January 20, 2012

Texas Trip Update: 2012 Really Will be the end of the world

I've been back in Texas for a week now. And the extremely warm January weather here is seriously making me reconsider winters in Finland :) No, that's not really an option. But it is nice to see the sun each morning, wear jeans and a t-shirt all day long, and not have to worry about scraping ice off my car every time I get in it. If only Finland could get onboard with this warm winter thing. Then, we would be in business!

So far, the trip home has been a mix of running errands, shopping and picking up lots of goodies to bring home (think sweets and Mexican food ingredients). I've spent a lot of time with friends and even more with family. It's been a great mini break at home. But, I am missing the hubs and getting ready to get back to Finland and wrap this season up. The last game of regular season is mid March, but once you are through January, time seems to fly by. I'll have one week left in January when I'm back, then a short Feburary, and before we both know it, we'll be back in sunny Texas for the spring. Ahhhhhhh.

But, there is something I saw this trip that is making me a little apprehensive about the state of my dear country. This is something that I had not seen before leaving Texas back in August. No, it's not the ridiculous GOP debates, the still looming financial crisis or even these, which I have (unfortunately) yet to see on my latest Lone Star trip.

No, it is something far more ominous than any of those combined. A sign that things in America are only going to get worse, and not better. That the youth of our nation, the ones we will hold responsible for continuing this country's legacy, are nothing short of doomed.

Feast your eyes on the destruction of the U.S.

Run for your lives! (source)
(Yes, It's a singing Justin Bieber Toothbrush. Gag me. No seriously, take the damn thing and gag me with it.)

OK, OK. I know I am out of loop on these things and this has been out for a while, but it still scares me. Why the heck would I want Justin Bieber to sing to me while I brushed my teeth?! I DON'T UNDERSTAND!! Will his songs help my plaque? Will "Baby" teach me that flossing really is as important as the dentist claims it is?! I'm so confused. And a little frightened.

This is how it will all end, won't it?? 2012 really will be the doom of our society. I have a feeling that this awful product will survive the apocalypse and will be singing "U Smile" as demons roam the earth. Now THAT'S a scary thought :)

BTW, I don't really write about 'being a hockey wife' that often. There are great bloggers out there that do that for me :) But, I did write a short little intro piece for an up-and-coming hockey news and blogging site called Rumor Me That. I thought ya'll might want to have a look. And try not to laugh at my big dorky picture front and center, haha.
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  1. All of my teeth just pulled themselves free of their sockets and fled.

  2. By strange coincidence, I find the Winters in Florida preferable to those in Northern England! :-)

    With your sharp insight, you have managed to pinpoint the real threat to America: Justin and his Justin Beliebers! I think I'd rather let my teeth fall out, personally! :-)

  3. Glad to see you "back"! I hope you are having fun at home while you can! That toothbrush is awesome! Do they make Metallica versions, or is this a Bieber only thing?

    You are not missing much by being here, apparently. I don't watch TV, and sometimes when I go to friend's houses, I think, "Do people REALLY watch this?" or for some of the commercials, "do they REALLY BUY this stuff?" I hope not!

  4. Enjoy the warm weather!!! Iam not jealous at all..lol Have a great weekend Lady:)

  5. Hello there....I loved your post on scout.com. I love you're attitude and honesty. Enjoy Texas..beware of anymore singing toothbrushes... :-)
    xoxo from Trinidad

  6. Those toothbrushes might be the scariest thing I've seen all day...! :)

  7. @Josh - don't lie, you know you want one! haha
    @Paul - It will be the downfall of our society ;) Yes, winters down south are much better! Glad yours is going good too!
    @Kyria - Well, Metallic, that might be better :) I love infomercials like that, but I don't dare buy anything from them! haha
    @Mrs K - thank girl, hope you have a great weekend too!
    @Corey - Well thanks, not sure what scout.com is, but making me nervous something made it on there, haha. Glad you stopped by!
    @smallgirl - run and hide! Its the beebs! lol

  8. ANNND I'm just now realizing I can reply to each person individually now. Way to get with the program, blogger!

  9. Dude,this is disturbing on a NUMBER of levels. Why is he popular? Why? I just don't get it...

    Enjoy Texas and all this high-brow American culture! ;)

  10. Nice post over on Rumor me that! Fun to hear more about you as a hockey wife! That picture is priceless by the way! ;)

    About the J.Beebs tooth brush... This too shall pass. I'm pretty sure they had Spice Girl tooth brushes way back when and we seem to have made it through that stage... ;)

  11. Oh Good Lord, if I am the only one left at the end of the world, please take the Baby Toothbrush with you. It wouldn't be so bad if the guy could sing, but COME ON - I wonder if there is still time for me to sing and be famous - if he did it, then there IS still time for me.
    Aah, its been snowing here all day and we are snowed in. Cannot complain too much as it is the first real storm this winter and the sun is out tomorrow and +7 in temps, so that sounds like March to me.
    Glad you are catching some sun Ltl Tex and have a safe trip back to Finland.
    Smooth Blades to the Hub n take care OK

  12. I had no idea there was a singing Beiber toothbrush (Yikes!) - he is taking over the world!

  13. Awww, glad you're enjoying your time back in TX!!

    That Justin Bieber toothbrush....? There are no words.

  14. I can't believe you're the only one warning us about the end of the world as we know it!! I'm sure it's just a matter of time before the OZ infiltration starts - and that really WILL be the end!!!

    Look forward to your RED pix hitting my email box soon!!!

  15. For several days when I was home it was about 75 degrees...it was amazing! Hope you are getting your fill of Mexican food and Sonic! :)

  16. Yikes! A Bieber toothbrush! That really is nuts :) Hope you had a good time back home other than that shocker. I just came back to Texas from our annual pilgrimage to see the family in Europe and China and am loving the sun and blue sky here again. So nice! In Guangzhou the air was so full of smog that we never even got to see a piece of sky. You can actually directly look at the sun without any clouds present because the smog is so thick.

  17. hahaha- what the eff with that toothbrush? It would be hilarious to give that to someone as a gag gift (pun intended), but I wouldn't want to give the money to justin bieber's merchandise brand company.

  18. Really a Justin Beiber toothbrush! Things really are getting bad! Have a great time in Texas out of the cold. I know what you go through in the cold snowy winters. I live in winter about five months of the year. Just two days ago it was -45C with the wind chill. I think I'll move to Texas!

    Especially the whole "gag me with a toothbrush" thing!"

  20. pahahahahahahahahahaha like who, WHO thought it was necessary to put him on a tooth brush?

  21. While it's certainly nice to be brushing one's teeth after vomiting, it's less nice vomiting while you're trying brush your teeth. Sure, that seems like a nice introduction to weight-watching and bulimia for the pre-teen girls, but that is the only demography not smart enough to suffer from Bieber-induced nausea. Maybe this is some sort of slut-training program then..?

  22. I kid you not, Groupon offered me 2 of these toothbrushes for 50% off. And that exact moment, I unsubscribed from Groupon forever. And died a little inside. Also, great piece on RumorMeThat. Think we can arrange for Bieber to take a hockey puck to the teeth?

  23. Hope the last leg of your trip at home is great!! Congrats on the Rumor Me That opportunity. Can't wait to read more from you (in both places) soon! Missing your sarcasm around these parts...

  24. Oh it's most definitely over. At least I can say I had a good run. Before we're all obliterated though, come get your bloggy awards.

  25. What a nice little article and you could warm up all of Finland with that cute little fresh brushed smile of yours. I assume it's fresh brushed. A little hard to tell from the photo. For all I know you gave up brushing because of the tooth brush horror. I spent the weekend on a Florida beach at a brisk 81 degrees. Down right chilly. I don't know how you can live in frosty land.

  26. Better late than never, right???
    @Katie - haha, seriously, right?? I don't get it either, not one bit. Thanks!
    @Kassi - Thanks! I'm glad you checked it out and liked it :) haha. YES, please say you still have it. Would make a great blog post
    @Saucy - hi Lilly! Like I said, I just don't get it at all! We have lots of snow here too (in Finland). Guess winter is finally here! lol. Thanks Lilly, for your kind words. You are too sweet!
    @Adventures - yikes bikes indeed!
    @Meg - It was sooo nice (and warm!) No words. I should have just posted the picture and everyone would have gotten it :)
    @Red - I NEED TO EMAIL YOU TODAY! I'm on it. I'll make sure to send the Beiber Fever with it too, haha
    @Jan - soo nice, makes me really miss Texas and I bet it did for you too! Had a sonic drink every day. No joke, haha.
    @Sabrina - It was beautiful there, wasn't it! I wrote a travel article over that place, couldn't believe how smoggy it was. So cool you got to see it though!
    @Meri - no telling, just plain apocalyptic! It's a double edged sword! haha
    @Ross - YIKES! I can't believe it was that cold there. SHeesh, you are welcome in Texas during 'winter' anytime :)
    @Kelli - thanks Kelli! I should have brought you back a brush for yourself, lol
    @Alex - some marketing GENIUS, right?! haha
    @Anon - Haha, sooo true. Hmmm, maybe you are on to something. A huge conspiracy. Tooth brush gagging for the girls, noise vomit for the rest of us :) Aww, that's just wrong! lol
    @A beer - WHAT?!?! AND YOU DIDN"T GET THEM!? Hahaha, I wish I had seen the groupon thing (just to see, not to buy). They lost a customer, hilarious. Would have done the same. Thanks, I appreciate you jumping over there are reading!
    @Erin - Thanks Erin, not nearly as bad as I imagined. I hate coming back over because of the jet lag, but I'm feeling good. Well aren't you too sweet, have been missing seeing you around too :) Need to get on it!
    @Vapid - WHAT?! An award, I'm so behind. Jumping over right...now :)
    @SFla - hey dude! Or hell would freeze over and we would flood, haha. Very nice. Now send some of that 5000 miles north of you, would ya?!

  27. Sad state of affairs to walk into a Walgreens or CVS and see the Biebs. I mean, give us sugar or give us crystal light but putting the Biebs in my mouth...not gonna happen. Pun totally intended!?!

  28. You did? I'd love to read it. Is it online somewhere?

  29. Listening to Justin Bieber while brushing your teeth would make you dance. It's a good idea to try though, brushing your teeth while dancing until the song ends. That would make brushing more enjoyable, and that can certainly help in keeping the teeth strong and healthy.

    Eddie Storms

  30. Going back to the USA for the winter break was wonderful. It felt like we'd never left. The grocery store was the most amazing place- seeing all the things we can't get here in SA. I hope your trip home was wonderful as well.


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