July 22, 2011

Until Next Year, Canada

(blogger, you are killing me! This was supposed to go up yesterday!)

Hey kiddos, it's the weekend! Celebrate it up.
Looks like our time is up in Canada. What a short visit that was! Too short, really. 

Summer, for us, is coming to an end. Just like many of the other hockey families, the great Euro hockey migration is beginning. 

Yeah, kinda like the Caribou. But more skates and less antlers. (source)

Houses are packed up, bags are stuffed to the gills, and everyone is ready for a new season. Yes, even those boys. I think even they are getting a little antsy for the hockey to begin. 

I am headed back to the states today (well, it was yesterday. Dang it blogger! lol). Got a long flight, paired with a long layover. No bueno. But whatcha going to do?? 

The hubs leaves for Finland tomorrow. I can't wait to Skype with him and see our place and see what he has to say about everything in the new town. Oh, and maybe to see him too. We tend to miss each other like a couple of saps these next couple of weeks. Sickening, I know.

So while I am making my way back to H-town, I'll leave you with something a little different. I did a fun interview about our time in Germany with Frau Dietz at Letters from Frau Dietz. It was an honor to do and a fun way to look back at all our times there. Check it out and you just might enjoy a change of pace for today!

Remember this?!? It is the last time I will shamelessly let it all hang out. But if you likey, then maybe I will take your 'like' on this page

K, I'm done. For reals. :)
Hope everyone is enjoying this hot, hot, hot weekend. I am sweating already!

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  1. I hope the move and everything goes ok.

  2. I was having issues with blogger not posting my scheduled posts too! Very rude ;)
    Hope the move goes well!

  3. I know Blogger is driving me crazy lately :)

  4. I've always fancied going to Scandanavia.

  5. I would be enjoying the hot, hot ,hot weekend but I live in the UK so I will enjoy the rainy, sunny, muggy weekend instead. Looking forward to hearing about Finland.

  6. Voted again :) Love the banner you made!

  7. Hope your trip back to Houston goes well before the big jump over to Finland! I swear we should do lunch or something before you leave!

  8. Ahhh...dont even get e started..the hubs leaves on friday:(((

  9. @Oilfield – thanks! Me too!
    @Kristine – what is up with that?!? Annoying. Anyways, thanks, I think it should.
    @Tanya – who knows what is going on. Thanks Tanya!
    @Tony – when I get there, I will give ya tips on what to see. Granted, it might only be in Finland…
    @Simon – haha, well I will trade you a bit of cooler weather for some sun. Just for a day at least!
    @TriGirl – thanks lady, maybe I will have to send you over a copy :)
    @Meg O – seriously! Any Houston Hotties get togethers coming up?!
    @MrsK – no joke, hockey season is already here. Guess we better get ready. Boo, haha

  10. Hey Texa,
    You were the commenter before me on comment love so here i am (i'm a rule follower) You already know how much i love your site...hope you're enjoying a lovely sunday!

  11. ooh I wanna live your life. looks fun and adventurous!

  12. I love the new header and name :) I don't think my hubby is so ready for season to start yet- but we're very excited to get back to the US.. I can't believe how quickly the european off-season has gone! Hope you enjoy your last bit of time in the states! :)

  13. So your migrating back to Europe, if Blogger keeps up this crap wilk you be migrating to WordPress also?

    Good luck with the move and new season.

  14. I cannot wait to start getting updates from Finland- I am jealous of your adventures!

  15. Hoping the traveling went well lady! And I too am so excited to hear about Finland! I would love to travel there!

  16. Say hi to Texas for me...I'm just ever so slightly gutted that I am not there sucking down Tex-Mex and margaritas. Sigh. But London is cool -- hope y'all can head over for a visit this hockey season!!


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