March 18, 2011

Frackin' Friday

Guten Tag!

I knew you couldn't resist Frackin' Friday and another chance to learn some good naughty German words.

If you missed last weeks, you'll find the recap here.

I had to rack my brain for today's entry. I wanted something raunchy, but not too terrible. I might have to save a really bad one for another time. :)

So, this one won't get you in nearly as much trouble as the last one might have, but it is still fun to say.

(pronounced: Tz-ick-ey, but said fast, all together, kinda like sicky with a 'z')

or, how I like to say it "Zicke, Zicke!"

You say it when someone is being witchy, or testy. Not necessarily like calling someone a bia, but more so something you might say to your friend when she is having one of those days. It literally comes from the german name for a female goat. 

"For my lovely Zicke" Might be the most romantic balloon...ever. (source)
So, next time you think someone is giving you lip for no reason, don't do the oh-so-lame, oh-so-90's cat 'meow/raaaawr' (do people really still do that!?).

Confuse them and cut them down all at once with a simple "Zicke, Zicke!".

Hope ya'll are all having a great Friday! We have nothing too much planned for the weekend, just banging it out playoff style :)

Oh, and one other quick thing. Rachel from a Life So Lovely featured me today on her Future Friday feature this week. If you have a chance, stop over there and read a more 'serious' side of me!
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  1. haha..female goat! Im totally gonna use this word when I come to Frankfurt on

  2. Forget pms, loving the random! Look out superstar, congrats on the feature, well said. Have a fantabulous weekend.

  3. Female goat, eh? I need something stronger, something that I can hurl at the beast of all sister-out-law!

    She is beyond b*tchy, passed testy years ago...she's a shrike, the devil personified who wouldn't know Prada if it hit her in the head.

    How about something for a female Rhino, Hippo or even Gorilla?

    Go ahead and please...make my day!

    Friday smiles,


  4. lol.... i love learning new words :) There are some swedish ones that sound raunchy to an english speaking person.. but really mean simple things. haha

  5. @Mrs k - haha, yes, you should totally use it!
    @Morgan - lol, too funny. Glad you liked it, and you started calling me my true name...superstar! haha, jk
    @Adventures - thanks!
    @Patty - ouch, you definitely need a better word then! I will try to come up with one for ya :)
    @Laura - don't you love those words. There are a few in German too that would sound so bad if they were English!

  6. This is great! I'll have to whip it out on Monday at work when people have a case of the "mondays" haha.

  7. Awesome! I might provoke someone into being rude just so I can use it.

  8. Hi there! I'm your newest follower from the "You Like Me" Friday Blog Hop! I'd love it if you'd check out The Copper Brick Road and follow back!

    Feel free to join my TGIF Friday Blog Hop

  9. Brilliant! I love the balloon, lol. Thanks for stopping by, I am already following you :)

  10. Stocking you! Ok Following you! From the hop!

  11. I like it! I could use that one!

  12. @Meri -ohh, it would be PERFECT for those cases of the Mondays!
    @ixy - haha, bet that is the first time you ever wished that!
    @Rebecca - thanks for stopping by and telling me about the hop :)
    @Sarah - haha, I know, isn't it great. Thanks for stopping by anyways!
    @Cheap - haha, thanks for coming over.
    @HW - heck yes you can! It can apply in so many places!

  13. Zicke! I like that - already know exactly who I'm going to use it on ;)

    And 'raaaawr'? That one made me LOL! Too bad no one uses it anymore - it has it's charm.

  14. I always liked that Goats were associated with Capricorns. Zicke Zicke Zicke! Oh lay!!!

  15. Too funny! I wonder if that means goats get temperamental when they are "in season" or "in heat"? I rode horses as a kid and female horses can be quite the B when they are in season :)

  16. I'm so keeping this one. It's perfect.

  17. good one! and I truly learned something new today...thanks

  18. @Kara - haha oh, I miss raaawr too! Too funny!
    @KY - perfect then!
    @KT - haha, maybe. I didn't think about that! Nice to know, lol
    @Lovin - thanks, glad I could enhance your vocab :)
    @Not A Perfect - you are very welcome!

  19. my boss is always giving me lip for no reason!

  20. ha, ha, ha... LOve it... thank I am a new stalker from the Saturday Stalk... check out my blog if you don't mind... I also have some blog hops:)

  21. I can't wait to use this one.... xoxo have a great weekend Tex!

  22. I'm liking me the Zicke, Zicke!

    I'll also have you know that my my brain went completely to the gutter when I read that you would be, ". . . banging it out playoff style. " This weekend.

    HAH! :)

  23. We have a cousin who's nickname is everytime I say his name I'm going to laugh, thanks!

  24. Haha, that balloon is hilarious! Is it meant to be??!! Tragically, if I used this one I'd have to spend WAAAAAY too long explaining it!

    Have a great weekend!

  25. @Tiff - sounds like a Zicke Zicke! Haha :)
    @Shauna - thanks for stopping by, and for a real comment from the hop. Those are hard to come by!
    @HM - anything to expand the vocab. You have a great weekend too!
    @Rachel - RACHEL! You dirty girl, haha. Actually, re-reading it, I can totally see why it went there. Love your honesty, too funny.
    @Wendy - hahah, sorry to ruin their name. But that is pretty funny and real close to how you say it!
    @Red - Who would honestly buy that balloon!? ha. You need to be a guest one frackin friday and give me a good Australian cuss word!
    @Apfel - and I heart Apfel :)

  26. haha I love your Frackin' Fridays! It's always hilarious :)

  27. Hi! I'm following you back from Uberlibrariana. Thanks so much for your comment and follow! I'm looking forward to reading more!



  28. Awesome word! Zicke! I love it! I'll use it! :) I'm going to have to go back in your posts to learn more! :) Thanks for stopping by to see my blog again! Have a great weekend! JoAnn

  29. Thanks for the info, always good to have something on habd for those sticky situations. Just came by from the Hop, you have a great blog!

  30. Very interesting blog with some great topics and images. Good job!

  31. oh my gosh I am so glad you found my blog because now i found you! You are cracking me up girl! LOLOLOL!!!!!!

  32. This is hilarious- thanks for giving me a different word to use since I dont you the "B" word! Hope you have a great weekend!

  33. Calling by from the Expat Linky Party, I am an English woman now living in Italy. It is great to meet you virtually and get the opportunity to expand my vocabulary!

  34. LOL ) New follower here hope to se you follow back!

  35. @Katherina - well thanks! :)
    @Sarah - thanks for stopping by here, glad you did.
    @MNUKGirl - haha, good! I think we should spread the Zicke love :) You have a great weekend too.
    @Bonjour - thanks Mimi, I appreciate it. And yes, you can never have too many words for situations like these.
    @RIW - well thank you!
    @Kamika - haha, that is really sweet of you to say :) I am glad you like it. Have a good weekend!
    @Shalyn - I think it words way better that the 'b' word anyways ;)
    @Lindy - cool, thanks for stopping by. Have to go check out your blog too!
    @Kelly - thanks for coming by Kelly.

  36. Love it I can't wait to use this on thursdays when I have to deal with all the whiners...

    I'm following you from fab friends thursday blog please come by my blog sometime when you get a moment would love to have you follow me back

  37. OK, I feel like this is one I could use A LOT! Ha!

  38. Loved your post at Rachael's blog - so great to hear your 'backstory'. Does he still play hockey? Thank you for joining my Linky Party. It wouldn't have been the same without you!! XOL

  39. @Lisa - thanks for stopping by, I'll have to check out your site too
    @SIF - doesn't it just roll off the tongue plus it is fun to say! Mix it in the vocab :)
    @Happy - well thanks, that was really sweet of you to say :) Haha, yes, he still plays. The whole reason we live in Germany. And (knock on wood) will be playing for at least 10 more years. Bring it on! I loved the hop!

  40. Hi,
    So funny to read, and thanks for your comment on my blog. We indeed do not live all to far from each other, and I see that you lived in San Antonio, we lived in Houston for 2 years, have been to SA, love it! We loved living in Texas anyway. Have a good Sunday!

  41. Just 'discovered' your blog and this fantastic post idea 'Frackin' Friday' how funny! Im a fellow expat and new follower--looking forward to reading through more of your posts.

  42. @Daydream - well thanks! And yes, I am actually from Houston, but met the hubs in San Antonio. Have a big heart for my home state. And glad you liked it too!
    @Michelloui - well thanks! I am so glad you stopped by :) Hope you enjoy the reads!

  43. Hi there, thanks for visiting my blog and now that I've visited yours, I now have a new 'term' to confuse my sister! Or I can simply don't be a goat, instead of don't be a cow! Robx


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