October 17, 2011

Best Costume Idea EVER. Period.

It's exactly two weeks until Halloween, and while North America is fervently scrounging in bins littered with picked-over costumes at Party City, there isn't much, if any kind of, holiday spirit here. Halloween might be big in the UK (only basing that knowledge on when we used to have British Sky, and there were all kinds of commercials for it), but it wasn't that big in Germany, although still celebrated here and there. A few trick or treaters at times, but mainly used as an excuse for a bar to throw a party.

The stores here in Finland seem to try to cash in on the holiday, most have small displays of decorations to choose from. Though no one seems to by any of it. And I have yet to see any costumes for sale. Also, it looks like there won't be a team Halloween party either. No one seems to get how important it is to show your creative side, or for a lot of girls out there, their sluttastic side, by coming up with the best costume possible!

Honestly though, when the hubs and I have tried to be creative or pop culture figures for Halloween in the past, no one in Europe gets what we are. They dress up like ghosts, we dress up like Jersey Shore, or Wayne and Garth. We think we look great, they ask us several times a night what we are supposed to be. Whatever, no biggie, it is what it is.

Except for this year. I have a GENIUS idea for a costume. Like an idea that if we were back at home, we would FOR SURE win a prize at the bar. Or at the very least everyone would get it and love it.

Should I share my idea and risk it getting ripped off, or keep it a secret and the whole world not be enlightened by my costume making skills. No really, just ask anyone I went to college with, I was the costume queen. If the party or mixer didn't have a theme, well, too bad, I'm was coming in a costume anyways. Deal with it, haha.

I trust that if anyone decides to be this for Halloween, you will give TexaGermaFinlaNadian full credit as you are sobbing through your acceptance speech for that special award at a bar or party. And everyone there will for sure know what you are talking about, I'm an international sensation, right!?

So, here goes nothing....

Maury Show Test Results Costume

What you'll need...

You actually need three people for this. Two guys and one girl.

One guy dresses up like Maury in his standard colored turtle neck with a black cardigan or button up shirt over combo. Or a half button up sweater. I'd stay away from a black turtle neck, I have a feeling many people are going the Steve Jobs route this year. If you aren't gray yet, pick up some temporary color spray for your hair. Because he isn't named the Silver Fox for no reason. Wait, that's not right. And he absolutely cannot forget to carry around a manilla envelope with 'test results' inside.

Connie Chung look alike optional (source)

The other two, a couple would be perfect for this, have to dress in their trashiest outfits and have spats all through the night about whether or not they are faithful/the baby daddy/slept with their best friend. You've seen the show, you know what I'm talking 'bout.

Super big bonus if the lady has a beard. Why, I dunno, just felt right. (source)

Then, here comes to true genius of the costume, every time someone asks who ya'll are supposed to be, your Maury character says "I'm Maury Povich, and THE RESULTS ARE IN!!! Jim, you are.......NOT the father."

The guy from the couple jumps up and down, screams "I told you so" at the girl, while she buries her head in her hands, or even preferably runs out of the room. Also, this dance is not mandatory, but scores you extra points.

Haha, this video never gets old. Never.

The results can change from time to time, he can be the father, not be the father, failed his lie detector test, cheated with her best friend, had a sex change. Let's be honest, the options are limitless.

Optional costume add-ons:

Crazy, streaky highlights. Arched penciled-in eyebrows. Mullet, suitable for both the man and the woman. Bring along a baby doll that is clearly a different race than the 'father'. You can include  another girl in the action to play the 'best friend' who has also been sleeping around. Also, play up the pre-taped, yell into the camera, rants they always show. It wouldn't be the same without those!

Ummm, yeah, I'd say so....(source)

Maybe this costume idea has been around for some time, but I have yet to see it. So feel free to borrow my idea. And enjoy being the best dressed in town.

As for you lo-osers who don't go with my idea, what are your plans for Halloween this year?! I want to see some great costumes!
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  1. Maury - whyyy did I ever think it was ok to watch this show when I was 8? But I did it. Regardless, genius costume idea. I keep getting told you have to dress "scary" here in Germany on Halloween. Then, I just have this Mean Girls vision of me showing up like Cady as the dead bride and everyone else slutted up. Sigh.

  2. OMG... love it!.. They are celebrating Halloween in Norway now... but you have to choose.. Witch or Princess... boys.. I think they can be ninja's. I love HALLOWEEN... one year the entire family.. (including my 3 year old) went as KISS... I have been Poor white trash, a one night stand & Monica Lewinsky to my hubby's BIll Clinton... GOOD times... so friggen boring over here...

  3. Ltl Tex - how do I send you a photo, cause you are going to love what we do here @ Halloween. I would like to send you some photos. Let me know OK thks
    H-m-m-m, we sure do enjoy Halloween here in this small town and my house is usually #1 for CREEPY n KOOL. I think your ideas are unusually great and hope very successful. I just couldn't get slutted up for halloween - it would be like Major whatever......gone terribly wrong, so we do the spooky thing and that is sooooo successful - the kids love it and we have fun doing it.
    Have fun

  4. ooops, how silly, got your address and will start sending photos. I do hope u enjoy them
    Cheers, Lilly

  5. fantastic idea! I won't steal it though, no worries. our kids are begging us to do something Star Wars. I don't know...but I guess I'd better get crackin.
    show us pic later, right?

  6. Some of the photos were missing. I have a bad feeling work is onto to your site and is now blocking photos automatically. I don't care. I just need to see what you will come up with next. During my lunch of course. I'll check later at home too to see what I'm missing.

  7. wow, your idea just kicked my idea's ass...
    I'm going to a costume wedding this weekend and have plans to be Little Dead Riding Hood...

  8. I'll definitely wait for your actual Halloween photos.

    A Ladybug's Life


  9. i think its a great idea haha, go for it

  10. We are going traditional this year but with a twist. We'll be dressed as ghosts only in Gerogian-era clothes (think Harry Potter's Bloody Baron) that are all white and raggedy with white wigs and white painted faces. I'm getting so excited just thinking about it!

  11. This is absolutely brilliant. I bet the wife and I could get away with this just by walking around with a black baby doll. She could swear it's mine, and I could be the naive husband that thinks it's a rare medical condition.

  12. I love that idea!!! I mean, 10 out of 10 for the creativity and added optionals!! How about a Jenny Jones... Geek to Chic? Now that could combine the slutty side too (a personal favourite of mine for Halloween hahah)!!!

  13. I don't think I'm dressing up this year. I like to do it right and I make my own costumes and I just don't have the energy. Plus, Jake isn't into Halloween, I don't know what is wrong with him because it's an awesome holiday.

  14. Lol, it's original, a little raunchy, and a complete show stealer. I LOVE IT!

  15. Just came across your blog. Im from the UK visiting America a lot as my fiance is American. This is my first time experiencing fall in the USA. And I love it! We deffo dont go all out for Halloween, except dress up on 31st really!

    M x www.whatwegandidnext.com

  16. @Alex - Haha, no way, it is perfect for an 8 year old. Teaches you the way of the world, haha. Yes, they are right, they all dress up scary. I never did, never liked that on Halloween. But didn't go slutty either. Like I said, just costumes no one got, lol
    @American - Hmmmm, not many choices. Maybe you and I could start importing costumes to the Scandinavian countries and import Halloween! You have had some great ones!
    @Saucy - I loved the photos! Just saw them, have to write back. You are hilarious. I can just imagine that you always go all out, the town has got to love it.
    @TriGirl - thanks. That is all too :)
    @Rory - Haha, I will show pictures if we do. You should pictures if you Star Wars it up!
    @SFlaGuy - OH NO! My site has been marked NSFW by your work, you should probably quit :) Haha, just silly pictures of Maury. Love that show!
    @Not a - That is really cute too! A costume wedding?! That should be really fun!
    @Brownbugz - well :( You might have to wait a few years...no Halloween here.
    @Tony - if only they did Halloween here. Boo on them.
    @Kara - Ohhh, very cool and original. I like it!! Post pics for sure!
    @A Beer - See, you get it. So perfect. Just get that dance down to a T and everyone will know for sure who ya are. Haha, those are the best, when they just keep denying and coming up with excuses!
    @Andrea - isn't it great?! Anything trashy is funny to me.
    @Missy - LOVED JENNY! You could totally do a Geek to Chic, that would be hilarious!!
    @Jordan - It is always fun. I'm not super into it, but like I said, always down to come up with a great costume and have a party!
    @Hannah - well thanks :)
    @Wegan - Hey! Well thanks for stopping by. You are going to be impressed there in the US for Halloween. It will be a blast, a little overboard, but fun :)

  17. You are a genius, Lindsey! If I didn't already have my costume I would totally do this!

  18. Lindsey, I am laughing so hard right now. You are a freaking genius! And that not-the-father dance? Is the most awesome thing I have ever seen! Hahahahahahaha XD

  19. That's pretty funny. Depending on how many people you get, you could have two baby daddies or another woman or....the list is endless!

  20. Hahahaha! That is hilarious!! You are a creative genius my friend!

    And no Halloween spirit in Germany? For shame!

  21. im at a loss for words (as i usually am when i finish reading one of your posts). but i nearly peed my pants laughing.

    norway is making a sad attempt at trying to get into the halloween spirit too... but like you said, people are ghosts and witches and stuff here, nothing as amazing as the costume you just showed us. many people here are so anti-american though, so they are not getting into the halloween spirit (in my opinion they can be more anti-american if they give up coca cola, watching american tv and movies, and eating mcdonalds...but i digress). im glad youre getting into the spirit!!!!!

  22. I never saw this show before. Thanks for catching me up on American culture. I think I'll invite my Ex to do it. My daughter is 21 but what fun would it be to bust a move like that in front of a live audience yo.

  23. hahaha..thats hilarious!! Too bad that we dont celebrate Halloween that much in Sweden either otherwise I might have been inspired by your idea for sure..I think I would go all in with some Jerry Springer-i am pregnant with my brothers-boyfriends baby or something like that..lol

  24. hahaha I love it. I was just talking about Maury Povich the other day, I had almost forgotten about him... If you do this I need to see pictures!

  25. @Shalyn - haha, well thanks girl. Ohh, can't wait to see yours!
    @Dwija - lol, I am IN LOVE with that not the father dance too. Trying to perfect mine, just for kicks ;)
    @Kyria - ohhh, I smell a love triangle. Or hexagon!
    @SIF - I like to refer to myself as such from time to time, lol. I know! Some in Germany, non here :(
    @Megan - what a compliment, haha. No kidding, they only do a few costumes, what is up with that?! I'm trying, I'm trying.
    @SFlaGuy - WHHHHAAAA?? You seriously have been missing out, so trashy. Haha, now THAT would be hilarious. Too funny.
    @Mrs K - yeah, I get it, it is mostly a money making holiday in the US too. Like Valentine's Day. Jerry Springer works equally as well ;)
    @Meri - I will never forget about Maury....never!! One day we hope to, one day.

  26. Why does it not surprise me that you love to wear costumes? :) Hilarious choice!

    In England, trick-or-treating is not as popular as in the US - and they seem to think costumes should only be dark and scary even for the kids. No cute little Minnie Mouses here :) So I'm pretty sure your costume would be lost on them, unless you covered them in blood - which would be a totally different post! :)

  27. Cute idea, lol! What a great blog too, I'm so glad to have found it! I'm your newest follower from the Weekend Wander blog hop!

    Life Full of Laughter

  28. So is this what ya'll are gonna dress up as? Pictures please!!!


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