April 1, 2011

Frackin' Friday

Oh Happy Friday!

And a happy Frackin' Friday at that!

So, there is no trick or joke in honor of April Fool's day, but I did figure I would give you a really good German cuss word on this day.

I am not foolin' around with this one (see, see what I did there. Comic gold.)

I'll give you a little background for this naughty word. I am a big fan of funny movies (most rom-coms make me want to barf, but I will safe that for a whole 'nother post).

One movie that I find funny every time I watch is Beerfest. If you haven't seen this gem, it is by the Broken Lizard group, the same guys that did Super Troopers. I love them, but I don't know if they are for everyone.
Yeah, I basically have a guy's taste in movies (source)
Here is a super quick synopsis about the movie:
"Two guys used to drinking beer for fun suddenly become fierce competitors in a sort of Lager Olympics in this over-the-top comedy."

Ok, so it didn't win any Academy awards or anything, but I still love it. Its raunchy and funny, and gets funnier the more German we learn.

Which is where the basis for today's word comes from. One of the characters in the film has a pretty naughty name. Although I'm sure that 99% of the people watching the movie didn't catch it. It is quick, and of course, in German. 

Pictured above is Herr Schniedelwichsen
Pronounced "Sh-needle-vixen"

Sounds innocent enough, like just another typical German last name, right. Wrooong.

To put it in the most polite terms that I can, his name basically means "Jag off" yeah, I said 'jag', it sounded a little better in my mind. 

(I feel like I am embarrassing my German readers, sorry!)

I had already knew that wichsen meant to pleasure oneself - see I have a delicate way of putting these things! - and that was thanks to one of my blogging besties over at Travel Babbles

But Schniedel was new to me, but it doesn't take a scientist to realize just what part of the male anatomy they are talking about.

I hope you stopped reading a while back, Mom and Dad! Haha

So the clever writers slipped that one in and I am sure had a quiet little inside-joke chuckle about it. Now, if you do watch the movie, you can be in on the joke too!

Or, even better, you can express your anger with those Schniedelwichsens out there without them having a clue! (Although you might have already called them a Schei├če Verlierer or a Zicke, so they might be on to you! :))

On another real quick note, I want to thank all of ya'll who voted for me for blog of the month over at FTLOB. The support was tremendous, and ya'll are so awesome. Thank you times a million!

Have a great Friday. And when someone plays an April Fools joke on you, drop a Schniedelwichsen or two on them! haha.
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  1. lol...great post! Thanks for building my vocabulary and worldly knowledge. Happy April Fools Day!

  2. Very nice post, I remember watching that movie some years ago, and of course, I had no idea about that inside joke.
    I think that learning the local profanity has to be in the top 5 to-do list when going to another country.

  3. Oh my ex called me today , what a perfect time to use Schniedelwichsen hahahaha :D I SO LOVE FRACKIN' FRIDAYSSSSSSSSSSSSSS

  4. Gawd...I so love learning new things! Thanks to you TGN, I'm becoming a more wordy/worldly person. Those around me think I went out and purchased that Rosetta Stone software to learn a new language, lolol

    By the way, regarding "April Fools", you don't come anywhere near one of "those" groups lady! Your posts are the perfect blend of fun, sarcasm and reality...and that's no joke!

    Friday Hugs,

  5. @Toni - haha, well thanks. Anything I can do to help :)
    @Patti - definitely a must! And yes, I we didn't catch it for the longest time either. THey are pretty sneaky :)
    @Apfel - haha, you are awesome. Your poor Ex (well, not really) he will never know what hit him!
    @Slidecutter - Haha, worldly!? Well I don't know about that. But you can now cuss up a storm in Germany, haha. Well thanks Patty! That is really sweet of you to say. I really enjoyed your post! :) Have a great Friday!!

  6. Okay, I love Super Troopers, so I'm definitely going to have to see this movie. It sounds hilarious. And what a fun and interesting new word. New and unique ways to say curse words is always a plus in my book...and I've found I really enjoy the way schniedelwichsen rolls off the tongue. Okay, it only occurred to me after I typed that how dirty it sounded, but I'm too lazy to delete it.

    Happy Frackin' Friday!

  7. HAHA That's too funny...I'll have to watch it for the 20th time just to catch that :) Have a good weekend and enjoy the beautiful weather!

  8. Ooo, thanks for the naughty word! I always become a victim on April Fool's Day, so I'm glad to have a nasty comeback in my pocket to hurl at those clever April Foolers! Happy Friday!

  9. i think we just might be humour soul mates--i love those guys! Thanks for the new swear word for the week :D

  10. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. I love beerfest. In fact, we're having a beerfest-type competition at a party this Saturday, and I'm super excited.

    Oh goodness, I'll probably giggle nonstop when this comes up.

    You're awesome! (and I voted for you at FTLOB) :D

  11. @Katie - haha, that DID sound dirty, too funny :) You will love Beerfest if you like Supertroopers. The more times you watch it, the better!
    @Jessica - hope you have a great weekend too girl!
    @Ada - haha, that was exactly my intentions with this lesson, lol. Glad I could help out!
    @Tri - Yes! I had a feeling, stumbling onto your blog, that we might just have the same sense of hunor. Awesome! You are welcome :)
    @Mal - Just start calling people by that name before the movie/competition starts, jump ahead of the game! I am sooo jealous that is what you are going to this weekend. Sounds like a blast! haha. THanks Mal, hope you have a great weekend!

  12. I haven't seen Beer Fest, but Super Troopers is one of my guilty favorites. So wrong! So I guess I need to watch Beer Fest now!

  13. I'm calling my boyfriend that later today and then I'm gong to shout APRIL FOOLS right after. He'll be so confused and it will be awesome. Also, about your last post, 12 freaking years? Why oh why? I mean, I hope they were autographed by someone famous and in a frame and NOT being worn weekly. Although oddly enough, I can picture Jake doing the same thing. What is it with guys? Don't they know how fun underwear shopping can be?

  14. hahahaha hilarious- i've never seen the movie, but it sounds funny :) I didn't do any april fools jokes either.. I'm just not good at them.. I end up thinking of one after the fact. Oh well! :)

  15. I enjoyed reading this post. My kids love Beerfest but I'm not sure they caught this one! My daughter took German in High School and college and is usually good at picking these up, but I think she missed this one! Her good ole mom will have to drop this on her.:)

  16. @lucy - you got to see, you would Love it!
    @Mac - right back at ya :)
    @Jordan - haha, he will have no idea what just happened. And the undies, yes, the boys are out of control. I think we need a world wide girls meeting to remedy this! haha
    @Laura - I have never been a big pranker, probably because I would hate to get it myself! But you are right, I always have a good April's Fools joke in like, October, ha.
    @Debbie - haha, that is awesome, you will have to let her know that one. Nothing like it coming from you mom! :) Thanks for stopping by!

  17. Great post! I always love adding new words to my vocabulary!!
    Thanks for popping by my blog :)

  18. OOOh that's a good one!! People are going to think I'm a genius with my german cusswords :)

  19. Excellent! And of course I own that movie! Truly a great flick especially for one of German descent - and it is funnier every time. Very proud that I was able to tell my children the secret of the boot from first hand experience.

  20. aw a new follower for a while now.. just wanted to let you know i award you with a stylish blog award... go check it out


    Xoxo Lisa

  21. @Lisa - well you are welcome, lol. And thanks for stopping by here!
    @An Irish - you will sound do fancy with your dirty German mouth, hahaha!
    @Rusk - Of course you do! ANd I love that you knew the secret of the boot already. Much respect for that :)
    @Lisa - Wow, thanks Lisa, can't wait to check it out!!

  22. Lindsey, thank you for stopping off at my blog! I totally voted for you for Blog of the Month on FLOTB a couple days ago. As a former Texan *and* Canadian, I had to show the love.

    And p.s.- you are hilarious to boot! I'm going to have fun following you :) (no pressure or anything...)

  23. haha..thats a good one:)) Have a great weekend!

  24. Beerfest is even funnier if you watch it with a pack of Pilsners, is there a Beerfest 2 on release or did I imagine this while drunk?

  25. I wrote a comment yesterday, but for some reason it did not get posted. Something was wrong with my connection I guess. Anyway, I wrote something like this:

    I hope I don't take my postings as arrogant or bumptious, I really don't mean it that way, I really like your posts, I simply like to add information, if I can.

    The word "Schniedel" is actually not a "Bad word", it comes from children's language, or rather, from the language, parents use when they talk to children. It is in no way a word that you should use in a formal conversation, because it would sound rather childish. Grown-ups use the word, if they talk about the penis in a slightly belittling way, but the connotation is not as negative as it would be with a swear-word.

    Some other words for penis from children's language: Schniedelwutz ("shneedle-vootz", if you pronounce the "oo" as in "look", by the way, I don't know it "Schniedel" is the original form or "Schniedelwutz"), "Piescher" ("pee-shur"), "Piephahn" ("peep-haaan", it can be translated as "cheeping cock").

    If you really want to call a person a wanker by using this term, you should call him "Schniedelwichser", because "schniedelwichsen" would be just the verb.

    And about the word "wanker": I don't believe in censoring swear-words for the sake of political correctness and since you don't censor the German words, I guess I can spell out the English ones just as well :-D

    Looking forward to your next word!

  26. @Dweej - too cool! I know, no pressure, but really looking forward to seeing your blog too :)
    @Mrs K - you have a good weekend too!
    @Ryan - what?! Don't mess with me like that, I don't think there is...but maybe. Ok, internet searching beginning now, haha.
    @Lutz - Wow, never knew I would know so much about the German penis!

  27. Baha! I am dying at your last comment to Lutz! Who would have thought, right? Now ya know!

    I cut my ring finger at work yesterday (paper cut, but I swear I lost most of the blood in my body). I can barely type because it's bandaged. Stop laughing, I swear it's bad. Anyway, I have all kind of stuff to post to docs! I'm EXCITED!

    And thanks for the info about the German boy bits. Learn something new every day! Danke!

  28. It's great that you get this added enjoyment out of being so worldly!

  29. Too funny! I love when I catch stuff like this. And you know I'm the hugest fan of frackin friday :)
    Hope you're havin a good weekend!

  30. lol! Thanks for the info. I love being in on the joke! :)

  31. @HW - you should get workers comp for that finger! haha. I am sorry about the paper cuts, those really do hurt like a bia! Can't wait to see what you have!!! :)
    @Joey - haha, as childish as it is, I do enjoy it :)
    @Meri - well thanks Meri! I hope you are having a good weekend too!
    @Sweetly - no prob, glad I could get you in on it!


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