July 28, 2011

Do I Smell Incense?!

That was one of the longest breaks from blogging ever. Three days, and I am going through withdraws. Hands start randomly typing. I see something interesting around town and want to 'comment' on it. Sleep blogging.

Wait, no. Sleep blogging?! Now if I did that, that would be a great blog on it's own!

ANYWAYS, there hasn't been a lot going on here. I keep telling my mom that I am bored. I am not good at this whole 'cooling me heels' thing. I hate being that person that can't wait for the next big thing, but I am so excited to head to Finland I can hardly stand it!

Girl, feel yo pain! (source)
The hubs is saying nothing but great things about the team, the town and everything there. Even the hot weather. Yep, hot weather in Finland. I think hell has frozen over. Or has the north pole burned?? Confused.

As for me, like I said, not too much going on. Although, I have not been poo-ing lately.

Yep, you read that right, especially you boy readers. All 5 of you bloggers that exist :)

Of course I am referring to shampooing. Anyone who has done a bit of blogging has seen some hippie dippie mom touting this new way to wash-but-not-really-wash your hair.

For all of ya'll who really didn't read that right :) (source)
I'm not going to go into the whole details of the process (if you are interested, here is a good article), but essentially you stop using manufactured shampoo to avoid over drying of your hair. Shampoo can be a - according to some overtly outspoken ladies - 'vicious' cycle of stripping your hair of essential natural oils.

Kept stumbling over the articles and finally I thought "Hey, I got nothing better to do, why not!?!" Exciting life, right?

Here is a real short run down of my routine. I'm 'washing' my hair with a mixture of baking soda and water and 'conditioning' it with a very diluted mix of apple cider vinegar and water.

So far, I am a week in and still in a bit of a grease cycle. Blech, can't believe I wrote that. Don't get me wrong, the only person that can tell it is that way, is me. Otherwise, I'd be right back to the shampoo. It isn't as bad as some people have reported, but still. (Also, I cheated a bit and use some all-natural dry shampoo I have 'cause I just can't always stand it!)

BUT, besides looking like I should be sporting hemp woven clothing and reeking of patchouli, there are some really great benefits I am already seeing. Like this thing is actually working!

Peace. Love. And Good Hair?? (source)
Wow, maybe I should pick up a tambourine and a hacky sack just to make this transformation complete :)

So far, my hair is less frizzy and smoother looking, all without the use of any products. And my usually un-moosed up hair is quite flat (I have naturally blond...what? maybe not that blond, but pretty blond, geez...thin, straight hair), but with no shampoo, there is actually volume. Weird, right?!

Plus, and this is a big plus, my scalp is so much healthier. From time to time, especially when stressed, I can suffer from mild psoriasis. It is nothing too big, no one but me can tell, and really just annoying at most. But still. And since I have cut out the shampoo, there has been nothing. Like totally nothing going on up there! Great unexpected side effect!

Never knew I would be so excited about that (or the fact that I am sharing that, with like, everyone!).

Seriously though, I am impressed with how this is going. Now I have heard that the 'greasy' period can last anywhere from 2 weeks to a freakin' 12 weeks. Yikes! I am hoping that I am on the two week track.

But I guess if I break down, maybe I will use a 'natural' shampoo a few times a week. Any suggestions? Anyone try the no-poo thang? Anyone still reading?

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  1. Hmmm...I'll follow this experiment with interest. I've always wanted to try the whole no-shampoo thing, but then I remember I'm not a hippie (not that there's anything wrong with hippies.) One question, what proportion of baking soda to water, and what proportion of vinegar to water do you use?

    Also, I hate the smell of patchouli. Does that disqualify me from this process? :)

  2. I highly commend your commitment to the cause!! I for one couldn't get away from shampoo. Having long, naturally thick and oily hair I can't imagine what I'd be like. I tend to only wash it every other day though so it doesn't get too stripped of the oils otherwise it just over compenastes.

    Honestly, who but woman could have long conversations about washing their hair?! haha!! Good luck with the routine and I hope it doesn't end up in dreads...imagine the look when you rock up to Finland sporting dreads?! hahaha!!

  3. It's not so much the shampoo as the conditioner I couldn't give up. I'm not even sure I could brush it without conditioner. In high school a hairstylist observed my straw-like witch hair and told me to stop washing it so much. Now I wash it about every 3 days and it made a HUGE difference for the better. Whatever works for you! Although I'd think the vinegar would make your hair smell?

  4. LOL. You already know that I only poo about once a week. Gnarly, dude. Keep us updated on this, I'm interested!!! I bought a shampoo/conditioner that honestly is repairing my hair and thickening it, so if you're interested I can pass it your way? xoxo

  5. i am bald... so sad i just shimmy down my skull, except for that twelve inch ponytail i have left over from the early nineties...

  6. Hey, I already make my own dog food and my own glass cleaner and am about to start with my own laundry detergent....I imagine it's only a matter of time before I jump on the POO wagon!

  7. Whoa. Don't think I could go there. You must really be bored! ;o)

  8. @angela - haha, you are too funny! I use about a tablespoon of baking soda and a big glass full of water to mix. I'm not very exact. Then I use even less ACV with a big glass of water. I am afraid it will make my hair darker, so I use as little as possible! I hate the smell of it too! So gross :)
    @Missy - well thanks! Yeah, I know what you mean. That is what the whole cycle is trying to break, but then again I have thinner hair so it might not be as bad. I'll let you know if I can get it under control 100%! Seriously, only us girls. And I think Finland would like my dreads, doncha think?! lol
    @Ixy - actually, some of the ladies just 'wash' their hair with conditioner, just no shampoo. I usually wash it once every 3 days, and even just that really makes a difference, doesn't it!?
    @KY - haha, gnarly, love it :) I was down to about 2-3 times a week, which I guess technically I still am. If I break down, I would love to know the name of that shampoo!!
    @iZombie - hey, there is one of those illusive guy bloggers ;) Well then I am jealous, you have it easy, lol
    @Dwija - Yes!! Jump right on it. Doesn't it just feel better when some things are 'home made'?? I'll have to let you know if this lasts!
    @Barb - haha, you know it, you know it ;)

  9. AS long as you don't look (or smell) like you belong at Woodstock, you will be ok.

  10. Yeah, the 'no-poo' thing (seriously, they couldn't come up with a better name??) is big in the curly community. i tried doing the 'wash your hair with conditioner' routine and it was gross. I didn't have the time to work through the greasy cycle since i had to go to work every day. But i've never tried baking soda.

    Be sure to post a pic of your dreads, k? ;)

  11. I have been debating the "poo" for a couple months now. I want to do it, but I hear the first few weeks you have really greasy hair until your scalp adjusts. Has that happened to you?

    I think I'm going to start trying it. Everyone I talk to says it does wonders. What recipe do you use?

  12. I should probably do this, since I have both really thick hair and dry skin... it would probably do a world of good for my currently dyed-into-dried-out-disaster mane... I'll see how it goes for you though, first! How long until Finland?

  13. Ok Ok I follow the whole healthy hair business... but what do you do after this first 2 weeks? Do you keep up always with the baking powder? Although I guess this is the "natural" option it seems like such an unnatural routine!

  14. I tried a couple of products a couple of years ago after hearing about all the harmful sulfates and such in the regular shampoos...didnt make it through the grease stage! Good for you, though!

  15. Hmm... I hadn't heard of this. Apparently I'm not reading enough hippie mom blogs! Glad that it's working for you though! Don't know if I could do it... I can't go one night without washing my hair and stand the grease very well. Eh...

  16. @Oilfield - haha, well thanks. I try to stay away from that as much as possible :)
    @TriGirl - haha, no kidding! I like the baking soda, actually. It is not gritty and seems to at least take away any excess dirty and oil. Maybe you should try that, if you were interested. And dreds for sure, I am going to rock those ;)
    @Hannah - Mine really isn't that bad, but then again I was already washing only 3 times a week. Especially with blond hair, I thought it was going to be really noticable, and while I can tell, I don't think anyone else can. I use about a tablespoon of baking soda to a large glass of water (maybe about 2 cups) and then even less ACV mixed with water for a conditioner.
    @Meri - If you do, you will for sure have to chronicle it. Like I said, only one week and I am already seeing good results :) Uggg, still too much time. Less than 2 weeks, but I am getting antsy!
    @Alex - Yes, you keep up with that routine the whole time. Or at even do less and less as you go. You can always just rinse your hair with hot water when showering, so its not like you have to always keep your hair dry for this to work. It really isn't so bad, have to say.
    @Shalyn - haha, well I guess it is yet to be seen how far I will make it. But I don't want to already give up this precious week, so I am sticking to it! :)
    @Kassi - lol, I guess not! Yeah, if I hadn't weened off a little already (using more dry shampoo, and shampooing every 3 days) it might have been too much too!

  17. Hi from another Texan living in "the area"! (Denmark, for me)
    I am en route from a trip to Texas and all I can say is I am SO looking forward to the chilly Danish summer. I have had enough heat to last a lifetime!

  18. Long response here...grab coffee or a frosty beverage before reading.

    As a Stylist, I've seen many trends come and go but have always felt that moderation in using any type of hair product, and styling method, is important. Honestly, we really do not need all the hair product crapola that is put out there or even pushed by the salons we frequent. Over recent years, products that were once sold only through salons have ended up on store shelves everywhere...Paul Mitchell, Nexus, CHI, Bio Silk...all because of diversion. So many of these companies have just given up and allowed their products to end up at Wal Mart, etc., and...changed product formulations in the process. Most, salon-only, products have higher concentrations of additives but, when you look at most shampoos, conditioners purchased at a CVS, for example...the first ingredient is always...water!

    We cleanse often and our systems produce more scalp oil to compensate for the amount of detergent we put in our hair. Shampoo is nothing more than Dish Detergent Liquid with a few emollients and pretty fragrance added.

    This Baking Soda deal has been around for several years; works for some, not everyone and, it largely depends on the hardness/softness of the water where you live. Another, ancient method, is to use Powder; unscented talc that you brush through your hair which is the same ingredient found in any Dry Shampoo. Just have to remember to brush hair well in order to distribute oils through to hair ends.

    The Vinegar-thing turns a lot of people off and, honestly, just a cold-water rinse does the same thing...it closes down the hair cuticle which, in turn, cuts back on the frizzies. Add a little Lemon if desired. Never, ever, brush wet hair..use a very wide-toothed comb and comb from bottom to top to untangle.

    Now, one more thing to everyone who runs for those products that smooth, gloss, etc.; READ the label. Usually the main ingredient is...Dimethicone. It's a Silicone-based Polymer..found in hand, body lotions, hair products. Sure, it makes hair sleek and shiny, skin soft but...it retards Moisture. Hair and skin needs moisture or..it becomes dry, cracked and brittle. And, on hair, after we plop on these products and then blow dry, curl or flat iron...we might get a great style but, we're just drying out our hair with each session.

    So, very long lecture short...it's good to step away from the hair junk! Cleanse less, condition less...air dry more. Try this Baking Soda deal or use an unscented powder. Avoid Hot rinses (damaging), opting for Warm and ending with Cold to close down hair cuticle. Remember that if you opt for light conditioning, do so after a warm rinse...then splash with cold to seal-in the conditioning benefits.

    If you prefer to shampoo, go for Sulfate-free products which are found everywhere. Cut back on washing and keep hair well-trimmed; you will see a positive difference.

  19. I do every few days just for that reason of dry scalp. So jelous of your warm hot weather. 50 to 60 and raining here in our part of Germany

  20. I've also heard that putting lemon juice in your hair-wash rinse water will bring out the blonde. Of course I've never tried this, not being naturally blonde (I'm not completely naturally red, either - but who cares??!!) - but you never know!! Any before/after pix??!!

  21. I'd love not to have greasy hair. IT needs washing every day, though I only wash it if I plan to leave the house, and I don't do that more than once (occassionally more) a week. I have recently had it all cut off from long to a short bob. IT's much easier in this heat (Dubai). Plus it used to look like a frazzled rug, which didn't look great unsurprisingly. Seroqual messed it up - it used to be slightly wavy.

    Anyway - I couldn't imagine going without shampoo, but god, I'd save some dosh if I could.

    I'm interested to see how it turns out. You always do dreds! ;D



  22. Hi! New Follower from the blog hop. Would love a follow back. Best Regards! :)

  23. @Patty - what a great comment, love it! So informative. Especially the wide toothed comb. Seriously guys, everyone should be using one of these!!
    @Kelli - hey fellow Texas girl :) I don't blame you, I am looking forward to some cooler weather too. Can't wait to check out your site!
    @Sarah - that is the way to go anyways. I will send some warm weather your way :)
    @Red - haha, used to do that. But the lemon strips your hair really bad. But I guess any lightening agent does really. Hmmm,, great idea!! Maybe in a week I will show a pic. Thanks!
    @Shah - I think dreds would work for you in Dubai too! haha. I forgot to even mention how great the savings would be. Good one!
    @Des - thanks for stopping by!

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  25. I've read a lot about this but have been too lazy to try it. I'm interested to hear more about the greasiness. I feel like my hair is already greasy by the end of the day so I'm not really excited to make it even more so. Also, I'm glad you're not not pooing, the other way, because then you might be dying of some horrible disease. Or you might explode. Either way.

  26. I'm in a community that talks about this a lot and while I am a pretty crunchy girl, I've always kind of brushed it off as a hippie thing.. But I don't know.. I am interested to hear more. I have super curly, coarse, pretty dry hair.. I don't wash more than every other day or every three days as is. I am going to do some reading.. you've inspired me!

    New following from the Find new Friends blog hop!

    Brandi from Three Fabulous Mommies

  27. I only shampoo about every 2 weeks (with a Deva no poo shampoo) and instead rinse with a conditioner. Then use moroccan hair oil and let it air dry...it's been amazing for the last year or two since I started that process. Love it!!

  28. I am all for being healthy and saving the planet and what-not... but I can't not wash my hair. I've been reading some of these no-poo blogs out there and I considered it, because I have some mild scalp issues too. But I've found that if I skip a day shampooing my hair - even if I just rinse it in the shower - the scalp issues get much worse. I know, that's like the opposite of what happens to most people but what can I say? I'm weird... I also immensely enjoy the aromatic aspects of showering. The aromatherapy of showering is my favorite part! Today I washed my hair in Dr. Bronner's Lavender liquid castile soap and it was so relaxing... I'm on a lavender kick currently.

    But with the exception of today - I HAVE switched shampoos lately - to one that is more earth friendly - no sulfates and such. I'm also using sulfate free soaps, body washes, lotions, etc. (I'll be writing up a blog post about it soon - so be on the lookout... LOL)I won it some great stuff in a giveaway on another blogger's site actually. I love it!

  29. Oh, I would love to be able to only wash my hair a few times a week. I have such oily hair. By the end of the day mine is bad... but I might try it out. I have naturally blonde hair, too, and it looks so nasty when it's greasy! My brunette friend said she couldn't tell, though, so maybe it takes a blonde to tell if yours is greazy ;)


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