April 10, 2011

Zombie Sunday 4/10

April 10th?! Seriously, already!? Ok then...

Mosey on over for a good ol' lazy Zombie Sunday! I think because of that, he needs one of these:

Mini cowboy hat for the dude
There, that's better!

Another quiet Sunday here in Germany, oh, except for the fact that there is another home game tonight in the series and I already have butterflies in my stomach. There is nothing wrong with having a drink to take the edge off things, right?! Even if it is only 10 am, right?!

Ha, yeah right, I can barely handle coffee in the morning. Give me a Mimosa now and I wouldn't even make it to the game. My college self would be ashamed of me now :)

Some of ya'll have asked which team the hubs plays for so ya'll can cheer/follow along. IF they win tonight, big 'if', come on, you know how superstitious I am :) then maybe I will let ya'll in on who he plays for. (It is no secret, really any one with half the sense to google can probably figure it out). You see, IF they win tonight, they will be in the finals. IF. Can I say IF enough?



Anyways, apparently this is the hottest April that southern Germany has had in a very long time. While the Germans are freaking out how 'hot' it is (people, seriously, visit Texas in August, and you will think this is winter weather), I am loving every minute of laying out and just being outside. The Germans think I am a strange, strange lady. I even got a "So you just lay outside on a blanket all day?!?". Yep I do...f*ckers.
Great, I'm already in a funny mood today :)

Oh! I got the best thing in the mail yesterday. No, not more Buc-ee's gear, but an awesome prize package from Mollie at OK in UK! I correctly guessed her picture of a Dyson hand dryer (duh, how could I not know what that was) and she promised goodies and boy, did she deliver.....
Blurred out my address, sorry stalkers! :)
I knew I was getting a Durham Cathedral magnet, but was totally unprepared for the Royal Wedding key chain and magnet (I know, try not to be jealous), a bag of Dolly Mixtures (an old timey British candy) and a delicious bag of Toasted Teacakes (coconutty goodness!). What a prize package!!

Thanks so much Mollie! I am loving every bit of it all!

Last but certainly not least - hmmm, actually had a lot to write about this Zombie Sunday - some very lovely ladies passed on some fun awards to little ol' me.

Sonia over at A Ladybug's Life passed on a very sweet stylish blogger award!!

Thanks girl!

And Kassi from My Road to Mrs. 'tagged' me in her fun post.
Since I am not a good award rules follower, bad blogger, bad, I will share my answer to only one of the fun questions tagged. It counts, right?!

Guilty Pleasure: Hmmm, I have lots. But right now, I am loving The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Those bitches be crazy!! We are just know getting it on the satellite here and I am in love. Move over Orange County, you and your high pitched squeals are not my fave any more.

Oh, you want one more? OoooKkkkk, a bonus guilty pleasure: watching keyboard cat. Sorry, he needs capitalization: Keyboard Cat. Love him. If I am giggling to myself in the corner, the hubs knows I am watching it again. How can you not smile at keyboard cat?!
Don't think I am NOT putting my order in for this right now, 'cause I am. Awesome. (source)

So, thanks again gals for passing on your sweet award and Tiggity Tags to me :)

I hope ya'll are having a great Sunday. I plan on having a nice relaxing one....yeah effing right. If you need me, I will be the crazy fan, hard-core focused, staring daggers and good mental thoughts at the hockey game. 

Yep, pretty much like this lady. I feel ya, I feel ya (source)

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  1. Oooo dolly mixtures!! I haven't had those in ages...don't be fooled, the different colours DO taste different! Also, Keyboard Cat is immense...giggle away!

    Good luck for the game, I would be the same as you. Tense, nervous and ready to shout haha!!

  2. Exciting!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys:)))

  3. I'll be thinking about the team!! Sending good, positive thoughts their way. I don't think I know of this Keyboard Cat...I'm going to google now.

  4. You got a Royal Wedding Key chain? Yes, I'm jealous as hell. *sigh* I want one.
    Good Luck to hubs with the game. The fact you are not rocking back and forth in a corner babbling is amazing to me. All the stress of this.

  5. Stopping by from Comment Love Day.

    I hadn't heard of Keyboard Cat, so I had to look him up. Too cute! My daughter will probably spend hours watching him. Good way to keep her busy! She loves cats and silly videos, so this is a winner.

    Have a great week!

  6. I am a fellow Zombie enthusiast. My friend Donald and I have sat and talked at length (over wine) on how we would survive the outbreak and what supplies we would need and who would do what at our compound.
    New follower!

  7. @Missy - the first piece I tried was awful, but I think I got a bad flavor, love all the rest! And thanks for letting me love keyboard cat, haha. Have a great one!
    @Mac - Best. Comment. Ever. :) Haha, I want to hear about your fun night out!!
    @Mrs K - aw, that is really sweet of you! Thank you, anything to help!! lol
    @Katie - it might just change your life!! Haha, seriously, you need to google it. Maybe it is an acquired taste though, lol. Thanks for the well wishes!!
    @Bernie - haha, I think I do rock back and forth a bit. I try to keep it to a minimum though, lol. The key chain rocks, not going to lie. They aren't advertising that stuff in the US like crazy?!? Maybe I could corner the market then, haha.
    @Karen - thanks for stopping by, I love comment love day :) YES! It is just silly. Internet sensation turned viral video for sure. Haha, I am glad she will like it. Have a great week yourself!

  8. @Breann - haha, that is too funny! I love it! I have to admit that I am not too much of a zombie enthusiast, it was more for the meaning of a lazy Sunday. But I don't have anything against them either! So glad you stopped by!

  9. I've been wanting to leave comments on days I missed, but feel like a total stalker, and that is just weird, right!? So you're getting an EPIC little commento today:)

    Get in the lazy time now...the second wind will come at the game! Which can only be exciting, especially throwin' in a day full of 'its happy hour somewhere' drinks. Okay, coconut teacakes = fat ass syndrome that is so very acceptable and very much welcomed at 10am, 2pm and 8pm! Yum-zees. And the whole royal wedding, LOVE all that is tack. Have you seen the coverage on all the rag magazines, spectacular trashiness. You will need a gold coin once they're issued...

    Some people are just plain crazy and love to be a pale and pasty color all year round, this is something I'll never understand. So very excited that you get to lounge out and bask in all that sunshine glory, maybe you'll start a trend. Out of nowhere it hit almost mid 70s in IL yesterday and everyone was outside, thank god!

    Enjoy the fabulous sun filled day-of course-and good wishes out to your hubby tonight.

  10. hey girl! stopping by from FTLOB :) your post made me crack up a few times... i share your guilty pleasure watching the housewives of beverly hills. bitches ARE crazy! haha

    congrats on the awards and that fun prize package! and good luck with the game tonight :)

    Kristen @ Confessions of a Graphic Design Student

  11. omg omg omg omg omg The FINALS?!?
    Good luck to Mr. Tex!!! I shall be sending him & his teammates good vibes from the desert.

  12. Good luck at the game, have you any fingernails left? We had a beautiful sunny day here too, I put up the paddling pool in the garden for the boys and before I even had the water in it there were 10 little shits...em kids from the neighbourhood ready to jump in. On the royal wedding (yay day off work) have you seen the latest memorabilia? Wills and Kate condoms...I kid you not.

  13. ok the photo of you in the dirndl as a zombie....hysterical.

  14. First of all (and it's not like you don't probably hear this 10 times a day), YOU ARE HILARIOUS!


    Personally speaking, I don't think 10 am is too early for a drink. Nor do I think sunbathing to be a futile endeavor.

    The art of doing nothing is an art, right?

    Without rambling, I'm newly following through the FTLOB comment hop, and so you know, I'm GNOME-ing at the mouth for more.

    Baby Talk without the Babble

  15. I watched a little bit of Zombieland today. Made me think of your blog. I told a bunch of people about it (guys) and they looked at me like I was a maniac. They have yet to visit blogland & discover all its wonders. Idiots.

  16. Good luck to hubs! You must be nervous :)

  17. I have definitely been a zombie today! Feeling like death for sure!

    So please don't mention mimosas! ;)

  18. nice goodies you got there, love the shirt, but you need a lot of guts to wear that in public!

  19. Whoa the Keyboard Cat! I am awestruck!!

  20. @Morgan - yeah, I love epic comments! And you can be my stalker any day, haha. I did have lazy time yesterday (and also enjoying it today, lol). The royal wedding thing, nonesense, but I still kind of love it :) Those pale people, they just don't know what they are missing. I plan on spending the majority of today out in the hot hot sun :) Have a great one Morgan!
    @Kristen - well thanks for stopping by! Yes, so insane, I freakin' love that season. Oh reality TV, what would I do without you, haha.
    @Heather - Thanks Heather! They WON last night, post coming soon on that. So exciting. Now just to cool our heels until the finals. thanks for your kind words!
    @Ryan - thanks Ryan! Haha, local swimming hole?! I think you should start charging, haha. Glad ya'll are getting some nice weather too!
    @Jenni - haha, isn't it awesome. Had to do in the dirndl, had to!
    @Gillian - well thanks, my husband doesn't nearly say it enough, hahah. Exactly, so well put :) Love it. I am really glad you stopped by!
    @Erin - haha, Zombieland is one of the few zombie movies I have seen, I liked it! Haha, I told some of the guys here about my blog and all the other hockey wife blogs and they just didn't get it either. They really are missing out :)
    @Meri - thanks Meri! I think all these well wishes worked :)
    @SIF - I saw ya'll had a great night out! How fun, and happy birthday to you. Ok, no mention of alcohol, I swear :)
    @Patti - haha, guts, how about awesomeness, haha. I seriously love it, that thing is awesome. If I do order it, I will have to do a post on that.
    @Apfel - heck yes you are, Keyboard Cat is, for lack of better words, kickass, haha.

  21. A mimosa at 10am sounds quite good, actually! :-)



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