April 6, 2011

Neurotic Behavior :)

Game 3 of the semi-finals was last night.

I am sore, my back hurts and I feel exhausted.

No, this isn't a guest post from the hubs, this is me we are talking about!

I was so tense in the first and second period that I now have a sore back and I feel so spent from just watching the game. The team was down 0-1 until the middle of the third. It wasn't until then that they were finally able to break through and surge ahead with 4 goals before time ran out. It was awesome. And completely made me a nut case. Ha. But, no, really. And this isn't even the finals! Yikes bikes, I am in one.

Now I am not a nervous or anxious person. I'm the first to jump up for karaoke, I gave big speeches for my job back in Texas at least twice a week. I was the kid in Elementary school choir with the solo. Not because I had some God given talent, but because I had no fear. Nothing made me nervous.

But for some reason playoffs this year is making me a nervous wreck! And it's not that I'm not 100% confident in them, but it is a tough series.

I wasn't even this nervous 3 years ago when the hubs was in the championship game and I knew if he won we were going to get married during the team trip to Vegas. 

Oldie but a goodie. Capturing playoff madness.
Or maybe I was, and just can't remember....

I am lucky that the hubs is not too much of a superstitious and on-edge kind of guy during playoffs. I know there are a lot of players (and fans) like that out there. My awesome hockey wife friend over at A Day in the Life of a Hockey Wife went over some of the superstitions that guys have during the regular season and playoffs. 

The most feared thing in the playoffs.....the beard! Ahhh! (source)
The hubs can't doesn't grow a playoff beard, and he feels confident that he can change his clothes and it won't throw off his game. He doesn't do the typical pasta lunch like 99% of the players. He comes home from morning skate and has the same breakfast I have cooked him now for over three years. Two eggs, sunny side up, couple slices of bacon, two hash browns fried up to a crisp and warm buttered toast. 

Ok, maybe not this ridiculous, but still, that is one hearty breakfast! (source)

He takes a nap, watches TV and relaxes.

Then a quick PB&J before he leaves for the game. And that is it. Easy peasy on my side.

And NO this isn't him demanding that I do any of this for him. This is all me and my superstitious ways! He is getting the same damn breakfast and snack whether he wants it or not! lol

If some 'routine' or 'habit' is working, then I don't change it. Keep things the same, keep winning the same.

For instance, the girls made shirts for the playoffs this year and we had all been wearing them to the home games. Up until last Friday, the guys had won all their games. They eventually lost at home, so I didn't wear the shirt last night to the game because, duh, it was obviously not bringing luck to the team. Makes sense in my mind.

Someone asked me last night where my shirt was and I told them I didn't wear it because of the loss on Friday. They said "What shirt you wear or don't wear doesn't determine if they win or lose". I don't think they meant any harm in it at all, my insane mindset just didn't make sense to them :)

Yeah sure, so you think!

How about I come like this next time?!?! (source)
It is warm at the games now, there is no need for a wool butt pad (although it is comfy) but I still bring it along with me to the rink. Why? Because I did it all winning season and I must do it now.

I fidget in my seat, finding the 'right' way to sit during the game. I don't talk, I watch intently. I don't make comments about anything in the game out loud or in my head, so I don't jinx anyone. Ah jinxing. The worst. And it's real, aiiight ;)

Ok, I don't look like this on the outside, but sure feel like it on the inside! (source)
One order of crazy hockey lady, coming right up!

Ok, it is more in my head than anything. The people around me don't tell me I need professional help or  Xanax (although a mental chill pill and a beer during the 3rd last night really helped, ha!). The fans in Germany get it, they are into it too (as seen here).

But really, being so 'into' the game makes it that much sweeter when they win. And from the determination this team has got, I know they aren't going down, at least without putting up the fight of their lives.

So, as to make myself feel a little better about things, I want to know if ya'll are superstitious about anything, whether during sporting events or regular life?

Maybe it is just me. But for the sake of my silly mindset, I will keep wearing the same thing, doing the same things, crossing my fingers and drücken mein daumen, and most importantly keep sending positive vibes. Besides, it couldn't hurt to think a good thing or two about the game!

Heart pounding excitement. It makes the whole cold and long season worth every minute :)
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  1. so not fair men can eat like wild boars & be considered "hearty" * * back to my hard boiled egg & 7 almonds ... eye roll ;)

  2. If I turn on the game on the radio and they are winning, I turn it right off. If I turn it on and my husband's team scores right after, I will not turn it off, even if it means sitting in my driveway for an hour until it is over (this has happened)...if I turn it on and the other team scores, I turn it off and tell my husband it was all my fault when he returns home.

    Whenever I go to a game (four times this season out of 42 games) it always seems to go into overtime and a shootout...too much hockey in one day for me!

    My husband's superstition? He has to leave the house at exactly 4:00 pm with a coffee in a to-go mug. If he is late for any reason, it throws him off. He always has a cup of coffee during the pre-game meeting in the locker room. (when you see him on TV in the locker room before the game, he always has coffee in his hands!

    You are a good wife to make his post-practice and pre-game meal....


  3. I can't wear my Shane Doan jersey. It was my first jersey - I bought it in 2006. It's my only red Coyotes home jersey - but EVERY SINGLE TIME I wear it, we lose. It NEVER fails. The thing has like a 0-40 record or something ridiculous like that. I love that jersey... It's signed by Shane so I guess I'll frame it since I can't wear it now :(

    I also purchased a white Keith Yandle jersey last year for the playoffs - because of the Coyotes White Out tradition. I haven't worn it at all this season and I can't wear it for the playoffs this year either (of which we are going to make - power of positive thinking!) because I was wearing it when the stupid stinky Red Wings ( :D )knocked us out of the playoffs in the first round last year.

  4. @b.lee - so true, and so not fair! Just burns it right off. Boo for them and their quick metabolism!
    @Tales - ohhh I feel you on those! If I hadn't been watching online and loaded up the page and the other team scored, I am off the computer for the rest of the game. What is wrong with us?! Haha, and the coffee, yeah so many players and coaches do that. Weirdly enough the hubs skips the coffee too. Goes straight for the hot cocoa. Guess it goes well with his PB&J! Haha. You sound like a fun person to go to the game with, with all those shootouts :)
    @Heather - Aw, that sucks! I had a few things like that. You wear something you love and something goes wrong in the game. You are out of luck. Boo for that. Totally would wear a Yandle jersey, what a beauty :) You should bust that out!

  5. How exciting!!! Good luck to him in the playoffs! I understand about not being nervous - I have tough nerves too but sometimes I just become a wreck over the craziest things! We are super superstitious when it comes to One-Act Play competition! We even have a "knock on wood block" that we knock on when anyone mentions the words "advancing" or "winning"!

  6. "Well what shirt you wear or don't wear doesn't determine if they win or lose". Really???? REALLY???!

    In response to your " But for the sake of my silly mindset, I will keep wearing the same thing,"....I would like to remind you - don't forget to change your undies ;) xo

  7. i agree with KY! that's girl who didn't think the t-shirt mattered had obviously been struck in the head with a hockey puck recently.

  8. Oh I am so superstitious during exams or when watching the game of cricket! Like if I am out of the room and someone hit a six, then I would not come back in :|

    During exams it is a certain way that I sit and a certain pair of clothes that I wear. I do not believe in the other superstitions though, but these even if I don't believe, I still do them!

  9. I say that whatever gives YOU peace of mind is a good thing and you should keep doing it! That's more important than anything...

  10. @Meg - that is a great idea! I love the knock on wood block, pretty funny. The crazy things we do :) Thanks for the well wishes!
    @KY - haha, I don't think she meant anything by it. Like I said, she must just not get my insane mindset...but then again, not everyone does. You do though,yeah ya do! Pretty funny comment.
    @Ali - haha, now that is funny. Hey, she wore her shirt and we won. Maybe I am the one who got hit in the head!
    @Apfel - the hubs LOVED your comment. I love your superstitious ways! You are right, what does it hurt, lol
    @Little - No joke, and that is really what it is all about, isn't it :)

  11. Girl~I am a sports fanatic AND a gambler . . . of course, I am superstitious. When rolling dice, I shake the dice the same number of times EVERY time. I used to do the same thing when I was serving in volleyball. If the Cardinals are in the playoffs or World Series (hopefully again soon), both Scott and I will wear the exact same outfit (yes underwear, too) until they lose and then we change. Scott always has to sit on the left of me when we play Blackjack. If I have 3 of a kind on video poker I CANNOT say "Oh, I just need a x for 4 of a kind" or I won't get it. The list goes on and on. LOL

  12. Wow you must have been REALLY tense to be so sore after the game, lol! That's one dedicated Hockey Wife!!! I don't really have superstitions but I run like hell from black cats and would never ever walk under a latter....just in case there's really something to them :) Better to be safe than sorry.

  13. If you need to get some of that nervous energy out, come to Chicago and make ME that breakfast! Looks yummy! I don't really get supersticious about things, but I do get so freaking nervous before I go on stage that I wonder why I even bother. Good luck to your hubby and his team!!!!!!!!

  14. @April - Don't EVEN get me started about how superstitious I am when I play Craps! haha, so good to know that I am not the only crazy one ;) lol I love ya'lls love for the Cardinals!
    @An Irish - Haha, I try. Maybe I need to have a drink BEFORE the game instead! lol. I agree!
    @Andrea - haha, you got it! :) I think being a little nervous is good, keeps ya on edge. But when I am just watching the game, a little ridic! Thanks for cheering him on!

  15. Is that a picture of the Sundogs? Small world! My parents are season ticket holders!

    Speaking of getting hit in the head by a puck:
    When I took a puck to the eye I was wearing a brand new scarf. At the hospital I threw the scarf away because I thought it was bad luck (and because it was bloody, but mostly because of the bad luck).

  16. That breakfast looks like there is a baked potato in there. Tell me it isn't so.

  17. @Sam - why yes it is! My husband played there three years ago when they won the championship! What a small world! And holy, I am glad you are ok. I would have TOTALLY thrown the scarf away too!
    @Tony - haha, I don't know. It isn't the one I make for him, but there could be one hiding under there!

  18. Those other silly, silly hockey wives! Of course the shirt matters!!!
    Okay, I'll admit that I haven't dated a hockey player since college, but I still 'get' what your saying.

  19. Have you thought about taking up drinking or doing drugs just to take the edge off during the playoffs? I'll bet you are just tense as heck.

    I used to have to pace the floor before I went on stage when I did theatre. On the first of May I have to call my mom and best friend at the crack of dawn to sing the 1st. of May song. Thats about it.

  20. I love that you said Yikes bikes.

  21. Ah what a silly girl. The shirt is everything. Supporting and following. alphabetalife.blogspot.com

  22. I can't believe you can sit there and not scream, or make comments. When my kids were little I would jump up and down and scream and yell, and that was even at the T-ball games. Good thing my husband doesn't do professional sports. They'd kick me out of the games. Ha Ha My screams and yells were of the good encouraging kind. Although I did have a few bad comments at refs a couple of times. Whoops there it is! Not superstitous just a loud mouth.

  23. I know where you're coming from, as a football (soccer) nut I must admit to going a little nuts when my team plays. Good luck with the play-offs.

  24. @No7 - oh yeah, so you know how crazy they can get! haha.
    @Bernie - Hmmm, after last night, I am considering it! Haha. I would be a really good cheerer if I came to the games smashed, right!? And I love your May 1st tradition, pretty cool!
    @Jessica - you know it! Thanks for stopping by ;)
    @Marjory - Haha, so you were one of THOSE moms were you, hahaha, I am just kidding. I say things, just under my breath. But you better believe that when they score I am jumping up and down!!
    @Ryan - and the hockey fans over here are so similar to the soccer fans (with the crazy cheering section and chants). Glad I am not the only one going nuts! Thanks man!

  25. I'm not THAT superstitious, but I don't like walking under ladders or breaking mirrors! I'll be hosting a linky tomorrow for facebook's NetworkedBlogs! Come check it out if you have a chance!

    Marcy @ Life's Gristle

  26. Hey girl! Kooly the Bear wanted to congratulate you about the List Verse! Way to go!

  27. That is so cool though!! I say do whatever you can do, except avoid the not washing the underwear thingy.

  28. I can honestly say I'm not even a little superstitious. It's a life saving mechanism for my big mouth. If I were superstitious I'd regret nearly everything I say. For instance, "The kids are sound asleep, woohoo!" A superstitious person would never say that for fear of the dreaded jinx you've already mentioned.

  29. I'm Irish, VERY Irish, so I'm full of all sorts of crazy...er...unique superstitions. I used to watch the Atlanta Braves religiously. If we were doing good, I wouldn't move from my spot on the couch. I would sit there all tense and nervous and usually chant something at the tv...yes, chant. I'm weird. Like I would think if I said, "get a hit. don't strike out. don't pop up." while Chipper Jones was at bat, and he got a hit, I would start repeating the same little cheer for every player...until it stopped working. Talk about neurotic!

    Like you, I believe wholeheartedly in the power of a jinx, and I will NOT risk jinxing my players or team. When college football season rolls back around, God help us. :)

  30. Oh the beards! When the Aces made it to the end, I swear you couldn't go anywhere in this entire town without running right into a crazy overgrown beard! HA!

  31. @Marcy - well those are pretty good ones too :) I will have to check it out tomorrow!
    @Mollie - well thanks!! I was so excited...until the morons of the universe made it into a way to talk about Hitler or tell me that I was ignorant. Harsh! haha, no most of the people were nice, but definitely not all!
    @Copyboy - well good to hear good hygiene trumps luck! haha, it does in my book too :)
    @Nicole - well I think you have a great way to look at it then! It is all in your head right....right?! :)
    @Katie - I do the little chants in my head too! haha, too funny. I love it. And yes, you are so right, jinxing is so real :)
    @SIF - Haha, I love that the team got into it there. The hubs played there for one season and loved the team and town so much. But it was before I knew him, so sad I didn't get to see Alaska too.

  32. Sport alludes me - my hubs family loves all sport, and even sort the say they don't like they watch if it pops up on the screen - like cricket. And if I ate that breakfast I'd have a heart attack - how do they do that? Hopping by and saying hi from the hop. Shah from wordsinsync.blogspot.com

  33. I am a new follower. Stopping by to invite you to join Thrifty Thursday. Have a wonderful day. Blessings!


  34. My husband coaches basketball, and I am convinced that I am bad luck at his games! Any time I go, they lose, and anytime I used to go watch HIM play ball he would lose. I also can't think before a game, "I have a good feeling about this, I think they'll win tonight!" or else they'll lose FOR SURE!

  35. That breakfast looks amazing! YUMM! I love all the pictures of the dedicated and colorful fans!!


  36. You sure love your hockey! I'm not superstitious at all to be honest, I find it commendable that you have no fear, speaking in public is something that always has scared me.

  37. @Shah - well then you must think I am a crazy! lol. And yes, a heart attack on a plate. Glad you stopped by :)
    @Johnnie - thanks for stopping by
    @Lucy - I totally know what you are talking about! At least your husband doesn't ask you to stay away from the games, haha.
    @Michele - there are some wild ones. I need to get a few shots of our crazy fans too!
    @Patti - gotta love it :) Well thanks, with practice it really does get easier!

  38. That plate looks DELICIOUS. Betcha I could finish the entire thing;-)

    I cannot imagine how hard it would be for me to keep my cool during a game if my husband was playing in it!

  39. Yay for hockey games! And funny pictures! haha! Hey... I tagged you in my latest My Road to Mrs post!! ;)

  40. I will keep my fingers crossed for "your" team in the playoffs:)))

  41. All I've ever dealt with sport-wise was when the hubs played A-League Softball; what a maniac he was. If they won, "don't wash my socks"...umm, okay, keeping a safe distance away from him. God forbid they lost, then a complete change of everything was mandated.

    They didn't lose often; those socks stood up by themselves when the season ended.

    Keeping good thoughts for you guys...keep us updated!


  42. @Shalyn - I dunno, that is one big plate and you are one tiny lady...although from your posts, I get the feeling you like food :) And yes, hard to keep from nervous for sure!
    @Kassi - really!? I can't wait to go check it out :)
    @Mrs K - haha, well thanks :)
    @Patty - haha, sounds like he was pretty dang serious about it! Lol. So gross. Thanks Patty!

  43. LOL... I just wrote a little on this same subject... must be playoff time!! I have to admit though I do exactly the same as Tales of a Hockey Wife while listening or watching the game online!!


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