
    @Alycia – aren't they?!? :)
    @Sam – oh yeah, dance it up. Congrats!
    @Shalyn – haha, I am sorry girl. I know how you love your candy! I do make it fun, thank you very much, lol
    @Slidecutter – haha, your cavaty comment is still cracking me up. Too funny lady. Ohh, now there is a great giveaway waiting to happen. Maybe a farewell to Texas one when we go back abroad?!
    @Mrs K – that plagues me from time to time too. And the club throwing hubs! Haha. Whoops, did I just let that slip :)
    @Jordan - there was a golf clubhouse by us too where we would do that too! No golfing back then, but lots of snickers bars, lol

  11. Congrats to the weiners! Oh, I wish I were an Oscar Mayer Weiner...

    I so suck at golf. Almost as bad as my bowling... But I do have FUN with them... much to the dismay of those playing with and around me :P

    When are ya gonna do the Storyteller Hop again? I like that one and only got to do it once. Please!

  12. Dang, i guess i'll have to fly to germany to get some butt kissing wipes now

    oh well

  13. Congratulations to those lucky winners, and thanks so much for hosting the contest!!!!

  14. @XLM - you are evil, now I have that song stuck in my head! haha. YES! I will be doing Storytellers again. Last of every month. I was actually thinking of not doing this month, since it is Memorial Day weekend, but we'll see :)
    @COlin - sorry you didn't win, but yes, great excuse to now go to Germany!
    @Katie - how sweet, and not even a winner :) well ya'll are welcome!

  15. ah DANGIT! well at least I still win the consolation prize of Nadwatch 2011 :)

  16. Where did you find those wipes? I need to include them in my sisters bachlorette gift bag!!! Everything so far has been German and those are to funny not to include.

  17. Man thats alot of sweets xD Great blog btw, definately following :)

  18. I love to wail on a golf ball - unfortunately, my short game sucks! I've golfed with gators on the course, and with hawks (enjoying a tasty rodent feast). I have two pieces of advice: Looks are everything: if you finish your stroke nicely, you will look like a great golfer who had a bad day when you duff the ball. The second is to pretend that you have huge(r) boobs, it makes you open your arms up when you swing. I gave that tidbit to my retired Navy commander FIL who said, "I can't imagine what that is like.", at first. A year or so later, he told me he used the trick and it helped his game.


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