August 15, 2011

Hei, Moi, Terve, Whaddup?!

I'm alive! I'm here! I made it safe and sound. One little hiccup in the Helsinki airport. Went back in when I should have gone out. Ooops! Call it my blond moment, had to have one at least once this year. Thought I was going to be like Tom Hanks in that movie and have to live in the airport!

Other than that, everything has been nothing short of wonderful!

But you knew I was going to say that. How could I have been so excited about something and it turn out bad?? (knock on wood, knock on wood!)

It has been a whirlwind and a half. Between meeting everyone, partying it up Finn style (these kids know how to party!), unpacking, getting the apartment put together and trying to adjust to the 8 hour difference, there has been little down/boring time. Just perfect!

A quick top 10 of why I'm already so stoked about Finland

1) Awesome people. Seriously, so friendly and nice. Everyone here has been absolutely so wonderful and welcoming to us. We have both had a great start to our Finnish adventure!

2) All stores open on SUNDAY. You better believe this is a huge one! And it means no more Zombie Sundays.

3) Great American food selection at the grocery store. Plus lots of things from Germany, so we feel right at home. 

4) Real, American stick deodorant, not just the icky, leave your pits cold, roll-on type. Real, American tampons. Sorry, cringe-worthy for some of ya, but they were scarce to come by in Germany. 

5) English movies at the theater, no dubbing. Already went and saw a movie last night. Something we NEVER got to do in Germany, because they dub all the movies over in German. 

6) Most programs on the local TV channels are from America or Britain. Even Infomercials this morning showed up in English. Can't wait to see what I impulse buy in Finland! Ab Roller, Paint Zoom, Genie Bra?!? So much to choose from! haha. 

7) Great internet, so fast. We have been loving our SlingBox and Skype quality!

8) Beautiful weather, but then again ask me about that in December. Oh wait, nope, everyone here keeps telling me I don't even have to wait that long to see winter. Try October! Eeek. 

9) Morning kid's cartoons to help me pick up Finnish vocab. Although it might be pointless, seeing that everyone speaks very, very good English

10) This:

Ignore his squinting, indifferent look. He is happy to have me there!
There are so many lakes in Finland, that I think every town, big and small, must be situated on some sort of water. On Saturday, we walked down to the little harbor (Oh yeah, that should have been #11: Our apartment is within walking distance of everything!) and sat on a dock/boat thingy and had these delicious drinks called "Long Drinks" or "Lonkero Drinks". Gin and sparkling grapefruit juice. Delish!! And can kill a hangover pretty quickly. We are determined to bring these back to North America!

Beautiful sunny and comfortable weather (didn't have too much of that in Texas in August) and that view. Heaven! Have to soak it all in. I know it won't last, so have to make the most of it all now. 

It's great to be here with the hubs, it's oh-so-good to be back in bloggyland. As usual, I have some catching up to do. But now that I am in the know with Google Reader, this should be a snap. 

Hope ya'll are having a great Monday already. And thanks a million for all the safe travel wishes! It really does mean so much to me :)
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  1. Yay! Glad you made it there safely. It looks so pretty and yay for American tampons. Can you imagine living before the advent of tampons or even pads? I think I just made myself need to throw up.

  2. Isn't it funny the little things that excite you? Deodorant, tampons. I'm the same here in Malta- my hubby asked his aunt to bring him deodorant from Canada when she came t visit last month lol and here I can find normal tampons that I was used to in Canada but only at select stores. So some things are more of a hunting game.

    Sounds like you two are settling right in already and loving it!

  3. Ohhhh I have a feeling I'm about to write ALOT.

    1) I'm sooo happy you arrived safely to Finland and finally get to see the hubs.

    2) Yall have American tampons?! With applicators?! I'm dying to find those (and plastic applicators won't cut it).

    3) Things are open on Sunday?!?!??!? WTF?! And people are NICE there?! I'm taking the next ferry over (just kidding...but how freaking different from Norway is that!). When I was in Lithuania everything was open Sundays too...which makes the Baltic states my next vacay seriously.

    4) I love that the TV and movies here are in ENGLISH. And I read the Norwegian subtitles which helps me learn the language. I'm sure you're gonna love it :)

    5) We only have the roll on deodorant crap here. Jealous..again.

    6) You should have posted about Lonkero drinks yesterday. I had the hangover from hell. LOL!

    7) I need to know what a genie bra is.

    That is all :) Glad you made it and can't wait to hear more from you!!!!

  4. @Jordan - well thanks! I know, it really is all about the small victories in life, haha. I was celebrating in the feminine products aisle and for some reason or another, the hubs was acting a little embarrassed!
    @Angela - so sad, but true. Why do people wear the roll on junk?? It leaves your underarms wetter than they would have been on their own. Hunting game indeed!
    @Megan - I am still laughing at your awesome comment. Loving the subtitles too! I am hoping it will help me learn as well. And A genie bra, well I didn't know about it earlier than today either. But what can I say, I am a sucker for infomercials and I want one :)
    @Lauren - isn't it gorgeous?! Thanks girl!

  5. i am still thinking about tampons and realized i wrote PLASTIC appicators wont cut it instead of CARDBOARD. sad my mind is still on tampons.

  6. Yayy!! So glad you made it back over the "pond" safe and sound! Finland sounds pretty similar to Sweden on all of your "perks" that you listed. HOpe you continue to love it! And yes... winter does come MUCH MUCH earlier there ;) haha.. hope you packed warm!

  7. Glad you made it there safely Tex!

    I am soooo looking forward to experiencing Finland vicariously though you!

    Have a great week!


  8. Wow. Have missed you! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier, I know that I've got a pretty high ranking in the TFGNiverse!

    But no more zombie Sunday? Le sigh.

  9. Tampons? American groceries? No dubbed over TV or movies? American deodorant? Stores open on Sundays? Did I pick the wrong country?

  10. Great to see that u made it there safe and sound! Glad you like it..:))

  11. Hello Monday..hello top 10! Way better than Letterman. Finlandia sounds amazing, and like a gorgeous place to set up camp for a while. Aren't you so glad that you aren't stuck in medieval times...trying to buy tampons. oh, and you know the bra has sparked your interest, and you've already done a pre-search for one. Oye!

  12. Sounds great! And I have to admit, I am a little jealous about the vast array of American products! Hopefully Denmark will follow Finland's example soon!! Glad you made it!

  13. Awesome!! Looking forward to learning more about Finland :)

  14. I'm glad you're loving it there! Although I think you're the type of person who could find the best side of anywhere to be happy! Perhaps you would like me to take on the project of starting the "long drink" trend over here ahead of time so that it's all ready next time you're in the states haha?

  15. WooHoo glad you made it safe and sound! Laughing at your airport incident and blonde moment, ekk!! Enjoy yourself!

  16. Welcome to your new home!! Love that they have some of the basic toiletries...that's always comforting, and glad you're enjoying the weather...for now. :)

  17. @Megan - haha, I get ya, I get ya
    @Laura - Seriously, way easier than Germany in that sense. I think I will continue to, just have to keep warm! YEp, everyone loves reminding me of that ;)
    @Heather - thanks lady! Hope you are having a great week too!
    @Mollie - haha, well I have missed you and bloggyland too! Yeah you do! Well, we might be hung ditty on Sundays. That might count for Zombie sundays, haha.
    @Alex - well..... No way, Germany has many many pluses on its side too. Cheap everything, especially beer and wine, and not as cold winters. I will be super jealous of you come winter time!
    @Mrs K - well thanks! I really do :)
    @Morgan - Haha, ewww, would not last long in medieval times at all. And yes, I am looking into it. I think it might be better for those that are well endowed. Or just endowed in general, lol
    @Kelli - I was so pleasantly surprised at all the American stuff! I will try to get the movement your way :) Thanks ma'am!
    @TriGirl - Me too! haha
    @Meri - well thanks, I really try my best. And at least make bloggyland think that ;) Seriously might have to. Actually, we had a punch in college called "Gin Bucket" that was very similar. These are a little more laid back than those were. But I think we could start a new cool thing!
    @Wendy - haha, oh geez. It really wasn't that big a deal, but after not sleeping the entire night, I was none too pleased with myself. Made it out though...finally! haha.
    @Hannah - thanks Hannah! Seriously, those two products are worth their weight in gold. I feel like your last sentence could use a 'dun dun dun!' at the end of it, lol

  18. Glad to hear you made it!! :) Finland sounds pretty nice after all! haha.. Gotta love a country with tampons and English movies!

  19. Glad you made it, and that you're already having fun!!! That's a really good idea, learning Finnish from cartoons. And I'm all for you bringing that drink back here! :)

  20. um, what do they use in Germany for tampons? or do I not want to know?
    and I'm glad you're loving Finland!

  21. Sooo glad you made it. Looks like a lovely place....pretty pictures

  22. Now I so want to go to Finland. Honestly, I got most of those confused with Ice Land, Green Land, and Jersey.

  23. you sound like you have just entered the heaven, haha

  24. I am so glad you are loving it and especially that everyone is so friendly- that makes such a difference!

  25. Glad you arrived safely. Sounds like you are having a great time!

  26. Wow! Looks amazing!! And so do the drinks ... but can't wait to see what all the lakes look like covered with ice!!!

    Glad it's good so far - enjoy!!

  27. Sounds fabulous! Enjoy your new adventure!

  28. So glad you made it safe and sound! Yay for Finland. I feel like I'm on your adventure with you....yay :) I would have a much more excited face than the hubs did though, lol

  29. Might be a day late in reading this but it looks awesome!! Maybe I'll mix together one of those Long drinks while here in Canada. Never a shortage of alcohol on these visits! I'm excited to see what else Finland brings this year.

  30. @Kassi - haha, isn't that just the best combo?! Thanks girl!
    @Andrea - Too much fun, though. No time to blog! I guess that will come when there is only 4 hours of sunlight. Ouch. Well I thought so too! Yes, bring that drink back!
    @Perfect Mom - They use tampons....sans applicator. Eeeks, just went there. But true!
    @Lisa - Well thanks, it really is gorgeous right now.
    @Copyboy - New Jersey? Or old Jersey? Might have to question your map skills, haha. Just kidding. Iceland is supposed to be kick ass. Why not do a whole Scandinavian trip?!? :)
    @Susanne - so far, so good. Just ask me in December how I am doing ;)
    @Shalyn - it really does. It makes everything just that much easier! Hope you and your upcoming move are going great!
    @Sarah - well thanks! It is no Germany, but it has it's own charm ;)
    @Red - Sheesh, well I don't! Haha, no, you are right, it will be beautiful in the winter. I am sure I will have enough pictures to bore everyone once the snow hits.
    @Barb - thanks Barb, we sure are!!
    @An Irish - well you can come along on this 'adventure' anytime! I will do my best to represent from here, haha. Ummm, if that is the case, you can come take his place. You can play hockey, right?! haha
    @Erin - Well thanks girl! We are having such an easy time settling in. And you know that is worth its weight in gold this time of year. They are so good! Just gin and basically Fresca. And a little soda water if you don't like it so sweet. Start that trend ;)

  31. Ah! I love it already!! You can make a country sound SO wonderful...and Finland really does sound amazing. I'll come for a visit before winter hits, okay? :) Seriously, glad you made it safe, and everything is so far, so good! Can't wait to read about your adventures!

  32. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! So happy for you :D

  33. I am totally with you on the tampons and deodorant. I remember being in Scotland maybe...and all they had was aerosol deodorant. Yuck. Or that wet rolly one. Ew. And try finding tampons in South America! Apparently they think you lose your virginity if you use them. No not really, but seriously, I couldn't find any and once I finally did, the lady wrapped them up in a brown paper wrapping for me. Ha!

  34. I am just now catching up to you, and I have to say I am jealous of your SUNDAYS!!!

  35. 'Looks so beautiful, enjoy the acclimation period!!

  36. #1-9 - Whoa!!! From what I can gather, Finland is the opposite of Italy! I picture you living in heaven!


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