April 8, 2011

Frackin' Friday

Do the Frackin' Friday happy dance!
(now try to get 'The Hustle' tune out of your head...sorry!)

In case you really DID want to Do The Hustle (source)
I hope everyone had a great week, and that you have some fun plans for the weekend. And if not, then sit back and relax. After a long week, bloggyland, you deserve it.

You also deserve to know one of my favorite German words.

I will say, that this one isn't as bad as the others. Really, it isn't even a cuss word at all. But when used correctly, can still cut to the core!

Today's Frackin' Friday word:

(pronounced Layker-leek)
Meaning: Ridiculous or Ridic!

As in, 'Du bist Lächerlich': You are ridiculous!

So yeah, not really a bad word, per se. But can still be useful.

Need a few examples?!

"Yo man, were you drunk when you got that? Your tattoo is lächerlich!"

"Even though she is lächerlich, I still respect what Lady Gaga is doing...sometimes"

"I bet the amount of food he gets stuck in that thing is lächerlich"

And my favorite
"Ref, you called that a penalty?!?! Du bist lächerlich und peinlich!" 
(ah, there is a new one in there for ya)

So bloggyland, I hope this was helpful. Call out those lächerlich people this weekend. 

And have a lächerlich good time doing so :)
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  1. Mornin'....I'd write a more lengthy comment but I'm looking through my closet for my lächerlich Disco dress; going out tomorrow evening for some Saturday Night Fever.

    You just HAD to go there, didn't you?


  2. That 'stache would make BizNasty proud... I may have to tweet him about it! BTW - why are you not on Twitter??? We would love for you to join us! You are missing out on some great @BizNasty2point0 tweets young lady... :D

  3. See, there was no reason for me to ever study German -- I can just come here and learn the REALLY important words!!! :)

  4. I am looking forward to a Lächerlich-ly awesome weekend! :D

  5. @Slidecutter - why not have a disco weekend! haha. Stuck in your head, isn't it :)
    @Heather - that mustashe is out of control indeed. Now why do I need to be on twitter when you can just tweet the post for me! ;)
    @Yenta - and they are of COURSE the most important words :)
    @Apfel - I hope you have one my dear :)!

  6. Thanks for that. You can call people 'Doylem' if you want. It is a Yorkshire slang word for idiot. Unfortunately I work shifts so no weekends for me. Just thought I'd wallow in self-pity.

  7. +1 für den versuch einfache deutsche Wörter zu verbreiten

  8. Becaaaaaaaause!!! It's so fun to tweet! All the cool kids are doin' it Tex - we're just missing you! ;)

  9. I'll have to teach G. the new word. She loves new German words. I love the lächerlich tat and mustache best. Thanks for bringing a smile to my morning!

  10. OMG. My husband would freak out at that Judge Judy tattoo. He has an unhealthy obsession with her.

  11. You really just HAD to post that picture of my Judge Judy tattoo, didn't you?! ;)

    I know so many lächerlich people it's really lächerlich.

    Great word!

  12. Hey oh!! Happy Friday to you! I totally fell off of electroland trying to rest up and got caught up with some friendly antibiotics/pain killers so it's going to take me ALL weekend to get an L fix of frackin funtimes!

    So I'm loving how totally ridic Gaga is and all of her outfits which they totally are...did you see her condom inspired one? Where does she come up with this stuff? Lovin' it! And btw, you could not pay me to put the face of some batshit crazy person on my body :)

    Have a super fantabulous weekend.

  13. @Tony - boo you have to work! And I love that word! I am thinking about taking suggestions for cuss words in other languages, so this might just be perfect for that! haha.
    @Mac - you know it :) I am trying to spread some German word love! haha
    @Heather - I never was a cool kid :( lol
    @Miko's - what a sweet comment, I am glad you liked it!
    @Meg - don't lie....that is your husband in the picture! haha
    @Katie - of course! And oh, good use of the word. Twice in one sentence. Gold star for you!
    @Morgan - hey there! I was missing you :) I hope you are feeling better! I am not a big gaga fan, but I do appreciate it that she puts it all on the line...even if that line is way weird, lol. And that tat, so horrible, so bad. Hope you have a great weekend too!

  14. The hustle looks hilarious. That beard trying to pretend it's a mustache is amazing. If I could, I would totally grow my own and join the circus. I would travel with the lions and we would be best friends. They'd let me use them as pillows when I slept without gnawing on my noggin. Then I'd sit on a stool all day while people paid to see the bearded mustache lady. The lions would comfort me at night when I cried my big tears because people always gasped when they saw me and I only ever wanted a friend but my beard kept everyone at a distance. And so my only friends were lions.

    Okay, I think I'm done here.

  15. I love to watch Judge Judy but there is no way I would get a tattoo of her. Well I wouldn't get a tattoo of anything to be honest.
    New words are always fun.

  16. Funny you bring up this word today, I called my mother last night to complain about how lächerlich expensive the fish is in swiss supermarkets (yeap, I just love fish and hate it when I get charged the same price as in restaurants in Spain for something that I still need to cook!).
    Have a great weekend!

  17. @Heather - well you rock too! Have a great weekend :)
    @Jordan - Best. Comment. Ever. Haha, this is awesome. Love the rambles.
    @Bernie - yeah, no kidding. I don't care how much I love something! That this really is too much.
    @Katherina - Yikes! I know how expensive things can be in Switzerland! Hope you had a great fish dinner anyways :)

  18. Love this! "Hasselhoff has a singing career? Lacherlich!"

  19. Oh I do love learning new things! That mustache is amazing. Can't imagine having that thing on my face.

  20. I was running out of ajectives to cuss widout actually cussing n den u came wid Lächerlich n saved d day!

  21. lol i'm gonna start calling my students out on all their lächerlich-ness (i can just add 'ness' right?) and i'm sure theyll love it! hahahah

  22. It's totally Lächerlich that you've successfully planted that damn song in my brain just before I signed off to go to bed!!

  23. I LOVE your blog.

  24. Love it! I keep saying it over and over because it's a fun word - I think DH thinks I've finally gone mad.

  25. AHHHH my favorite day of the week, a new fun word to say in front of my friends. They either think i'm really smart or hella weird. :) PS) That mustache pic is RIDIC!!!!

  26. lol... your frackin' friday words crack me up... (and how you use them) :) Hope you have a great weekend! and wow.. that's one big STASH.. if they don't hurry up through the finals, J's is gonna look like that here soon. (they're all growing theirs out... ugh!)

  27. @Meri - !!!!! Best one yet. How did I not include that one!?! haha.
    @debbie - well, no offense, but since your name is debbie, not only would it be uncomfortable on your face, I think you would look pretty weird with that mustache beard too, haha, jk. Have a good one!
    @nabo - well glad I could supply you with one more :)
    @kimberly - perfect! What a fun word to use with them. They will love/hate it, haha.
    @No. 7 - haha, noooo, I am sorry :) I just woke up and will have it in my head all day, if that makes it any better, lol. Sweet disco dreams!!
    @dakotad - well thanks! I appreciate the nice words :)
    @ixy - it is fun to just say over and over. Man, we are all going to be cussing up a storm over in North America and no one will know what hit them. Love it!
    @Rachel - Haha, mine too, mine too. I wonder if we can just shorten the word to lächer, just like ridic. Might try that one!
    @Laura - Haha, oh my gosh, if he could grow one like that, you better let him keep it. Or at least do a blog post on it before he shaves it, haha. Hope ya'll are still doing well in playoffs and you have a great weekend too!

  28. Hahaha!! Das ist sehr lustig!!

    "Ref, you called that a penalty?!?! Du bist lächerlich und peinlich!" - Ich liebe das!!

    Just thought I'd join you in some German there! :-)

    Stopping by from Fab Friends!

  29. hahaha..have a great weekend:))

  30. "Lacherlich". Hmmmm, how to work that into a sentence? I like that one.

  31. @Missy - also, danke schön! Sie können jederzeit auf Deutsch kommentieren!! :)
    @Mrs k - thanks, you too!
    @Kara - well thanks, I am sure you will find a way to fit it right on :)

  32. I love these.
    I "looked cute" with the help of a much-needed shower and some makeup. I was determined to go to that concert, I paid for the tickets a couple months ago! I definitely felt the effects after the concert though.

    I hope you have a good weekend!

  33. Such a funny post! That mustache is certainly rediculous.

  34. Thanks!! I may not know enough to comment often however like that, I'm breaking out some of my A Level German here!! I can however tell you what colour my walls and ask you for a train ticket...you know- all the important stuff!!

    New follower!

  35. Gah! I had to scroll down for five minutes!

    Hyperbole. Anyway. I has an award for you! If you want it, that is. No need to comply with the meme either.

  36. @Mal - well thanks Mal! And you did look cute for the concert. I don't blame you, I would make it count too!
    @Fashionography - well thanks, and it is ridiculous :)
    @Missy - haha, well I am impressed, your German A is pretty dang good! Glad you are here!
    @Michelle - awesome, and absolutely absurd. I want to know who that person is!
    @Mollie - haha, nice. I should have included it today in the post! I will save it for next week for sure. THanks Mollie!!

  37. I have an award for you if you feel like playing - happy Sunday!


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