March 11, 2011

Frackin' Friday

Ok, I am late posting today. At least late here. We have been blessed with the sun, and we just HAD to have a barbecue this afternoon. I am loving this spring weather in Southern Germany. I am crossing my fingers and knocking on wood that we have seen the last of the winter. 

Ok, you caught me, this was from the fall, but still, it was ALMOST this warm :)
So first off, the title of my post today. It might give away just how dorky I really am. For those of you who know what I am talking about, awesome, I am glad you have a great taste in epic television. If you don't know what I am talking about. Google "Frack". Snicker a bit. Then come on back. Maybe one day I will explain why it is one of the best shows ever. 


So really, what is today's post about? 

It's all about growing culturally

It's about being a person of the world

It's about learning how to cuss really good in German! Haha.

I thought every once in a while I would through in a Frackin' Friday. Teach you how to really express yourself while frustrated abroad. Or just something good to say around the kiddos so they won't understand what you are talking about.

**Disclaimer: Using these words are up to you. I am not responsible if you get punched in the face by a 6'5" German man. Pick your fights and your Deutsche Wörter wisely :) 

And if you want to check out what you already know in Germany, lookie here!

Here is one that I personally enjoy. And so do most of the fans at the hockey games. They love chanting it at the end of a win. Classy. But I love.

"Scheiße Verlierer"
(pronounced: Sch-eye-zah Ver-leer-er, but said all together) Thanks HM!!

It means "Shit Loser". Yep, go on, try NOT to use it. How perfectly does it sum up some of the people in your life?! 

See, this guy gets it! (source)
Well bloggyland, I hope you are having/had as great a Friday as I did. Enjoy it! And call out some Scheiße Verlierers while you are at it. :)

And, on a more serious note, my thoughts are with those in Japan or those that have family over there. I hope that they made it out of the earthquakes and tsunami safely. I can't even imagine...
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  1. HAHAHA!!! They chant that at games! That's hilarious I think! :) Happy Friday!!!

  2. Giggles, thanks, I needed them!

    "Shit Loser"...putting that as #1 on my list of Verbal Bashing Favorites..thank you for this, too.

    As you said, it's difficult not to focus on the tragedies of this day; thoughts and prayers definitely go out to those lost and suffering in Japan.

    Friday hugs!


  3. ok but... how do you pronounce it???? need German to Southern translation plz... LOL

  4. Shit loser - love it! Same as HM - how do you pronounce it?

  5. That is awesome... Shit losers! That's a term I've never used at a hockey game before.

  6. Shy-zuh ver-lee-air-uh, right?

  7. So I googled Frackin Friday and your blog came up, LOL!

    I also took German for 3 years in high school and one of the ONLY words I remember was Sheisse, oh and Ich Heisse Dich, lol. The good ol days.

  8. Scheiße Verlierer. Well, I feel like telling it to myself now. I have been learning German for 2 years now and while reading this, I was like ´´verlieren-verlor-hat verloren´´. Thats what irregular verbs do to you. Ooops.

  9. Haha If only I could pronounce it! I had a foreign exchange student on my tennis team back in high school. He taught us some Polish...unfortunately, the only thing I remembered was how to say "What time is it?" and "son-of-a-bitch". But you could always combine those for a pretty colorful sentence. "What time is it, son-of-a-bitch?" Might get something other than the correct time as a response, though.

  10. My ex Dumbo is a complete Scheiße Verlierer!! Glad you had fun :) Have a great weekend!!! Miss me at your blog :P See you on Tuesday!!

  11. frackin friday!!! :)
    awesome fun post!

    thanks for always stopping by my blog and being so supportive...i so appreciate it and love when you do!

    happy weekend!

  12. You big frackin' gimp! Haha, that show kills. Damn the Germans, they say it like it is. But in all seriousness, we're talking getting punched in the face fo sho, a verbal coach is necessary! Hope you savored the BBQ and sunshine. Happy friday

  13. @Kassi - Of course they do! And they are all about giving the finger too. Especially the old ladies, haha.
    @Slidecutter - YES! I knew it would be popular. I am glad I gave you a laugh or two. Hugs to you on Friday :)
    @DM - its up! I have the pronunciation. How did I not think of that?! THank you for saying something!
    @Adventures - ya'll will have to come back to look, I failed at this one. Lesson learned :)
    @Krissy - well you MUST use it from now on, its too good not too, ha
    @Mollie - you got it!!! Good job, I am impressed!!
    @Irish - haha, well it is more the "frackin' than it is the Friday. Important words to remember, lol
    @Susanne - great job conjugating! Haha, that is too funny that you did that. Awesome.
    @Amanda - haha, son of a bitch, also always a good go to. That might get you a good response indeed!
    @Apfel - haha, from what I have read, he seems like it too. You have a great weekend too! And enjoy your time away from bloggyland :)


  14. @Melody - well thanks, and you are welcome. Have a great one!
    @Morgan - YES YES YES, I was waiting for someone to know! You rock. And yes, it is all about seriousness over here. Good at times, bad at others. Hope you have a great weekend too!

  15. I love the Battle-Star-Galactica (BSG) title! Frackin' awesome!

  16. hahaha- I can't wait for the first time I get to call someone a "shit loser" and have them not know I'm saying it. This is a great feature, i sure love my expletives :)

  17. Oh goodie....I just tried this out on a German customer of our business (and a friend, thank goodness)...sputtered out the German version of "Shit Loser"....his response..."You sound like my wife!"

    Guess I did good! I'm sooooooo excited.

    Now, for my next victim...

  18. Hahahah, I love it. If you need help with more cuss words, I will be pleased to help you out.

  19. That's too funny!! I'll have to say that next time I'm at a game!! Happy Weekend!

  20. Bonjour !! I just discovered your blog and I love it !!! I'm French & my husband is a Canadian born in Germany, ha ! I'm your newest follower :)
    Bisous de Paris !

  21. I love learning curse words in other languages--it's so naughty and fun :)

    I will have to keep an ear out for some of these words next time we are around my German uncle!

    Have a great weekend!

  22. @brownbugz - YEEESSS! I love that you love it :) You made my evening
    @Meri - haha, please use it. Spread the love (or is that hate?!) lol
    @Slidecutter - hahahahaaha, I am dying! That is GREAT. Oh man, you make me laugh :)
    @Rebecca - I would totally LOVE your help (and so as not to offend anyone). I am glad you like it, didn't want to step on any German's toes :)
    @My Munoz - haha, you should! Have a great weekend too!
    @French - How cool is that! Thank you for stopping by, I am glad you did. Now, off to see your fun site :)

  23. Ach! I always miss one, damn blogger comment form.
    @KT - haha, for sure you will. And if he passes on any good ones to you, you'll have to let me know!

  24. Almost German friend taught me this one today before he left......."Schweinhund"

    Translation: Pig Dog

    I'm liking these insults way too much!

  25. Man könnte sagen das heute der Frühling angefangen hat :)

  26. @Slidecutter - oh yeah, that is a great one too. My dad loves that one, haha.
    @Mac - was für ein schöner Tag! Es war toll heute. Es freut mich, dass du auch Frühling hattest! Hoffentlich bleibt's so :)

  27. "shit loser"! That's funny. I can't really say it now because I'll have 4 kids running around chanting it...but I like it!! LOL!! Have a great weekend girl!!

  28. Thanks for stopping by! SO jealous of your BBQ! It's 40 degrees here, which is VERY COLD for Georgia!

  29. So jealous! Would love to have some warm weather...we're freezing here in Ireland...our weather is "shit loser" haha...just wanted to work it into as sentence

  30. Well, I can tick "learn to swear in German" off my bucket list now. Awesome!

    I'm finally visiting and following you back from Becks and the City ( I was the blog with the New Kids on the Block theme cruise link.

    Love your blog and Frackin' Fridays. Something tells me you're a Battlestar Galactica fan too. Best show EVER (except Sex and the City, of course).

    Thanks for following my blog and hope to see you around my neck of the woods again sometime soon. : )

    ~ Becks

  31. I wish you would send some warmth my way… oh well at least the sun showed up today! Thanks for visiting Calamity Kate’s this week. Congratulations, I have featured you on this weeks Friendly Friday post. Please check it out at

  32. Hello,
    Love your blog...I am now following you, Please stop by and say hi and follow me

  33. eek, sometimes I say naughty words in Spanish because they dont mean anything to me in different language. hehe, but I know what you mean about being "awesome"LOL.

    Write it in lipstick

  34. Heehee, awesome! Thanks for the vocab lesson, I'll be back for more!
    Happy weekend ;)

  35. Haha! Thanx anyway, but downunder here in OZ it's SO OK to actually say 'shit loser' ...!!

  36. Shit loser? Amazing! I can't wait for a chance to use that one!

    And I am totally jealous of your amazing BBQ weather!

  37. @Crystal - haha, well that wouldn't be good. Not even in secret German code, lol. Have a great weekend too!!
    @Euharlee - Oh no! I can't believe how cold it is there. I would think the winter would be gone. I will try to send some your way :) Thanks to you too for stopping by!
    @Lesley - well, after this winter, we might deserve a little respite. I am sorry it is still cold there! Haha, and great use of Shit Loser. You win :)
    @Becks - love the name of your site, btw. Haha, see, I knew it was on there :) Oh So fun! I still think that sounds like a great idea. Thanks for stopping by and reminding me about it!! BSG (and nerdiness) for life!
    @Calamity - I will try to! Thanks Calamity, checking it out right now :)
    @Are You a Mom - thanks Maureen
    @Melissa - haha, I love naughty words in Spanish too! And you are right, if they are in another language, they don't count, haha
    @Maegan - sounds great! Have a good weekend too!
    @Red - YES! I love that you used that anyways. Perfect :)
    @SIF - just start gradually working it into your vocab, it will become the norm, lol. I'll waft some warm air your way too :)

  38. I'm going to sch-eye-za the crap out of the losers in my life. Thanks for the cultural mind blowing.

  39. Oh geez--"frack" just hurts my ears every time i hear it. But the herd has spoken so i guess i will have to join in, borg-style. (Yeah, i just crossed streams on geek shows). Anyway, love the cuss tutorial. That is actually the only German cuss word i know so i'm looking forward to you making this a regular feature. Like Sesame Street...or would that be Sesame Strasse?

  40. Love reading your blog! I'm from Austin and I'm moving to Germany in the summer--thanks for the fun info! :-)

  41. LOVE it. I will practice that and use it (only on Americans though) I don't want to get punched in the face! lol

  42. Ha! love it....what a frackin fun blog!
    Thanks for visiting my blog All Around Autism

  43. @Nicole - haha, too funny. I hope you did that!
    @TriGirl - haha Seasame Strasse. Good job! That is hilarious. And I am not a fan of geeky sci fi shows, but this one was sooo good. What a great story line!
    @Jan - Really?!? Seriously, if you have any questions, I mean it, I am all ears :)
    @Debbie - haha, yeah, I don't use it over here either. Glad you like it!
    @Madison - awww, well thanks! And good use of Frack, haha. You are welcome, and thanks for stopping by here too!

  44. This is important to know - likely to be called one if I visited Germany :)

  45. I am following you through the blog hop. Please follow back at

  46. Lol if I could pronounce this---I would def use it freely at my job--my supervisor would never know!

  47. Zum Schreien! Ich lache mich tot! Good job. You crack me up!

  48. ""What time is it, son-of-a-bitch?" Might get something other than the correct time as a response, though."

    No way. Germans are big on punk rock.
    You may have to sport a mohawk, though.


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