June 9, 2011

No shame...

No shame at all!!

So, one (last?) update for NW 2011. If you are unfamiliar with this nationwide search - what? No sarcasm involved there - have a quick refresher here

Glad you jumped over there, aren't you?! :)

Today I have two mothers of them all. Two really great examples of how d-bag the Truck Nuts can get. And just when you thought it couldn't get any worse. 

Gosh darnit, I luuuuv Amuuurica!

The first picture is from Summer over at My Munoz Family.

She writes: "I have a pic for Nadwatch 2011!  It's hard to see, but they are in bright red.  The best thing about it... it's a girl's car!  There's girly stickers all over it and there was a girl driving!  Lol... caught it in Austin!"

Man, those are some TEEEN-NIINTSY balls. Definitely not compensating for anything. Hilarious!

And the second picture, well, I have to admit it is a recreation of the original picture. Because I can't get the photo off my Dad's cell phone. 

Oh yeah, you read that last part right. If not, go check it out again.

So my mom and dad were out driving around the other day, and they are avid readers of the blog, I might add. When all of a sudden my mom hollers something to my dad about "back up, back up, I have to take this picture for Lindsey". So my dad obliges, only to have my mom get out of the car and take a picture of the most ridiculous Truck Nutz I have EVER seen. (and they wonder where I get all this from?! Haha). 

First off, they were homemade. Oh yeah, you too can make your own Truck Testicles. I should get a tutorial out there for this one!

Secondly, they were fashioned out of actual nuts. No, get your head slightly out of the gutter. Nuts as in nuts and bolts, you silly. 

Here, here is my dramatic re-enactment of the picture. But no stretch by any means. 

So, basically this guy was too much of a cheap skate to buy the 'real' deal and decided to make his own. Who knew that two giant nuts and a length of chain could go so far and let EVERYONE know just how douchey you really are?!

Yep, that was taken right around the corner. Our neighborhood is classy :)

I couldn't make this crap up!

Hope ya'll are having a great Thursday. I am jumping on a plane headed for Denver this afternoon, but I got a GREAT guest post for Frackin' Friday tomorrow. You better be excited!
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  1. Okay, you never fail to make me laugh OUT LOUD with these ridiculous truck nutz. Keep this hunt on. It is highly amusing! And if I find some, I'll definitely be taking a picture to send to you!

  2. I told my wife about these and she acted like they were as common as the cold...

  3. whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy can't I comment on your blog??

    I wish we had nuts flying around here in Massachusets...I mean...

    Have a safe flight my girlfriend <3

  4. Oh dang, you just crack me up. There's so many of those here in California! I should take photos and submit them to ya. This is so funny!

    A Ladybug's Life

  5. i can't believe that you have gotten truck nuts stuck in my head at least on 4 occasions...not to mention when im driving (ok...let's not kid ourselves, i don't drive...someone drives me...i have no car LOL) i keep on the prowl for them. sad LOL! but entertaining nonetheless!

  6. Gotsta love the station wagon-mobile with the ball action. Because Nads are so kid friendly ya know. Safe safe travels! Have fun in Denver. PS I know I'm uber slow at the catch up but I am loving the header...he's sooo cute :) Happy Thursday girl.

    ...ps above a ps...this is Morgan! Whoa nelly I can't sign in :(

  7. hahaha... oh boy. Never gets old! Love your new header by the way... cute!

  8. I love that your parents are way into your blog- my mom is definitely a regular reader and commenter and it makes me soo happy! I am still finding the trucknuts a little hard to understand/ believe. I might have to take a trip south to try to find some!

  9. I think that girl's truck nuts take the cake! I too love the new header--so cute!

    Have a safe flight!

  10. LOL! Oh wow, Texas sounds awesome! If I ever go, I'm going to be obsessed with truck nutz, you know this right?! LOOOOOVE the new header too, couldn't have pictured it to be any more perfect :)

  11. Ok wait...obsessed with "finding" truck nutz...so I can take a picture, lol. I just re-read that and it sounded a little dirty.

  12. I'm so proud to be an Amurrican where at least I know I'm fuuurrrrrreeeeee! (free)

  13. haha..I wonder if this will ever be a big thing in Sweden or If I should be the first..lol

  14. Why does blogger hate when I get comments!?? Hope it isn't acting up anymore...
    @MegO - haha, well I am glad I could bring a little nut joy to your life, haha, eww. I will keep hunting. For sure, please do!
    @BigMike - I like your wife already, haha
    @Kym - weird, I updated it a tiny bit, but that shouldn't matter. What?!? That just makes me think of that line in Clueless, haha. I will, thanks!
    @Brownbugz - You totally should! Too funny
    @Megan - haha, well, you know you love it. Hey, maybe you will see some in Norway, haha, doubt it. Please do, I love that there is now a nationwide hunt on
    @Morgan - hey girl!!! So classy right. Nothing says manly like balls on a girls car. Thanks! Well thanks for that too. Too sweet. And no worries, I have been out of the bloggyland loop for a while now. Whoops!
    @CMD - haha, that is for sure! Thanks!! I had to find a way to fit the Finland dude in. Glad you like :)
    @Meri - isn't that awesome that they are so into it, too funny. Maybe that could be on your list of things to see in life. Travel down south to see truck nuts. Actually, sounds like something that should be on everyone's Bucket List, haha
    @KT - aren't they awesome?!? Ha, now you have to go get you some. And thanks and thanks! lol
    @An Irish - it should probably be in the state motto somewhere. It would draw visitors for sure! Haha, whatever, don't lie, you are obsessed with truck nuts and we accept you for who you are, haha
    @Mollie - what?! Isn't that how everyone sings that song?!?! haha, awesome. Your guest post for tomorrow is looking great!
    @Mrs K - you should totally be the first. I will bring them to Finland and you should bring them to Sweden. Million dollar idea, I'm telling ya!

  15. I have to say this topic fascinates me (not in a prevy way of course) just that people actually drive around with them on their cars?! No -one has anything handing off their cars in the UK!! Crazy!! Although I did see some angry bird toys hanging down in someones back window today which were cute but made me think a: how angry I am that I'm still stuck on a level and b: how can he see out his back window without getting a shock thre's a bird there?!

  16. OMG! Those nuts look dangerous! I pitty the person that rearends that truck. I'm going on a small roadtrip in August, so now I'll be on the lookout for car nuts. LOL!

  17. I almost had something to offer, almost.

    Traffic here in NY has been awful due to road construction; given that, I've been sitting in bumper-to-bumper every day on the way to work, and home again.

    On I684, standing next to his F150 truck, was a guy taking a whiz, totally bare-assed and, his jewels were just hangin' there, gettin' a little sun.

    Of course, I looked. I may be a Gramma but I'm not dead.

    Was going to take a pic because of truck/nutz combo, you know, and send it to you. Just as I pointed my phone, a Thomas English Muffin 18-wheeler pulled next to me and the driver shook his finger out the window.

    I was snagged...

  18. Okay that's it, I'm going on a nut hunt...I feel like I use to see them all the time & now that i'm actually looking for them, I can't find any!sigh. Hilarious post...I have to admit I did say outloud "actual nuts"?!?!Haha. Shows ya where my head is at! Enjoy Denver:)

  19. OH MY GOSH! I saw a truck exactly like the second picture last week and I seriously thought of you! When I saw this post topic, I thought to myself "I have to tell her!!" and then you already had the picture. Hilarious.

  20. I'm not sure whether I should mourn for the human race or be impressed with his ingenuity.

  21. @Missy - You want me to send you some?!? Haha. That is weird on that one, don't know if I know what you are talking about. There is a post in there waiting to happen :)
    @Andrea - they could hurt someone, right?! Seriously. YES! Love that you are on board :)
    @Slidecutter - hey Patty! OH MY GOD! What the heck is wrong with some people?!?! Although, if you had got a nice little shot of him, you would have won some sort of prize in the NW game for sure, haha. Hilarious.
    @Sherri - YES! So many people hunting, we are sure to find some great ones, lol. Hey, I wrote 'cause I knew someone would be thinking it, :) Only you Sherri, only you ;)
    @Heather - Wow, that is a new compliment for me. Saw nuts, thought of you! haha, just kidding of course, love it actually. Too funny. If you see it again, gotta snap that picture.
    @Jordan - can't we just do both?! :)

  22. Really? The homemade lugnuts aren't clever and 'tongue-in-cheek'?


  23. Oh gawd... I just threw up a lil in my mouth.

  24. Those nutts were funnier than the cow ones nimrods here have.

  25. Oh my gosh, I am so excited! I havent been able to comment on your blog and it has been driving me CARAZY! Hilarious as usual, my friend!

  26. @mollie - haha, GROSS, but you knew that you had to clarify. I am naughty like that, lol
    @Heather - don't lie, you loved it, haha, Sorry Heather!
    @Oilfield -ok, now you know I have to see THOSE!
    @Shay - well thanks! yeah, a bunch of people have said that and I have no idea what is going on. But glad you likey!

  27. HA! Now me living in Georgia, I really figured there wouldn't be much in the truck testicle department that you could show me that'd surprise me. I mean, this is Georgia...but I stand corrected. That is a...unique take on the truck testicle phenomenon, I must say.

    And I'm lovin' the girl sportin' the 'nads. She obviously has a pair.

  28. I actually went online to look for DIY truck balls. Thank you for that. The only DIY I could find was tennis balls in a pair of pantyhose. There is 15 minutes of my life I can't get back. Not to mention that Roy was walking behind me and said, "Truck balls? WTH?" Then I had to ask him to to spell testitcles. Thanks for that.


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