July 25, 2011

Hey, looky what I made!

Hey blogging nerds, don't lie, you know we all are :) Hope you had a great weekend!

It's been real nice being back in Tex-ass, doing not a whole lotta nothing besides relaxing and enjoying the time at home. Just don't to talk about the sweltering heat, and we are all guuuuud. I literally just started sweating talking about it.

So, I was in somewhat of a crafty mood this weekend. Nooo, not cunning crafty, but craft-tastic crafty. Like I wanted to make-some-shiznit-from-scratch crafty.

And I had just the perfect thing in mind. I stumbled across this tutorial a while ago, and couldn't wait to try it out. All I needed was someone to have a baby. 

And BAM! Wouldn't you know, one of my best friends from childhood had her precious baby girl this past weekend.

And for little Hannah, I made this:

Ug, not liking my camera right now, but you get the idea

Didn't it turn out great?!? I am always surprised when I do something like this and it actually turns out like I imagined. I had tons of buttons laying around, already had the frame, glue, and just had to buy the pink card stock and a few tiny rhinestones. So for next to nothing, I made something that she will (hopefully) cherish for a life time.

It really isn't too hard, just check out the tutorial and follow along. Here are a few of my tips to boot.

- Start filling in the letter with big buttons, then gradually get smaller and smaller. Rhinestones and shank buttons (no, not those used to kill prisoners in the yard, but rather those buttons with do-hickeys sticking out the back) also work great to fill in the spaces.
- I used a hot glue gun, and it looks as if everything is sticking on great. So far. Giving it a quality check before I gift it. Might take it for a test drive over speed bumps, you know, just to make sure they are really on there. 

- I felt it was necessary to use a frame that could have glass over it. I would probably be that person that gifted the choking hazard, so I just played it safe and framed it up.

It was so much fun, I never get to craft. I can't wait to do another one. Ok, who is going to pop out a kiddo so I can get to glueing more buttons!?!

It is Monday, after all, and I totally didn't want to leave you hanging on a "More You Know Monday". 

I decided to pick the ever exciting theme of BUTTONS

Oh, come on, you are going to love these little tid bits of info. Read on...

- Buttons, used as ornaments on clothing rather than fasteners, date back to as far as 2800 BCE.

- Functional fastening buttons first showed up in Germany in the 13th Century. Should have added that factoid to this list!

- Since the 17th century, when box-like metal buttons were constructed especially for the purpose, buttons have been used to hide and transport illegal substances

- During the World Wars, the storage possibilities in metal buttons were also utilized by holding miniature working compasses

- Men's shirts button on the right and women's on the left. This is said to be a tradition that started back in the day. Because most men are right-handed and dress themselves, they found it easier to fasten buttons right to left. Wealthy women at the time were dressed by servants, who found the buttons easier to fasten the other way around. It became convention and never changed.

Seeee, that wasn't too painful. Hope ya enjoyed! Have a great Monday, ya'll!
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  1. WOW! love it! Nicely done. I don't have a knack for crafting, wish I was more creative, but this one looks simple enough:)


  2. i have edward scissorhands skills, not in a good way... the destructive way... though you did a nice job... could you make a "iZombie" one? it could be digital... hmmmm?
    happy monday

  3. Adorable!! Makes me want to have another baby just so you can send me one!! Ppppfffffftttttt.

    I am going to steal this crafty little idea for the next person I know that has a wee one cause I'm all about a hot glue gun and haven't had any 3rd degree burns in a while ;-)

    I'll have to post a pic of my seashell mirror on The Colie Chronicles one of these days...my most recent glue gun fiasco that turned out pretty awesome (which always surprises me too!)

    Happy Monday!!!!

  4. Aww that is so cute!! Very crafty I have to agree!!I visited a friend at the weekend who is 7 months pregnant, she's one of my best mates so it was lovely to see her. We don't know names yet so craft will have to wait!

    Thanks for the button information, funnily enough I had a button moment the other day when I thought- oh no I don't know anything about them!! I do know though...phew ;-) Hope you're enjoying catching up before you set off again!!

  5. You did a great job Tex! What an adorable idea for a baby gift :)

    The weather here has been horrid - it has been rainy and therefore the humidity has been up. So we're having 100+ degree days AND humidity. I can handle 100+ when it's the "dry heat" - but THIS - this is just killin' me. Ugh... Bring on the fall!

    Hope you have a mahvelous week dahling!

  6. That project has been on my to-do list for a couple weeks now! Yours turned out SO cute! Love it.

  7. adorbs!! i have been feeling like i WANT to be crafty, but not actually moving towards doing, um, anything! hahaha!

  8. @Madison - well thanks! Hey, even with no crafting knack, you could probably manage this. Super easy! :)
    @iZombie - haha, only if I can find Zombie buttons. And having Edward Scissorhands might just give it that eeire touch it would need! Happy Monday to you too!
    @Colie - well thanks! Haha, yeah, right! For sure, steal away. And yes, my fingers had some nice little burns on them too. Kept forgetting that a hot glue gun is hot. Weird, right?! I want to see your mirror!
    @Missy - well thanks girl! I know, they didn't know the name of the baby either, so I had to wait as well. Good thing it didn't take too long. Haha, you are too funny. Quit mocking my button trivia ;)
    @Heahter - aw, thanks Heather! I had a 3 hour layover in Phoenix the other day, and man it just felt awful there. Ya'll aren't used to that humidity. Don't blame you, it is nasty
    @Heather - I know, as soon as I saw it, I had to do it. You will have good luck with it too! :)
    @Kimberly - thanks! haha, I get that feeling too. It is hard when we are overseas, craft stores just aren't the same, so I try to get it all out here

  9. SO CRAFTY! I'm way impressed. What an awesome gift idea! I need to start Pinterest-ing stuff like this1

  10. I like the explanation as to why the buttons are on different side for the sexes.

  11. ooh, me likey! i'm itching to get back into my studio to create, but its all packed up and sitting in the dining room waiting for the new floor to get installed. if you can't join 'em, hey - the next best thing is to go blog strolling! welcome back to the states! www.chosenelements.blogspot.com

  12. You did such a fantastic job, I love it! Definitely something I would be able to tackle, which I love! And I love the button facts, as per usual- always learning something on yo blog;-)

  13. love it! very creative and I bet hannah loves it!

  14. That's so cute! She'll love it I'm sure! Good idea to add the rhinestones!

  15. Awesome! I love the tidbit about servants dressing women- hence their buttons being on the other side. I have always wondered about that, and now I can blame SERVITUDE! See what happens when you have servants? You have to make buttons on the other side... what a waste.
    (I think i'm funny apparently)

  16. If you were one of my HS teachers I think I would have done better.

  17. very crafty of you! love it. but no, won't be having another so you can play with buttons again. LOL
    I always wondered why men's and women's buttons were on opposite sides. not having any personal servants, I guess I was out of the loop on this one.

  18. look at you with the creative gene!!! impressive!!!

    and i remember the first time i realized that mens and womens shirts had buttons on opposite sides...i had to buy a mens shirt for working as a banquet server at a golf course. i put the shirt on and the buttons were on the "wrong side" so i came reallllly close to taking it back..but i didnt. when i complained to a coworker they laughed at me :( LOL! lesson learned!

  19. i am SO adding this to pinterest.com! darling!

  20. @Alex - well spanks! For sure, easy and cheap gift :)
    @Tony - I had always wondered about that too. Interesting!
    @Oilfield - well thanks. Didn't know if the few guy readers out there were going to like the post, lol
    @Barb - haha, well that is too bad it is all packed up. But now you just have a few ideas in the wings waiting until you can have all your crafts out!
    @Tanya - well thanks! One would be so cute for your little one!
    @Shalyn - Thanks! You could totally do this! And yes, my blog is for leaning you :)
    @Paul - I hope she does, and her momma!
    @Kassi - THanks! I needed to fill the tiny spaces and those worked perfect. Burnt my hands more than a few times handling the small ones, but what you going to do?!
    @Jennifer - Isn't that interesting?!? See, who knew buttons could be so intriguing. And you ARE funny :)
    @Erin - haha, had to re-read this a few times to see what you meant. Well thanks, I like trivia. Gotta get on Jeopardy!
    @Rory - haha, nooo, you have to. Just play along :) Thanks Rory!
    @Megan - I like to bust it out from time to time. Thanks! No kidding! Isn't it so hard to button from the other side?!?
    @Ali - Wow, thanks! So glad you like!

  21. Hey it's cute as a button(s). Groan. haha. Blogging nerd? Me?

  22. What a multi-talented woman you are -- this is the first craft I've seen you post. It is adorable - love the facts about buttons, too!

  23. It's sweet...not having a baby here but I am thinking a 'W' would look cool, possibly in green colored buttons? lol...might try it too. Love your brilliant idea of the glass to protect against a choking hazard, Bravo!!

  24. @Copyboy - haha, total groan, but love it. NOooo, not talking about you. At all ;)
    @Miko - well thanks, what a compliment! It is the first craft I have posted. But after this great response, I might have to do more :)
    @Wendy - haha, I think so too! Why not! Haha, well, like I said, I did not want to be responsible for anything. lol

  25. What a sweet gift. Look at you all crafty and stuff. Mrs. Beaver Cleaver. ;)

  26. Ha! I WISH I had someone to dress me, most mornings! I'm so lazy... I love the button craft though! look at you go!

  27. Aww Tex you shoulda told me - we could've done airport lunch! LOL

  28. @Hannah - I think that is the first time anyone has called me Mrs. Beaver Cleaver, and I like it! haha.
    @Meri - Wouldn't that be awesome?? Or just do my hair or make up. Anything so I can be comatose while they do it :)
    @Heather - you are too sweet, the layover was quicker than I thought, or at least felt quicker. I thought about getting a hold of you, but didn't want to 'make you' come out there. You are too sweet though :)

  29. The button art is cute. 'Reminds me of bean & macaroni masks we used to make as kids.

    When someone I know is having a baby, I knit booties. They knit up really quickly.

  30. Wish someone'd dress me. I hate that part of the morning routine.

  31. Frickin' cute! Also, amazing tidbits of info! Following from blog hop, follow back please: http://modernmommyreviews.blogspot.com/


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