September 9, 2011

Long Week, Short Rant

What a long week this has been.

I'm still feeling a bit numb from the tragedy on Wednesday. I didn't know anyone on that plane, but I am deeply saddened and mourn for the men and crew aboard. Any plane crash, natural disaster, terrorist strike is awful. None comes before the rest. But when something like this happens to a community that you feel a part of, it really hits home.


Same thing goes if teachers felt sad for something that happened to a fellow teacher. Or nurses for a fellow nurse. Police officers for fellow officer.

Citizen for a fellow countryman.

It is that 'community' feeling that brings us all together.

But with that being said, I feel there is something else I have to say. Something that will probably not apply to any of you, but it needs to be addressed.

If you have been around here for a while, you know I am pretty much always a happy-go-lucky kind of gal. I enjoy life, enjoy being happy and thanks to the hubs' great attitude, have learned to let things that upset me just 'go'.

So when I say I am worked up about something, you better believe it.

When I say I am royally pissed the hell off, you know my blood is boiling.

After the plane crash on Wednesday, the hockey world tried to take a step to come closer. Facebook and online forums that deal with hockey and hockey wives tried to do a good job of mourning those that were lost.

But, just like anything else in this world, there are fools out there. Self centered individuals that thought it was ok to try to make a name for themselves or to give their selfish opinion on these forums. Made me sick. And mad.

I won't get into it too much, but I will say that I have no respect for anyone who tries to 'cash' in on a tragedy. Now is not the time to say what you have been thinking for a while now. Now is not the time to spread the word about your blog. Now is NOT the time to have a close-minded opinion about anything that happened in Russia.

Shut up and mourn. Sorry, that was harsh. But you know what I mean.

Its ok to write about how you feel. Its a good and healthy thing to express your sadness. But please do so on a tasteful level. Please. For the respect  and value of the families involved.

And I felt that this was maybe a little more relevant this week. Not only because of the crash, but because of the 10 year remembrance of 9/11 this weekend.

While I hope that most people are respectful of the day, I fear that others will jump on the opportunity to say something wild to make a name for themselves or their website. Again, sick.

Isn't the world tainted enough without all this extra mess?

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Free speech is a great thing. This isn't a war, and I'm not trying to start one. Just felt I had to get that off my chest.

Ok, rant over. Had to do it. And why not? A little something different for the site today.  I don't do it very often, there isn't too much that I get this worked up over.

But when I do get all hyped up, something wonderful happens. I get inspired. I get motivated to do something about it. And no, not just write a bitchy themed blog post.

So I have started the beginnings of something that I think can be really great. I hope to share it with you really soon.

One last thing on the subject, I just have to say that I have the greatest readers and commenters. And although I was not personally affected by this tragedy, your outpouring of support and well wishes was breathtaking. Thank you so very much. I truly believe that every little wish, every prayer, does some kind of good in the world.

NOW, I am done with this all. I promise.

And, if you stayed this far, you get a treat. Yes, it's Friday, and you deserve one.

Reason number 452 (or somewhere around there) that Finland rocks...

Beer cases set up like a giant tank in the grocery store. Those are kegs for the wheels. Awesome.

And I totally got busted by a few shoppers taking this photo. I was 'weird girl' that day.

Everyone have a great weekend!

What do you say to a storytellers hop next weekend??? Mark your calendars! More details to come on Monday.

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  1. I agree, it's disgusting when anyone takes advantage of tragedy, no matter what your opinion on the circumstances surrounding the tragedy. I just try to remind myself that those people aren't worth my time (I fail at that constantly but I do try). Also, that tank is freakin' sweet.

  2. Thank you for writing this...there comes times when I can't even watch TV or read online site anymore b/c of these types of people. It really disgusts me.

    And I have 8 months (or whatever) to get my ass to Finland to enjoy some of that beer with you haha (who am I kidding, I am not allowed to leave Norway until my visa crap processes...which might be forever).

    Have a good weekend!

  3. There are horrible people in the world who take advantage of tragedy and then there are women who take pictures of beer tanks and not taking that photo would have been a tragedy of opporunity lost. And everyone loves 'weird girl' who takes photos in the store.

  4. @Jordan - well thanks ma'am. I'm not entirely sure that everyone who reads here is going to agree. But I apreciate it! Isn't it awesome??
    @Megan - Seriously. And I know it was something specific that ticked me off, but really, it is happening too much everywhere. The media is so awful at times. Does the visa there take forever too!?? SOOOO long here, like 4 months. Crazy
    @Marie - haha, well said, well said. Agreed, I would have kicked myself for not taking a picture!

  5. That's so sad to hear about anyone passing away. And it terrible to hear there are people out there trying to benefit from it.

    ps. that tank is pretty neat, someone must have had some time on their hands

  6. The internet can be pretty crappy sometimes. Though I can actually find some of the people who post nasty comments anonymously more annoying than the self-publicists often. It just seems very cowardly sometimes. You know they'd never say those things to people's faces.

    I love the tank! Is that to celebrate an annual event? Finaland's National Alcoholic War Vehicle Day? ;-)

  7. Whether it's 9/11, a plane crash, or a kid falling off his bike, it's still a tragedy to someone. What is lacking in this anonymous world is a sense of respect. Thanks for your post and taking a stand.

    And really cool beer tank. Takes drinking and driving to a whole new level.

  8. momma said, you cannot say something nice... say nothing at all. rant away lady!

    beer tank, awesome!

  9. I just watched the service that was held in place of the game they were supposed to be playing today in Minsk. It was an amazing tribute - that should never have had to be paid. Now my eyes are all puffy from crying again - because it's still as horrifying to me today as it was Wednesday.

    I hope - as a hockey community - that the NHL and all other leagues pay tribute to these players this season. Be it by sewing special Lokomotiv patches on their jerseys or by nothing more than holding a moment of silence on each opening night - everywhere. It would show the true colors of those who take part in this sport - and we have some of the best professional athletes of all. Those players, their families, fans, the teams' ownership, management, etc - we're all here because we love the game or someone who plays it. It doesn't matter how you got here - all that matters is that it makes you family...

    And don't mind those stupid online trolls updating their blogs and posting in forums while they sit in their underwear in their mother's basements. We Coyotes fans know those types of folks all too well and they are harmless. Ignorant - but harmless - because they won't be leaving their mother's basements anytime soon :)

    You are in my thoughts Tex! Though you are so far away - I know exactly what you mean by the sense of community - because I feel like you've been a support to me through this.

    Thank you...


  10. You're allowed to rant, lady! I'm sure you feel a bit better now, though? Those people will get theirs, I'm a firm believer in Karma, and she can be a BIG bitch. :)

    That beer tank is pretty fricken sweet!

  11. haha- that "tank" must have reminded you a little bit of canada, or texas, right?

  12. @O - Agreed, it always is. Thanks for stopping by. And yes, I can only imagine how long that puppy took!
    @Paul - it can be. Your best friend and your worst enemy. Ohhh, those anon ones kill me. Like grow a pair and tell who you are! Isn't is awesome. I was amazed in the store. That SHOULD be a national holiday, haha.
    @SFlaGuy - so true, great way to put it. Well I am glad you liked it, thanks for having my back. Haha, seriously. Wonder if a cop would pull you over in that!?
    @iZombie - haha, well thanks Jeremy! Too cool, huh
    @Heather - holy cow, just saw it online this morning. What a touching, classy and absolutely beautiful memorial. I am crying too. Everyone should watch it. Everyone should see how to honor those that are gone. I agree with you, that would be a classy move by the NHL. And I know, I know. But I know who these people are, that is the sad thing :( Oh well, you can't win them all!
    Wow Heather, thank you to you too. You have been a support to me as well. Thank you for a touching comment like that.
    @Remy - well ah thank you :) It does. True true.
    @Come - isn't it too cool??
    @Meri - all three of 'my' countries should have this display up from time to time. Why the heck not?!

  13. I am with you on the rant thingy. I am not sure specifically what you are talking about, but I know the gist of what you mean and I hate it! Let people mourn, don't be disrespectful and don't make it about YOU! Can you flag them? Is it someone you know?

    As for Storytellers, I am down! I can't wait!


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