September 10, 2011

Back to my old self

I didn't really want to leave such a negative nelly post up all weekend, so here is a little something before we head to Helsinki for the day.

You know, I didn't have to learn European countries or capitals until I took a forgotten 101 class my senior year of college. First thing we had to do was take a map quiz over the countries and important cities.

Know how I remembered 'Helsinki'??

This is awful.

Because if you lived somewhere so cold as Finland, it must be hell. And with all that water around, you were likely to sink.

But it worked! I remembered. And I have a feeling that if you didn't, you will now. Looking forward to sharing photos from the mini trip. Also, got some really random but funny pictures from just walking around town here.

That's really all I got for ya'll today. Sorry! I know, I'll be back on point this next week ;) Until then, I'll have to send you off to some great links.

Want to laugh?

Want to cry and honor?

Want to smile and tear up? (think I've posted this before, just love it!)

And come on, you HAVE to check this out. Hilarious! 

Also, gotta get in on this action:

I know you have nothing better to do, so you're welcome :) Be back tomorrow to make my rounds!
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  1. Girlfriend, you're not being negative to point out the tasteless and offensive. Good on you for calling the losers on it!

    Have a great weekend!!

  2. Huh. Somehow i missed yesterday's post, but just remember that this is *your* blog so you can say whatever you like; i.e. when you need to rant, rant! I think so many of us thought of you with plane crash tragedy because we have an inkling of the tight-knit community you are in.

    On a lighter note, just finished watching Slap Shot on TV...always fun!

  3. I agree with pp - this is your Internet home and you don't have to be smiles and sunshine all the time. Sometimes life sucks. We Canadians make fun of Americans all the time for not understanding our geography or weather, but the fact is my knowledge of countries other than the U.S. is awfully fuzzy (and for 10 years I thought California and Florida were beside each other).

    Like you said, we had very little mandatory geography in school. What we did have was focused on reading elevation levels on maps and talking about the import/export business. I don't recall ever being taught or having an test on an actual map of the world. Seems like something that might be important in producing well-rounded global citizens...

  4. I totally use stuff like that all the time..
    for example, I remember horizontal like a whore laying down and vertical like a virgin standing up.
    I know...I know....

  5. Hey that is why mnemonics work! :-)

    Who would've thought you'd end up there!! enjoy the weekend!
    looking forward to the pics!

  6. Gee, I went to school and knew more about America and Europe than most Americans and Europeans knew about their own countries and World Maps were readily available here in the Maritimes in school. I am glad you are feeling a wee bit better ltl Tex and remember, everyone of your post buddies are thinking of you.
    Take Care and glad to see you posting. In times of tradgedy, we should post.
    Cheers n have a nice day

  7. omggggg i want to see pics of helsinki! i want to go so bad (dunno why, i think the name sounds cool)...i like how you memorized it when you were growing up :)

    hope you're having a good weekend!!!

  8. Oh, this made me smile today! At least hell is pretty, and just think how pretty it is underneath your jackets once that snow and cold comes to town ;)

  9. Hmm I like you're thinking lol.

  10. @Red - well thanks lady! I really have some great people who stop by this blog. You definitely being one of them. Thanks for always 'having my back' :)
    @TriGirl - ahh, just had to get a little anger off my chest, that's all, lol. It was and still is so sad. And Slap Shot, great movie. Loved it even before I met the hubs :)
    @Ixy - well thank you for the support. I agree, my space, my opinions, as long as they aren't hurting anyone, then free reign. Mine was so bad until my junior and senior year of college. We had to take a few geography classes, so I finally learned! Haha. I agree, it is good for being well rounded.
    @Not a Perfect Mom - That is a really good one too. Not so sure you can teach it to the kiddos, haha.
    @Kelli - seriously, you remember! I am posting some today, we had so much fun there. What a great city.
    @KY - hey. Love you too :) I think it is cheap to fly from Dallas to Helsinki. Just saying ;)
    @Saucy - I know! Most Canadians do, it is sad. We learn next to nothing about Canada. Sad. Well thanks so much for the kind thoughts. They really do mean a lot to me.
    @Jessica - I don't know if people from Helsinki would really appreciate it ;)
    @Megan - they are going up today! What a great city, so much going on there! Hope you had a good weekend too!
    @Morgan - haha, maybe the hell part can warm it up during the winter....wishful thinking, right?!
    @Ryan - haha, well thanks. Hey, whatever it takes to make an A, right?!

  11. There's a common "misprint" related to this in certain circles.


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