April 11, 2011

The Results Are In!

Sorry, no, not a post about Maury or revealing anyone's baby daddy.

Well, I know you have been waiting on baited breath...

The hubs' team won last night, which puts them in THE FINALS!!! Eeek! 

Cele it up boys! (source)
I am not only happy for the team (and proud of the hubs), who really came through this tough season to finish on top, but I am also so relieved to know that the final series won't start until next Sunday. Which means I can relax a bit until then.

And if I though I was nervous in the 'Best-of-7' rounds leading up to this point, I seriously need some elephant tranquilizers to get through the 'Best-of-5' finals. Well, that or a butt-load of booze :) Nah, tranquilizers will work great.

You're...you're crazy man. I like you, buy you're crazy. (source)

Now, I can begin the oh-so-fun process of packing (eh, not so bad, we got it down pretty good) and FINALLY start thinking about going home for the summer. 

I hadn't let myself think about being at home for a while now. Once I get Texas (and Sonic and Taco Cabana and Pei Wei and Diet Dr. Pepper and stores open on Sunday) on my brain, I have a hard time thinking about anything else. For reals. Now I am craving all of that!

Yes semi-outdated postcard, you really DO sum up Texas nicely! (source)
So I promised that if the team won this series, I would let ya'll in on where we were and what team he plays for. Some of you already know, but for those of ya'll who don't, I want to do a fun little write up on this beautiful and historic town.

Well, the town we live close to. The 'town' we live in consists primarily of apple trees and goats :)

So, since I honestly don't know that much about the history of this town, whoops!, I will have to gather some good info for the post. I'm excited to take ya'll on a tour of a 'klein aber fein' German town!

Hope everyone is having a great Monday and is a little more clear headed than I am. What!? We were celebrating last night :)
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  1. CONGRATS!!!! Oh, I am so excited for ya'll!!!!

    Can't wait for the post - I love the little German tidbits I'm learning from your blog!

    I have xanax - will overnight you some for the finals ;)

    P.S. Will Ferrell is my FAVORITE!!!

  2. Can't wait to read it and yay for winning!

  3. Wohoo the finals, thats great!! Good Luck to you and your hubs the rest of the season and try and keep those anxiety levels down...chardonnay always does the trick for me :o)

  4. I don't know how you do it. After a week's vacation somewhere else, I am dieing for Tex-Mex and all things margarita. Enjoy!

  5. Yay for finals! BEST OF LUCK to your hubs! And it's so exciting you get to start thinking about coming home to TX!

  6. haha they don't have diet dr. pepper there?? what a tragedy. I thought not having mexican food was bad enough. silly europe.

  7. Yea! So glad they made it!
    I'm kind of like you with the getting excited about whatever the "next thing" is, moving... a trip somewhere... a new job, etc. I remember before I moved back from Spain I could NOT stop thinking about Chipotle every day. My stomach would hurt I wanted it so bad haha!

    Looking forward to the post about your town!

  8. Congrats!!! How exciting, and in many ways, especially that you'll be comin' on back to the good ol' U.S.A. and some real food, lol!

    Keeping the best of thoughts for the hubs and his team as well as for you!

    Sippin' a Diet Dr.P in your honor!


  9. OMG Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy!! All the best to them for the Finals!! I don't know what I am more excited about. The Playoffs, or the fact that you get to go back to "deep in the heart of texasss"!!

  10. Thanks to everyone for their kind words!
    @Heather - thanks I am excited too!! Haha, please fedex them, haha. And yes, Will Farrell rocks!
    @April - thanks girl, I need to come up with a good post now :)
    @Hillary - haha, well Riesling helps me! lol Thanks for the well wishes.
    @Breann - seriously, I miss it so much when I am here and gorge myself on it to the point where I am sick of when I get home, lol
    @Meg - Yes, really exciting about going home finally feeling like it is here!! Thanks for wishing the team luck!
    @Jackie - silly europe indeed. If you are lucky, you can find regular DP, but I like my diet. I will be downing a whole 12 pack right off the plane, lol
    @Meri - I always get excited for the 'next thing' too! It is fun to think about the next thing in the future, sometimes too much. I need to enjoy the moment too, haha. Oh, and I love Chipotle too!! Yum.
    @Patty - heck yes, ready for some good junky food! Thanks for the good thoughts coming out way. Enjoy that Diet DP for meeee!
    @Mrs K - thanks girl!
    @Apfel - I know, thanks!! Hmmm, close call...I am thinking its a tie. And thanks for getting that song stuck in my head, haha

  11. That is FANtastic!! Pat-on-the-back to the hubs & team. Can't wait to read how the finals go:) Just with that one will ferrell picture I went thru that whole scene in my head, thanku I so needed that!!! Hilarious.xo

  12. yayyy!!! that's soo exciting!! congrats!!!! :)

  13. Congrats on the win AND your week of down time! So exciting, but I really hope you bring at least one goat home to Texas...just a little momento of the season. Consider the goat your permanent good luck charm. That's the secret of winning, you know. Goats.

  14. @Sherri - well thanks! And yes, I have had that whole scene in my head all day :) What a great movie, lol.
    @Laura - thanks Laura!!
    @No7 - Well thanks! Haha, you think I could sneak one past security?! They would have no problems with that, right?! They are good luck charms, so true!! I will dedicate this season to them :)

  15. Happy Monday to you too! I tell you whut, I busted up laughing for reals when I saw that picture because that's exactly how I WAS SITTING! Harrgh!

    I hate the lack of the Diet Dr. P also. Enjoy your mini-break!

  16. Congratulations!! How exciting. I really think with a week you have time to try different mixes of drugs and booze. Just to tone you down for the finals. Perhaps they could put you in a straight jacket and prop you in a chair to watch? I'm trying to be a helper bee.

  17. Woo Hoo Congrats!! I will drive 20 min out of my way for a cherry limeade. They're worth it.

  18. Yay!!! Congratulations...this is all VERY exciting. Between you and Heather of Belle of The Desert, I now have TWO hockey teams to pull for. Here's to a great post-season (is that even what you call it in hockey) and no nervous breakdowns!!

  19. well thats exciting news! & i dont have a sonic near me but there is one being built by my school. I cant wait to try it and see what the raves are all about!

  20. Oh my god, you know your husband would love shooting you with a fakey tranquil dart. And you back at him should he 'avoid' practice this week! Congrats to a hard working duo-your hubs and his leading lady! Hope you got some rest grass-side with the sun today.

  21. Woo hoo! How exciting! And to go home to Texas....wow. I want a visit SO. BAD.


    If you're ever in Irving, go to a hole-in-the-wall Mexican restaurant called Danal's . I am salivating just thinking about their kick-a** salsa!

  22. Nothing better than winning and a picture of Will Farrell! Go Alex, go!

  23. congratulations, also a town with apples and goats sounds heavenly.

  24. Hello, I'm your newest follower. Also a Texan/German.

    Hope you can stop by sometime.

    Have a great Tuesday!


  25. @Mollie - Haha, it is too funny. I am like that right now for sure. We should start importing the Diet DP, we could be rich! Or just drink it all ourselves, ha
    @Bernie - thanks!! I will test out the best tranqs available, I am confident I will come up with a good combo, lol. ANd yes, if all else fails, straight jacket it up! haha you are helping tons :)
    @Jordan - Thanks girl! Totally worth, for sure!
    @Katie - very exciting indeed, I am ready for it. Haha, no kidding, we are all about it :) yep, sounds perfect to me!
    @Allison - Ohhh you lucky dog. Gotta try a diet cherry limeade and a large tots. You won't be disappointed at all!
    @Morgan - yes, he could so practice on me! haha. Thanks love, we are resting it up like pros :)
    @dweej - Nice! I will keep that bit of info in my back pocket. Always down for some kick ass salsa, haha
    @Marcy - Thanks!!
    @HW - don't they just go hand in hand, haha. Thanks lady!
    @Patti - haha, it is quite heavenly :) Quiet, but nice :)
    @Purple - Too cool!! Thanks for stopping by :)

  26. Awwww, congrats to hubby! That is SO exciting!! I totally loved your shout out to Maury and baby daddies! Haha.

  27. @Megan - respect you about a thousand percent cause you are the only homie to get that reference, hahah.

  28. That's sooo awesome!!! Congrats to hubbie! Are you married to Wayne Gretzcy?

  29. So exciting to be going to the finals! Also equally exciting you get to head home soon!!

  30. Yay!!! Oh yes...Diet Dr. Pepper!!! I miss that!

  31. IIIIII KNOW WHERE YOU ARE I KNOW WHERE YOU ARE I KNOW WHERE YOU ARE! only because I google your names all the time ;)

  32. Thanks for joining us on I ♥ Blogging Hop! My family and I are huge hockey fans, wish I had found your blog sooner to get in on the excitement. Congrats on the win and heading back to Tx. I look forward to reading more of your posts!

    Have a great day and stay cool in Germany!!
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  33. @Copyboy - awww, how did you know! He is only about 25 years my senior, nbd, haha. :)
    @Traveling Wife - soooo equally exciting for sure!! It could even be within a week, yippee :)
    @Lesley - thanks lady, and yes, I could go for one right about now, lol
    @KY - YOU are my stalker, I love it! haha
    @Jen - Too cool! Well I am really glad you stopped by to say hello. Thanks for that :)


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