March 30, 2011

A Very Good Day

I feel like I just posted, but I have some fun things to share. Although, I do really hate 'covering up' the post below.

Do ya'll ever feel that way? Where you want to leave a post you love up as long as possible so it can have it's time in the spotlight? I dunno, maybe I am just weird, haha.

If you didn't get a chance to read about our weekend in France, you will have to look at the two posts below!

But really, what I wanted to do today was tell you about the great day that I had yesterday! I felt some of these things were worth sharing with ya'll!

It really was a great day.

First off, my beloved, the sun, was out all day yesterday and it made for the most perfect weather day here in Germany. Highs in the low 70s, no wind and warm sunshine the entire day! There are few things that can tear the hubs away from the TV for an entire afternoon. The weather yesterday was able to do that. We laid around in the sun for hours. I was in heaven. (if you haven't noticed yet, I basically worship the sun!)

I'm working on it Cristiano! (source)

Secondly, the not-so-baby-anymore goatie has, once again, figured out how to get out of his pen. He doesn't realize that the grass is just as green and yummy on both sides of the fence, but then again most of us don't realize that either!

We turned our back for once second, and look who decided to see what was going on in the apartment. Honestly, where do we live!?!

"Oh hey there folks, you gots anything good to eat in here???"

Third - and yes he gave me permission to blog about this - the hubs finally threw away a pair of underwear that he had had for TWELVE YEARS!! I am not joking about this. They were tattered and hole riddled. I asked him numerous times to toss them, but he was adamant that they were his favorite pair and too comfy. Finally, out of the blue, yesterday he stands up, declares that they must go, and throws them away right then and there. Making progress.

And on another note, which I will have to save for another blog, the hubs is a big over-sharer. I know more about him and his body than any lady ever needs to know. He isn't gross or anything, I guess he just feels comfortable enough to tell me...everything. Joys of being married, right!?

Last but oh-so-certainly not least, I was nominated for For the Love of Blogs BLOG OF THE MONTH! EEEEEeeeee!

I am not gonna lie, the competition is stiff this month. There are some great bloggers up for the award, many of which I really enjoy reading every day.

It would be such an honor to be named Blog of the Month, but really, for lack of less corny wording, I feel like I have already won. I honestly have the most supportive and awesome group of readers/commenters I could have ever asked for. I know other bloggers might say that, but I really mean it.

Ya'll are funny, witty, and actually seem to enjoy what I write (which might mean you are good actors too, haha, jk). Before I started blogging, I never thought that bloggyland could be such a positive and supportive community. And thanks to the bloggers I have found, ya'll made that a reality. Although I try to give back as much as possible by reading and commenting on your sites, I don't know if I can ever truly express how awesome ya'll all are and how appreciative I am. Thank you for putting a big smile on my face every day!

Now, if you do feel like voting, I would love the support :) And if not, that is ok too. But you should at least check out FTLOB. The three ladies who run the site have grown it into a wealth of information and help for any and all bloggers.

I wish all of you a very happy and great Hump Day!
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  1. Just dropping by from the blog hop! I love your blog! What a fun read! I'm a new follower and would love if you'd stop by and check me out!

  2. I just voted for you!! Good luck!! I really enjoy reading your posts!!

  3. congrats on ur nomination :D & what's up with the goat ... ahahahah!! cute little guy ;)

  4. Trying to decide which part of this post I like best; the sun, the goat or your hub's dearly-departed drawers, lolol

    The sun, at least where I am, is hiding behind one more "Winter Storm Watch"; like duh? It's Spring, isn't it?

    Wildlife coming into my home happened just once; a raccoon burst through our front screen door one July and we found Rocky sitting under the table in our breakfast nook, chattering away. Our oldest daughter screamed SO loudly that the creature then forced itself out through our back screen door, permanently deaf from Jen's shrieking.

    Men's underwear; do not get me started on how long they hoard, and wear, holey, stretched-out, yuckky briefs, ignoring all the new pairs they own. Jeans are even worse. My hub's had 27 pairs of ripped, stained pants reserved for yard work, painting, etc. I said "had"; 2 are left, 25 went into the trash. He's still pissed at me.

    Congrats on being nominated!! Well-deserved and you definitely have my votes!


  5. @Mariah - well thanks for stopping by!
    @Lala - awww, thanks! That really does mean a lot to me :)
    @b.lee - Thanks! He is the cutest, isnt' he. Doesn't look like a goat in this picture, more deer like!
    @Slidecutter - um Patty, how about your comments just be my guest post. This is HILARIOUS! I love it. You have to share that story on your blog for sure! Poor Raccoon, had no idea what he was getting into with your family, haha. Thanks so much for your support, it really means to the world to me! Hope you are having a great Wednesday too :)

  6. *girly squeal, hopping up and down with you* Yea!!! I'm so going to vote for you. I will also do a post and get some of my fans to vote for you. You so deserve it1!!

  7. YAY Tex!!! I'm so happy about your nomination! I hope you win - you definitely deserve it! You inspire and delight me every day - and I know you do for so many others as well! I'd give you the award myself if I could!

    Also - I to am a sun worshiper... It's part of the reason I live in Arizona - that and my hockey team of course!

    Thanks for all that you are and all that you do!!!


  8. congrats! lovely greetings

  9. Hello There!

    Thank you so much for visiting my blog and also letting me know that I was also nominated :) I found out because of your lovely comment!

    I honestly agree with your words above. I have made so many friends through blogging, it's really taken me by surprise.


  10. hahahahaha... on many fronts... the undies... the goat... hilarious. And i wish it was THAT warm here... ugh... it looks so warm out from indoors, yet it's still in the 30's... F***! :-( I need warmth now. Hope you got some sun on your cheeks! xoxo

  11. Oh my GAWD! 12 years for undies....I laughed so hard when I saw that. He has had a relationship with cotton and its time for bigger boy pants! Congratulations on the nom :) super excited for you!

    Have a fantabulous humpity hump day and enjoy the heatwave!

  12. Twelve years! And I thought my husband hung onto his clothes for forever.

    Can I just say I love visiting your blog - always makes me laugh whenever I read one of your posts.

  13. You think somewhere down the line one of the boys in the locker room would give him a hard time about those undies! But nope, my fiance has them too. I just asked one of his teammates the other day (I'm serious) to tell him to throw out a pair. When boxer-briefs look like stretched boxers they do nothing for their ... I'm voting for you.

  14. OMG. It *must* be a Canadian thing. I just convinced my Canadian to throw out his pair of underwear that he'd had since high school (Freshman year...)

    I mean, the holes in it kind of rendered it pointless...let's face it, nothing was being 'held in' so to speak. That is hilarious. I thought he was the only one who did that. Gotta love these Canadian men.

  15. @Bernie - Eeeee, I was that happy! Well thank you for being so great Bernie, really! That means a lot to me :)
    @Heather - ok, my commenters and supporters just keep getting better. You are amazing. Thank you so much for your kind words. And for being a great bloggyland friend. When we lived in Arizona 4 years ago I was in heaven!! I know why you stayed there for sure :)
    @Appl3 - Well I am glad you stopped by too! I really enjoyed your site and glad I found it through FTLOB :) It is such a nice and pleasant surprise to meet great people through blogging!
    @Laura - hahah, I know right! Ok, getting a giant fan and facing it north. You need some warmth ASAP!
    @Morgan - I only wish I were kidding. And to make things worse, I totally forgot to mention this, he thinks they were originally his friend's pair of boxers. Ewww, boys are so gross! Haha.
    @Adventures - that is some durable material huh! lol. Well that is a really sweet thing to say! THank you for saying it :)
    @Erin - No, I think they have a contest or something going on, haha. Maybe it is just a hockey kind of thing. If that is true, then we have no hope for them, haha. That is awesome, I hope your strategy works!!! You'll have to let me know for sure

  16. @Tex - ok then it is either a Canadian or Hockey thing or both. What is wrong with them?!?! Maybe they think it will preserve warmth in the great white north! Hahah

  17. twelve years... wouzers on the trousers.
    i gave you a small shout out @iZombie.

    happy day to you!

  18. Haha! I was just noticing the three holes in my hubby's favorite pair yesterday!

    I voted for you!

    Marcy @ Life's Gristle

  19. @iZombie - thanks Jeremy! You rock :)
    @Marcy - haha, it seems to just get worse as they get older, doesn't it! Thanks ma'am!
    @Mac - thanks so much Mac! You have been really supportive and I appreciate it all!

  20. ahh! i cannot WAIT for 70s here! we got one day at 70 deg about 2 weeks ago, but today its 37 and its been hanging out int he 30s-40s ever since then! i just want the SUNN! and LEAVES! pleeease!!

    also, we just had a conversation about how long to keep underwear in the teachers lounge at my school the other day so its hilarious that you brought that up! 12 years is a mightttyyy long time to hang on to some drawers! lol! have a great day! hope its just as sunny!! :)

  21. oh my gosh your goat, when i was a child we had a goat, my mother thought it was her pet... but he used to weasel his way into the house and than jump on top of the coffee table and we used to have to chase him out of the house, it wouldn't be so bad if this hadn't happened every time you attempted to go out side or come in to the house your self! ha ha ha ha

    Hugs & Loves, Ariel

  22. SO I just found your blog through blog hop and it's so funny! I am so following you now. I can't believe you have goat!! By the way you are not the only one with a Ronaldo "obsession." I see that besides blogging we have a lot more in common. Enjoy German land. I've lived there and can't wait to go back :)

  23. My wife always love when my old undies finally die.

  24. @Moob - once again, I over shared, haha.
    @Kimberly - I am curious to see how long they thought was acceptable! Not nearly 12 years, haha. Hope you had a good Wednesday too!
    @Ariel - what is wrong with thinking the goat is your pet?!?! Lol, yeah, they don't make for great pets. Only motivated by food, which, when in the pen, is ok. I dunno about on the coffee table though! ha.
    @Vivien - too cool! I am really glad you found me. I am not so obsessed with Ronaldo, as much as his dark tan. How does he do it?! haha. Can't wait to check out your site too. Thanks for stopping by!
    @Copyboy - you boys, what is wrong with ya'll?!? I will just tell myself that ya'll are being sentimental or some crap like that, haha.

  25. Hey! Just found you from ftlob...really fun! If your guy looks anything like Cristiano...who cares what his underwear looks like....ha, ha!! I am now following, hope you'll check me out:

  26. Congrats!! I voted for you and am pulling for you to win!

    Btw, I SO know what you mean about "covering up" a beloved post. But this post is so good, too!!!! I especially love the part about your hubby's undies. I have to throw my husband's dearly departed drawers and other ragged pieces of clothing away when he's not around...thankfully, he hasn't caught on yet.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you to win!!!!

  27. @Diane - hahaha, that is pretty funny. He is Canadian, so a wee bit lighter than that, lol. Thanks for stopping by, really glad you did!
    @Kassi - thanks Kassi, I really do appreciate that. It is looking like I don't have a shot in the dark, but I am so thankful for all the support! :)
    @Andy - thanks Andy!
    @Katie - Well thanks Katie! On both compliments :) There are a few other pairs that I think he could part with, so maybe I will try your stealth moves! haha. The things we have to do for the hubbies!

  28. haha..the undie story was Thanks for sharing..hihi

  29. Girl you totally have my vote! ANd I know what you mean- being nominated really is so exciting in itself!

    And yes, I always think about my posts seeing the spotlight long enough so we can be weird together!

  30. Wow just the post made me smile and the picture with the cute visitor is just the icing on the cake! You totally deserve to be featured anywhere, every day of the month! :D

  31. Happily voted!!! It's not often that so many things go right in a day ... gotta continue the good karma for you ... :)

  32. Ha ha! The oversharing thing - we both do that in my little family. We tell each other if we need the toilet and what for, and don't bother closing the do for number one's! Enough - enough I hear you cry! Okay.

    I'm here from the hop - but I voted for you already as soon as I saw your name up there. Hope you win!!

    Already following I think - shah from


  33. Why do goats make me laugh so? So do you, of course, but that goat photo is what sucked me in this morning :)
    Men and their skivvies..what's the attachment about? Mine has a couple pairs hanging on that he had when we were dating (we've been married for nearly ten years).

  34. Goats and undies circa 1999. Greatest post ever.

    Congratulations on being nominated for blog of the month! :) xx

  35. I know exactly what you mean about not wanting to post a new blog sometimes! It seems like my "best" blogs never get enough attention, and the ones I put little time into (or just love less) get more, haha. You can't win for losing, as my mom would say.

    I also get the oversharing thing, though I think I'm the oversharer in my marriage, haha! I just don't know when to not say something out loud. I lack a filter, I guess.

    New follower from FTLOB... because you're awesome!

    grown up rachel

  36. @Mrs K - haha, you are welcome. There are many more where that came from :)
    @Shalyn - It was exciting just to be mentioned. How you didn't win last time, I have NO idea! YES, weird together, I like it, haha.
    @Apfel - aw Apfel you are too sweet. Thank you for all your support and kind words. They really do mean so much to me!
    @MAry - thanks Mary!! I will take those happy, completely good days and day :) And I'll savor the Karma
    @Shah - haha, yep sounds like life here too! lol. Haha, you are too funny. I am really glad you stopped by and let me know that. Have a great day!
    @No.7 - they make me laugh everyday too. They are just funny little creatures. I have no idea about that attachment...but I don't think it is dying any time soon. For any of them!
    @thefancyflea - haha, thanks! funny :)
    @Rachel - I love that saying! I am glad there are a few other people out there that feel that way. Haha, I have many a friend that is an oversharer too. I just think it comes more naturally to guys, because what do they care?! Thanks Rachel, you really did put a smile on my face!

  37. I DIDN'T KNOW YOU HAD A GOAT!! That's freaking awesome and you better believe you got my vote over at FTLOB! Oh and totally embarassing to share but my hubs has a pair of them tattered and hole ridden boxers that he too refuses to get rid of *sigh*

  38. All these comments seem to be coming from really nice people! ;P

  39. I don't care if you just posted recently - that photo of Cristiano was enough to entice me back here! LOL

    Congrats on the nomination!

  40. @Irish - well, he is no cutie bulldog! But, he is pretty darn cute, although very demanding for snacks, haha. What is it with men and their undies. I mean, they aren't sentimental about anything, but hate parting with those groddy things! Haha.
    @Mac - yep, got me a great group here!
    @Kara - haha, he is good looking, for a pretty boy. But that tan, woooo, think it might be too much. Thanks for the congrats!

  41. congrats! I'm for you

    liebe Grüße

  42. It continues:

    1. *I* too, worship the sun. Like, actually worship the sun. I'm looking into getting an apartment there.

    3. (2, if you're counting) Your husband sounds like me. I've had pairs for years that I stubbornly cling to (and they to me), but when I decide it's time, I just stand up, declare, and do it. Props.

    3.1 Seriously- is that a goat?


  43. I voted for you, I hope you win!

    I am stopping by from the I ♥ Blogging hop, thank you for joining our hop!

  44. Yes some blog posts deserve to stay on the top for longer than one day I agree...that is why it was fun to join in with the Blog post of the month....thanks for stopping by my space too.

  45. Thanks for checking out my blog today! I had to laugh… and feel a little relieved because my husband has boxers like that too! Now to just get him to throw them away:)

  46. Voooooooooooooted. Did you ask what was up with the recount?

  47. I love that you blogged about the underwear, my husband has a pair of sweat pants with no crotch, why must he keep them.



  48. @Maria - Vielen Dank! :) Thanks for stopping by!
    @Caleb - let me know the apartment rates when you get there! The undie thing, you boys are pretty weird! And yes, that is a goat. We live in BFE. He is at my door right now as I type. Stalker. :)
    @Sarah - well thanks for voting for me :) I really appreciate it!
    @Taylor - that was the perfect remedy for that! You are right!
    @Christina - haha, I think we should have a Tattered Underwear Anonymous group. There are a lot of us out there dealing with that! haha
    @Hockey Wife - thanks love! Nah, but that was weird. I really appreciate all the support, even if I do have a snowballs chance ;)
    @Elena - Hahahahah, that is hilarious! I can only imagine that most of my husbands clothes will eventually come to that. Actually, he has some jeans that are on the fence with having a crotch. Too funny!

  49. Really 12 years??? I do spring and fall cleaning. things tend to mysteriously disappear. At which I blame children. You could blame the goat. My grandma had a goat who would eat clothes off the line. Not long after she figured out what was going on. The goat went to a different farm and was breed. Grandparents new rage chickens.

    Off to read about france.


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