February 6, 2012

Some Rando Finnish Facts and a Suomi Life Update

My oh my February is already here and roughly 20.7% already through. Gotta love short months (although not happy about that extra day in there!). Forgive me if I should harsh about the time going by. I know I should be thankful and enjoying every minute, which I am, but seriously, it has been sooooo cold here. Like Arctic cold…wait, that is pretty much where I am. Shiz. You know what I mean. Or maybe you don’t, because before this week, I didn’t know what it meant.

I dress like this in that kind of cold, just less sexier (source)

I don’t scale the weather in degrees anymore, because past a certain point I can’t relate to how cold it is because I have no reference. Surprise, surprise, Texas doesn’t get this kind of weather. So, this is how I explain what 0F feels like…Booger Freezing. Yep, I know you’ve heard of tears and snot freezing in really cold weather, but if you’ve never felt it, you truly haven’t lived (or felt like you were going to die!). This last week in Finland has been down right boogie freezing cold. You walk outside and it almost instantaneously feels like you have tiny, snot icicles hanging from inside the bat cave. Nice, right?!

I am hopeful that this weather will not be here long (it is supposed to be gone this week, but we’ll see about that). Heck, I am even happy for a 25F (-5C or so) day! Never thought I’d be saying that.

Since you might be interested in a few other things besides the weather, everything else is going fine here too. Been back in Finland for over a week. The hockey season is coming to the home stretch. As soon as January is over, February flies by and March is already an afterthought. Only 38 more days until the last game of the season…but who’s counting, right?! And never say never, I guess, but this year isn’t the same pulse-racing, at the edge of your seat thriller that last year’s championship season was. Meh, can’t win them all, unfortunately. But it’s been a good experience here nonetheless. In true hockey form, we don’t know where we will be next year just yet, but I kind of like it that way sometimes. Just means that we are always open to exciting possibilities.

Actual picture of us holidaying in Finland. We look good, right? (source)

And I’ve been working and writing away online. It is going great, actually, and excited for a few new projects in the works. This freelancing is picking up faster than I ever thought imaginable and I’m ready to take on more and more challenges as time goes on.

Enough about me, here is the random Finnish info, as promised.

Sunday, yesterday, was the presidential election here in Finland. The Finnish president, Tarja Halonen (aka Conan O’Brien’s long lost twin sister), had served her two-term maximum, each term being 6 years, and is ready to abdicate her position.

You might be groaning in your head thinking of yet another presidential election, one with absolutely offensive candidates that are better suited in a nut house than at a debate podium. But things are different here. They are much, MUCH more relaxed. Don’t get me wrong, being president of a important European nation is a big job, but the Finns aren’t ape shit crazy over this election nonsense. In fact, the candidates weren’t allowed to start campaigning for the job until about a month before the election! How nice would that be in the US??? Life without caucuses, smack-talking commercials and useless debates would be awesome, right? I know I could certainly do without them, and I’m not even in the U.S. for most of the gong show, something which I am quite happy about.

Anyways, back to the Finnish presidential election. There are 8 major parties, yep, that’s 6 more than the U.S. and it looks like the winner is… Sauli Niinisto.

I sure hope this is really a picture of him (source)
 Their presidential election process is slightly different from the U.S.’s but I won’t get into it. His final opponent was Pekka Haavisto, an openly gay candidate. I thought that was pretty neat and not often seen in politics.

This guy. Niinisto. Not sure what his views are or what policies he is going to implement (still haven’t figured that Finnish language thing out yet!) but congrats to him. Really, though, the actual winners are the Finnish citizens. Kudos to you and your government not turning presidential elections into a full-blown circus. If only we could take a hint and do the same.

Except for this. This can stay. In fact, I’m basing whom I vote for on these BLRs.

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  1. You can take the girl outta Texas...but can you take Texas out of the apartment? Crank that heat :) I have to agree about the election process, something that is dreaded--especially hearing that Roseanne has decided to try for the Green party in the good ol' US of A. Gong show is right..Go Finland.

    1. Haha, that is for sure! I always want to crank the heat and have a luau party inside. Economically sound, no. Fun, yes! :)

  2. I really can't imagine how cold it is in Finland. I am struggling just to get my head around the snow back in my home country of England, sat here in my t-shirt in Florida in the unseasonably hot weather.

    US elections just go on and on and on and you're right, it *is* a circus - well, a circus where the ringmasters spend millions on advertising, mainly attacking their opponent, rather than spelling out any positive plans that they might have for the country.

  3. I would never ever ever go outdoors...
    I hope you guys go somewhere warm next year...

  4. Take a boiling pot of water off the stove and throw it into the air in the back yard. It will all be frozen before it hits the ground and will make a huge puff of steam. That's really the only fun thing you can do in Minus Zero Land. See why I moved to FL. I got a little sun burned on my bike ride yesterday by the way. Still love your stories. Is that really you in the arctic snow bunny suit? I'll trade you a day on the Florida beach for a SUMMERS day in Finland any time.

  5. Take a boiling pot of water off the stove and throw it into the air in the back yard. It will all be frozen before it hits the ground and will make a huge puff of steam. That's really the only fun thing you can do in Minus Zero Land. See why I moved to FL. I got a little sun burned on my bike ride yesterday by the way. Still love your stories. Is that really you in the arctic snow bunny suit? I'll trade you a day on the Florida beach for a SUMMERS day in Finland any time.

  6. Great blog! I discovered it through some other hockey related blogs. Literally spent all evening reading it (while everyone else was watching some football game:)). I am an Estonian living in the US, so it was really interesting to read your observations on the Finnish life. Hope you get a chance to visit Estonia as well! But only in spring/summer :)) I took my American boyfriend there last summer and he really enjoyed it, probably had something to do with the near perfect weather of 25C! W also visited Finland (Helsinki, Tampere and Suur-Saimaa, with all the lakes). Stay warm! PS do people try to talk to you in Finnish often? You look very Scandinavian!

  7. Hahaha..I can really imagine you with all that clothing trying not to freeze you a** off!! Its been insanely cold here too so Iam really hoping that Finland will be heated up for next week when Iam getting there;)

  8. I see you're embracing the cold still with open arms? We've been in the minus temperatures lately too here. I was out this weekend in little skirt, heels, chiffon blous and little fur coat and it was...... -2C! Hhaha!! I'm a northerner though I'm used to this whole cold thing, unfortunately! :-( Not long to you're back in the warm Texan heat though! Woo!

  9. I wish we had 8 major parties, or even 6. Everything would be so much better. Glad to hear you're doing well. It was about 8 degrees here in idaho for awhile but it has warmed up now and is so much nicer.

  10. Perhaps the only thing worse than going from Texas weather to Finland weather might be... Going from Arizona weather to Finland weather! Remind me not to plan any Finland vacays! I am going to Toronto in May & I'm worried about freezing haha!

  11. It may not be that booger freezing cold here, but if it's any consolation, Colorado got buried in snow last week. You know there's something wrong when people are skiing in the alleyways of suburbia.

  12. I know blogger freezing cold. It makes the hair in your nostrils freeze together, right? I'd take SFlaGuy's advice and thy the freezing boiling water thing. You gotta grab the fun wherever you can - and it would make a great blog post ;)

  13. I have to be a brat and admit that here in Minnesota, we're having a freakishly warm winter. Like today it was 45 degrees. that is unheard of around here, usually its closer to NEGATIVE 45. So I'm just taking it while its here, afraid of what might still come...

  14. i secretly hope yall end up in norway next year. but then again, you wouldn't see much sun here if that happened. so i hope you end up in spain or portugal. then ill come live with you for the winter.

    anyways...it has been cold as crap here lately too. but apparently this is a mild winter for western norway. i argue otherwise.

  15. @Morgan - you are the lucky one with the replied comment. It just takes too long to do them all! :)
    @Paul - today was warm, Paul! Only -4C!! Practically swimsuit weather, just like there in Fla, lol. Total circus, I really can't stand it!
    @Not - I don't! Haha, no but really there are days that I don't go outside because I don't have to. And I love it! MEh, warm weather and hockey don't really go hand it hand. Oh well!
    @SflaGuy - haha, sounds like a barrel of fun! lol. I could totally use some FL weather right about now. I hate you and your sunburn for rubbing it in ;)
    @Ruth - well hey there Ruth! Thanks for stopping by and reading :) I'm glad you did. We have yet to go to Estonia yet, but really want to. Need to go in warmer weather for sure! It sounds beautiful there. And yes, they try to speak Finnish but are nice enough to always speak English when they realize I don't have a clue!
    @Mrs K - You are in luck, lady. Because it is already 'warming' up here! :) Just for you, lol
    @Missy - Hmmm, notsomuch, haha. Wow, that is really cold for there too. Hey, you gotta wear whats comfy for the bar, right?? I'd have done the same :)
    @Jordan - Most countries have waaay more than 2, which makes it seem really weird in the US. I'm with you, let's spice it up. And glad it's gotten warmer there too!
    @Heather - Haha, well you might be wanting some cooler summer months come August, but yea, don't recommend a trip here in the weather. Unless you go up north and see Santa!
    @A Beer - I saw that! Right in time for the move, huh? Haha, now that would be a fun way to get to work :)
    @Kara - So weird, right?? I was confused the first time it happened. Ok, well maybe I will just have to do that then. What do you think would happen if I did it off our 4th story balcony??
    @Meri - you are a brat! haha, no, good for ya'll, because I know it can get quite chilly there too. Wow, that is warm! Enjoy it while you can then.
    @Megan - um. That would be amazing! Hey, you never know :) Haha, if I'm in Spain, I'm saving a room for you for sure.

  16. Does this mean you leave Finland in 38 days?? Where does the time go? Glad you're back, I've been like where the heck is Lindsey!?

  17. I am laughing thinking of a Texas girl in Finland. I bet your buns are pretty darn cold these days. I lived in Iowa for a winter and we had -27 degrees (windchill -40) for a few days. I had a bottle of wine in my car and it froze and shot the cork out! I googled it -- -16F is freezing temp of wine. Goodness! Anyway, I know what you mean about boogie freezing!

    What's this freelance job you have? I guess I missed that post!

  18. Good to have you back after your time in Texas. I can relate to the bone chilling cold as I'm used to -35 or -40C where I'm from here in Canada. Although this winter has been really mild.

  19. @Alex - Pretty much! Or at least around there, baring playoffs or playdowns. Knock on wood, we aren't set for either one right now, but things change. Thanks girl! I know, I've been MIA!
    @Kyria - not pretty, haha. Yikes, ok, I won't leave wine in the car then. That's pretty cold! Yes, just doing freelancing here and there, but picked up some big projects these couple of weeks :)
    @Ross - Well thanks, Ross! I always appreciate the kind words. I can't believe you live up there in the winter, lol. The hubs is from Edmonton and he says he'll never go back in the winter.
    @The Loerzels - haha, he does, you are so right. Kinda squidgy. That a word, right?

  20. Holy COLDNESS! EW! I agree. Mr. Bean and Conan O'Brien. Just proves the point that there are just so many genetic differences before they start repeating. Try to find my twin, okay??

    Oh and that "EXTRA" day in February you have so much disdain for is my birthday. :) I finally get a REAL one this year!!!!

  21. @Rachel - NO WAY! I've never known anyone with a birthday on the 29th. I guuuesss I can hate it a little less now ;)

  22. Very cool that their presidential election is so laid back. We should take a page from their book, man.

    Stay warm!

  23. We have eight major parties here in DK as well....crazy, isn't it?! But it does give you looooots of choices! :-) IF you can keep 'em all straight!

  24. HAhaha! I'm REALLY happy to say I've got NO IDEA what that kind of cold actually feels like ... Yep, no one downunder has to keep their livestock under cover in winter!! Lots of virtual sun on my blog ... come on down if you ever need a fix!!

  25. Yeah, that is cold. I moved away from that weather over a decade ago. Though, sometimes it hits when we go skiing (rough, eh?) That election sounds absolutely fantastic!

  26. Friend!! I miss you and your incredible ability to make me giggle when I read about frozen icicle boogers :) What are you doing away from bloggy land? Besides obviously curling up in a ball inside your house with the heater pumped to 75 degrees because that's what I'd be doing if it was ZERO outside.

  27. Aw, thanks friends! Your comments make me smile...even if I finally read them about a week later :) Hope all of ya'll are doing great too!! New post soon, I promise. And hitting up yours as well!

  28. Well hurry up and dig yourself out of the snow. I miss your comments on my blog. You are way behind ;-)

  29. haha so funny. this was such a great first post to read...i hopped over because you commented on my post that you found through Megan's blog...OHH THE JOYS OF BLOGGING.

    Anyway, I hear ya on the cold thing...it is obviously colder where you are, but I am ready for spring.

  30. You look downright HOT in those skis!!

  31. That sounds crazy cold! So... I guess Finland is off the list as Marco and I ponder possible new destinations. Actually, it's been off the list for a while now since West Texas weather has really spoiled us rotten over the past years.


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