July 13, 2011

'Bout that time of year again

Well, we are officially in countdown mode.

I haven't written about the hockey season in a while, so I thought I would give you a itsy run down on what we are getting ourselves into this year.

For those of you who are new to the blog or old but really bad at paying attention, we are off to Finland this season for a new hockey adventure! Eeee! I can't tell you how excited I am to be seeing a new part of the world.
Those 12 hour plane rides NEVER get old! (source)
The hubs leaves in a week and a half for the true great white north. I'm talking north. Same latitude as Anchorage, Alaska. Which is great, if hockey was played in summer months. But its not. Weird, right?! Had no idea it was a winter sport! I'm talking 4 hours of sunlight in the dead of winter. Yikes.

Keep repeating: It's an adventure, it's an adventure.


Haha, no, that won't even deter my enthusiasm about this year. But if I seem grouchy by January, then you might just know why!
I'd look guuuud on one of these bad boys! (source)
The hubs usually heads over first. He gets settled into our new place and (hopefully) arranges everything we need in a new country - bank account, insurance, gets to know the lay of the city, etc.

A lot of ya'll had asked questions about our living arrangements. What do you do about an apartment? Do you have to buy furniture? What about a car?

Hockey overseas is set up differently than in the states. Getting to a new team and a new town means that (usually) a furnished apartment and a car are there waiting for you. It just comes with the deal. Which is nice, because I can't even imagine trying to go through the renting process without knowing the language.

As for me, I'm heading back home to Texas for 2 weeks, to see family, friends and to tie up all loose ends, and then it is on to Finland! Actually, I tell the hubs that it is to see friends and family, but really I want one last chance to lay by the pool and shop. Shallow much?!? Haha.

Which, thinking about it, is counter intuitive. Come on, you gotta know that Texas doesn't stock much clothing that would be useful in an Arctic country.

Doesn't hurt to look, right?!

This year will be a little different when I head over. Last year, the hubs got "Hubs of the Year" by making the 7 hour, each way, trip to our old town. Picked up all of our belongings and had them in Ravensburg before I was even overseas.

It will prove a little trickier this year. Not even sure if it is possible to get from Ravensburg to Finland.

Wait, just google mapped it, yes it is possible. And it would only take an estimated 1 day and 1 hour and a measly 2 ferry rides! HA. Yeah right. 

You've got to be kidding me, google maps!
You can see on the map that we were at the southern most point possible in Germany. Just to make things fun for this year, I'm sure. And you don't really realize how far up Finland is, and that it isn't really connected to any route that is useful for a multiple country crossing. 

We made a pact with ourselves that we would NEVER be that couple that left stuff in one place never to return. This is done in hockey all the time. People just leave boxes and boxes of clothes, kitchen supplies and other miscellaneous items behind. Either they have moved on to another country, retired, or just didn't want to deal with the stuff. Which of course means that someone else has to throw it away or riffle through the shiznit.

Hey, unclaimed stuff left behind is always up for grabs. We've picked up a DVD player, kitchen supplies, throw pillows and curtains this way! haha, trash diggers.

It comes down to that we didn't want to leave that to anyone. PLUS, and a big plus here, all of our winter clothing was left at a friend's house in Germany. All of our winter supplies is left in Germany. I mean really, there isn't much use for a down jacket in Texas in May.

Or January for that matter.

So, in early August, I am flying my butt over to Finland. Getting my feet on the ground and over jet lag. Then flying down to Germany to take care of everything we need to take care of. Packing up boxes to ship, stuffing suitcases to carry with me, and probably making a few trips to the dump. Fun times in Europe, right?!

It simply comes down to the fact that we need this stuff. There is no getting around it. And the cost of buying all new clothing greatly outweighs the (actually reasonable) shipping prices and airplane ticket.

And, to boot, if there is anything that I can't find right away in Finland at the grocery store, I can always pick up supplies in Germany. Wow, never thought I would be excited to go German grocery shopping again! haha.

Oh, and you better believe that I will be visiting these buddies while I am down there :)

So there is a not-so-mini run down, for all you inquiring minds out there. Anyone want to join me in Southern Germany to help me pack?! Come on, doesn't that sound like a blast?!

BTW, I mentioned something last week about the FTLOB Giveaway I am hosting. Well you better get excited for this Sunday, July 17th, my super fun birthday, because the prize package I am giving away is, for lack of better words, awesome. I'll just hint that it will include goodies from all three countries I have blogged in this year. Ooooh yeaaaah!
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  1. I hope the move goes smoothly and you enjoy the new place!!!

  2. So exciting! I can't wait to hear about all your adventures and all the humor that can be found in adjusting to a new place. It'll be an awesome next chapter in your book of life, to be sure!

  3. WOW, times flies!! Feels like just yesterday I was reading your last post for Germany! Crazy/fun times ahead by the sounds of it!! So exciting!!
    ... you have the same bday as my lil bro, yo:)Will for sure keep eyes open for your giveaway!!

  4. Hope the move goes ok!!! You need to get yourself one of those sunlight lamps to sit infront of for at least 4 hours a day haha!! Surely SkyMall would have something like that? Oh and I was at a farm with my kids last week and there were pygmy goats and I thought of you haha!!!Obviously not because you're a goat but because you love those goats!!

  5. Wow I would have never thought people would just leave stuff for others to clean up/dispose of and I bet digging through those boxes is interesting to say the least :)

    Google maps cracks me up. Omaha is an exactly 24 drive from my parents house which is impossible to do all at once (no ferries though!) You think they'd account for bathroom breaks and you know, sleep, when they create those things!

  6. That's just so cool that you pick up and move to other countries. I've lived in the Chicago area my whole life, and I can't imagine living in another state! I'd definitely help you pack if I had money/vacation time.! :)

  7. Sounds like you have it all planned out, and here I am not even being able to figure out what the hell to cook for dinner. Rice it is, again!

  8. @Oilfield - thanks, I still have a little time to plat with, but it should be good!
    @Hannah - Well thanks! I am sure there will be lots of humor and new things to laugh at there. In a good way, of course ;)
    @Carol - Thanks!
    @Sherri - no kidding, this summer has flown by. Of course they always do. Fun times ahead indeed!
    @Missy - thanks, I am hoping so too. For sure they would sell one of those in skymall! Haha, will have to look on the trip over. Pygmy goats, too cute! Glad you thought of me :)
    @KT - yep, isn't that sad. There is so much stuff over there just left around. Oh yeah, for sure up for grabs! Haha, wouldn't that be funny if they did account for bathroom breaks, scenic trips and the sort. There should be an option for that.
    @Andrea - Haha, well I will take you up on that offer next time then. Trust me, it just sounds fun, lol
    @Jordan - I guess I have to be. And it is one thing I can actually plan in the hockey world! Haha, you are too funny :)

  9. Great Post - sounds really exciting - can't wait to hear about your new exciting life n settlin' in n stuff. Talking about goats, did u see the goat movie? Take care, enjoy TEXAS - I have always wanted to see Texas - it is on my "TO DO" list of places I haven't been yet.
    Cheers, Lilly
    Finland - COLD - don't forget yer nickers :)

  10. ugh, I am so jealous of your life. Stop traveling everywhere. PS people are always SHOCKED at work when they ask me to help them get from Helsinki to anywhere else in Europe by train and I'm always like, "Ok, that will require one ferry, four trains, and about 25 hours." Oh Finland. PPS: you should try to stay in an ice hotel for a night!! I know those are popular in Sweden, there must be some in Finland. That would rule. I feel like you might already have mentioned this at some point, actually?

  11. Sounds like you have it pretty well planned out- It'll be nice to be all settled there. Well, and probably pretty nice to get a little time alone in Texas first :) Can't wait to hear about the new country!

  12. Goodness Woman I am exhausted just reading about all that you need to do before you can settle down in Finland for the Hockey season, ekkk!! Soak up all this Texas sunshine and heat before you go, you are going to need it!! Whew!!

  13. I'm excited to of found your blog! I certainly hope you'll be eating your wheaties because from the sounds of you're upcoming adventures you will be needing them! Good luck!

  14. I think it sounds fabulous! Two more weeks of 100+ degree weather and you'll be ready for some snow! Oh, and if you find any cold weather clothes around here, let me know! ;)

  15. Really looking forward to the Finland posts!!!!!

  16. 1. people with july birthdays are way cooler than people without them (i know i have said this before...but it's totally true). and mine is 11 days after yours!

    2. i was just about to send you an email to see what your status was in your move! now i knowwww :)

    3. scandinavia is SOOO different (yes, im still considering finland scandinavia!) it was 60 degrees yesterday and they were acting like it was a freaking hot summer. sure, 60F is nice...when im wearing a scarf and boots.

    4. im exciteddddd for your move and can't wait to hear all about it :)

  17. Moving is never fun, but moving to another country sounds like a nightmare!

  18. Wow! I hadn't even thought about all you have to work through to make these big moves you do! But that's exciting... Another new country to call home. For awhile anyway!

  19. @Saucy - hey lady, your guest post is up tomorrow! :) You are too sweet, I am excited to see what it is all about too! Goat movie?!? No idea! I would love to check it out :) Haha, I won't forget them!
    @Jackie - haha, whatever. Haha, people just don't get that it is way the heck up there, right!? I have heard of the ice hotel, sounds awesome! Will deffo have to look into it :)
    @Meri - I am just ready for it all to be over and get this all settled. Texas will be pretty nice :)
    @Wendy - no joke, right?! I am going to try to bottle the sunshine and heat and bring it with me! lol
    @Bri - haha, you are too sweet. I will have an extra helping of Wheaties on that day. Thanks for stopping by!
    @Jan - hey girl! no kidding, that really does always do the trick! I will for sure fill you in. Aren't you headed over sometime soon??
    @Sarah - well thanks! Glad you are!
    @Lesley - haha, see, you get it. It is a mess!
    @Megan - for sure, that needed to be said, haha. Oh no! I have a feeling I am going to get no summer weather there. Oh well, guess I will just have to enjoy it over here. So glad you are loving everything there though! I am just as excited to see your posts everyday too!
    @Kara - haha, it isn't sooo bad. Just gotta put on my big girl panties and make it happen!
    @Kassi - it usually isn't that bad, but with all our stuff in another country, things get a little tricky. Nothing I can't handle though :)

  20. It's amazing that you get to experience so much through this sport. I'm so jealous on soooo many levels.

  21. Sounds like your in for a great adventure this coming year!I'll help you pack, I've never been to Germany before!

  22. You're giving away stuff on YOUR birthday? That's not right. I'd come help you pack but I won't be in Italy until almost October. Good luck!! Sounds like it will be a busy first little bit back into the season!

  23. You are going to LOVE Scandinavia - seriously awesome. Copenhagen was possibly my favorite stop of the trip and all I want to do is explore more. Nicest people around, can't wait to hear about your next adventures!

  24. Just so you know I would go to Germany and help you pack in a second! I love travel...and I actually enjoy packing. But then you would have to help me, of course! Reading all the arrangements you have to make gets me excited that we are only moving a few hundred miles away!

  25. Ravensburg? My brother used to live down in Freiburg, which isn't that far away!

    Finland will be interesting for you. Perhaps a little colder than Texas?

    Best wishes for your move! :-)

  26. PS Will you have to rename your blog: My life in *4* countries??? :-)

  27. Wow, sounds a lot like being married to someone in the US Army. I would help you pack, but you might have to pick me up on your way down from Finland! I am in Ansbach. LOL.

    I would love to go to Finland though! And Sweden. *sigh* lol.

    Good luck with your move!


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