July 20, 2011

Hello, 21st Century!

Well, we've done and did it.

We entered the 21st century last night. The hubs and I FINALLY saw a 3D movie. No wonder you kids had been ranting and raving about 3D movies. That shiznit blew our minds. Not to mention that it was Harry Potter and just an all around good movie to begin with (not like that over-hyped Avatar crap. Yes, de-friend me in bloggyland, I said Avatar was average...at best).

And the 3D glasses weren't that noticeable. (source)
Ok, you can't blame us too much for not seeing one before. It wasn't like we were exactly going to hop into a German movie theater and sit through a poorly German-audio-over-English movie just to see the effects.

But, being a little behind is like us. Call me crazy, but I don't buy into all the hype that comes with 'new' technology and devices. Heck, I don't even buy into the hype around the older stuff floating around. 

Unless it is this. This looks trust worthy. (source)

Case in point. Don't own a smart phone. Actually, I think my phone is literally making me dumber. It can't even take a picture. And I love it. While in North America, we jump on my parents plan, and overseas we stick with a pay-as-you go phone. Laugh all you want, after all, we do look silly with all that money sticking out of our pockets, don't we?!

Ohh, burn, burn double burn. Haha, just kidding, you know that. But if only I get back my old pink Nokia with this bad boy on it!

No one would beat me on this. NO ONE! (source)

And twitter...naaah (watch, I will end up eating those words). Trust me, I am not exciting. Like, not in the least bit. The last thing ya'll need to do is hang on my every ingredient I added in last night's dinner. Ewww, just reminds me of dumb facebook status updates.

I get Twitter for your blog, for a business and the like. But no way in hell do I need to know that Kayne "...makes awesome decisions in bike stores" or that he thinks "Fur pillows are hard to actually sleep on". True tweets, look it up.

Maybe I'm secretly like 60+ years old.

I'm thankful the hubs isn't into video games. No Playstation, X-Box or Wii. (although, there is a Nintendo DS we share). Think I have played Wii once. Maybe?

But meh, what do you do? A lot of it is due to our lifestyle. We are on the move too much to accumulate crap nice, pretty, useful things. And I think I prefer it that way. I don't get caught up with the latest app, or worry if my phone is out of date, we just make do and get on with our lives.

That is not to say that I wouldn't be all over that stuff if we lived full time in the U.S. Oh, I'd be hooked on it all like it was a drug! For reals. So maybe it is a good thing we live on the bare necessities of technology. 

We'd make this look guuuud! (source)
 Anyways, where was I? Oh, the movie rocked. And I think we might have actually enjoyed that new-fangled, not so new thing called 3D.

BTW, Ixy, from Illusion, Congrats!! You won the Texas/Germany/Canada giveaway! I can almost hear the audible groans of everyone else who entered. I tried to email you, but get a hold of me when you can. I will take full advantage of the fact that we are both in Canada right now and I can send that baby off for waaaay cheaper. (TexaGermaNadian (at) gmail (dot) com)

Schpanks again to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and entered the contest! You guys rock!

Ok, I'm wrapping it up! 

Last but not least, I am up for "Best in Life"! See, told you hubs, I really am :)

What? What's that?...Not like that? 

Oh, I guess they mean the "Best in Life" category for best blogs on FTLOB! Hey, I'll take it!

Life, of course, being a blogging category. Although I have my stuff together, not going to lie, in 'real' life too, haha.

Be a dear, and if you like the blog, like really, really like it, jump over here, find TexaGermaNadian and like it too.

Well, maybe not best in life, but damn good at making useless pictures!
I'm in a funny mood today, sorry :)

But I really would appreciate it!

Hope everyone is having a great week, and enjoy your hump day!
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  1. i agree avatar was eh, pretty silly... not cause of the visuals... the hype is what ruined it. i cannot see 3d stuff, i have a inner ear issue which makes me dizzy where the everything spins. wait what you are 60 years old, no way... i have one foot closer in the grave... i couldn't imagine seeing a sub-titled movie in 3d, the words would get me...

    and if you are 60 you look great...
    tune the frown upside dunn...
    happy day!

  2. gosh, i knew i should have put your blog as FUNNNNY! the linky wouldn't allow me to do multiple same urls, poop! I was debating on it and just went with life but you're best at that too---yes hubs, she's quite fab!!!!

    3d movies are totally fun, the girls love them, we laugh hysterically! i'm so surprised your husband doesn't like video games and stuff! haha...i need to find a man like that:) LOL

  3. Wait. wait. WAIT. what's that now? You're in Canada!!! Where have I been?? How did this happen without me, one very proud Canadian, knowing!?

    I've been a terrible blog friend...shame on me.

    Have to go catch up on your adventures now!!!

  4. Totally with you on this one. I don't own a smart phone and don't want one. My laptop is 6 years old. I only own one mac product- a 3rd generation refurb ipod. And I've never seen a 3-D movie.

    There are others like you out there. Maybe we should unite in some sort of front against technology... ;)

  5. Great post. My phone cost me ten quid, looks like a brick and has on the most basic functions, no camera. And Avatar looked brilliant in 3D on IMAX but when you take that away the film is average and the story cliched.

  6. I still have never seen a 3D movie, but with my eyes the way they are, it would just give me a head ache.

  7. "Best in Life". Best category ever. I think i've voted for you twice already :)

    My husband drags me kicking and screaming into all the new unnecessary technology that i somehow can't live without a week later. Besides, without my ipad i'd have no drawing app, and thus no website!

    (p.s. you can vote for me if you want in the funny category..oh i do hate shameless self-promotion don't you?)


    and congrats on finally joining the rest of us with seeing a 3D movie. the last 3D movie i saw was toy story 3. LOL! glad you enjoyed the movie girl!

  9. TWITTER > everything. It could be your constant humor outlet. http://www.alexbutts.com/2011/05/top-5-reasons-you-should-have-twitter.html

  10. Ya'll are all too funny. Thanks for not taking this too seriously :)
    @iZombie - I bet the visuals were great, just was so not impressed with it as a whole. Seeing it on TV the first time probably didn't help either. I thought I was going to be like that at the movies, haha. Thanks, I hide my inner 60 year old well :)
    @Vic - haha, well thank! ANd no, Life is great, I love all the categories. I feel bad now that we hadn't seen more 3D movies. I am not a huge fan of going to the theater, but with that, I would like just about anything! I bet your girls love them!
    @Colie - haha, and guess what, I am headed back to the states on Friday :) Hope you have been doing great Colie. We have missed ya!
    @Hannah - YES, girl of my own nature. I actually own a MacBook, but man, it works so good, I will never go back. Even if it is 5 years old, haha. Anti-Tecnology Society. Hmmm, good to know there are other like that out there, haha
    @Tony - YES! I love those old, chunky phones. They are indestructible! I bet it looked great in IMAX 3D, but I just can't get past the horrible story! haha
    @Oilfield - I did not think I was going to be a fan, but lo and behold. Put on a disguise, so no one knows who you are, and go see an afternoon showing of Harry Potter in 3D, you will not be disappointed!
    @TriGirl - FOR SURE I will jump over there and vote for you, that is my favorite kind of promotion, haha. See, now I would deffo take an iPad. I have tried a friends and really liked it. More on the computer side than smart phone or anything like that.
    @Megan - well thanks, my dear! Haha, I know right, finally. I bet Toy Story was so cute in 3D!
    @Alex - haha, that is too funny, ok, going to check out that link!

  11. I have a super old lady phone too and I miss my nokia as well. Snake was the best!! I called it a candy bar phone because it was as big as a freaking candy bar. I have twitter for my blog but I don't really know how it works. Replying to other people....yeah, nope, no idea. I can't do 3D, it gives me a headache because I see the non 3D parts around the rim of the glasses in addition to the 3D through the glasses. If there was a giant wall with a 3D filter in the front of the room that might be better.

  12. You already got my vote! And we haven't seen a 3D movie yet, so you're ahead of us! haha!

  13. I’ve never even seen Avatar and maybe never will…

  14. Voted! Good luck! Btw, I have a phone that will barely let me call and text, nevermind an app that will teach me how to fly.

  15. @Jordan - YES! I am so glad there are other out there like us :) I miss my candy bar phone too! And I totally thought the glasses were going to hurt my eyes, but I was surprised they didn't!
    @Kassi - haha, thanks for making me feel better
    @Sam - I wouldn't waste your time. The visuals were good, but the story was so-so
    @Vapid - Thanks! Haha, why don't they have an app that will teach you how to fly?!? Why don't we invent one and make millions?!

  16. I love this blog post- a bit random but hilarious!! I don't mind the 3d stuff but I don't like wearing the glasses all the time. On the subject of phones I miss my old silver samsung flip phone. There was something way cool about flipping your phone open to answer it (apart from when your hands were full and you flipped it onto the ground - yes I did that!!)

  17. I'm with you on this subject. I am technologically illiterate, and it doesn't bother me. I live a fine life without tweeting my every move and figuring out a smart phone. Although I may eat my words someday in the near future, for now, I am content. PS: I voted for you at FTLOB, good luck!

  18. I haven't seen a 3D movie yet, so sad!! love your posts, like always, and happy b-day, even if it's late now :(

  19. Fur pillows? Yeah, I'd like NOT to be on that Tweeting.

  20. Hilarious!!! Twitter is awesome...DO IT!!!

  21. Voted! And I've never seen a 3D movie either, don't own a smart phone, and Avatar = Totally Overrated.
    I feel so much better getting all that off my chest, pheew! ;)

  22. @Missy - it pretty much is always random, isn't it! haha. I think everyone has flipped a flip phone to the ground. Don't know how you still deal with that!
    @Lindsay - Exactly, I just don't feel the need to keep up. Some people do, and that is fine, but just not for me.
    @PDavis - haha, it was actually very good. You should try it out! Thanks so much Patti, really appreciate it :)
    @Copyboy - Kayne is out of control. Or at least was. What the heck is he up to now?!
    @Good - haha, thanks. And no thanks, lol. Not now anyways :)
    @An Irish - thanks girl! ANd see, doesn't that feel good, haha. Hope you are feeling great!

  23. Oooooo, I don't have a smartphone either! And I haven't seen a movie in the theater in, like, 5 years. We're secret Texas Twins!!!

  24. OMG I loved that snake game.

    Voted for you!!!

  25. You crack me up every single time. I actually really love that you dont buy into any of that stuff. I am sure your time is spent much better than mine!


  26. Hey There - how did u n hub get back in Canada - did you get on the wrong plane to Finland?? ha,ha
    OK, so you are back, are you here long or just a visit??
    OOOps, time to tell you that this Senior Citizen is geeky as well as all my other fine points (which add up to about 4) :)
    I love technology, crave inventions and love to teach others how to use computers, phones, etc. I do it for free. I am a retired woman, retired when I was 50 and loving every moment of it. I like to especially teach those that otherwise would not be taught and my great satisfaction is seeing them succeed.
    When I go for a walk, swim, groceries, etc, I DO NOT have my phone attached to my head - that just bothers me when I see someone talking on the phone in the grocery store. Like, what did they do when they shopped before - my very own opinion - people who walk around with their tech stuff attached to their heads should go to Betty Ford for treatment. I have a laptop, and cell phone, but hardly take them anywhere. I take my phone when we travel in the car and guess what - phone apps are addictive and expensive, so I can see the dollars you are saving - I just have basic phone and text, although I know all about everything available - just too expensive.
    Well listen up honey bunch, sure is nice you are part way home as real home in T, but nice to hear from you and really enjoyed your post.
    Take care
    Hi to my newest hockey hero....."MR HUB" I have read most everything written in the tech world about this young man and he is a nice kid in my books and talented hockey player.

  27. I sadly don't get to deal with that embarresment anymore as I've moved on- gone but not forgetten(it's also still in my drawer somehwere haha)!! I just have to drop my phone in a regular old fashioned way. Bring back the flip haha!!

  28. Alas, I do not have a smart phone either. It is a sad, sad tale indeed. But honestly, I don't want one. In fact, they kind of get on my nerves. So I'm totally with you there.

    Oh, and I am for real all sorts of bummed I didn't win the giveaway, but I'm super proud that my way cool buddy Ixy did!

  29. Yes, I agree, Avatar was only average. Even worse, it has some terrible, terrible race politics. What native population doesn't need an outsider, white man to fix its woes?!

  30. I'm so excited to see Harry Potter, considering seeing the 3D now that you have promoted it so:)

    And I think being 60 years old on the technology front likely gives you more time to do awesome things:) Though I personally think that Kanye should continue to tweet all the crazy things, and I'll just read about them in a compiled blog post somewhere:P


  31. I haven't done the 3D 'cause I am thinking I might get a freaking migraine! Technology can be overwhelming, my hubs has a smartphone and that thing talks! Crazy!

    Love the post!

  32. New follower to your blog. Got here by way of FTLOB. You are so flippin' FUNNNNNNY!


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