July 29, 2011

Short and Sweet Friday

Well, at least this post will be short and sweet. I hope your Friday is long and luxurious... especially after 5pm!

First off, thanks for all the great comments and responses to yesterday's Hippie-rific post! If you didn't get a chance to check it out, you will have to see what all the fuss is about. 

And why I am not poo-ing. 

Come on, you have to be intrigued now! haha. 

Lots of ya'll had some really awesome questions about the whole no-poo process, and I think I'll answer some of those and explain exactly what my routine is either tomorrow or Sunday. Sound good?! Hey, anything for healthier hair, right?!

OK, maybe not that healthy. It is so lively it is taking over her face!! AHH! (source)
Also, I am a featured guest over at Suitcase and Stilettos. Ms. Megan, an awesome bloggerette if you are unfamiliar with her, is so much fun and let me hijack her blog for the day. If you have some free time, check it out!

**Update, my semi craftiness from this post has actually inspired another blogger to do the same. Ali from The View from the Johnson's made her own adorable button monograms. Love it!

I am link-a-fied today!

Anyways, told you it was short and sweet. I rarely deliver on that promise. Hope ya'll are having a wonderful start to the weekend!

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  1. I am really excited to hear your routine- it sounds like you have a similar hair type as me so I am hoping it may work!

  2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. boycott shampoo! Demand real poo!

  4. it's all up to poo, wow being the only duder her i just wanted to say hello to the ladies... "hello" and wanted to say just ban monkey tested products. someday those monkeys will rise up and attack, then the shampoo will be to blame.

    happy weekend to you texgemnadi and to all the ladies... ever met a real zombie before. wink, wink...

    jeremy [iZombie]

  5. You wanna know something wierd (I know the answer to that is always but I'm being polite) ? I have a voucher for a hair salon that I'm going to tomorrow and it has that EXACT same image on it!! The one with the lady whose hair is slowly eating her!!! Am I gonna look like that?! Oh dear!

  6. I am about to check out the guest post, but O!M!G!!! You have to check out this story! A ban on truck nuts?!


    p.s. doesn't it make you proud to know that i free associated the terms 'truck nuts' and 'texagermanadian'?

  7. haha- I think we're two peas in a pod, lindsey- I too have a hard time TRULY writing a quick or short post... I always mean to keep it quick and then I look back and I've typed like 8 paragraphs in 30 seconds, and then I delete half so people can actually read it... :)

  8. OMG so i am reading MORE about pooing and im SOOOOOOOOO embarrassed to say i sooooo thought you meant the other thing hahahhhahaha (i didnt read the post below until now). HOLLLLYYY crap. totally deleting my first comment ASAP.

  9. No Pooing here - hair is short and saucy, kinda like me. Had the long flowing follicles and shortened them some years ago. No more fuss, however love the locks.
    I cannot believe you actually had short n sweet - ......and it was. ha,ha
    Have a good one
    I' m back :)

  10. @Shay - well glad you are! If I get great results, then I am hoping you will too :)
    @Oilfield - you too!
    @Megan - I love you, you are hilarious!
    @Mollie - haha, think we could make protest signs?!
    @iZombie - you are pretty famous, only duder :) Seriously, if I were a monkey, I'd be pissed too! You are too funny, hope you are having a great weekend too!!
    @Missy - haha, that is pretty funny! I hope you come back looking like that, haha. I owe you an email and a guest post!
    @TriGirl - WHAT?!@?!? I cannot believe it. Have to check it out!! Haha, of course it does ;)
    @Meri - seriously, I just start rambling! Too funny, we just have so much to say, right?!
    @Megan - I love it, you are too funny. I don't think many people saw ir or knew what it meant. But hey, traveling takes it toll, I feel ya! lol.
    @Dwija - haha, isn't it?!
    @Saucy - really!? Love it! Have any hints/tips???

  11. Sorry, Texa, but this hair washing stuff is way too girly for me! ;-)

  12. I've gone for the summer short hair so less shampooing for me. Have a great weekend.

  13. RAPUNZEL! That's totally your nickname now... :D

  14. you always inspire me!! xoxo

  15. I wish I had come back looking like that!! The hairdresser messed my hair up and I had to go somewhere else and get it fixed!! I am so glad I took the sign of my usual hairdresser being on holiday NOT to go short with my hair, goodness knows what I'd have looked like. The layers were all over the place and things different lengths :-( It doens't look bad now just a little early 00's look hahah!! Oh no, people will think I always have my hair like this when I go on holiday. The shame!

  16. @TriGirl - oh thanks! haha, jk. I am not real familiar with it, so will have to check it out!
    @Paul - haha, ok, I understand. Sorry :(
    @Ryan - too funny, that really the way to go!
    @Heather - haha, I will take it!
    @Ali - you are too sweet, and made me smile again!
    @Missy - oh no!! That is too bad. I hate going to new hairdressers, it makes me so nervous. I am sure if doesn't look as bad as you think, and hopefully the holidays will take your mind off of it all!!

  17. Woohoo! Congrats on being the BEST IN LIFE!!!!! You did it!!!

  18. You're a rockstar lady! I tried the whole no-poo thing a while ago. I had heard SO many good things. For some reason though, it definitely just did not work for me. I just wound up feeling greasy and gross and only lasted a few weeks. Good luck with that though! ;)


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