August 1, 2011

Minimal App-titude: Need Your Help!

Hi friends! Happy start of the week...yes there is such a thing. Nah, you are having an O.K. one at least, right?!

First and absolutely foremost, THANK YOU to all of ya’ll that voted for me in the “Best in Life” category over at FTLOB. I somehow or another pulled it off and won the title for this month! 


I really couldn’t have done it without your voting, so here is a big internet hug for you! Wait, those self-hugging pictures I tried to take were really creepy. Here is two thumbs up instead. Enjoy, you earned them! 

Haha, what a dork! (And a mini preview of the no-poo pics!!)

Anyways, laugh with me. Remember this post! Haha, hilarity.


‘Cause I went out and got me one of these shiny, do-hicky things.
Well golly, I can even get on the world wide web with this, huck huck. (source)

Ok, I know, I went on a tiny, little rant about iPhones and how I like a less device-filled life, but we needed a second computer (what a snotty thing to say, ‘needed’ a second computer!) and I wanted some kind of Mac. Already have a MacBook and love it. So I thought I would try out an iPad. I had played around on one before and really liked how fast and small it was. PLUS, I was already thinking about investing in a Kindle, so this was my two-fer. AND we were going to buy a Slingbox Catcher, those expensive elusive discontinued items, but the iPad will transfer enough HD quality that we won’t need one. Three-fer, right? Right?!
(come on, make me feel better about it, just say yes in your head! ;))

But here is where I am desperate for all you App-savy bloggers' help. I am bit overwhelmed with all the options for apps and what all they can and can’t do. Most look like a waste of time and money, but I know there are a lot of real gems out there. 

So, what are your favorite/most used Apps?? Have any great FREE Apps?? It is my favorite price, after all. What MUSTS are there that I absolutely need? 

Please Hel-aap Me! Ok, that was lame, but your advice won’t be. 

(Tomorrow, full routine and update on how the no-pooing is going!! I promise I haven’t forgotten about it!)

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  1. Woooooooo!!!! Well done! A very deserving award :-)

    Ahh the iPad. I totally bitched about them when they came out and said how stupid they were and that it was just like a giant ipod. However, the past few weeks I have begun to want one. I now feel a traitor to my own feelings haha!! Is it as good as it looks?! My favourite apps for my ipod are games oh and my Jonathon Cainer horoscope one haha!!

  2. YAY!!! Congratulations!

    I have an iPhone but I'm not sure if the apps are the same for the iPad (I don't think they are). For sure Pandora, Twitter (you need to get on it, girl), Epicurious. Uhhhh I don't know!

  3. You must get iChromy - it's much better than the Safari browser that comes on it. Oh and Reeder is a super awesome RSS app ifnyou use Google Reader. I'm obsessed with reading all my blogs on it. Other than that, Kindle (way better than iBooks bc it's cross platform, offers more books and is usually cheaper), Pinterest, Plants v Zombies, Kayak, eBay, Paper Toss and IMDB. scrabble is great too. That's all I've got for now :)

  4. Sorry! Cant help you with that thing:)

  5. First of all I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU WENT HIGH TECH ON ME! I thought we bonded over being the last ones without smart phones, lol. Needless to say I have no clue what apps are awesome or not :) Oh and Congrats on being the "Best in Life" that's freaking awesome, you totally deserve it!

  6. Your poo-free hair looks GREAT! And also, I still have no fancy app-holding gizmos. I'm going to be the last hold-out in America....

  7. @Missy - well thanks love, that is too sweet! I am still having some technical issues, totally on my end, not the ipad's haha. But I will have to let you know if it is worth it all!
    @Oilfield - thanks so much!
    @Hannah - haha, I didn't have to wait too long for someone to mention that one, lol. I will have to get it then!
    @Meg - thanks Meg! No, those are really helpful. Yes, as far as I can tell the apps are very similar if not the same for a lot of those. At least they have ones for the ipad.
    @Alex - PERFECT! That is what I was looking for. Will get it now. I am already on Reader, had to get that one first, and like it so much. Ok, and the Kindle to. Thank you so much, this is so perfect!
    @Mrs K - haha, no worries ;)
    @An Irish - I know, I am so rude, right, haha. No smart phone yet, but I guess that kinda counts?! Look at me all high tech, lol. Thanks so much girl!
    @Dwija - Thank you! I am working out. And I know, I know. I feel like a sell out! haha

  8. Loving some of Alex's suggestions!!!!

  9. Wow. I want one! Congrats on the FTLOB win! Yay!

    Okay, apps -- I use Lose It a lot. And Goodreads, Kindle, Shazam -- I actually wrote a post about it a while back. You can check it out here:

    Happy app-finding!

  10. @KY - there are some great ones there, aren't there?!
    @Kyria - you rock!! I have already checked out the link and love it. Thank you so much, reallY!

  11. I'm the wrong lady to ask- I pretty much have gone over a month with my new phone without getting any apps besides one for my yahoo mail.. its sad, I need to read your comment section I guess!

  12. Best buy has the slingbox on sale for 139.00 just ordered ours!

  13. My hubs got one recently after ages of wanting one. He absolutely loves his. But then he loves his MAc Book and I-phone too. I'll stick with my kindle for now. But next year we're getting a huge screen MAc computer! For me - Yippee.

    Congrats on the win too! You deserve it.

    Have a great week! Shah. X

  14. My favorite apps are Hulu Plus and Netflix, but they both require a subscription. Zinio gives you a few free magazines with the free app. Some of the bigger magazines also have free apps for subscribers.

  15. ohhh i love my ipad. i bought it on a whim (ok, i was bored and was shopping) a year or so ago when they first came mine is out. i didnt think id use it, but i use it actually more than my computer!

    my favorite apps are angry birds, plants v zombies, crap it's dead....when i charge the ipad up ill get on there and let you know. be back soon!


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