June 7, 2011

Doesn't every Canadian have an uncle like this!?

Yes, a hockey post. No, not about the hubs playing hockey.

You will like, I promise!

Ok, for those of you still with me, my small but faithful, hockey-loving readers....

NHL playoffs are in full force. And as much excitement as I have had this past year - well, excitement and full on neurotic behavior - I am always entertained by all that the road to the Stanley Cup can offer.

I know, where did this Texan get that from?! :)

The excitement, the hits and fights, the goals (all of which had waaay too many last night).

And this guy. 

Tally up one more reason I love my Canadian husband. Would have never known this guy if it weren't for him.

Looking sharp, eh?! Gasp, listen to me talking all Canadian like, lol (source)

For those of you aren't familiar, allow me to introduce Don Cherry. One of the most charismatic, abrasive, wildly dressed and passionate sports commentators around.

He is both loved and hated in Canada. Some people can't stand his 'loud mouth' while most others adore him for his ability to stand up for everything that is hockey and that is Canada.

Don Cherry has been around in the broadcasting world for over 30 years, and it doesn't look like he is ready to slow down any time soon.

It just keeps getting wilder and wilder! (sources 1, 2, 3)

He is known countrywide by his unique segment called "Coach's Corner", which runs in the middle of Hockey Night in Canada during the first intermission. Cherry, along with his equally funny side-kick Ron MacLean,  analyze the game's first period, as well as gives tips on various points of hockey, all with MacLean being Cherry's foil. You hear him often say "Now kids, watch this play. Don't do that, never do that" and various other hockey hints to the youngsters tuning in.

He is also a very proud supporter of the Canadian and American troops over in Afghanistan and those in Iraq. Often tearing up when honoring a young fallen soldier. Really, it is quite touching.

But as you can imagine, a man this loud and eccentric, he isn't without controversy. He says things that don't always go over with everyone. Which eventually resulted in the show being put on a 7 second delay, you know, just in case anything were to 'slip'.

OK, this is WELL worth the watch. Can you imagine seeing this on TV nowadays?!!? They would flip!

Don't think that Don Cherry was just some random guy on the street that decided to be a hockey commentator. 

Cherry worked his way in the minors for most of his hockey career, although he did play one game for the Boston Bruins. He had a nice little run as the head coach for the Boston Bruins in the 1970's, and although wasn't the winning-est coach, all of his players loved him. With his style, he would have made one heck of a coach these days. 

Saluting the crowd and most likely making fun of the refs! (source)

He also heavily emphasized the rough and tough aspect of the game, a hard-nosed "Canadian" type of hockey which relies on physical play and a "code" of conduct among the players. He believes that fighting is an integral part of the game as it enforces respect between teams and players, as well as being popular with the public.

This all according to Wikipedia...or just about any Canadian hockey fan. Come on, as long as it isn't your loved one fight, you know it is fun to watch ;)

And with injuries to the body and head getting more severe and more press time, he might be one of the few out there still rooting for a rough game.

My husband would argue that Don Cherry is even more famous for his legendary Rock'em Sock'em Hockey videos. Any good Canadian boy learned how to fight like these best while watching these videos that consisted of a compilation of NHL plays, goals, saves, bloopers, hits and fights, as well as highlights from Coach's Corner, and a recap of the year's Stanley Cup Playoffs. 

Who WOULDN'T buy this?! (source)

Nothing like feeding that to an impressionable 6 year old!

Love him or hate him, you have to respect what the man has become. He has never strayed from his ideals and never sold out. Whether that is all an act, or it really is all him. Don Cherry is a living legend, and I know one Canadian and semi-Canadian (I can call myself that, right?) that will idolize him forever.

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  1. We aren't Canadian but we love Don Cherry. I especially love seeing what outrageous outfit he puts together.

  2. of course i have NO idea who this is...but lucky for me all of my customers at work at CANADIANSSS...so i am totally gonna pick their brains about him today. they will be soo impressed i know anything about hockey :-)

  3. @April - awesome! I mean, with outfits like that, how can you not love him, haha.
    @Artsy - that is a great way to put it, lol
    @Megan - perfect!! Like I said, they will either love him or hate him. Either way, you will deffo impress
    @BigMike - haha, I know right. Hey, I didn't name it
    @Oilfield - I wish there were someone on American TV like that!

  4. haha..watched him on ESPN and his so funny with his voice talking and talking until he is out of breath:)))

  5. HAHAHA! I would probably watch sport commentary if we had a guy like that!

  6. Don Cherry is an icon here in Michigan, just across the river from Canada!!!

  7. He's crazy. Here is his view of woman at hockey: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRm_K9OpYbo

    I have to say I am pretty well versed in loving the fights, complaining about the ref, rating hotness of players and talking fashion/life all the while keeping my eye on the puck. A perfect companion to a hockey game? I think I am haha!! Oh and I have never been hit by a puck- I have shouted at some guy for throwing the puck BACK on the ice when it came out. Silly rookie ;)

  8. @Mrs K - totally! He gets so worked up over anything. And you are right, out of breath, haha. Hilarious.
    @Andrea - seriously! I think so many sports would have a greater following if they had characters like this.
    @An Irish - haha, you KNOW you would rock out those jackets!
    @Yenta - Yes!! I love that the northern states love him too. Now we just need to get Texas on board, lol
    @Missy - yeah, he says some stuff like that too. Who knows, can't win them all I guess. Haha, hey, I like to rate the cuteness too, I think it is an innate thing in us girls, hahaha.

  9. Common Law Canadian?

    Canadian in law?

    Canadian through marriage?

    Mother to be (one day) of half Canadians?

    Eh woman?

    Mrs. Aboot (aka about)?

  10. @Ellen - had to respond as soon as I saw this, LOVE IT! Hahaha, you are too funny lady, and leave just about the best comments around ;)

  11. Oh my goodness, I love his suits. I have never heard of this guy before but man, he is interesting (particularly his suits).

  12. haha- after seeing his suits, I'm not sure if I respect or... fear... him! Or both!

  13. haha great post! Don't even get me started on last nights game! Ahh! I love to hate Don Cherry. Some games I'm agreeing and then in his next breathe I'm completely against! But gotta respect him for saying his opinion. I feel so canadian for having grown up watching many many rock em sock em videos! lol
    That video clip is so vintage! They were so young in it! I looked at a couple other clips, have you seen the one about woman at hockey games?? haha you'd never hear him talk about that now! He's too focused on the green men! Here's the clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRm_K9OpYbo&feature=related

  14. Don Cherry is out of his mind! But I hear he is such a great guy. If you like him check out Steve Ludzik's videos on YouTube. He's a good friend of ours - amazing family! They're like best buddies, him and Cherry. So similar it's unbelievable.

  15. My husband gets a rock em sock em video for christmas every year from his parents in Canada...a christmas tradition that will be passed on to our son.

  16. @Meg O - his name doesn't get around much in Houston. Aren't his suits awesome, haha
    @Meri - probably good to do both, haha. I have a feeling he is as harmless as a newborn kitten
    @Carissa - What a great way to put it, love to hate him! So true! haha. You are an old Rock Em' Sock 'Em pro too, huh?! Too funny. Have to check that out right now!! Thanks Carissa
    @Erin - oh don't we all know that, lol. I will have to check that out. Sounds really interesting!
    @Megan - haha, isn't that awesome. Same for my hubs. Think he is missing out on the last couple of years. We might need to remedy that when we are back in Canada in July.

  17. First, last nights game was interesting. I want the Canucks to win, so it sucked on that account. But I also loves me a good hockey fight, so that made for a great time.

    I love Don, always have. Yes, he's loud mouthed and obnoxious. And I often feel sorry for Ron, who is stuck listening to Cherry when you can tell he doesn't always agree. But Cherry sticks up for what's important in hockey and you gotta respect a guy like that. At least, I do.

  18. Wow! I never knew a personality like this existed. Thanks for sharing.

  19. One of my best guy friends is Canadian, and I love the way he says Manitoba. But he won't say it anymore 'cause he thinks I'm mocking him.

    When I was single we went out to a bar where we met up with another Canadian I know. Two good looking men and me. There were two ladies at the bar whom I know were wondering about how I was there with two handsome men. Little did they know I was the filling of a Canadian sandwich. They would have been really jealous then, eh?

  20. He looked old 15 years ago, i'd hate to see him now
    unless that first picture is him now, in which case it looks like he.. unaged, oh god D:

  21. Never mind hockey, I think sport in general could use a few more like this guy. I'm sick of the yawn fests we are always being dished up, good on him.

  22. IIIIII LOVE THE NEW HEADER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    TJ just said "THAT'S GOOD" ;)

  23. I can't stand him!! Great post, btw, canadian info makes me feel all warm and fuzzy, lol.

  24. Hahaha! Love the Finn insert in your header!! Just catching up on comments & posts after being incommunicado ... and what better post to prove I can talk about anything than this one with some dude I've never heard of!!!

    Thanx for visiting my blog - I'm yet to get to all the great Storyteller stories - and look out for a resurrection of my bloghop sometime later in the year!!!

  25. @Nancy - Haha, I won't get your started on either game then! Exactly, have to respect him that he is who he is!
    @Copyboy - no prob, he is awesomely brash.
    @Ellen - hahah, that is hilarious. She did want some of that Canadian sandy, lol
    @Colin - lots of make up and probably a little medical touch up here and there. Scary, right?!
    @Fresh Garden - are you a ghost?!
    @Ryan - for sure! Wouldn't that be awesome. It would sure make sports that much more interesting!
    @KY - WEll thanks girl!! And in TJ tongue, that means he loves it too, hahah.
    @Patti - haha, sorry, I knew it was going to be hit and miss with most people. Thanks for liking the post anyways!
    @Red - well thanks! the more you know, right?! No prob, and I can't wait for your hop again soon :)

  26. I used to work in a restaurant he liked to visit and the waitresses would cringe to see him coming - he was a butt pincher!

  27. Okay, obviously just seeing this now....that video is perfect clip to represent him & coach's corner...i mean he's crazy, but boy does he love the game & our canadian boys!! I have to say I kinda love him, kinda hate him but I can't imagine hockey without him....and your hubs is so right...I grew up watching those rock em sock em video's. Seriously. I actually remember going on a "group date" kinda thing in high school & we all went back to someone's house & watched those hours of those video's. Fun, eh?!? Awesome, awesome post:)

  28. Don Cherry's the man. I used to eat at his restaurant as a teenager :)

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