August 30, 2011

First Impressions of Finland: The Peeps

What can I say? After Finland turned out not to be a cliché winter wonderland - not to mention I have seen zero reindeer...rude - the people turn out to be every great thing I have heard. And more.

First things first, I'll give you a little background to Finland's demographics.

With a little over 5 million people, Finland is one big country (130,596 sq mi) with not so many residents. Let's put it this way, it is almost identical in land mass to Germany, but with 75 million less people. Needless to say, it is waaay down on the population density ranking scale.

Hello...hello....hello (how do you write echoes?) (source)

Forbes Magazine ranked it as the 3rd happiest country in the world. Only being out done by Denmark and Norway. Yeah, rub it in you happy a-holes :)

Here is what Forbes had to say:

"Excellent education, universal health care, plentiful personal freedoms, trusted government, peaceful. Lots of R&D and low business startup costs give the Finns economic strength. But as is to be expected in a country with the highest redistribution of wealth, only 75% of Finns believe working hard will help them get ahead."

Sounds pretty nice, huh?!

Yeah Finland! (source)
 And from what I have seen so far, Finns are just a happy group of folks. They have been nothing but overly welcoming and friendly. They smile, make small talk, ask questions and listen. Really, just are going above and beyond to make the hubs and I feel right at home.

And it really does feel like we are just at home. The hubs keeps saying "doesn't this remind you of Canada??". Between the people, climate and love for the game of hockey, if I can just block out the Finnish, I might think I'm right back in North America!

Another random thing, the Finns can par-tay. Ok, hopefully I don't have to keep clarifying myself that I don't know every single Finn so I am not stereotyping, but the ones I know sure know how to make the most of a good time.

After the Euro Cup Ice Hockey Championships in Finland! (source)
I think it is due in part to the high price of alcohol. If you can only afford to go out once a week, you better make it count.

Did I mention that beers at the bar cost about 7 Euro?? Yeah, that's over $10 right now. Gulp!

And want to hear why you will really love/hate them?? They aren't all blond, but a lot are. And those that are have beautiful, almost bleach blond hair and light skin with perfectly smooth and flawless complexions. Ok, maybe this is something that only a girl would notice here, but it is true. Thanks for selling the Scandinavian dream, Finland! 

A former Miss Finland herself. I pay heavy for that color! (source)
Anyways, as ya'll can tell, the people here have already added so much to our time in Finland. Can't wait to stereotype, I mean, get to know them even better!

August 29, 2011

First Impressions of Finland: Landscape

A little over two weeks in, and I am still having a good look around at this new country that we will call home for the next 8 months. There is so much to see and experience and do. I feel a bit overwhelmed, but have to keep reminding myself that there will be plenty of time to do it all.

After traveling, unpacking, and traveling and unpacking again, I finally feel somewhat settled. Time for bloggyland and time to write about Finland. So I thought I'd dedicate this week to some of the notable things I noticed about this warm and friendly country. Warm as in the people...not the climate :)

Gotta say that, by far, the first thing I noticed when I flew in was the beautiful landscape that encompasses most of the land area in Finland.

Finland is Europe's most heavily-forested country. 86% of the area is covered in boreal/taiga forests (the percentage wavers from a high 86 to only 70%. Yeah, only. Chump change.)


Giant trees tower over thick vegetation below. Ferns and broad leaf brushes bed the floor. While summer may be short here, there is an abundance of light during the warmer months. And lots of light equals lots of growth.

The forests consist primarily of pine, spruce and birch. But the wet climate provides an ample amount of moisture to keep ferns, mosses and peats throughout the summer. So not only is your eye drawn up with the trees, but there is so much at foot level that you feel as if you are totally surrounded in a lush environment.

And that is something that I did not expect from here. You think Finland, you think snow. And with all the snow that's dump during the winter, I expected the landscape to be more barren and tundra-ish (yes, now officially a word). But green and thriving forests are everywhere. I've already discovered a great running path through one right by our place.


So enough of that nonesense of trying to sound all forestry like. What is it really like??

My first thoughts "Holy cow, this is totally what it must have looked like when dinosaurs roamed the earth." Or at the very least cavemen. Yeah, maybe one too many Jurassic Parks or Land of the Lost episodes.

Show us the way, Chaka! (source)

Forget about spotting reindeer, I should totally be on the look out for Neanderthals!

Step foot into one of these forests, and you immediately feel like you have traveled back to some magical time

Hmm, but now thinking about it, maybe that is only because I have been snacking on these bad boys. Poisonious much??


No, I'm not kidding, those are real, live vibrant red mushrooms with right white spots. Something I thought only existed in fairy tells or Mario Brothers' games. Ok, maybe everyone else has seen these in person, but I guess I hadn't. I'm amazed that there are mushrooms that actually look like this!

During a run the other day I had to stop and closely examine one. Needless to say, the other people on the path thought that I was a bit off.

In conclusion - sheesh, sounds like I am writing a terrible 101 paper - there is much more green and lush vegetation here than I imagined. Thanks for bursting my bubble Finland. You are not a barren, frozen waste land, but instead a beautiful and diverse forest. Essentially, you really are a giant national park that became a thriving country.

August 26, 2011

First Finnish Frackin' Friday

Doesn't that just have the sweetest ring to it?!

Yes, it's back. Everyone's favorite Friday feature. Right?

Frackin' Friday is here to get you learned on all those things you shouldn't really be learned about. Cussing in a foreign language.

Looked European to me... (source)

Now, I really don't know enough Finnish to even save my life.

Wait, yes I do. I know "Help!" (Apua!) and "One beer, please" (Yksi olut, kiitos). The absolute essentials. And that's pretty much where I am starting from.

But I have managed to at least pick up one naughty word already. Two weeks in, along with a killer beginning to this week, I definitely need a bad word to perk me right up!

The trip to Germany was smoother than I could have envisioned. Somehow or another, I drove the one hour trip to Helsinki, flew three hours over eastern Europe, landed in Munich, rented a car, drove two hours to Ravensburg. Packed up our whole German life (slash gave/threw away everything else that couldn't come alone) and in less than 48 hours, turned around and did the whole trip backwards. Sheesh. I'm exhausted. But it is all said and done.

Oh, and did I mention that Germany had a record heat wave while I was there? Nothing like moving, in un-air conditioned places, in 40 degree heat. That is over a 100 degrees for you Fahrenheit lovers.

Like I said, I need a Frackin' Friday today!

From what I can gather, this might be one of the most important Finnish words out there. And any of you Finnish readers, feel free to back me up...or correct me.


(Two quick things you need to know about pronouncing Finnish words. One, the accent is always on the first syllable. Put that heavy stress on the "pear". And two, roll them R's, just like in Spanish. Or as in "Rrrruffles have Rrrrridges!". Anyone?!?)

Meaning: Well....this might be a tough one. Let's just say along the line of 'crap', 'oh hell', 'gosh darnit', or even 'f**k'. Wide range, I know.

I want it! (source)

I like Urban Dictionary's definition even better. Want to put money on it that a proud Finnish lad wrote this explanation?

"Most likely the most powerful curseword ever created by mankind. Cannot be translated without loss. Versatile word that can be used alone or repeated indefinitely."

Haha, who doesn't love it?!

I don't even have to give you examples for you to know that it can probably be used in just about any situation. Plus it sounds so fun!

Roll that R long for extra emphasis. And enjoy your Friday!

I'm playing a nice little game of catch up with sleep, emails, blogs and hockey.

August 22, 2011

I'm Still Here....somewhat

No, the snow hasn't gobbled me up just yet.

I haven't fallen overboard at the lake bar. 

And reindeers haven't taken me hostage and slowly made me their leader. 

I've just been danged ol' busy! The beginning of the season is always that way. Between getting the apartment settled (thank you Ikea!), taking advantage of the beautiful weather while it is here, and all the team functions (read: parties), I am kept pretty busy. 

And now a trip to Germany. A less than 48 hour trip to Germany. Should be interesting, to say the least. And I am somehow managing to fit in seeing a few friends while there too, which will be nice.

So, more M.I.A. time from bloggyland. But everyone looooves to keep reminding me, it will be so flippin' cold here that I will have plenty of time to sit behind the computer come first snow fall.

And I am looking forward to more time here in bloggyland. After all, there are no-poo updates, a final NW2011 rundown, Finnish pictures of everything, Frackin' Fridays, More You Know Mondays, and everything in between. 

But until then, enjoy the soothing sounds of Finnish Reggae. 

Wait, what?!

Yep, the Finns love their Reggae. The first two songs on the hit charts are reggae-style sounds. This one just happens to be my favorite at the moment. 

(does that tiny tid-bit of info count as a More You Know Monday??)

Don't worry, you won't understand the words and will still have it stuck in your head. 

Sorry 'bout that!

August 18, 2011

Google translate is messing with me


I dunno why, that just felt right this morning. 

Maybe it is because I am already headed to my first hockey game this season tonight. Yep, mid August and they are getting going with things. Excited to see the new team and arena and where our frozen seats will be for the next 8 months. It's just preseaon right now, but I fully expect fan madness come September! I have a feeling the way the Finns love hockey, I won't be disappointed. 

Yes please! (source)
There really isn't much to report on from this end.

For some reason or another I still feel jet lagged?? Uggg, its like I just can't get enough sleep. And I have been sleeping well, so who knows. Maybe I am just so happy and relieved to finally be here that my body is just taking it easy. 

Except it seems to forget that I have one hellacious trip to Germany coming up in a few days. Thank my lucky stars I didn't plan it for this week like we were originally thinking. I'm looking forward to seeing the town and friends, but not looking forward to all the work I have to get done in less than 48 hours. More than enough time, but a ticking clock always makes me nervous. 

Some of ya'll had asked if I am planning to try my hand at the Finnish language while I am here. I did it in Germany, so why the heck not here as well?? Well, for one, everyone speaks some language. A bad crutch that we can easily rely on. And two, Finnish is so flippin' hard! Holy!

Oh, you two think you are so effing cool all knowing Finnish and whatnot ;) (source)

But I still plan to try, even if just to annoy the hubs. Actually, I am motivated by many-a-things just because they annoy him ;) It should be a really fun challenge, and why the heck not?!? Knowledge is power. Haha, lame.

Really, I should be motivated to learn some Finnish because Google Translate isn't the best with converting the websites and articles from Finnish to English. 

For instance, the team's website had an article about the pre-season training. Google translated one bit into...

"After that we went the extra mile at full gallop, and on the gym workout."

Don't know for sure what the actual translation is, but I don't think the guys actually galloped. I guess you get the point. 

But maybe not so much on this next one. The team had a mini tournament last weekend and again the website did a quick write up of how the games went. Try to decipher what this one is talking about...

"Aces start shootout, Järvinen, grab onto the disc slipped. The company will remain weak and will remain mattress. An ace on the third pulled the player to pull over. Leavitt, on the other hand to put in your backpack and Rauma rings "It's there."

From what I can gather, there was a shootout. Someone threw out their back and had to lay on a mattress. Someone was speeding and was pulled over. The hubs had a backpack on, and the coach spotted it on the ice and told everyone where it was. 

Or not. 

Haha. How funny is that?? This year should be interesting in trying to keep up with the hockey news online!

I need to get shots of our cute little downtown apartment. It is coming all together nicely. And since we are practically neighbors with a castle (yeah, I was surprised that there were castles in Finland, don't know what I was thinking!), I need to get pictures up of that too. I guess it is more of a fort than a castle, but anyways. 

BTW, random way to wrap up the post, but has anyone seen Conan and his Truck Nutz?!? I'm seriously thinking about suing. Doesn't he know that that is MY thing??

I think he writers are stalking my blog. Right? Right?? :)

Bad quality, but you get the point...

Haha, nah, glad the love for those horrible things are catching on ;) Which reminds me, I have some other fun photos to share. Man, suddenly things are looking busy!

Have a great Thursday!

August 15, 2011

Hei, Moi, Terve, Whaddup?!

I'm alive! I'm here! I made it safe and sound. One little hiccup in the Helsinki airport. Went back in when I should have gone out. Ooops! Call it my blond moment, had to have one at least once this year. Thought I was going to be like Tom Hanks in that movie and have to live in the airport!

Other than that, everything has been nothing short of wonderful!

But you knew I was going to say that. How could I have been so excited about something and it turn out bad?? (knock on wood, knock on wood!)

It has been a whirlwind and a half. Between meeting everyone, partying it up Finn style (these kids know how to party!), unpacking, getting the apartment put together and trying to adjust to the 8 hour difference, there has been little down/boring time. Just perfect!

A quick top 10 of why I'm already so stoked about Finland

1) Awesome people. Seriously, so friendly and nice. Everyone here has been absolutely so wonderful and welcoming to us. We have both had a great start to our Finnish adventure!

2) All stores open on SUNDAY. You better believe this is a huge one! And it means no more Zombie Sundays.

3) Great American food selection at the grocery store. Plus lots of things from Germany, so we feel right at home. 

4) Real, American stick deodorant, not just the icky, leave your pits cold, roll-on type. Real, American tampons. Sorry, cringe-worthy for some of ya, but they were scarce to come by in Germany. 

5) English movies at the theater, no dubbing. Already went and saw a movie last night. Something we NEVER got to do in Germany, because they dub all the movies over in German. 

6) Most programs on the local TV channels are from America or Britain. Even Infomercials this morning showed up in English. Can't wait to see what I impulse buy in Finland! Ab Roller, Paint Zoom, Genie Bra?!? So much to choose from! haha. 

7) Great internet, so fast. We have been loving our SlingBox and Skype quality!

8) Beautiful weather, but then again ask me about that in December. Oh wait, nope, everyone here keeps telling me I don't even have to wait that long to see winter. Try October! Eeek. 

9) Morning kid's cartoons to help me pick up Finnish vocab. Although it might be pointless, seeing that everyone speaks very, very good English

10) This:

Ignore his squinting, indifferent look. He is happy to have me there!
There are so many lakes in Finland, that I think every town, big and small, must be situated on some sort of water. On Saturday, we walked down to the little harbor (Oh yeah, that should have been #11: Our apartment is within walking distance of everything!) and sat on a dock/boat thingy and had these delicious drinks called "Long Drinks" or "Lonkero Drinks". Gin and sparkling grapefruit juice. Delish!! And can kill a hangover pretty quickly. We are determined to bring these back to North America!

Beautiful sunny and comfortable weather (didn't have too much of that in Texas in August) and that view. Heaven! Have to soak it all in. I know it won't last, so have to make the most of it all now. 

It's great to be here with the hubs, it's oh-so-good to be back in bloggyland. As usual, I have some catching up to do. But now that I am in the know with Google Reader, this should be a snap. 

Hope ya'll are having a great Monday already. And thanks a million for all the safe travel wishes! It really does mean so much to me :)

August 10, 2011

Next time I post... can feel free to imagine me doing so like this:

My apologies to the picture I had to butch to do this.

 And think of me saying "O.M.G. A friggin' live Reindeer! Amazeballs!" 'Cause I am pretty sure the Finns always talk all trendy like that. And apparently living that far north gives you a cephalic disorder, I mean, look at the size of that head!

Yeppers, I am leaving today for Finland and could not be more excited. Well, excited to be there, not jumping up and down for joy about the long flight! I'll be out of bloggyland for a few days, but I think you might just survive without me. 

Thanks for all the well travel wishes!

See ya'll on the flip side!

August 8, 2011

Mixed Up Monday

Some random things worth sharing, 'cause I am running out of things to write about while I am here. Need to head over so I get some fresh Finnish material for ya'll!

- Got a hair cut last week, and I (gasp) was forced to use REAL shampoo. Kept reading online that once people used real poo again, they didn't feel like going back. But good news, I felt the opposite. I am starting to like my hair way better not washed. It has more body and not so limp looking! Update to the routine, might start sparingly using a sulfate free shampoo and barely conditioning just the ends. 

- On the no-poo note, check out this $40 rip off! That is a 4-0, people. 

Seriously?!? (source)
- Thanks so much for all the app suggestions last week!! They really did help. I finally feel that I am getting the hang of the iPad...even if it does auto-correct my name to "Lindsey Savory". Have no idea why.

- Why the heck has no one shook me before and told me to absolutely, positively use Google Reader?!? Told you, I'm usually behind on technology. But I love it now!

"Always and forever" (source)
- Speaking of iPad, we have it all set up to play the slingbox on our TV in Finland. Woohoo for American TV, American commercials (yes, I do end up missing those) and good internet.

- Found out that the local bar in Finland where all the guys have been, ah-hem, quietly chit chatting their nights away (any of ya'll who know hockey players knows that doesn't quite sound right) is a karaoke bar. Don't mind if I do!!

That's me, far left, sweating and karaoke-ing back in college!
 - Had a great weekend with friends and family saying good bye to Texas. And trying to convince everyone that it won't be THAT cold there. These Texans just won't hear it. Anything lower than 65 and they are headed for their jackets and mittens. Wait, don't have those either.

- Haven't been sleeping great lately. Not tired, but just lay awake at night for a long time. Can usually just hit the pillow and I am out. Maybe I am pre-adjusting to the new 8 hour time difference. Maybe not.

- Other than packing up my two suitcases, I am pretty much ready to go! My favorite part of traveling: handing my 49.9 pound bags over to the lady at the check in counter and feeling 'free' to fly!!

Speaking of travel, the wondering and wonderful Meri over at Meri-Goes-Round, is having a fun link up for Mondays. It is called "Make My List Monday". Too cute.

I don't know if my list really counts, but I will post it anyways. 

I decided that I would give ya'll my Flying To Do List. Little essential travel tips that I have picked up over the last couple of years of long distance traveling. Here goes!

1) Make sure to pick out a comfy, yet nice, travel outfit. Boys, this even goes for you. I can't stand all the sloppy outfits in the airport. Guess I am old fashioned, but there can be comfortable and nice looking clothes. And NO, IN NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM, tights are not pants on their own. Wear a shirt that covers your nekkid bum. Thanks.

2) Invest in one of these bad boys. Just do it, you will love it for on the plane, car and even just watching TV on the couch. See, the infomercial says it all!

3) While you are at it, pick up a blow up neck pillow and eye cover. Dollar stores are great for these.

4) When packing for a big trip or move, lay out everything before you shove it in the suitcase. It will visually make you see how much shiznit you really have. Now cut it the wardrobe in half, you'll be thankful you did.

5) Always reserve window. Who cares if you have to pee and are worried about waking the guy next to you. Sleep on a transatlantic flight is invaluable. Just ask the guy with the aisle whose head keeps bobbing up and down.

Yes, she has got it! (source)
6) Along with anything else you need in your carry on to keep you entertained throughout the flight, bring along a longish pair of tight socks. You can kick off your shoes, and keep your feet warm!

7) Lay off the alcohol, flying dehydrates you as it is. Drink lots of water, and if you take a sleeping aid, go easy. Nothing is worse than feeling more drowsy that you have to when getting off the plane.

8) Bring along a toothbrush, toothpaste and wet wipes in your carry on. You can freshen up when you land with a quick brush (don't recommend on the flight, blech) and you can take a hooker bath with the wet wipes. Yep, a hooker bath. Or maybe just wipe your greasy, airplane face down.

Or on a plane! (source)

August 4, 2011

Less Than A Week!

Hi, I'm Lindsey, and I'm a chicken with it's head cut off!!

Ummm, this is an actual costume you can rent for Halloween! Hahah (source)

Haha, at least that is always what I feel like these last few days at home. I can't tell you how excited I am to get over to Finland and get this season going. Ok, before you call me delusional, I know I am not the one playing, but the start of the season also represents a new beginning for me as well. A new chance to get things going in our life again!

Plus, the hubs can't stop talking about how he really, really likes it there. I got a Skype tour of the apartment, which looks great. We are 4 blocks from the city center, well within walking distance...dare I say, even in snow?! The team has been more than helpful and accommodating. It is almost surreal to be treated so good. Granted, we had it pretty good last year too. But it is always a nice surprise to have the people working for team really care about you :) I haven't even met them and I am already grateful for what they have done so far.

Oh, and did I mention that the grocery store there has a giant North American section?!? Awesome. Complete with Mac and Cheese. Heaven, I'm (the hubs's) in heaven! Can you tell I am ready to get there or what.

Quick Finnish lesson: Makaronit ja Juusto = Mac and Cheese! That's not hard, right?! (source)

Even if good beer at a bar costs 7.50 Euro (SHEESH! That is over $10 a beer). Not going to think about that right now. But maybe I will start devising a plan to smuggle beer back from Germany. Ok, or maybe a bottle or two. Hey, we aren't alcoholics or anything like that, just cheap asses!

So the count down is now less than a week. Just have to take it day by day, hour by hour, agonizing minute by agonizing minute. Can I just sleep until next Wednesday?!

On another note, I know, random post today, but I don't have much else for it! All of you "Abroad Writers" have you seen this group on FTLOB?? You have to check it out! They are gathering all the bloggers who write about life abroad. What a good way to group us all together!

What else, I feel like there was something else...

Oh, I need to come up with one really good last 'American' Frackin' Friday tomorrow. Maybe I can find some good Texas cuss words that others might not know. Remember, if you have any good suggestions, send them my way. Hopefully I will be picking up Finnish cuss words in no time. Or not, don't really want them yelled at me, I guess. 

Well, still have a ton of blogs I need to get around to today. I leave the computer for a day and that always seems to be the day that everything happens online! Have a great Thirsty Thursday. I am having a Skinny Marg tonight for sure!

August 2, 2011

The No-Poo Adventure!

Alright, let's do this. Let's talk about my no-poo hair!

Guys, or anyone else not interesting for that matter, jump here and click the 'random' button at the top and enjoy this little break. 

For everyone else interesting in my no-poo experience thus far, then stick tight. 'Cause here goes!

Anyone unfamiliar with the whole no-poo phenomenon (can I call it that??), here is a super duper short run down. Basically, you stop and/or cut down on using shampoo. Harsh  shampoos can strip your hair of natural oils, and create a cycle of shampoo - no oil in hair - scalp produces more oil to compensate - get 'greasier' faster - shampoo more. Rinse and repeat, no?!

One extra bad 'culprit' in shampoos is sulfates. They are the ones doing all the lathering in your soaps. Had to google why they are so bad, and long story short Sodium Lauryl Sulfates, along with other really long-winded Sulfates, can be bad for your skin and scalp, contain carcinogens, and can dry out your hair. 

Bad, bad sulfates! (source)

Now, to be clear, this was not why I decided to try no-poo. I jumped into this craze because I am bored and needed something to keep me busy while I wait to go to Finland for the year. :)

That, and I wanted to see if it actually did what it claims to do. I wanted that soft, shiny, maintanable hair without having to wash it every, danged day!

To introduce my hair, I have long, thin (cough, cough) somewhat highlighted blond hair. It dries straight on its own, but can easily hold waves and curls. So I can't speak for everyone on this method, but I know there are a few of you out there that are my hair twin.

So here is how I started. Since living in Europe, I had already discovered this wonderful product called 'dry shampoo'. Oh how I love it!! And there are of course bad and better brands/types to choose from. I really liked this one spray in kind, until I read that the FIRST ingredient was BUTANE! No joke. After that, I chose to stick to my first love, Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo. 

Great at cleaning hair, not great at starting fires...(source)

I pick this up at Sephora (sells for under $20, I believe). Not only does it work wonders, but it strays away from using harsh chemicals and it lasts forever! Seriously, have had one of these bottles for over a year now and it is still going. Just 'squirt' a little of the powder into your hands and rub your hands on your 'grease' sections and roots. 

Wait, really getting a head of myself. 

Back to the program.

So I had already weaned off of shampooing everyday for sometime. I am sure this helped to reduce the dreaded 'grease' stage. That first part of the cycle in which your hair is confused and produces more oil than normal because it thinks you should be shampooing everyday. Smart hair, very smart. 
For the last two and a bit weeks, I have only been 'shampooing' with baking soda and 'rinsing' with apple cider vinegar (ACV). 

Before I get in the shower I add about a tablespoon of baking soda in a large plastic cup. I also  have been making sure to brush my hair very good before I get in the shower. From crown to the ends. Not only will that distribute the oils, but it will get out any tangles and make the 'rinse' stage much easier.

Then, I jump in the shower and wet my hair and add almost a cup full of water to the baking soda (at least 2 cups of water). You want this diluted, because too much baking soda can dry out your hair. I pour a bit on the top, rub it into my roots. Then the same on my sides and crown. Then I flip my hair over and pour the rest on the bottom side of my head. You really want to concentrate this on your scalp, not the ends of your hair. Your roots are what need cleaning!

Just keep those two apart, or you could have a very bad 3rd grade science experiement on your hands! (source)

 I make sure I rub it in real good, give my self a head massage while I am at it, and then rinse it all out very thoroughly. 

Then, I have been keeping a small bottle of apple cider vinegar in the shower with me, and I pour less than a cap full into the same cup (maybe a teaspoon?), and dilute it until I can barely, barely smell the vinegar. ACV can be very harsh on your hair if used alone, so you want this mostly water. I turn the water to cold, and slowly pour the ACV mixture over my hair and rinse with the running cold water. Trust me, you will be amazed at how good this works at getting your hair smooth! You might still smell a tiny bit of ACV, but will go away when your hair dries.

Two weeks in, and on the advice of blogging gal Patty, I am able to just use a cold rinse to close the shafts of hair and make it silky and smooth. 

BE SURE to 'brush' your wet hair with a wide toothed comb, not a brush! Poo or no-poo, this will really help the strength of your hair.  Then style as usual. You can use products, go product free, curl, blow dry, do what you need to. 

Use it! (source)

The awesome dry shampoo mentioned above comes into play on my 'off' days. Those days that I don't wash my hair, I brush it really good. Again, all the way from the roots to the tips to distribute those good oils, and then add a little dry shampoo as needed.

Variations that might be worth looking into: Using sulfate-free (available all over the place now) shampoo on a bi/tri weekly basis. I think I might switch to this, will give it a try this week. Conditioning only the ends of the hair if you feel it is too tangly. Or there are many other 'recipes' out there for homemade conditioner. Some including beer or honey. 

I know, long post, I am trying to wrap it up! :)

So, to recap. No-poo does not mean no-showering. I workout most everyday, I shower everyday. I either don't get my hair wet or I just rinse my hair with cold water (on my off 'shampooing' days). 

You will most definitely have a 'grease' stage, but I think you can counter it pretty good with dry shampoo. Of course using more and even weening on that as you go along. Two weeks in, and I feel like mine is pretty under control! 

So what does 2 and a half weeks with no shampoo looks like?!

Sorority shout out!

These pictures were taken a few hours after a 'wash'. No products were used, and I didn't even blow dry with a brush. But rarely do...

Not too shabby, right?! Look at that sheen, haha.

Benefits so far: Healthy clean scalp (what a bonus, was not even expecting that!). More moisturized feeling face (another added bonus!). Soft and less frizzy hair (although it wasn't ever too much of a problem). Very shiny hair, but not greasy. And I can feel it regaining strength already! Who doesn't want all of that?!?

Because my hand is getting number from typing (hello carpal tunnel!), here is where I will let you do the talking. Have any other questions?? Do you no-poo?? Share your link if you have a no-poo story like this one!

August 1, 2011

Minimal App-titude: Need Your Help!

Hi friends! Happy start of the week...yes there is such a thing. Nah, you are having an O.K. one at least, right?!

First and absolutely foremost, THANK YOU to all of ya’ll that voted for me in the “Best in Life” category over at FTLOB. I somehow or another pulled it off and won the title for this month! 


I really couldn’t have done it without your voting, so here is a big internet hug for you! Wait, those self-hugging pictures I tried to take were really creepy. Here is two thumbs up instead. Enjoy, you earned them! 

Haha, what a dork! (And a mini preview of the no-poo pics!!)

Anyways, laugh with me. Remember this post! Haha, hilarity.


‘Cause I went out and got me one of these shiny, do-hicky things.
Well golly, I can even get on the world wide web with this, huck huck. (source)

Ok, I know, I went on a tiny, little rant about iPhones and how I like a less device-filled life, but we needed a second computer (what a snotty thing to say, ‘needed’ a second computer!) and I wanted some kind of Mac. Already have a MacBook and love it. So I thought I would try out an iPad. I had played around on one before and really liked how fast and small it was. PLUS, I was already thinking about investing in a Kindle, so this was my two-fer. AND we were going to buy a Slingbox Catcher, those expensive elusive discontinued items, but the iPad will transfer enough HD quality that we won’t need one. Three-fer, right? Right?!
(come on, make me feel better about it, just say yes in your head! ;))

But here is where I am desperate for all you App-savy bloggers' help. I am bit overwhelmed with all the options for apps and what all they can and can’t do. Most look like a waste of time and money, but I know there are a lot of real gems out there. 

So, what are your favorite/most used Apps?? Have any great FREE Apps?? It is my favorite price, after all. What MUSTS are there that I absolutely need? 

Please Hel-aap Me! Ok, that was lame, but your advice won’t be. 

(Tomorrow, full routine and update on how the no-pooing is going!! I promise I haven’t forgotten about it!)