September 22, 2011

I'm stealing this too

So we all know that I am totally stealing the formula of the Lonkero, or Long Drink, and passing it off as my own clever idea when I get back to the states. That yummy, grapefruit and gin mix, perfect for hot, sunny days. Mmmmm.

And while I'm not so sure I will bring back salty licorice or the idea to sell dirty magazines in public flea markets, I have already jumped on board with this next idea. (if you are pretty confused after this statement, go back and at least read yesterday's post)

So, idea number, hmmm, 500 or so I am stealing from the Finns:  
Müsli as a salad topper.

WAIT, come back, it is awesome and not gross. Maybe some people out there have already been doing this, but I had never seen it before coming here.

There is a place close to us with a great salad bar. They have the usual toppers like croutons or fried onion bits. But I saw a huge bowl of Müsli and thought for a moment that they for sure had left it out from breakfast. So I of course did what any good American would do, and asked "Really?? Ya'll put this on salads??" I'm very articulate like that.

The lady working there assured me that I would like it. So I dumped a few spoonfuls on top of my salad.

It. Was. Amazing! Crunchy, oaty, slightly sweet. It made the salad just that much better.

And to be clear, I'm not talking about American style Müsli. None of that mostly flakes and corn syrup concoction. This is European-style Müsli. Toasted oats, raisins, dates, nuts, dried banana chips, sunflower seeds and a few corn flakes here and there.

Yum! And pretty (source)

Yes, on regular, everyday salads. Although it is good on fruit salad as well.

So, do yourself a favor and try this on your next salad or at your next family dinner. Everyone will be surprised at how great it tastes.

Has anyone else heard of doing this already?? (I couldn't even find a picture of it online, have to get one here)

Thanks for the idea, Finland. Now to pass it off as my own once I get back stateside :)
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  1. Sounds delish! I'm the girl who loves seeds and raisins and stuff on my salad though, so it makes perfect sense. I just wonder, can we get the good stuff here in a box or must one head to Europe?

  2. Something tells me Musli wouldn't go with a balsamic vinaigrette. Maybe a raspberry walnut vinaigrette, though...hmm...

  3. Okay, that looks really good - not gonna lie! I will have to ry.

  4. The Musli is fantastic! We use it on salads as well as yogurt and making boring, healthy cereal tastier.

  5. I love muesli, the Euro kind. For any meal, any time of the day. I tried to find some at the local grocery store but all they have is the sweet, flaky one, not the nutty, oaty, yummy one. Okay, well it WAS Walmart; what do I expect? I want bins full of Euro muesli, that's what!

    (ps why does my spellchecker keep trying to change "Walmart" to Wallchart?

  6. Sorry, too late. ;)

  7. That sounds really good- if I have sunflower seeds on my salad I am one happy girl so I will try this.

  8. Never heard of this and unfortunately it wouldn't be something for me. I have JUST started to eat a piece of fruit a day since coming back from my hols. Also, I'm not really into salad. I kinda fail at this kinda healthy rasin thing haha!!

  9. It seemed so obvious. Thanks Finland!!!

  10. @Barb - Well, you can make a trip here if you want, but I have a feeling some of the 'fancier' stores might have more natural kinds of muesli. That is a good question, though, we don't really buy it at home!
    @Joshua - haha, yeah that really kind of grossed me out, you saying that. For sure, needs a sweeter kind of dressing. That or honey mustard.
    @Kara - For sure it would, kind of the same!
    @Meg - you have to, I know it sounds weird, but its good.
    @Drop - Nice, you are on the ball with this. Good to know I'm not the only funny one :)
    @Miko - do it! You will like, I promise :)
    @Kyria - Haha, I am not sure WalMart (or WallChart! lol) specializes in the finer things from Europe. My first year over in Greece we used to make it ourselves. Just add nuts, oats, a few flakes and dried fruit. Voila!
    @Anon - NOOOOOO! Hahaha, I had no idea what I was logging into there. Man, I just lost a million dollars 'cause I was too slow to act. Too funny, whoever you are, thanks for sharing!
    @Shalyn - for sure, that is the best part of the salad, the non vege part, haha.
    @Laura - I had a feeling the Swedes might have gotten into that action too ;)
    @Missy - haha, well no, probably not. Just eat the muesli and salad, sans salad. That might be pretty tasty ;)

  11. Dude, that sounds delicious! Why haven't I ever thought of that????

  12. Well, my mom gets these almond accents salad topper mixes that are similar- they have cranberries, grains, almonds, and are sweetened with honey or something. Its delicious on salad!

  13. That actually sounds amazing! I know I love fruit and nuts on a salad... I can totally see adoring this!!

    And dirty magazines in flea markets?!? Score!

  14. @Copyboy - they are all about common sense here. It's refreshing! :)
    @Lisa - it really is!
    @Dwija - same thing I thought. It makes so much sense. Hope you enjoy it!
    @Meri - Yum, I love those mixes too. About the same. The oats in the muesli really adds something great though.
    @SIF - you will love it if you try it. And how easy is that?! I know, Finland is coming up with some jewels, haha.
    @Not Goodbye - hey lady! It is, you should try!

  15. I don't really like salad (other than Caesar - of course the least healthy kind), but that sounds yummy!

  16. @Jamie - I just had a big salad with it on there last night. I can assure you it is ;)
    @Ixy - hmmm, I like Caesar salads too, but not sure if this would work on that. lol

  17. musli.... i see this sometimes, never bought it though. thanks for the tip

  18. I love anything that gives great texture to my salad. May have to try this!

  19. Sounds delicious!
    Thanks for stopping by Secondhand Halo!
    Very cool your husband is from Alberta! My husband has made a few trips to Texas for fire training in College Station.
    What league does your husband play in?
    Mine only plays in a mens league, leaving me with many late, cold nights in empty arenas with creepy stalkers! Im very jealous you enjoy games with other human beings and alcohol!
    Take care!

  20. I've never even heard of Musli! It sounds good, though.

    xoxo, Nali

  21. "WAIT, come back, it is awesome and not gross."

    Hahahahah!! THAT made me laugh. :)

    Although I still totally do not believe you.

  22. Can you buy it outside of Finland? Maybe this could be a new venture for you, online Finnish foodstore.

  23. Never heard of it, but it does sound good! I prefer the gin and grapefruit idea though :) I it some fizzy grapefruit juice? Or just regular grapefruit juice?

  24. @Anon Re:
    Good God! This is why everyone hates America!

    @Ryan Too late!


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