August 18, 2011

Google translate is messing with me


I dunno why, that just felt right this morning. 

Maybe it is because I am already headed to my first hockey game this season tonight. Yep, mid August and they are getting going with things. Excited to see the new team and arena and where our frozen seats will be for the next 8 months. It's just preseaon right now, but I fully expect fan madness come September! I have a feeling the way the Finns love hockey, I won't be disappointed. 

Yes please! (source)
There really isn't much to report on from this end.

For some reason or another I still feel jet lagged?? Uggg, its like I just can't get enough sleep. And I have been sleeping well, so who knows. Maybe I am just so happy and relieved to finally be here that my body is just taking it easy. 

Except it seems to forget that I have one hellacious trip to Germany coming up in a few days. Thank my lucky stars I didn't plan it for this week like we were originally thinking. I'm looking forward to seeing the town and friends, but not looking forward to all the work I have to get done in less than 48 hours. More than enough time, but a ticking clock always makes me nervous. 

Some of ya'll had asked if I am planning to try my hand at the Finnish language while I am here. I did it in Germany, so why the heck not here as well?? Well, for one, everyone speaks some language. A bad crutch that we can easily rely on. And two, Finnish is so flippin' hard! Holy!

Oh, you two think you are so effing cool all knowing Finnish and whatnot ;) (source)

But I still plan to try, even if just to annoy the hubs. Actually, I am motivated by many-a-things just because they annoy him ;) It should be a really fun challenge, and why the heck not?!? Knowledge is power. Haha, lame.

Really, I should be motivated to learn some Finnish because Google Translate isn't the best with converting the websites and articles from Finnish to English. 

For instance, the team's website had an article about the pre-season training. Google translated one bit into...

"After that we went the extra mile at full gallop, and on the gym workout."

Don't know for sure what the actual translation is, but I don't think the guys actually galloped. I guess you get the point. 

But maybe not so much on this next one. The team had a mini tournament last weekend and again the website did a quick write up of how the games went. Try to decipher what this one is talking about...

"Aces start shootout, Järvinen, grab onto the disc slipped. The company will remain weak and will remain mattress. An ace on the third pulled the player to pull over. Leavitt, on the other hand to put in your backpack and Rauma rings "It's there."

From what I can gather, there was a shootout. Someone threw out their back and had to lay on a mattress. Someone was speeding and was pulled over. The hubs had a backpack on, and the coach spotted it on the ice and told everyone where it was. 

Or not. 

Haha. How funny is that?? This year should be interesting in trying to keep up with the hockey news online!

I need to get shots of our cute little downtown apartment. It is coming all together nicely. And since we are practically neighbors with a castle (yeah, I was surprised that there were castles in Finland, don't know what I was thinking!), I need to get pictures up of that too. I guess it is more of a fort than a castle, but anyways. 

BTW, random way to wrap up the post, but has anyone seen Conan and his Truck Nutz?!? I'm seriously thinking about suing. Doesn't he know that that is MY thing??

I think he writers are stalking my blog. Right? Right?? :)

Bad quality, but you get the point...

Haha, nah, glad the love for those horrible things are catching on ;) Which reminds me, I have some other fun photos to share. Man, suddenly things are looking busy!

Have a great Thursday!

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  1. google translate basically sucks. granted, at times it's been a lifesaver to me, but at other times i think the people behind it just want to mess around with our minds!

    i cant wait to learn some finnish on here through you (only bad words of course).

    WTF is conan doing using your material!?!??! ridiculous!

  2. I once had hard times trying to make clear a Google translation saying ´the team was horny for the upcoming season´. Even worse, the headline was actually saying this literally but the original word used has got a couple of another meanings and guys were just excited and full of expectations, thats it.

    Finnish is one of the weirdest languages in the world, even the names of countries sound the way no one would expect. Guess what state ´Venäjä´ is? You are right, Russia.

    I thought I knew some Finnish phrases but when I used them when talking to a Finn, he stared at me like I was an idiot.

    Well, all I can say is - good luck!

  3. Ha! Tell me those things aren't catching on! They've been plaguing Oklahoma and Texas for far too long already. We don't need to spread it to the rest of the country! Oh, also, the translations made me giggle, and distract me from my kitty eating a spider. So for that, I thank you.

  4. I want to remain mattress. I'd have to get a better mattress though, ours kind of sucks. Maybe someday we'll be adults and actually buy new mattresses instead of inheriting old ones from our family. I wish we lived in the future where we didn't have mattresses like we do now but instead we slept on some sort of cloud-like bed. Freaking awesome!!

  5. Yep, the translation thing can really be quite funny as I use it quite frequently when "next blogging" :) Even cuter when u get a translation back.
    Right now, I am going out on the ice to rescue backpack from the hub. Have fun at your first game and get those photos up, eh
    Have a good one little Tex

  6. Have a wonderful day/night and good luck with that Finnish language, don't laugh to hard!

  7. Hahaha! It sounds to me like the hubs was *in* a backpack :P
    I did see Truck Nuts on Conan and of course thought of you!!

    Hope you get on track with your sleep soon :S

  8. Haha, lost in translation much? Too funny. Just think, by the end of pre-season you'll have your war make-up application down to a science! Have fun tonight, lady.

  9. It is sometimes fun to run something in English through several different foreign languages with Google translate and then back into English - it can be amusing to read some of the stuff that it throws back! :-)

  10. @Megan - it is a double edged sword! I can't wait to learn more finnish cuss words too. I only know one so far...guess I should get on that post for tomorrow! haha. Conan can expect an angry letter from me ;)
    @Susanne - haha, oh my gosh, I have been laughing all day at that one. Hilarious! It really is so weird, I have to agree. Even the Finnish will agree. Why is Russia that?!? Bizarre. Might try, not sure how long I will try for, lol
    @Lauren - Oh geez, I hope not. But I was joking that I was going to bring them Europe! haha. No prob, hope he killed the spiddy for you :)
    @Jordan - I love how random you are. Our mattress here sucks. That might be the only thing I say sucks about Finland. No, hand me down mattresses are the best, you enjoy them, haha
    @SaucyKodz - He should probably take off that backpack to play, don't you think!? Haha, too funny. I know, oh, and I didn't even take photos tonight. Tomorrow, there is another game, I'll be all over it :)
    @Wendy - I think laughing too hard might be where it is at, lol. Thanks!
    @triGirl - Ahhh, maybe that was what they were trying to say, haha. Who knows. YES! Wait, why am I excited you heard nuts and thought of me :( lol
    @Morgan - Seriously, maybe should change the name of the blog to that! Have any pointers on crazy hockey make-up?? I think I could rock it, haha
    @Paul - And it sounds like a great way to kill an afternoon. I'm on it! haha.

  11. I cannot believe hockey season is 8 months long- how fun for you! That seems like plenty of time to learn a new language;-) (I have been "learning" spanish for oh...9 years now! ha) Have fun in Germany!

  12. hahaha! Now you're providing Conan with material... oh if you had any idea the things I do to be "cute" (read, obnoxious) to the boyfriend...maybe speaking Finnish should be next :)

  13. You *should* be excited! Oh, and I tagged you in my post today!

  14. Must.Kill.Conan! That's sooo uncool. Truck Nutz are much more fun to make fun of on your blog...just saying!

  15. Hey Lindsey! I landed on your blog today while reading another blog...funny how small the 'blog world' is! Hope all is well with you :)

  16. Matt and I saw some truck nuts the other day ... only they were car nuts. And they were oh so tiny. I think that may have been even more hilarious than some of the bigger ones we've seen before.

    Good luck with Finnish! If it's anything like Danish you might just want to throw some marbles in your mouth and speak English. They'll figure it out.

  17. Haha. Put it in your backpack! I love hearing bad translations. You get that a lot in Asian countries, except it is on road signs and stuff. I saw a sign in the zoo that said no climbing over the railing "lest suddenness happen!".

    My, we wouldn't want suddenness to happen, would we?!

  18. Yay! You're there! My Canadian says that Finnish is supposedly really easy to learn -- he grew up in Thunder Bay, Ontario where there is an incredibly high population of, who knows, but that's what he says ;)

  19. Many times Google embarrassed me! I tried to show off my skills in foreign language and it was a disaster.
    Cruise Pictures

  20. I love some of the crazy things Google translate comes up with. But what it comes down to is that everyone uses some form of idioms when they speak and no translation service can accommodate for that. Entertaining though. Good luck with Finnish! I know what you mean about just having to at least make the effort. We'll see if I decide to try my hand at Arabic. I mean, everyone in Dubai speaks English, but why not?

  21. Google translate isn't that awesome, is it? I've definitely had trouble with it in the past. And shame on Conan! Stealing from you :) He should at least pay you royalties!

  22. I got a ridiculous laugh out of translating my facebook page into "Pirate" once using Google translate. Upside down was kind of neat too.

    I've thought before I'm glad English is my first language, because I've heard it's very difficult to learn as well. Too many exceptions to every rule.

  23. First time reader of your blog, and I must say, it is hysterical!! Your love of truck nuts is too funny! I myself have my own story about them. A couple weeks ago my whole family was returning from a trip to the beach in South Carolina when we passed a truck with truck nuts. My mom had never seen these before, but was very fascinated with them. My mom happens to be a 9th grade health teacher, which includes teaching Sex Ed. After seeing the gonads on this truck she wanted to get some and hang them in the doorway of her classroom like misteltoe with a sign "Caution, Low Hanging Balls!" Not sure the school district would be okay with that classroom decoration...

  24. The errors are partially because of Google Translate, partially due to the colourful language of sports reporters.
    I assume the actual article said something like this:
    Aces = Ässät, the team from Pori
    backpack = reppu, a colourful way of referring to (the inside of) the net
    disc = kiekko, here: puck, but otherwise a valid translation
    rings = soi, which can also be translated in the sense of "sounds out", i.e. Rauma cheers or it (the goal indicator, etc.) sounds out in Rauma
    to put in = laittaa, originally probably the present tense, which in this case looks exactly like the basic form, should be puts in

    ..Oh. I found the news item referred to. It's about Pitsiturnaus, "the lace tournament", (look up Rauma and lace), which explains why a team from Hämeenlinna is playing against a team from Pori in Rauma.

  25. Oh, mattress = patja refers to goalie's pads. Yeah, they're called that in colloquial Finnish.


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