The Whirlwind

Long story short...
I was a boring college grad living in San Antonio, and got swept off my feet by my hockey-playing husband. Since our paths crossed in March 2007, our whirlwind adventure has led us all over North America, Germany and the newest adventure, Finland! Follow me and our experiences living the Suomi kind of life :)

Now what it is really all about...

I keep saying that our life three years ago would have made phenomenal reality TV. No script, real drama, and a better ending than Hollywood writers could have scribbled together.

I met my husband at our apartment complex the week he moved to San Antonio. He saw me jogging my usual route and stalked me into the weight room. I told him I was 15, he recited "Old School" lines. That was all it took. We were inseparable.

Shoulda known that I owed him all this 'following him around the world business'. He came to visit me while I was working in Greece that summer, after only 2 months of knowing each other. I spent the rest of the summer with his family in Canada, and we moved back to San Antonio and in with each other after 6 months of dating. I think his exact words on moving in with each other were "To hell with it, let's just do it". What a romantic.

It didn't take me long to realize that the hockey life is a series of ups and downs; both physically and emotionally. He was transferred to another team, in another state a week after we signed our apartment lease in Texas. But Wonder ManBoy that he is, he was determined to thrive no matter where he played. He led the league in scoring, won the championship, and we got married in Vegas three days later. The team was promised a trip to Vegas if they won, so with his coaches, teammates, and the Cup in tow, we said our vows in The Little White Chapel. And no, Elvis didn't marry us, but a Sammie Davis Jr. impersonator was our wedding photog. It was so perfect.

Reality TV gold, don't ya think?

Four Five hockey seasons later, now back in good ol' Germany after a year in Finland and a go in Croatia. My friends think I live a rock star lifestyle, traveling the world, seeing the sights in Europe and living out a very non 9-5 life. While I am alright with them thinking, it is quite a stretch from the truth. Day to day life becomes monotonous in any country, but we do our best to make the most out of time here and everywhere else in between.

I bitch, I complain, I am over-joyed, underwhelmed, bored, annoyed, entertained but contempt. And happy, like stupid happy.

Come have a glimpse into my sarcastic take on life in a foreign country.