October 21, 2011

People With Two Blogs are SOOO Annoying

Before you get all huffy with me, read on ;)

Sooo, I'm feeling a lack of inspiration lately. Been enjoying hoping around and reading blogs, enjoying working on a few side projects that I've had, and really been enjoying the day-to-day here in Finland.

What I'm not enjoying is the lack of inspiration this 'normal' country is giving me! Way to be too easy to live in, Finland. What am I supposed to do now?! Have I become that, gasp, European!?!

Well, I did go to not one, but two coffee shops this week in the middle of the afternoon. And we recycle more than anyone else in our building. And oh shiznit, we loooove sparkle water. What are we doing?!

Hold on a sec here.

K, I'm back and better. Just wasted some water, talked really loud in public and told everyone in I ran into on the streets that they better start speaking English or they can leave this country.

Phew! I feel so much better now.

'MUURRICAA! (source)

I do have a Euro Vision post lined up for Monday. And I'm sure that after this weekend, I will encounter a few 'weird' things that I can post about. Today is just not the day.

But, um, hello, after the genius posts like Weird Souvenirs Around the World, The Best Halloween Costume, and the now infamous Bidet Post, what can you really expect. Your demand is high, people. ;)

Instead, I'll give a shout out to my other blog (hence the name of the post today),

Someone actually took the leap and submitted a fantastic story to the site. You will not want to miss this inspirational piece. And no matter how corny you might think this idea is, who doesn't love a feel good moment. Those kinds that make you hold back a tear, in a good way.

Enjoy ya'lls weekend!
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  1. I have an American friend in the UK who's parents think that she has been brainwashed by the Europeans! hehe!

    I think the more you travel and live in other countries, the more the tendency is to become "international" as your norms alter.

    I am still very much a Brit, even though I live in the US, but at the same time, you've gotta go with the flow sometimes... :-)

  2. Whoa, wait. I am such an idiot. I didn't know (please don't stone me) that you had a 2nd blog?? Where am I? Damn this 'away time.' I will comment on the post because it was pretty incredible.

    Back to the current matter at hand--just order ketchup in a restaurant and talk with your mouth open. Maybe that'll inspire people to ack-gossip!? Or just talk... hope you're having a fabulous day out and about sippin some bubbly water feeling glamorous even in leggings!

  3. Haha right!?! Weirdos... I mean... um... my two blogs are calling my name right now. Better go... haha

  4. lol I have 2 blogs but quickly found out I can only keep up with one


  5. @Paul - well said. I guess we do adapt. But just like you, I will always be Texan at heart. And always have that 'ya'll' lol
    @Morgan - hey! We no biggies, I haven't been doing much with it. Just a side project. Something I thought could make me smile. Glad you liked it too!
    @Kassi - haha, weirdos for sure ;)
    @Blunders - seriously! I am struggling too for sure. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Found your blog through Christa's blog hop and I'm staying to read for awhile :)

  7. In my previous blog incarnation, I had two blogs. They both suffered because of it. Have a great weekend, and the parent in me is telling you not to run in the street.

  8. You may have noticed I was the very first to comment on your new blog way back in the beginning. That was like a few weeks ago right? I still like the concept. I'm sure it will be as popular as this one.

  9. Aah, ltl Tex, you are accustomed to living abroad and have settled in quite comfortably - you have to get out and do something silly girl, like run to the coffee shop in hubs hockey gear - ooops, not when he is playing. By the way, how is that sweet ice duster; still adding sheen to the ice.
    I don't even want to think about creating two Blogs - Yikes.......one keeps me busy enough and I have too much life to live apart from the blog. Be good kiddo and START RUNNING - if the hub's gear is not available, try yer nightie :)

  10. How on earth do you have another secret blog? Well, I'd best go see it!

  11. "K, I'm back and better. Just wasted some water, talked really loud in public and told everyone in I ran into on the streets that they better start speaking English or they can leave this country."

    I love this! Gosh you were almost fitting in, so you better go be obnoxious so people won't mistake you for a European. Yuck.

  12. "Just wasted some water"

    That doesn't count considering the amount of fresh water resources in Finland.


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