May 20, 2011

Frackin' Friday - Guest Post: Dafeenah

Happy happy Friday! 

I am so happy to bring you another guest post for Frackin' Friday! The submissions that I have received have been hilarious! And today is no different. 

If you have a fun foreign cuss word (or a funny and obscure English one) to share and want to be FEATURED on an upcoming Frackin' Friday,  shoot me an email at: 
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Take is away, Dafeenah!

I love learning new languages. One of the first tips I figured out on my own was that it is important WHO you learn the language from. Some people like my (ex) bro in law are assholes pranksters and they like to teach you inappropriate things to say. Which is exactly what happened to my (ex) sis in law. 

She and I are American. I met her after I married my (now ex) husband who is an Arab. She was married to his older brother. They lived out of state, far from us.

On Thanksgiving, my ex and I went to visit them. She and I were in the kitchen cooking when my (now ex) husband, her husband, and a few friends walked in. One of whom was a clergy man. 

I said the correct traditional Arabic greeting "Assalamu alaikum". She on the other hand said, "In-chubby. Kiss oom-ick". I almost choked on my own spit as soon as I realized what she was saying. The guys started laughing and making fun of her. But the shocked look on my face let them know I knew exactly what she had said.

They quickly left the room. I asked her who taught her and what did she think it meant. She said her husband had taught her it meant "Hello. How are you/nice to meet you". That is when I told her what it really meant.

"In-chubby. Kiss oom-ick"
"Shut up and go f*** your mother".

Needless to say she no longer repeated any of the Arabic words her husband taught her without first checking with me. 

So boys and girls let this be a lesson to you. It might be fun learning a new language. Just be the person teaching you isn't an ibnul kelb (son of a bitch). 

That's today lesson in how to learn a new language.

Thanks Lindsey for having me here.  If you'd like to hear more of my stories about living overseas, then visit my blog Dafeenah on Thursdays for my "Across the Pond" series where I share my experiences of being an American living overseas. 

Haha, I love the way she spelled out how to say this! Too funny, Dafeenah! Love it. 

And yeah, don't think I would want any of those guys to be my Arabic teacher! Yikes!

And thanks for the awesome Frackin' Friday feature! I never knew I would know Arabic, little less how to say something so, hmmm, charming, lol. 

Hope ya'll are having a great one, bloggyland!

And try not to get in trouble with this one ;)

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  1. this is pretty hilarious :-) happy friday!

  2. OMG. Your poor sister. That's just mean. It was good she had you to check in with. She must have just died a thousand deaths. Bless her heart.

    Great post! Glad you stoppped by to teach us something new. :0

  3. Thanks for having me! That wasn't the first (or last) time they did something like that to her either lol.

  4. OOoh that is a good one! I'll never use it because I'd be scared of what would happen, lol, but most excellent post!!

  5. I bet she still remembers that phrase!

  6. Great post! It gave me a good laugh!

  7. I feel a bit sorry for her to be honest! Is she still with her husband? ;-)


  8. Great post- not one but two swear words!! Value for money here!

  9. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing this learning lesson, Dafeena!

  10. @Megan - I know, isn't that awful! And funny :)
    @Bernie - no kidding! I hope it wasn't done in too mean of a spirit. And seems that she would have a much better attitude about it than I would have!
    @Dafeenah - thanks again for doing this!! :)
    @Oilfield - good one, huh?!
    @An Irish - haha, no kidding, I don't think that I have the guts either!
    @Alex - no joke, you don't forget that one!
    @Kara - well glad you liked the guest post!
    @Paul - I know, I do too. Great question! Dafeenah??
    @Missy - Glad you liked the two-fer-one, lol
    @Stacey - thanks for stopping by Stacey, glad you enjoyed it!

  11. Too funny!! I've always been leery of what people tell me in spanish...

  12. hahahaha- that's a pretty serious one to throw out there! Love the guest post!

  13. That was hard to follow, lol
    the ex of the brother of the third cousin kind of related to the great uncle of my ex niece

  14. Oh my gosh! I don't know Arabic but i DO know that!! (thanks to my uncle!) I audibly gasped as I read that!!

  15. Wow, I laughed so hard reading this but can really feel for her- my middle name is gullible and I have definitely been known to say things I was told meant something different!

  16. Too funny! It's amazing how often that happens...I often have people (here in Texas) ask me, "What exactly does_____ mean in Spanish?", and then they watch me turn purple!

  17. Paul, believe it or not yes she is still with her husband and yes she fell for their tricks every single time.

    Wendy, I was leery before that incident, but afterwards I bought a dictionary just to be on the safe side.

    TriGirl, lol then you understand EXACTLY how I felt as I heard the words coming out of her mouth. I thought my ears had suddenly stopped working and were making things up.

    Shalyn, gullible is her middle name and niave is her first. Poor thing she could not win for losing.

    Thanks to everyone for all of your kind comments. Sorry for my late replies. Time zone differences. I was sleeping while you all were reading/commenting lol.

  18. Wow, you gotta love those guys with great "senses of humour." NOT! Seriously, I could see my husband doing something like this to me, and that's why I'll never let him teach me any Spanish or Japanese.

    Great post, Dafeenah!

  19. So glad ya'll all enjoyed the post!! Thanks to Dafeenah once again (and for taking the time to respond to everyone while I was MIA this weekend :)). Hope everyone had a great one!

  20. Hahaha that's such a funny story! It's happen to me a few times with my foreign friends trying to "teach" me some sentences in their language!

  21. Holy schniekies, that guy really was an a** hole! That poor girl must have been so embarrased....

  22. I also find it awesome to learn other languages, very interesting post!


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