June 5, 2011


 Noooo, not German for anything (or Finnish) just my weird way to say THANKS to all those that took part in the Storytellers Blog Hop this weekend! Had quite a great showing. And hope you found some fun new reads. There sure were a lot out there :)

As ya’ll can probably tell through my slight absence in bloggyland (well, at least for a self proclaimed blog-a-holic like myself) that I have been busier than a, well, something that is really busy. 

A bee, no too blah sounding. A beaver, no, not that one either. 

Busy as a cat burying sh*t. There! That is what I was looking for. Yes, feel free to use that one, haha.

Awww, little guy looks all embarrassed! (source)
Little run down of what we have been up to the last few weeks. 

We had about 25 family members in town last weekend for Memorial Day Weekend. It was great to see them all. And since the hubs and I only get to see them about once a year, we make the time count.

Then, since we have found out where we will be next year, I jumped right on the planning for everything. What we will need, what we need to get done before then, what new winter gear I need to buy. Ohlala! 

And I have a great friend in town this weekend and we have been running around like our heads are cut off, trying to do any and everything we have missed out together this past year. Making these 48 hours she is here count.

ALSO, I am heading to Denver next weekend for a friend’s wedding and to see another great friend of mine for the weekend. Ready for a little solo adventure, if I do say so myself. 

No, the hubs isn’t coming along next weekend. He will be in Vegas for a bachelor party, partying it up with well connected high rollers and living the good life. 

Yeah, I don’t want to talk about it ;) haha, just kidding, kinda...I'm jealous! lol

Nah, he is going to have a great time! Plus, he already got married in Vegas once before, not like he can do it again, haha. 

Imagine (or, maybe you actually know what it is like) not seeing your friends and family – who live all across the country, I might add – all year, and then having less than 2 months to make it work and visit as many people as possible. Hey, it might be crazy, but it is never boring. 

So glad I have such great friends in so many places. And they are those kind of friends that it doesn’t matter how long we have gone without a chat, we pick up like nothing has ever happened. Makes me realize just how lucky I am. 

I still about 10 links below to visit and say thanks,  about a million and one emails to reply to, and just as many many great and fun blog posts to catch up on.
Wouldn't have it any other way! Have a Sunday Funday, we for sure are here.
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  1. I clicked with storytellers, but as a teacher facing the end of the school year, I haven't had time to visit any others. I can't wait until I have the time to read for fun.

    Keep loving your life!

  2. I CAN'T BELIVE I MISSED STORYTELLERS:(:( So sorry, Lindsay!! I haven't been around much, & totally missed out:( I'm sad....But also extremely HAPPY to read about your new adventure....Helloooo Finland!!! Can't wait to read all your adventures!! And once again...i can't believe I missed my favorite hop:(
    Hope you guys are enjoying your weekend!!

  3. I'm tired just reading all that. I go home once a year for 2 weeks and try to fit in all my visits. I never get as much done as I want.

    Thanks again for Storytellers. I'm working my way through the hop :)

  4. Aww, I'm bummed I missed Storyteller's! :(

    Wow,, you sound totally busy; just reading what you've been up to and what's on your plate next makes me tired, but EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! So excited for all the new adventures that will unfold! :)

  5. Wow, your kitty is gorgeous :3

  6. I can't wait to see your trip to Denver! Have a great time!

  7. your life seems so hectic, but really fun at the same time

    have fun in denver

  8. Why don't people read the captions?

  9. Busier than a cat burying shit...I'm so using that lol.

  10. Woohoo for a US vacay coming up! :-)

    Only you would put a photo of a cat taking a crap on here ;-) I actually tried to take a picture of my cat doing the same before (yes, I actually did this) and he was LESS than pleased with me.

    Hope you had a nice weekend!

  11. That cat is gorgeous! Hope you have fun in Denver!! I have been awarded the versatile blogger award and I'm passing it on to you. Pick it up at http://blondegirl34.blogspot.com/2011/06/and-yes-we-are-versatile.html

  12. Heeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyy there :) I have been away from Bloggy Land for so long too! Hope to catch up on everything soon! Have fun :) You're back home! Yayyy!!

  13. I shall be there next storytellers. Jet lag had other ideas for me that day!! Boooo!!! Sounds like you're having a fab time :-) Stop rubbing it in ;-) haha!!

  14. I dont like my family as much as you do! With only 2 months your going to spend half of it traveling!

  15. You guys are gonna have so much fun! Separate awesome parties on the same weekend? Can you say YES PLEASE?????????

    So happy for you guys. So so happy!

  16. Can I just first say that all of ya'll are awesome. I have a slacker post like this, expecting NO response, and still ya'll are here just being the nice supporters that you are. Awesome. BIG smile :)
    @Ellen - I will have a link up on the side of the blog, so if it dissappears from the front page, you can find it there. Glad you joined in lady!
    @Sherri - oh no! Well no worries, summer is hard for blogging. I get that now. Thanks!!! You are too sweet. Hope you had a great weekend too!
    @TriGirl - it never happens, does it?! No worries, glad to do it!!
    @Angie - it will be around next month too, hope to see you then! Haha, it is making me tired just thinking about it too, haha. Thanks girl!
    @Shona - haha, not my kitty. But somewhere on the blog is a pic of him licking his butt. He is pretty doing that! haha
    @Meri - sooo excited too. And I have a wedding in Beaver Creek, beautiful!
    @Colin - what a great way to put it. Hectic, but always in a good way :)
    @Molly - haha, I dunno. That is ok, I will forgive....this time.
    @Lesley - I have to admit, I had to research that online to find it, but I LOVE It.
    @Megan - I know, I never get those! Haha, I have no shame, no shame at all. Haha, well of course he was, you invaded his privacy :) Hope you had a great weekend too!
    @Taylor - well thanks! Looking forward to it all. Thanks girl!! I can't wait to jump over and check it out!
    @Apfel - Hey hey hey!!!I was just thinking about you the other day. I have tried to join GFC on your site and it didn't work. I need to see if I can do it again. Glad you are back!!
    @Missy - good! I bet you did. Haha, you are having a great time too!! Don't lie :)
    @BigMike - well....I try to stay positive, haha. No kidding. But I kinda like it that way ;)
    @Dwija - shhhh don't say anything, but really excited for a girls trip too! I need it! Want to join us?!?!

  17. Have fun on your girl's weekend! Maybe you've written it up before but what ARE all of the things you have to have/do in order to move to a foreign country for a small amount of time. Who finds you a place to live, especially in places that don't speak English. I mean, do you use the Finnish craigslist or what?

  18. You're busy! I didn't even post today cuz I was so busy : ) My hubs just told me he wants to start watching Hockey, I told him I follow the coolest hockey wife's blog ever and tada...here I am showing you off! I'm so proud.

  19. Amazing plans you have ahead, also, careful with your hubs, I'd keep him on a short leash if I where you, lol!

  20. Enjoy all your fun stuff!

    Blogger wouldn't let me post to the STH, so I am royally pissed; will hope to hop the next time.


  21. I'm really sad I missed STH this weekend :( Next time for sure!

    I can't imagine all that goes into a big move like that--you are definitely an inspiration girl!

  22. Vegas...I'll admit I'm jealous of your hubby, too. I want to go SO bad!

    You HAVE been busy! Hope you have a great trip to Denver, and I (grudgingly) hope your hubby's trip to Vegas is good too...I guess. :)

    Seriously, thanks again for the Storytellers Hop. I haven't had a chance to visit many yet, but I'm going to come back and visit this weekend. Fun hop!

  23. Alright, totally off the subject, well sort of... But, I was thinking I wanted to get a cat. Like that beauty you've shown minding his business. But my Hubs HATES cats.

    We tried a puppy but the twins couldn't stand her and I think she was inbred cause she was slightly IQ deficient and ADD. So after 1 yr 2000 dog baths, $1000 in chewed toys, and 7 mental breakdowns for a mom who couldn't make her kids love "the damn dog"....she had to go!

    But cats are less hands on but still cuddly right? I really want my own pet to cuddle that requires less time than a toddler. I had a dog before the kids and want a pet now.

    Don't know why I'm telling you all this. Maybe because I haven't told anyone and this was safe outlet. Words of wisdom?? Dumb idea?


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