May 27, 2011

'Nother NW 2011 Update...and more

Nad Watch 2011!! Another Update. You are now sitting on the edge of your seat, aren't you. Knew it. Couldn't resist a good Truck Nutz post.

You perv.


I had some great readers send in a few pictures of Truck Testicles that they snapped in the past week or so. And they. Are. Awesome. 

First, Alex from Ifs Ands & Butts snapped this one the other morning. 

I have to commend her for this shot. Not only was she driving (was are all about safety here at NW headquarters, don't worry) but it was early morning on the way to work. That is one keen eye to spot these babies well before coffee. Kudos to you, Alex! :)

And I love how this truck owner matched the color of his bawls to the color of his truck. Very coordinated, mister.

And the other photo comes from Heather at Belle of the Desert. Heather was the one who originally gave me the idea for readers to send in pictures. She is clever like that!

Heather, the generous person she is, had the search through her facebook account to find this bad-boy from some time ago. 

I don't know if you can really tell from this picture, but those are waaaay too lifelike to be hanging out there in public. Not only are the skin colored, but they also, are you ready for this, have vains

EWWWWWW, sorry about that. 

Regroup. Take a moment. We good now??

Do you have a Nad Watch submission?!? If so, I would love to feature it. Because, let's face it, this summer is going to be slow for posts! haha.

Send 'em to: TexaGermaNadian (at) gmail (dot) com

Oh, and the vain-ier the better. Good luck getting that out of your head this afternoon.

Can't believe I just wrote that. I hit new lows everyday.

Changing the subject now.

I am planning on doing to Storytellers Blog Hop next weekend. Mixing things up a bit. Plus I figured most of you Americans would be out enjoying the long Memorial Day Weekend.
Also, we have a ton of family coming in town, so we will be busy with them. I didn't feel like I could give the hop the time it needed this weekend, so you will have to be on the lookout for it the first weekend of June!

Really, when did May happen?? It just reminds me that hockey season is slowly creep, creep, creepin' up on us.

Think of Carmen Sandiego "where in the world will we play hockey?"

I think I might have some fun news for you next week! Might. Something to do with this crazy hockey life we lead. I know, leave you hanging, right?! All I can say for now is boy oh boy :)

And no, I am not knocked up, I don't have any kids yet. Well, unless you count the hubs and my kitty cat. 

One is really hairy and the other licks his butt. 

I'll let you decide which one is which!

Or, in my cat's case... he's both.

Haha. Sorry hon :)

Have a wonderful weekend bloggyland!!!

P.S. ANNNNND I am being featured over at Chicken Noodle Gravy. Check it out!!!

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  1. I must have missed one of your posts because when you said Nad Watch I thought you literally meant photos of men's balls hanging out in public. LOL!!!! Glad I didn't go on a hunt to find one! I think I've seen these things a few times. They're pretty funny.

  2. I think if they are going to hang balls from their trucks to show how little a peen that they have then they should be hairy.

  3. haha..I love those truck nutz..Cant wait for he good news:)))

  4. hmm..i meant cant wait for the good news...I blaim the Mimosas:..LOL

  5. I am just so amazed at this nut hunt. It is so epic. Excited to hear your good news!

  6. everytime i read your posts i can hardly contain my laughter. and i am so impressed alex actually scored a photo of some truck nuts! LOL! i still haven't seen them but i know if i hit up walmart this weekend ill see an overwhelming amount. i may have to do this LOL.

    i hope u have a great weekend girl! <3

  7. Oh no! The veiny nads! It's SOOOOO WROOOONG!!!!

  8. Most excellent! There is just something really awesome about truck nuts!

  9. @Andrea - hahaha, oh my gosh, how hilarious! I am sorry about the confusion, but really glad you didn't go around taking pictures of the real deal, hahah
    @Oilfield - ew ew ew, so gross. But so true! I bet they makes ones like that too.
    @Mrs K - haha, awesome. Any spelling mistakes because of drinking are ok by me!
    @Meg O - haha, epic is the perfect name for it :) Thanks, I am hoping to share some good things
    @Megan - haha, well glad I can do that for you. Please be on the lookout. Can always use more pics. Have a great weekend too!
    @Dwija - haha, I'm sorry I'm not sorry.
    @An Irish - isn't there?! too funny!

  10. Guess I'd better be caring my good camera with me so I can get the perfect pic of some balls too. Now, I'm on the hunt!

  11. Ah another good NW!! Can't wait to hear your news!! It sounds like it's what you were hoping for and more! I will look forward to storytellers hop when I return :-)

  12. Too bad you can't get an interview with one of the drivers of these trucks. You could ask them all kinds of questions to get into the minds of these people. Well, I think we all probably know they type of people to hang giant nuts off their trucks but you could still ask them questions about proper giant nut handling.

  13. And then he licks your face... oh, no... that's the dog :P

    those red balls are just GROSS! lol

    And I cannot wait for the Storyteller Hop... I love that one :)

  14. VEINS?! Seriously, who makes these. I'm all about the novelty gifts but cheezus!

  15. Shouldent you have an adult content warrning with all these Truck Nuts?

  16. I remember the first time I saw these. It was a homemade pair. The guy used those heady duty rubber balloons and filled them with sand.
    Since then I have seen them all over the place, but of course I live in one of the truck capitals of the world...Texas.

    Can't wait to hear your news...

  17. I actually thought that fist set was hot pink. I wasn't sure how to process that. But red to match his truck makes more sense :)

    Have fun with the fam this weekend. Can't wait to hear the news and i CAN'T WAIT for the storyteller hop!

  18. omg... those trucks.. i can't believe how many of those you see. lol. Can't wait to hear your news!! :)

  19. Truck nuts crack me up - could you be more redneck?! :p

  20. How come I haven't commented on this yet? Seriously, I think half the time I imagine myself commenting on blog posts and apparently never do. What the freak? ANYWAY. Nad Watch 2011 has gotten very exciting indeed. I've found that I'm participating myself, although I've been very disappointed thus far. No Nads have been seen on the Georgia front in days. Surprisingly enough, that makes me very sad. I'm glad that Heather and Alex could compensate for my sadly lacking Nad spotting abilities. This gives me comfort.

    Oh, and I can't wait for the Storyteller Hop or the news. So start the hop and tell me now! Just kidding...kind of :)

  21. Well now I want a nad watch submission. I'm going to be on the lookout, camera ready.

  22. Oh, with veins even. Wow. I'm speechless.
    Looking forward to your news. Knowing you it should be exciting.
    Glad you moved the hop, I had thought I would be missing it this month.

    it's one of those "oh god, why" things where i can't really think straight and end up not getting a picture at all.
    it's disappointing :(

  24. Few things in life are as cool, as respectable, and as dipshitty as truck scrotums. They are a glorious sight to behold and I feel 7 years of good luck coming on each time I spot a pair.

    And, I will be back for the Storytellers hop. Yessssss!!! :-)


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