July 1, 2011

Frackin' Friday and Canada Day!

Hey! Happy Canada Day!!


And happy Frackin' Friday :)

Ok, I know, I know, I didn't get to post one of my favorite Canadian videos yesterday. Turns out, there really weren't enough hours in the day to pack up everything, fly to Canada, visit with family AND do a blog post.

Yep, I get what you are thinking, my priorities are screwed up, lol.

But I do have an awesome Frackin' Friday guest post for you today!

It comes from waaay down under, via Red Nomad OZ. Take it away!

How ironic that I've never heard a real Aussie say the phrase we're best known for!! Who knew that when Paul Hogan (aka 'Crocodile Dundee') said 'throw another shrimp on the barbie', we'd still be hearing it 20+ years later.

But while the concept of 'barbecue' isn't exclusive to OZ (as y'all up there in Texas know!! (love it!)), downunder here in OZ it's a way of life with its own lingo.

First up – the 'barbie'! No, we're not obsessed with dolls, it's just the Australian natural tendency to shorten everything. We call it 'laconic', the less tolerant might say 'lazy'!

So what do we throw on the barbie?? 'Snags', of course! What's a snag? A sausage – see what I mean about shortening everything??!! Snags serve a dual purpose. If there's any left over, you could have a cold snag 'sanger' the next day! Sanger = 'sandwich', and rhymes with 'banger' NOT 'danger'!!

Yum, smell those snags?! (source)
But my shortening rule doesn't hold true with the other essential barbie ingredient – 'dead horse'! No, this isn't a side of the farmer's friend – it's rhyming slang (unashamedly stolen from the Brits) for 'sauce' aka tomato or barbecue sauce!!

So 'throw another snag on the barbie and pass the dead horse' kinda makes sense, right?? And hold the snags for my sanger tomorrow …

The 'barbie' is such a part of our national psyche, it's worked it's way into our greatest insult – 'a couple of snags short of the full barbie' means, of course, that the person of whom you speak is a little bit mentally deficient.

It means the same thing as 'a couple of 'roos loose in the top paddock' – but that's another post for another day!!

Love it, love it all. Ok, so we are grilling today, and I might just have to throw out a "throw another snag on the barbie and pass the dead horse" or two. 

And then, of course, when they don't get it, they will get an earful of "a couple of snags short of the full barbie"

Hope everyone up here in Canada is enjoying their holiday and everyone south of the border is gearing up for the long weekend ahead. Oh, and of course everyone else across the world, enjoy the start to your weekend too!

BTW....here is the top trending word for today on the Yahoo homepage. Ok, it's not the same thing, but I like to think it is!

FRACKING! Love it :)

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  1. Haha, very nice. I have always been eating "chicken on the barbie" at the Outback Steakhouse and wondered what that even meant haha. Thank you for this lovely explanation :)

  2. I'll be leaving some dead soldiers (empty beers) laying around this weekend while reaching for the dead horse!


  3. Have fun!! Happy Canada Day!

  4. Wonder how that one came to be - dead horse, BBQ sauce?? Kind of like how Peggy got to be the short form for Margaret...strange.

  5. And now I want some damn BBQ! I don't know why but I can't quite bring myself to call it a Barbie....maybe it just sounds cooler if you're an Aussie?

  6. Hhahaha- I love snager! This whole post was great, it totally feels like the whole thing is mystical word riddle! lol!!

    Happy Canada Day Texa- Hope you're having fun!!

  7. Love this one...and it will come in so handy this weekend!! :) I always look forward to Friday...for this reason!

  8. Tomorrow I will definitely be throwing another snag on the barbie and passing the dead horse...frequently! Love it :D

  9. Hey TGN (see? I'm shortening EVERYTHING!), thanx so much for the chance to feature on your lovely blog - I'm honoured!! But I hope your readers don't you've got a couple of kangas loose in the top paddock for doing it ...

    Happy Canada day, and avagoodweegend!

  10. It's like we're speaking the same language, eh? (threw in a little Canadian for Canada Day) Great post Red!

  11. Well being the weekend of the 4th of July. We here in Texas (and most everywhere else in the US) will have the Bar-b-qs going. But I don't think I will try saying the dead horse thing.
    Happy Canada day and Happy Independence day. Everyone else celebrate the weekend...

    Pamela Jo

  12. This is awesome- you have no idea how much I love to throw on my aussie accent and say "SHRIMP ON THE BAHHHBIE!" so now I have some clever additions... man-go-round is going to lose it hahaha

  13. The heck with Croc. Dundeee, bring on Curtis Stone!

  14. Happy Canada Day. You forgot to mention the most important word at an Aussie barbie...Fosters.

  15. So funny Red, but then you know I'm one of your biggest fans on RedNomad, you 'crack me up' on a regular babis haha!!

  16. you are crackin' me up! LOVE that youtube video

  17. Yeah, OK! So I forgot to mention the 'dead soldiers' or 'Fosters'!! But if you want to be REALLY classy, you could rip the scab off a can of pi*s!!! It's just another way of saying 'open a can of beer'!!

    Hope y'all have recovered from the celebrations!

  18. I always wondered about the barbie! Hilarious. And fracking- awesome! Have fun in Canada!

  19. But my shortening rule doesn't hold true with the other essential barbie ingredient – 'dead horse'! No, this isn't a side of the farmer's friend – it's rhyming slang (unashamedly stolen from the Brits) for 'sauce' aka tomato or barbecue sauce!!
    You have to be really careful where you apply the rhyming slang rule, for example if you are offered ‘dead horse’ in France, you will find yourself eating a close relative of Sea Biscuit…. Which would certainly be a snag (and I don’t mean sausage here) if you are an equestrian fan…..

  20. Fracking, the trending one, is so not cool. My brother travels the U.S. doing construction for a large company and he's been in W.V. lately and they do a lot of fracking there. He says it's insane. I hope that the U.S. will take a page from France and ban it as well. Also, if I said, "a couple of snags short of the full barbie" here to someone, they'd think I was the one who was mentally deficient. I can just picture it now.

  21. I was worried that dead horse referred to just that--glad to hear it means BBQ sauce :)

    Now I know more "Australian" than simply shrimp on the barbie, haha


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