September 26, 2011

Just Another Random love it :)

Getting a late start today, but that's ok, because it is just another random Monday.

Lots to say, not so much content :)

Was I the only person on earth to realize what these hoo-dickies on a toaster are for??

Our actual, fancy toaster.

Ok, maybe they are more common in Europe. Gotta be honest with you, I don't even remember what a toaster looks like back at home.

Anyways, you just flip those bad boys up and toast buns or anything else too big to fit in the toaster.

And it works great!! I know, I know, you are stunned.

You're not as amazed as me?? Well poo.

Speaking of poo, wait, no, not like that. Still doing the no-poo thing. Well, not entirely. As some of you may remember, I started off with the typical baking soda and apple cider vinegar. It was ok to start with, but pretty drying to my hair. So after the 'greasy' period, which wasn't so bad (mix in a dry shampoo here and there), I am now onto sulfate-free shampoo about twice a week. Rinsing with cold water and if I feel like it, a dollop of conditioner on the ends.
My current shampoo of choice. L'Oreal Delicate Color Sulfate Free (source)
If you are thinking about going no-poo, I would highly recommend doing this instead of the baking soda and vinegar route. Start off washing your hair every other day. And as your hair gets adjusted, wash every third day and so on. And don't be afraid to put some conditioner on your ends, especially if you have long hair like me. Those ends always need a little TLC.

K, that's over, guys, you still with me???? :)

So one of the teams that the hubs played last week had me scratching my head with google translate. Every time I tried to turn to news article into English, it kept referring to the Miami Dolphins and the Detroit Red Wings. It was weird!

Until I realized that the opposing team had done a funny little trick with google translate. You see, google relies on readers input to translate some of the lesser known words. As you can imagine, Finnish hockey team names don't come default in the standard dictionary.

So some funny trickster from the other team 'suggested' new translations for his team. I get the Detroit Red Wings one, but Miami Dolphins??? Who knows, I guess what ever floats your boat :)

OH, and the hubs asked about why the translation had him 'putting it in his backpack' when he scored a goal. Remember that one?? Oh google translation, Finnish is really throwing you for a loop.

He asked around and it turns out that it was translated from 'he pulled a trick out of his bag' and scored. Ahhh, makes sense, I guess. Now if only we can figure out why they are always talking about mattresses and pancakes. No really, those are probably the two main terms that I cannot figure out.

Anyways, told ya'll it was random. I'm off to visit around. And you KNOW you want a feel good moment of the day. Don't lie, I know you do. Here is today's on Nobody Need Wait. But be warned, your might feel that much better and happier after reading. So proceed at your own risk ;)

Have a great start to the week. There is no other way to do it!

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  1. okay my first thought it was handles, to carry the toaster around while you were making toast. then the brain caught up to my stupid thought, cause you couldn't go that far with it without a extension cord. it has nothing to do with the heat, you would wear toast gloves. then my brain wrestled my thought, beat the crap out of it and is happy you are smart...

    happy moon-day!

  2. Actually, I'm pretty taken back by that toaster. Mostly because I've never seen one like that in my life. I figured, though, that they were to 'catch' the toast, as a sort of ceiling, so when it pops up it doesn't stab you in the eye and blind you. Toaster company just saved themselves a hefty lawsuit.

  3. I woke up with a migraine this morning, so not a great start to the week. Still lingering, so hopefully it'll be gone by tomorrow morning.

  4. If I was drunk I'd probably mistake that shampoo for vita-water.

  5. Good update on the Poo thing. I'll have to tell my "sensitive" friend about the L'Oreal poo.
    The Google translate thing is too funny!

  6. mattresses and pancakes are an integral part of hockey. I thought you would know that being a hockey wife :p People don't use toasters in America anymore because they don't eat anything worth toasting. Instead they eat processed crap. Jake's mom brought an uncrustable with her on her visit and I wanted to throw it into the wall and smash it. Really? Who can't take the 30 seconds it takes out of their day to make their kid a pb&j with real ingredients and not high fructose corn syrup. People baffle me. It's not like it's a difficult gourmet meal you have to slave over, it's a freaking sandwich with the two most basic ingredients.

  7. Have you ever heard of #MMDM (Make My Day Monday) on Twitter? That's sort of what you do with these. I NEVER knew what those things were on a toaster. I feel like i can stop getting angry at them when they get in my way because they're actually trying to help! ...Except that there aren't bagels in Itay. Shit. Nevermind.

  8. That toaster thing is pretty freakin' awesome! Wowza! Gotta git me one o' them :)

    I love random things... I am all about the random.

  9. At first glance I thought the shampoo bottle was one of those healthy, organic fruit drinks. One more plus for literacy! Hooray!

  10. I LOVE the randomness and I'm not even gonna lie, I thought the things on the toaster were handles. Never ever would have thought of toasting buns :)

  11. It's classic expat dilema, you discover something and you are't sure if it's a peculiarity of your host country or whether it's actually common back home, but you just never came across it. US cars have drink holders, but Euro cars usually don't. Euro pushchairs have hooks for carrying shopping bags, US ones don't. As for toasters? All I can say for certain is that I saw toasters with the fold up grill in Europe (not my own in the UK), but my US toaster doesn't have them... ;-)

  12. Aah, soooo cute to be YOUNG - this girl answered correctly and knew you toasted buns, hotdog rolls, etc on the two extended wires. There are lots of things that have been around for a while that us "olde folks" have used and becoming usable or popular with the "Kids". :)
    Have a great day ltl Tex and "Hot Shots" to the Hub. Cheers, Lilly

  13. I have never seen those little doo-hickey things on a toaster before, but thanks to you I'll be checking ever toaster from here on out ;) Miss you! Will email you when we settle in TX! xo

  14. That toaster is the sh*t!!!!

    I have one of those toasters with the wiiiide opening for a bagel which always manages to get flucking stuck. Then I hit the spring release and said bagel shoots out over the kitchen island right to the floor.

    3 second rule kicks in and I give "that one" to the hubs.


  15. I might have had a late start, but ya'll are on the ball! :)
    @iZombie - haha, yeah, that might burn your hands. Oh, I didn't figure it out, that is for sure. Just looked at the box and had a huge 'duh' moment!
    @A Beer - Really?? I guess they aren't big back at home. I always thought they were to 'catch' or 'control' the toast popping out too!! Haha. I guess it can still be used for that.
    @Joshua - well boo on your migraine. Hope it went away quickly, and hey, at least your week just gets better from here on out, right??
    @Copyboy - well at least your esophagus would be healthy and all sulfate free, lol
    @Lovely Light - well hopefully it will help her! It is funny, just have to roll with the ridic translations. They are all over the place. :)
    @Jordan - darn, I totally forgot that they were! haha. WHAT?? An uncrustable? Never heard of it, but that is ridiculous. Seriously, who knows. But I think you forgot about pop tarts and how they are worth toasting. Those are healthy non-processed meals, right?!? ;)
    @Erin - YEAH!! I had a feeling one other Euro living gal would agree with me that this is enlightening! I always thought they were bothersome too. Now toast yourself up some yummy Italian buns on those tongy things :) Haha. You are too funny.
    @XLMIC - Cool, right? I'm all about random too, it is the only way to go :)
    @Vapid - haha, you and Copyboy too! Hey, I know u, yoo kan reed gud and all :)
    @An Irish - like I said, I think random is the only way to go! Other people have thought that too! Me neither, but thanks to the toaster box, I am super smart now, haha, jk.
    @Paul - Very cool observations Paul! I think I smell another great expat comparison post from ya. I honestly couldn't remember if we had these back at home. Looks like the consensus is no. But then again, Europeans eat way more bread and buns, so maybe that is why.
    @Saucy - yes!! You are a smarty pants in my book then, lol. Haha, well you could teach me a thing or two then :) You too Lilly!
    @KY DOT COM - LOVE your new name on here, too cute. Although you have to know what website that took me to, haha. I'm sure you NEVER heard that one before. Seriously, right? I am sure ya'll had one like that in Germany. Not sure if they have one in Texas though. I am so happy that it is almost here. I miss you too, have a safe trip, and can't wait to hear all about it soon!
    @Patty - pretty much what I say everyday, hahaha. Ohh, you have a fancy-schmany one then. Except it needs to cool it with the ejection seat function. 3 second rule is totally real too. You are too funny! :)

  16. This post is so educational for me. That toaster idea is GENIUS! And I am definitely going to try that shampoo. Thanks for the info!

  17. I am jealous that my fancy Euro toaster does not have those thingys! :-)

    But if I do get one that does have them, I will know JUST WHAT TO DO!

  18. sneaky sneaky translations! It sounds like Amelia Bedelia over there hahaha- I'm glad you solved some of the puzzle :)

  19. Where to start?! That randomness appeals 100% to my personality (and lack of ability to focus on anything too long)! I didn't realise what those were for and never had them. To be honest I thought it was s clever assist to get your toast or something out. Also, the poo thing- good going that you're still keeping it up although I am disappointed about the lack of dread locks!! Hahah!! You have to love google translate, the backpack is hilarious. I can just imagine all the question marks floating around with that one. The pancakes and matresses are just odd, two things so far removed from hockey which in a roundabout way makes it so good hahahah!!!!! Hope all is good, I have begun on the sweetie package!Although...they are tempting me to eat them! I am being very good though :-) (So far!)

  20. I adore randomness. In fact, if all blog posts could be random all the time, I'd be perfectly happy. Loving that toaster, by the way!

  21. @Shalyn - well good! I know, the toaster is genius. How simple! And the shampoo is great. And while a little more pricier than just normal ol' shampoo, it will last forever :)
    @Dwija - I think they have little baskety things you can attach at the top of your toaster to toast buns. But then again, that just sounds like a fire hazard, lol
    @Kelli - What??? I thought all Euro toasters came standard with those. Now you know for the future I guess :)
    @Meri - haha, totally what it sounds like. Did you add Amelia to your kid reading favorites, 'cause that should have really been on there. Forgot about it!
    @Missy - Yes! I would read blogs that just had randomness to them. Maybe I will do that more often :) Haha, yes, seems to be a Euro thing. They are coming, the dreads. Actually you would not believe how many people here have them. YES! I am excited. Yours should be to you shortly. I hope you like the Finnish goods!
    @Katie - isn't it the best, really. Hmmm, maybe I really will just have to start going to random route. Its pretty much how I think anyways :) Isn't is great?? Too funny how we are all loving something as simple as a toaster, haha.

  22. I don't think I've ever seen a bun-toaster rack on top of a toaster. But it seems like a decent idea.


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