October 19, 2011

So Not Everything is Expensive Here

Because apparently I can have surgery starting at 35 Euros. And the hubs, well his starts at 25 Euros.

Think Google Translate is messing with me again?!? I was looking up hair salons in the area, checking prices lists (which yes, all services are pretty dang expensive) and kept coming across an option for surgery. Hmmm, if it is an 'enhancement' or 'lift', sign me up! Elective exploratory surgery, just for kicks.....I think I'll pass.

Or even better, I can drive a machine there for only 10 Euro. Bargain!

Good thing everyone speaks English, 'caused I'd be doomed.

And that is pretty much everything to report on today. Sorry, no long rambles today, I know, you are disappointed. Have a great Wednesday, I sure as heck am. The sun is shining, it is still 'fairly' warm here ('fairly' being Finnish standards) so we are getting out of the house for the day!

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  1. laughing hysterically!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im glad to know that he gets an operation for cheaper than we do ;-) thanks to google translate!

  2. lol, gotta love google translate!

  3. Hahahahahahaha this crap happens to me all the time - why don't I think to blog about it? Surgerryyy!

  4. Yes - get outside and take some pictures. I want to see what your town looks like. Can you take me on a tour (virtually). Maybe a nice coffee shop (not Starbucks) or park, or tractor pull. I know you'll come up with something cool. Maybe have the "hubs" take your picture before and after surgery. How fun would that be.

  5. Surgery--maybe they're telling the obvious to us dummies...your hair ain't cuttin' it and needs a little nip and tuck (sans the bang roll).

    Go out and enjoy the sunshine, it's rainy and ugly as H E double hockey sticks here! I had to! haha. Hope you guys have a glamorous day ;)

  6. And to think, Americans tend to look down on socialized medicine! Though I'm not sure if ten euros is really a deal for machine driving. I mean, I could drive a machine all by myself, I don't need to hire it out!

  7. Maybe you can drive that machine around town today?

  8. Hair surgery is cheap compared to wine at a hockey game. Have you started carrying a flask by the way?

  9. I think I get what they are saying. I mean, I've had some hair days that only such drastic measures could cure...

  10. As someone who really likes her hair, I gotta say...having the word surgery and HAIR in the same context freaks me out just a little! BUt you GOTTA love Google translate and all the entertainment it provides!

  11. what the heck is a chignon? I wouldn't like to end up with something stuck in my butt. Or with my beard dyed pink. I guess i'll pass on that.

  12. I do not want surgery from a hair stylist...scary.

  13. That seriously disturbed me before I fully understood what was happening. I was screaming in my head "DON'T DO IT!". All those discount plastic surgeons in Mexico were coming to mind.

  14. hahaha- I'm getting my haircut this weekend, and I do NOT want to accidentally have another surgery :)

  15. Ah, how do I get so behind on these. Ya'll better believe I read and love each one ;)
    @Megan - I know, right?! Maybe you can get a cheap surgery there in Norway too, lol
    @Lauren - seriously never a dull (or comprehendible) moment
    @Alex - well then get to it! I know all the weird ones that pop up with German. This should be a link up or something!
    @SFla - that is a great idea. I don't usually post much on the city, keeps a little anonymity, but could be something to do if I am in a rut!
    @Morgan - hey lady! Ahhh, maybe that is their way of spicing up a hair cut. Clever! Right after I wrote that, it started raining, boo. You sent it my way, didn't ya!? Haha
    @Morgan - haha, no kidding. Great point, I guess it depends on the machine ;)
    @Erin - maybe it's a zomboni! haha.
    @Marie - I can have 3 wines, or one surgery. Haha, you are too funny for thinking of that. No flask....yet ;) I don't need to be that drunk by the end of the game. Or wait, do I?!
    @Hannah - Haha, now THAT is funny!
    @Kelli - me too! I am very protecting over my hair as well. Always entertaining, never explaining ;)
    @Hasidic - wow, you nailed it, that is EXACTLY what it is! Haha. That, or the french word for a bun ;)
    @Jordan - yeah, I don't think barber college covers that
    @Vapid - Bad hair and a bad boob job. Not a good combo, right?! Too funny, I don't get those idiots who go down south for surgery. Like is saving 1000 dollars really worth your life?! Or wanky boobs/!
    @Meri - no kidding, especially you. And I am guessing your first surgery was NOT only 35 Euro. Yikes!

  16. That is hilarious. Also, I think it's fair to say that I'd drop 10 c to drive a random mystery machine, and I don't even know what 10 c is the equivalent of in dollars. I'm poor, so whatever it is, chances are good I can't afford it.

  17. I think that is probably exactly what my hair needs, sad to say! Too funny.

  18. For surgery that cheap it's fine if they mess up. You can just come back and have them fix it up for virtually no cost!


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