February 22, 2012

Now THAT'S A Cool Feeling...

I'll make it short and sweet.

There used to be a morning radio segment on one of the Houston stations called "Cool Feelings". Those of you who are from H-town might be familiar with it. Every morning it would run down a list of cool feelings, like "waking up and thinking it is time to get up but you still have 3 hours to sleep" or "digging out your winter coat and finding a crisp $20 in the pocket". You get the idea.

It would end with the host saying, "Now THAT'S a cool feeling".

Well, I've been in the need for a cool feeling lately. February's just been one of those blah-di-blah months and I'm so over it. (Don't you worry your pretty little face about me, it's nothing I won't overcome). Heck, we all have those days, weeks, months. Mostly first world problems, but still, they suck.

Anyways, I had one of the best 'cool feelings' the other day and it was just perfect timing to pick me up.

So, I'd thought I'd share it with ya'll, and let you have your own cool feeling too.

"When you get in the car and turn on the radio and an old school, corny jam that you used to love and haven't heard in years is just starting to play"

Now THAT'S a cool feeling.

And I know you want one too. Enjoy any of these pick-me-up, sing your heart out songs and feel good about starting the day off right.

(this first one is the actual song that came on. Haha, Oh Celine, you know I needed a corny song like this to get going!)

Another one of my faves. How can you NOT jam out to Marky Mark

One that I'm not ashamed to love because it is just so dang catchy!

And because it would be rude to NOT include my boyfriend

Enjoy one of these songs and have your own cool feeling. Or share one of your own! What song gives you that 'cool feeling'? It put a smile on my face just posting these :) Here's to a good last week of February and a much-anticipated March!!

**DISCLAIMER: these songs have nothing to do with what's going on. I just like ridiculously lame jams, what can I say!?
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  1. I hopes things are s-well, I would like to say the silly song that makes me smile is... "He Needs Me" Olive Oil... Popeye... wait you said cool feeling... well that would be "Every Day Is Exactly The Same"... Nine Inch Nails.

    All Smiles to you...


  2. I could name all of the S-Club 7 songs now. Wohoo, bring it all back!

  3. You were losing me until you redeemed yourself with Bon Jovi. Feel better.

  4. @Zombie - Those are both great. Thanks dude!
    @Susanne - you just HAD to go and get that stuck in my head. LOOVE that corny song. Sssss Club. Ain't no party like an S club par-tay, hahah
    @Josh - How could I forget about him, haha. Thanks Josh!

  5. Omg I have so many that I dont even know were to begin!!!But Journey and Dont stop believing is at least Top 3:)))

  6. Well you KNOW I'm with you on some Marky Mark :) A song that ALWAYS puts a smile on my face: Baby Got Back. Yup...I'm old :)

  7. I just listened to "Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson about 6 times in a row. It was so nice for her to write a song about me. I didn't even know she knew. me. I bet she follows my blog like you used to do. I'm working on something a little special in the next two weeks. If it doesn't kill me I'll post it.

  8. Can't ever have too much Marky Mark & the Funky Bunch! Just hearing the first few bars of that song puts me in a great mood!

  9. You gotta love Marky Mark. And God bless German radio for always playing the old corny stuff, right?

    Paradise City would totally be on my list...or really anything from Guns n Roses. And Meatloaf's I would do anything for love. Totally have to jam out with those :)

  10. Gotta be bad, gotta be bold, gotta be wiserrrrrrrrrr! I think I jammed to it all of second grade or something and I still love when it comes on. Additionally, anything Michelle Branch or Story of a Girl by Nine Days.

  11. @Mrs K - dang, I missed that one too. How can you not jam out to that??
    @An Irish - hahah, we can share, right?
    @SFla - YES! Haha, I love that you just wrote that. I love that new song. I know, I know, I've been a bad blogger friend :/
    @Leigh Anne - Never. Ever. ME TOO! That's my favorite part, lol.
    @Tiffany - The Finnish stations do a great job too ;) Well said, anything from Guns and Roses!

  12. ALEX!!!! YOU ARE KIDDING ME!!! I almost put that one up. ALMOST. Can I just say you moved up like 100 points in my book ;) (great karaoke song too!)

  13. Driving the 100 mile round trip to work, I usually hit the Heavy Metal station on XM for starters. A little AC/DC helps me cope with all the road warriors. Then, to smooth out my mood, it's always anything & everything by Tom Petty.

    But, today I cruised into the office seat-dancing to Corinne Bailey Rae's "Put Your Records On". Totally gave me a cool start to my day.

  14. Now that is cool!! This just made the day! Old skool jams, best thing ever. Get up and roll just make that tootsie roll..utterly shameless. Same with Journey Don't Stop Believing...I pity the driver in the next lane should the windows be fully down and the vocals UP!

  15. Novocaine for the Soul by Eels and Dream by Forest for the Trees. Anytime I get those on my player...bliss.


    ummm how about the space jam soundtrack? anyone...anyone??

    no diggity
    motown philly

  17. Glad you got the humor of my posting. Missed you and your ultra snarky comments.

  18. Oh god I can't believe I'm even admitting this but I've been singing Salt N Peppa's Shoop lately while dancing around the house. Shoot me.

  19. In Zumba yesterday we jammed to Livin' La Vida Loca
    oh yeah, I was dancing like a fool...

  20. haha- oh, the moment I remembered Hanson- now THAT's a cool feeling haha

  21. Is it bad that I have a huge soft spot for Hanson? haha

  22. @Patty - like your hardcore jams! Always something to be said for those. And Put Your Records on is a great one too. Adding so many to my 'feel good' list
    @Morgan - YES! That one rocks, haha. Hey, I have Hanson up on my blog, you should not ever feel shameless
    @OkinUK - Hey Mollie! I don't know either of those, but for sure will have to check them out now :)
    @elz - HAHAHA, how great of a suggestion is that?? Too funny, that soundtrack was killer. Back before R Kelly was a total weirdo...if there ever was a time. And listening to no diggity in the 6th grade I was a straight bawlin' gangsta.
    @SFla - you know it!
    @Vapid - One of my all time favorite songs to run to....cause I mouth all the words like I could actually rap it or something. Great tune!
    @Not a - they love that one on the radio here too. I totally have it stuck in my head now. "woke up in new york cit-tay..."
    @Meri - Wait, how could you forget about those phenomenal artists ;)
    @Andy - Haha, like I said, just so dang catchy. I'm all for corny songs. The better they make you feel, the more they should be played.

  23. I am a fan of 'Reasons to be cheerful (part 3)' by Ian Dury, where he lists all the things that he likes in the world in order to persuade himself not to go straight back to bed! :-)

  24. Is it lame to name Milli Vanilli? Yes, yes it is. So, instead I'll go with Raffi's "Baby Beluga." Too old school?

  25. I love Bon Jovi. That IS a cool feeling! I hope whatever it is that's making you need a cool feeling goes away soon!

  26. Five - When the Lights Go Out ..Love!
    Also you need to check out this site: http://1000awesomethings.com/

  27. Hahaha, Hanson was my first CD I ever owned. Good times!

  28. @Paul - I will have to check that out, I love lists like that. Never hurts to be reminded, right?
    @A Beer - YES! Great call. And Raffi works great too, haha.
    @Kyria - THanks girl, I really appreciate that. And you can share Bon Jovi with me...for a day ;)
    @Erin - BABY WHEN tHE LIGHT, GO OUT. WHY Erin, WHY did you do that to me, haha. Too funny. I will do!
    @Iris - Oh man, thanks for being embarrassing with me ;) Those were good times.

  29. i like that celine's and bon jovi's songs.haha. and anything The Killers and Beatles.

  30. Cheesy Celine songs ALWAYS do the trick for me- they are the best! Those, and "Beautiful Day" by U2!

  31. I think we all have our closet songs that we secretly rock out to! Bon Jovi was high on my list, but what about Def Leppard and "Pour Some Sugar On Me"!

  32. I know just what you mean..... and music can be our saving grace in the cold dark Nordic lives we live. :-)

    And speaking of Marky Mark, we have tix to NKOTB in May! CANNOT WAIT!

  33. Last Halloween, I heard Fresh Prince's "Nightmare on My Street." I nearly wrecked the car, I was so excited! I love those "middle-school" rap songs.

    (Speaking of Stuff Houstonians remember...I don't remember the radio thing you're talking about, but do you remember "SLIIIIME in the Ice Machine!"? :)

  34. Man, I am so bummed that I keep missing your updates! There is something incredibly annoying (read: catchy!) about so many of Celine's songs! Love me some Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch.

  35. Ah, Marky Mark! And digging up the Hanson kids? :) Awesome! My feel good ones include Bryan Adams' "summer of 69" - because it reminds me of a ton of parties we played that song during and singing along super loudly with my girlfriends.

  36. @Nik - The beatles for sure. Anything by them gets me going!
    @Shalyn - Haha, they really are! So cheesy, yet so good. That's a great one too!
    @Ross - Ross, now THAT'S my kind of music, haha
    @Anon - there have been a lot of contenders for best comment. I mean, a lot. But you, my mysterious friend, have just won. Awesome list. Familiar with a lot, but not all. Might just have to check them out. Even if you 'lose me' Thanks!
    @Kelli - Haha, for sure! It is one of my few saving graces here lately ;) WHAT?!?!? Super jealous. Enjoy them for me! lol
    @Embrace - Hahahah, I wish I could have seen that. Too funny, aren't those the best. YES! No one gets what I say when I say it (when not in Houston) but man, that was a part of our childhood!
    @TriGirl - isn't it funny how some songs walk the annoying/catchy line so tight/??
    @Sabrina - See, I knew someone had to agree, haha. That one is always a rock-outer!

    1. How far did you get?

  37. OMG I remember that radio segment!!! HAHA!!

    And yes, I will jam the HECK out of that Celine Dion song!

  38. I love it. The other day, the radio was playing "Too legit To Quit." It was sooo old school, I had to laugh! I love putting songs on my blog posts to share the "music love."

  39. Not to change the subject... But y'all remember Psycho Robbie on 104.5 krbe's Sam Malone Show, with his Cool Feelings?:

    When she says, "you're the reason every woman should to swallow. "... Now THATS a cool feeling!

  40. Not to change the subject... But y'all remember Psycho Robbie on 104.5 krbe's Sam Malone Show, with his Cool Feelings?:

    When she says, "you're the reason every woman should to swallow. "... Now THATS a cool feeling!


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