September 21, 2011

I was that creepy person who took a photo...again

So I have been loving the random flea markets. Not only do they kill time, but there has been some good, cheap finds as well. Nothing too special, but as I have mentioned before, hardly anything is 'cheap' up here, so I am taking advantage!

Although, in true European, liberal style, there was a unique section in the open flea market.

A porn section. Yep, used video tapes (no, not DVDs, that would have been too high tech) and magazines.

Think I am kidding?? Well I was afraid of that, doubters, so I snapped an oh-so-creeptastic photo.

The sign at least is trying to set boundries by telling the shoppers that that bookshelf is only for adults 18 and over.

Nice, right!? Gotta love it. Hey, even those on a budget need to have options for dirty magazines and videos.

Wow, what hits am I going to get after THIS post?? Keyword power.


On a completely different note and feel, there is something else to share with ya'll today. I've been working on a new site the last week or so and am ready for it to go public.

If you like this blog, give this other one a try. It's called Nobody Need Wait and (hopes) to feature good Samaritan, feel good, and random acts of kindness stories.

Clicking the pic will lead you there.

I am hoping to make it an open platform for people to share stories or experiences that make them smile. Maybe just for entertainment purposes, but maybe also to inspire.

Think about how much better your day could be with 
just one, single act of kindness.

After all, everyone needs a feel good moment, absolutely everyday.

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  1. okay, the fun thing is you are taking photos of the porn section. you are setting up the the shot, kind of waiting for people to move away... not looking and finally click. could you buy 35mmm film there too, someday it will make a comeback.. film, not porn? it will never die.

  2. You always make me laugh - but it is a bit creepy to have old porn for sale - won't ask about stains on the magazines. Yuck! I wonder what the locals there would think of Americans driving trucks with testicles suspended from their hitches....hmmmmm.

  3. Just the idea of buying used porn is creepy. Way to push the boundaries by taking that picture.

  4. Very funny. I had to laugh about Miko girl's comment too. My husband and I almost got some of those cow balls to secretly hang off my bro-in-law's Camry before he headed out to San Fran for grad school. BTW, I love your idea for your other webite and will have to check it out.

  5. Golly, just creepy and too nasty to even think about anyone buying porn period, but used porn is even worse.
    Your other website is the bright spot in this post. BOL with that ltl Tex :)

  6. I went over and checkout your new site. What a great idea! I am on board. Right now I can't think of any stories, but they will come to me!

  7. Licorice and porn on vhs and expensive wine at hockey games? I'm starting to think my random act of kindness not to visit Finland.

  8. Wouldn't any good porn be treasured? Not that I'd know.

  9. I LOVE the fact that you took a picture of this. And I'm very creeped out by the fact that there is a used porn section.

  10. @Zombie - haha, totally did the walk by a few times until no one was around or looking. How'd ya know?!
    @Miko's - Ewww, you went there, no me, haha. Hmmm, maybe they would love it!!
    @Joshua - thanks, I will take that as a high compliment, lol
    @ramlinbess - You have totally missed out on Nad Watch 2011 then. You'll have to search through my blog if you are at all curious. It's pretty funny :)
    @Saucy - Yes, who knows, to each his own! And thank you, I hope it will come of something.
    @Kyria - well thanks so much for hopping over there. Everyone needs a little pick me up once a day :)
    @Marie - hahaha, so true, so true.
    @Copyboy - that is kinda what I thought too, don't people keep this stuff for all time??
    @Meg - haha, I had to! Yes, just kind of nasty. No, pretty gross.

  11. Hahah and ewwww...I'm mostly disturbed about who would buy a used "adult" magazine although when I was in Paris they were selling old playboys on every corner...of course I think vintage playboys are more socially acceptable than adult magazines purchased at a flea market, butttt who knows! Lol! Can't wait to check out the new blog! Such a great idea!! :)

  12. many people wander around the porn section before actually going to it, except us... we do it for the artistic part of it... right!

  13. Congrats on the new site, Linds. The layout is lovely :)

  14. OMG LMAO at the Porn section....but who in the world would want to buy USED porn?! Ugh....gross. Love the new site too!!! Wish more random acts of kindness happened to me, I know that much!

  15. I really love your idea for the new site- I subscribed:-)

  16. Oh goodness. That's too funny!
    AND how exciting!! A new blog! Off to check it out!

  17. AWW, I love it. Not the porn, but your new site. I swear. Not the porn.

  18. Is it wrong that I clicked to enlarge your photo?

  19. Wow!!! Finland has it all you lucky lady haha!!! Hope you're having fun :-) Did you see my last msg (yucky liquorice post) about UK sweetie package?! Seems like something you would like to recieve if you would like one. Might as well get you addicted to more nice things while you're in Europe for another season!

  20. I don't know that I would touch any porno mag that's second hand. I think you can read between the lines to know why.


  21. 2nd hand porn, huh? You probably wouldn't get that in the UK, which is an island of prudishness compared to Scandanavia! ;-)

  22. I love flea markets! You NEVER know what you might find!

  23. @Kimberly - well, maybe vintage would have been one thing. I don't think last year's Finnish porn counts as vintage, but whatever floats your boat! Thanks!
    @iZombie - of course, of course that is why I was wondering around there, haha.
    @Kym - thanks girl, I figured with the season starting, I might just have some extra time on my hands ;)
    @An Irish - Like I said, those on a budget, haha. Well thanks! Hey, if it isn't happening to you, maybe you are the one making it happen :)
    @Shalyn - Thanks girl! I am glad you like it. :) I appreciate you signing up.
    @Kassi - isn't it?!? Another blog, right?! Like I said, think I might have time on my hands come the dark dark winter.
    @Jordan - hahaha, sure. Suuuuure! Too funny. Thanks Jordan!
    @Kara - not at all. Next time I will have to get closer to get the photo! haha.
    @Missy - try to hold back your jealously, will you :) WHAT?!? No, I guess I missed that. Back to look at it again. HOW DID I MISS THAT! We should totally do a swap, that would be fun. K, I will email you then :)
    @Hannah - seriously, so gross, huh?? Maybe they only accepted 'gently used' copies.
    @Paul - Haha, I like prudish, reminds me of home. And to think, they aren't nearly as out there as Germans are (as in nudity, sexuality, etc)! But never saw anything like this there!
    @Meri - I love flea markets too. Been having fun wondering around them here (so many permanent ones) and trying to ask questions about prices in Finnish. Fun times :)

  24. OK this just made me giggle to myself as I tried to picture the condition of the "used" porn. ewe!

    I also love the name of your blog and how you've made Texas it's own country... I consider myself a Canaxan (Canadian living in Texas).

  25. I'm such a horrible blog reader lately...but I'm so glad I caught up with you at least this far, or I might have missed Nobody Need Wait. Which looks amazing, by the way. Great concept for a site!

    Oh, and the used porn is just a little creepy. Just a little. But hey! Whatever floats the Finnish boat, eh? :)

  26. @MWAC - duhs, anyone from Texas KNOWS it is its own country :) Thanks for stopping by!
    @Katie - so creepy, huh?? Well thanks! I am hoping people might actually participate. We will see. Glad you are making your rounds, you haven't been horrible, I totally know that life can sometimes get in the way from blogging ;) Darn life!

  27. AWESOME new project! Totally different note was an understatement following the porno stash haha


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