August 8, 2011

Mixed Up Monday

Some random things worth sharing, 'cause I am running out of things to write about while I am here. Need to head over so I get some fresh Finnish material for ya'll!

- Got a hair cut last week, and I (gasp) was forced to use REAL shampoo. Kept reading online that once people used real poo again, they didn't feel like going back. But good news, I felt the opposite. I am starting to like my hair way better not washed. It has more body and not so limp looking! Update to the routine, might start sparingly using a sulfate free shampoo and barely conditioning just the ends. 

- On the no-poo note, check out this $40 rip off! That is a 4-0, people. 

Seriously?!? (source)
- Thanks so much for all the app suggestions last week!! They really did help. I finally feel that I am getting the hang of the iPad...even if it does auto-correct my name to "Lindsey Savory". Have no idea why.

- Why the heck has no one shook me before and told me to absolutely, positively use Google Reader?!? Told you, I'm usually behind on technology. But I love it now!

"Always and forever" (source)
- Speaking of iPad, we have it all set up to play the slingbox on our TV in Finland. Woohoo for American TV, American commercials (yes, I do end up missing those) and good internet.

- Found out that the local bar in Finland where all the guys have been, ah-hem, quietly chit chatting their nights away (any of ya'll who know hockey players knows that doesn't quite sound right) is a karaoke bar. Don't mind if I do!!

That's me, far left, sweating and karaoke-ing back in college!
 - Had a great weekend with friends and family saying good bye to Texas. And trying to convince everyone that it won't be THAT cold there. These Texans just won't hear it. Anything lower than 65 and they are headed for their jackets and mittens. Wait, don't have those either.

- Haven't been sleeping great lately. Not tired, but just lay awake at night for a long time. Can usually just hit the pillow and I am out. Maybe I am pre-adjusting to the new 8 hour time difference. Maybe not.

- Other than packing up my two suitcases, I am pretty much ready to go! My favorite part of traveling: handing my 49.9 pound bags over to the lady at the check in counter and feeling 'free' to fly!!

Speaking of travel, the wondering and wonderful Meri over at Meri-Goes-Round, is having a fun link up for Mondays. It is called "Make My List Monday". Too cute.

I don't know if my list really counts, but I will post it anyways. 

I decided that I would give ya'll my Flying To Do List. Little essential travel tips that I have picked up over the last couple of years of long distance traveling. Here goes!

1) Make sure to pick out a comfy, yet nice, travel outfit. Boys, this even goes for you. I can't stand all the sloppy outfits in the airport. Guess I am old fashioned, but there can be comfortable and nice looking clothes. And NO, IN NO WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM, tights are not pants on their own. Wear a shirt that covers your nekkid bum. Thanks.

2) Invest in one of these bad boys. Just do it, you will love it for on the plane, car and even just watching TV on the couch. See, the infomercial says it all!

3) While you are at it, pick up a blow up neck pillow and eye cover. Dollar stores are great for these.

4) When packing for a big trip or move, lay out everything before you shove it in the suitcase. It will visually make you see how much shiznit you really have. Now cut it the wardrobe in half, you'll be thankful you did.

5) Always reserve window. Who cares if you have to pee and are worried about waking the guy next to you. Sleep on a transatlantic flight is invaluable. Just ask the guy with the aisle whose head keeps bobbing up and down.

Yes, she has got it! (source)
6) Along with anything else you need in your carry on to keep you entertained throughout the flight, bring along a longish pair of tight socks. You can kick off your shoes, and keep your feet warm!

7) Lay off the alcohol, flying dehydrates you as it is. Drink lots of water, and if you take a sleeping aid, go easy. Nothing is worse than feeling more drowsy that you have to when getting off the plane.

8) Bring along a toothbrush, toothpaste and wet wipes in your carry on. You can freshen up when you land with a quick brush (don't recommend on the flight, blech) and you can take a hooker bath with the wet wipes. Yep, a hooker bath. Or maybe just wipe your greasy, airplane face down.

Or on a plane! (source)
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  1. i miss american commercials SOOOO much. never thought id say that!

    and when i flew over here my bags were all according to US standards of 50 lbs allowance. well, the airlines i flew only allowed 20kg. UM...that is only 44-45 lbs. just a prewarning... who are you flying?

    getting wayyyy excited for you! what a huge change going from texas heat to finnish cold :)

  2. 40 bucks for poo? I don't think I have spent 40 bucks on poo my entire life. Much less for ONE bottle.

  3. Love the post, so very entertaining, lol. Good luck with the trip, wishing you smooth sailing or I guess that would be flying...Oh and I've been using Google reader for years and love it. A nice way to check up on all my 200+ blogs.

  4. @Megan - seriously, it is sad what we miss :) Oh, you better believe that is the first thing I check with, haha. That sucks hearing that at the airport, though!
    @Oilfield - I know right?!? What a rip off for it not even being 'real' shampoo
    @Wendy - haha, well thanks. Pretty random, but that is my life right now :) Thanks so much, and I know it is awesome. Why have I not been using it!

  5. guy thought of the post: no poo is worth 40 dollars unless the bottle is made of plated gold. did we see the new haircut, or did i miss it... i will wait here for my response.

    happy toodles kind of day!

  6. HOW were you not using Google Reader ahhh! You can makenfolders forndifferent categories too much I find really helpful. Have a safe trip! And I have got to get me one of those pillows so awesome

  7. Talk about making someone's hair stand on end with sticker-shock! Holy Cannoli!!

    Let me tell you that $40 big ones for this Deja Curl is a friggin' rip-off and I'm in the trade! At my salon, it's not inexpensive but it retails for $22.

    Absofackinglutely amazing!

  8. Yeah I agree. How were you not using Reader? I mean, what were you using?

    Also, your 49.9 lb bag comment made me laugh! BEEN THERE!

    Enjoy your flight. The only other helpful tip I have that you missed is that the exit row sometimes has more leg room, BUT make sure it's not the row in FRONT of the exit door, because those don't lean back at all!

  9. Your post cracks me up! I use Burt's Bees shampoo and it is sulfate free (and smells good to boot!) At a whopping 9 bucks you can thank me for all your money savings by buying me 2 bottles of LaMarca! :)

  10. ackkkkk....typo...DEVA Curl! Lost my mind, temporarily, when I saw the price you posted.

    Forgive me....:))))

  11. 2 incredible words: "Hooker Bath" = GENIUS

  12. Good tips on the flying list. I'd add a small bottle of hand sanitizer.

  13. I take a big book, stick my nose in it and don't unfasten my seat belt until we land and get the ok.If we crash that little belt will proably save my life.

  14. OK, computer is working right again. I'm back. Grr, it is determined for me not to blog today!
    @iZombie - Seriously, I think every girl is thinking that too! haha. No, no new pics of the hair cut. Nothing changed. It might be called a hair cut, but I am the only one to notice. Happy Monday to you too, Jeremy!
    @Alex - haha, I know right, behind the times. I am loving it though! Those pillows rock!
    @Slidecutter - no kidding, Patty, insane. I guess there are people out there still buying it. Oh well, their loss, but really.
    @Kyria - haha, just the normal window. Blech, I am dumb ;) Ahhh, I see. I have acutally never been a fan of the exit row. Too much responsibilty, haha
    @JT - YES! Hi love :) I thought about buying that one today at the store, shoudl have gone with my gut. Might have to stock up before I leave. Thanks for commenting, lol
    @Slidecutter- haha, still, it is still ridic, right?!
    @An Irish - love me some hooker...baths. haha. What, that doesn't even make sense!
    @Mollie - oh yeah, I forgot about one of those, might have to make a trip back to the store for a bit to get one. Genius!
    @Tony - duh. A mile high in the air and a thin strap. You are safe.... haha. Books are priceless in the sky, aren't they?! Maybe that is why their prices are jacked u

  15. hooker bath lol you are a trip!!!

  16. Haha so much to comment on in this post! I'll just reduce it to I love the Napoleon Dynamite shout out and I want one of those neck pillows stat!

  17. @Lisa - haha, one of my fave expressions ;)
    @Meg O - you just became my fave. Was waiting for someone to give a ND shoutout. How can you not love Kip's song?! haha. Those are great pillows, like I said, even just for lounging!

  18. So seriously... how did the hair stylist react to your no poo lifestyle?!? Did she give you a hard time?!?

  19. Did the salon have anything to say about the health of your hair? I would have hoped they said "WOW! What shampoo do you use?" and then you would say (excitedly) that you DON'T USE ANY!

  20. Happy about your slingbox. My brother inlaw loves it. So anything lower than 65 will send Texans running in frozen fear? Good to know.

  21. Lindsey, I've been a horrible blog reader lately, and I apologize! I did read about your no 'poo adventure the other day, and I think you've inspired me to try it. My hair may be too thick for it to work, but your's looks so awesome I may just have to give it a go.

    I hope the trip to Finland goes smoothly and everything comes together perfectly. Enjoy these last few days at home!

    By the way, I've never used Google Reader either...but I obviously need to?

  22. I love reading everyone's packing tips. This will be my 3rd time shoving my life under a plane but reading these tips give me ideas to make my life a whole lot easier.

    And I'm checking out Google Reader. Never heard of it (maybe I live under a rock?).

  23. I love your list- and I bet you'd be the best one to get packing tips from! Welcome to the wonderful world of google reader!

  24. @SIF - ...I didn't let him in on my secret! haha, I was so afraid he would think I was a total weirdo. Plus the shampoo/massage is my fave part, couldn't pass that up!
    @Melissa - great, right?!
    @Hannah - well, they didn't say anything, but I KNOW they were thinking it ;)
    @Copyboy - Slingbox is awesome. We are going to really enjoy it this year! And yes, our blood seems to freeze past that point. Strange breed, us Texans, lol
    @Katie - hey girl! No, no worries, whatever. You are always a great blog reader :) I hope you try it, it is supposed to work great with thick hair too! And thanks for the well wishes, we are off in the morning!! YES, try google reader, it rocks!!!
    @Erin - Geez, so you know! It does get easier every year, but then again I forget more things in more places every year too. Senility, I am loving it! haha
    @Meri - well thanks lady! I didn't know if it really counted for your link up, but oh well. Thanks, I am a little behind, but still loving it all!


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