June 29, 2011

Last Post in Texas

...well, for a while, anyhow. 

Tomorrow we are jumping on a plane and headed up to Canada!

Our Julys are spent up in Edmonton, visiting the hubs' family and him finishing up the off season training. I guess he should skate a few times in the summer.

I know, I know. You are excited for my trip, but sad that this means no more Texas Nad Watches or crappy 99 Cent Only Store newspaper ads for while. 

Well, aren't you a lucky duck, that is just what I have for you today!! And then I will lay off on the Truck Nutz pictures for a while. Unless I spot them in Canada. Those northern ones are a rare breed!

Without further ado, a NW2011 update:

Katie from Chicken Noodle Gravy sent me this goodie from Georgia the other day. Isn't she a sweetheart?!

(THANKS Katie!)

Oh yes, you're eyes are not tricking you. Those are two cowbells hanging off the back of that nice gentleman's truck. I say nice, because anyone who sports the Confederate Flag and a bumper that reads "Keep It Flying" must just be a polite young man. Yeah. Right. 

But I guess I shouldn't assume that it is always men driving these things. You can't really tell from this picture, but there was a mom and her two young daughters riding in this badboy. Nice nuts, ladies

Those shiny metal ones are popular!

Lovely, way to leave an impression on those little girls. Sorry for the blurry picture, I was driving...with my mom. Nice, huh?!

Ya'll want to hear the best compliment I have been getting from all of you readers?!? "I saw Truck Nutz the other day and thought of you!" haha, gets me every time. 

Although I might not have a NW2011 update for you anytime soon, keep those eyes peeled and that camera handy. You never know when a pair of Truck Testicles might just hop up on ya. 

And now, for the entertainment I found in the morning paper. You really can't beat this. 

Ya'll remember the 99 Cent Only Store back page ad from about a month ago?!?

What a dumb question, of course you do!

Well I seem to have come across the mother load of them all. See if you can spot what is wrong with this headline...

Maybe those ad writers need to double check just how many days there really are in one week.

So yeah, it is open 9 days a week. Good for you, 99 Cent Only Store. But you still won't let me have a full bikini. 

Ummmm, so you mean I can only pick one...top or bottom?!?! Oh geez, if I go with the bottom, then I will truly be European. But with the top, I can really make a splash. So confused! Thanks for only letting me have one end or the other, guys.


Nope, never boring around here. And hope you are having an equally as entertaining Hump Day, bloggyland. 

Tomorrow, I have a short clip about why I really love Canada. And Friday, a very special Frackin' Friday all the way from down under. It's going to be great!
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  1. 9 days a week? really?

    and i hope you have a FABULOUS and safe trip to Canada!!!!!!! :)

  2. I think that first truck definitely needs more cowbell...

  3. Have a great trip.

    On a side note going to Edmonton and more so Alberta is just like going to Texas. lol

  4. Your posts literally almost kill me with laughter. You better believe that if I EVER see nuts in Massachusetts you will be the first one to know. I hope you have a safe flight and I will be thinking about you and the hubbers. Tell him to mix in a few protein shakes, too ;) xoxo

  5. I literally LOLed at the '9 Days a Week'! TOO FUNNY!! I will miss the Truck Nutz posts but I swear if (or when, rather) I spot one, I will take a picture and send it to you!!

    Also, have a fantastic time in Canada!! Keep us updated (which I know you will)!

  6. Most excellent! I want 9 day weeks...only if the work week stays at 5 days a week and that means 4 days off!
    How did NO ONE catch that before they mailed that sucker off? I bet the editor was off polishing his truck nutz, gotta prioritize right!! Enjoy Canada Eh!

  7. It's better hanging bells off trucks than gun racks.

  8. @Megan - I mean, is it a joke, or are they serious with this whole 9 days a week. Have I always been missing 2 days?!? Thanks girl!
    @Heather - haha, oh gotta love cowbell. There is always need for more cowbell!
    @Adventures - I know right, gives me two more days for everything I need done!
    @Oilfield - thanks :) SO TRUE! I always say that. Alberta is the Texas of Canada, for sure.
    @KY - haha, well thanks KY! YES! Cross country hunt for nads. I think the kid has been living on protein shakes, haha. Don't they all?!
    @Meg - I still don't know if it is real. Yes! Thanks for being on the lookout, lol. Thanks, I will be around....at least I hope the internet up there is working fast!
    @An Irish - that would be awesome! He was probably trying to decided whether or not to sell truck nutz at the 99 cent store when they published this without him checking. For sure that is what happened :)
    @Tony - very good point, Tony. Very good point :)

  9. Have fun in the Great White North! Hopefully Edmonton weather is better than Niagara Falls. Brutal cold in Canada. Blah. I know the nut pictures and 9 days a week are really good, but nobody wants to comment on the top or bottom bikini!! Come onnnn! It even says there is no limit. That's NUTS! I want 9!

  10. My fingers are crossed for some Canadian truck nutz!!!!

    I'll be thinking about you 9 days a week... :)

  11. hahaha- are there two days I don't know about? I name them "funday" and "napday" haha.
    and no one has to work on them!
    Have a safe trip to Canada dear!

  12. hahaha... you crack me up. And we should totally start the nut trend in Finland. They'd look sooooo hot hanging from the back of our tiny little Fiat Punto with the team logo and advertisements on the side doors. Enjoy your trip to Canada!

  13. Confederate flags and cowbell nuts, yep, definitely avoiding that fine fellow if we ever meet in public.

  14. The 99 cents store ad reminded me of a stand-up routine I saw on Youtube about Beautiful Nail: "Just one. Do I get to pick which one?"

    Safe travels girl!

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. You should send that to Jay leno. The ad not the cow bells.

  17. Have a safe trip to Canada!! Looking forward to some hilarious TexaNadian blogupdates before its time for TexaFinadian:))

  18. Have a safe trip to Canada!! Looking forward to some hilarious TexaNadian blogupdates before its time for TexaFinadian:))

  19. Safe travels to you and Alex! Looking forward to Nad Watch, the Edmonton Edition. I see them all the time here, but I am always driving and can never snap a photo! But I think of you ... when I see nads ... does that count? Um, that was a really nice sentence.

    P.S. Posting a pic to your Facebook wall in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 ...

  20. Well, I think we can safely assume the corporate managers are mainly men judging by their 'special deal' on bikinis haha!!! What a tragic day if you had to flip a coin over whether to go for top or bottoms?! hahah!! Then you'd have the mis-fortune of having to wear them 9 days a week!! Have a safe trip up North :-) Thanks for the birthday wishes!!

  21. Erin (from My Beautiful Disaster) lives in Edmonton!!

    your posts never cease to entertain me :)

  22. HA- its totally true. For the rest of my life I will never see a pair of hanging nutz and not think of you...

    Be flattered.

  23. Well YAY, you'll be here for Canada day, & Stampede!! YEEHAW!!! Well, we finally have HOT weather & hopefully it well STAY!! CANNOT wait to see WHY you love Canada...i'm sure it will have something to do with our hockey players;)!Lol Safe travels!!!

  24. HHHMMMmmm... with class like this on offer, I can't understand why us Aussies aren't rushing over to your home state to grab us a piece of the action!!!

    Especially love the cow-bells - that's a quaintly confusing way of looking at the whole Nutz thing. Or is that just me??!!

  25. Great post, like always! those adds are super hilarious!
    Have fun in Canada!!!

    You can visit my NEW blog here.

  26. Will you be bringing a pair of truck nutz back to Germany with you? Maybe you could start a trend.

  27. Did Katie tell you if the bells were on HER truck? Was she claiming that she "found" them? *lol*
    9 days a week is the Beatles song that never got written.
    Have fun in Canada,eh?

  28. I see you there, Bernie!!! Don't you know I have better tastes in balls than that? ;)

    Looking for to some Canada posts! Have a safe trip...and may there be truck nutz in your near future :)

  29. @Erin - apparently they have been getting some nasty weather there too! Oh well, I can afford a break from the hottest June on record here! lol. Haha, and yes, the bikini one was my fave too! Too funny. Thanks girl!
    @Dwija - yes, yes, please keep them crossed! Haha. I am going to sing 9 days a week instead of 8 days a week from now on. Just sounds cooler :)
    @Meri - Um, sounds like the best week ever with those two days! haha. Thanks Meri!
    @CMD - oh yeah, then everyone will know that we are from the team and we mean business! Haha, good to know they dress up the cars there too. Should be interesting :) Thanks!
    @Jordan - no kidding, scary! lol
    @KT - AHHH! I know that stand up! Hilarious. I love it KT, thanks!
    @Copyboy - I know, I actually thought about that....hm, I will cite you as a reference :)
    @Mrs K - Thanks, Mrs K! You are too sweet :)
    @HW - Ohhh, now there is a catchy title to it all. That is all that matters. What a really nice sentence, haha. LOVE the picture btw. Please tell me you bought it!
    @Missy - I don't know which is better! Haha, so true. Thanks Missy, and again, Happy Birthday to you!
    @braumaman - well thanks, they are nice, if I say so myself, lol
    @Mallori - I remember seeing that on her blog! Too cool. Glad to entertain :) And thanks! I love the new little dude too.
    @Shalyn - Best. Compliment. Ever. Haha, too funny Shalyn. Hope you are doing great!
    @Sherri - HECK YES! And guess what, i think I get to go to Stampede for the first time ever this year!!! YeehaW! I think you will like the video I have today, lol. Thanks!
    @Red - Want me to send you an unlimited supply of tops OR bottoms?!? haha. It is different, don't know how I feel about those either ;)
    @Patti - thanks Patti! We will have a good time in Canada, never fails :)
    @Ryan - I think Finland would be really good to start the trend, and then I could have an in in Germany. Watch out, then I would really be the Truck Nutz queen, haha
    @Bernie - awww, poor Katie, haha. Too funny. I will, eh, doncha knoooow :)

  30. @Katie - you don't have to be embarrassed, you should have just told me they were yours! haha, just kidding. That sounds like the best fortune I could ever get in a fortune cookie, lol. Thanks!

  31. @Katie, well I had thought so. Yet, with all the stress with work and writing.......who knows. *teasing*

  32. Have an AMAZING trip! :D

    ...and ZOMG...the trucks. >.<
    In Alabama, people are fond of putting tiger tails at the ends of their cars.
    Gahhhh I wanna go back to NY...

  33. This is hilarious! My husband actually found some... dare we say it... truck balls on the side of the road... hahah must have fallen off!!!!!

    New blog follower! Come follow back and enter my great giveaways! http://www.peacelovepoop.com

  34. PFFFFFT!!! LOL 9 days a week! I've seen some crazy bumperstickers, but the 'truck balls' totally take the cake.

    Have a safe and fun trip!

  35. 9 days a week is hilarious!!!\
    have a great trip to Canada!

    following from thursday hop! would love for you to follow back and say hello!

  36. I used to like nuts!! Hilarious! Please let me know when your storyteller blog hop is back. Sys the last one was 3rd June?

    Come back!!

    Shah at

    My short story can be found - http://wordsinsync.blogspot.com/2011/07/weekend-creation-blog-hop-dead-party.html

  37. @Peace - Thank you, we did! If you see any Tiger trails, you have to send them to me! Too funny :)
    @Peace (two of ya'll!) - Oh no, poor abandoned truck nutz :( haha, please tell me he picked them up. Just as a souvenir!
    @Remy - they are great, aren't they!? Welcome to a nice little intro to my classy blog, haha
    @Brag - what were they thinking?! Thanks!! Glad you stopped by.
    @Shah - Haha, that is something else. I will for sure. I am thinking next weekend, how does that sound??

  38. Hey, even the Beatles didn't know how many days a week there were:)


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