June 2, 2011

Reminders, Q&A, Lineup and more...

Hey bloggyland!

REMINDER!!! Before I forget...

Tomorrow, and all weekend long, it's the return of...

Storytellers!!! Want to know more about this unique hop?!? Find out here.

Back to everything else.

Has anyone told you that you are awesome lately!? Well they should have.

Your overwhelming response to my last post really touched me. So many of you had the nicest things to say about our exciting news! I really thank ya'll for that. Really.

I would have slapped myself silly a year ago if I thought that I would be a blogging
'nerd' and have 'nerdy' blog friends. But here I am, with all my glorious dork-self, and loving all the connections and actual true friendships I have made over the past few months.

And you know what the best part about it all is!?!? I get to take ya'll with me.

With this new thing-a-majiggy called the innnernet, I can take you to Finland....whether you want to go or not!
Dear God...you might want to dress warm!! (source)

I had a couple of questions asked my a few of you that I wanted to answer real quick. So here goes:

Q. What do you know about Finland except that it is cold and dark?? (sorry, Finnish people, you must get really annoyed with this bad rap).

A. As I said, not much. I know the hockey is good. When the GM of the hockey team called the hubs the other day to chat with him, I was - very maturely - in the background going "Ask him if he personally knows The Dudesons, ask him!". So there, that is one more thing I know about Finland. It is home to the Scandinavian version of Jackass.

Q. Will you try to learn Finnish??

A. Yes...try being the operative word. This ain't no German, though (hmmm, maybe I should work on my English while I am at it!). In my German class, if I didn't know a word, I would take the English word, put a slight accent on it, and wouldn't ya know, 80% of the time it was right.

But not Finnish. Their language comes from a totally different place. 

Case in point.

What do you think this word is?


It's freakin' ORANGE juice. I'm going to die, haha.

Q. Does that mean we will get Frackin' Friday in Finnish?!

A. Does the Pope poop in the woods?! You bet your butt you will! Plus, I have another guest post lined up for next Friday's dirty little word post. If you have any ideas for other foreign cuss words, send them my way!!

Q. (and the saddest one of them all) What about your goaties?!


A. Uggg, way to pull at my heart strings. I hadn't even thought about them. They stay in Germany (obviously, 'cause they weren't ours to begin with) and I will miss them dearly. BUT since I have to make a trip back to Ravenbsurg to get all our crap precious belongings, I think I can swing by and give them an apple core for old time's sake.

Anyways, I have been a bit of blog slacker lately. Things have been crazy busy around here...in a good way. So I have some fun stuff lined up for next week.

With NHL playoffs being here (and exciting, holy, who saw that awesome game last night?!) I felt the need to come up with a little tribute to a man that all Canadians know and few Americans will have heard of. Don Cherry. Love him or hate him, gotta respect the man. And trust me, ya'll are going to love him.

Well, that looks like all for now. I hope you're having a great Thursday, and hope to see you back here tomorrow for the Storytellers Blog Hop!!! It's long over due.
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  1. YAY for you trying to learn Finnish:

    Toivottavasti sinulla on hyvä aika siellä.

    That means "I hope you have a very good time over there" (courtesy of Google translate). I just wanted to write that because I think Finnish is a funny looking language that looks incredibly hardddd. So I can't wait to see your take on it hhahha!!!

    Anddddd I'm getting more and more serious about a meetup for all Scandinavian expats in Sweden sometime LOL! :-) What city are you moving to BTW?

  2. If the word for orange juice is any indication of how hard the rest of their language will be to learn, I'd give up right now. So props to you!

    You crack me up, I wish we lived closer so I could trick you into being my friend. Lucky you!

  3. Looking forward to the Storyteller's Blog Hop! Yipee!

    A Ladybug's Life

  4. Wow, congratulations on going to Finland! I didn't get the chance to go look at that post (just looked now) so that is super exciting for you! And yeah... that seems like a REALLY freaking difficult language to undertake, especially since the words look nothing like Germanic/Latin. Almost like learning Chinese. In fact, it almost looks like Chinese.

    All kidding aside, that is so exciting. I am glad I read your blog so I get to live vicariously through you!

  5. Dont even get me started about Finland...Swedes and Finns are not exactly "best of friends"..lol

  6. @Megan - haha, you totally had me fooled!!! I thought you knew Finnish. Yep, looks like it is going to be a challenge...and that is the nice way I am putting it. I would LOVE a Scandinavian meet up, we should totally do that sometime this fall! And we will be in a town called Hameenlinna :)
    @Jessi - haha, you are too funny, and too sweet. Hey, there would be no trickery involved, I have a feeling we would get into too much trouble as friends...in a good way!
    @ladybuz - yeah! I am glad you are excited too!
    @Meg - well thanks girl!! We are so excited for everything. Maybe except the language, haha. Well thanks girl! I will just let you THINK it is all exciting and what not, lol
    @Mrs K - oh no, I forgot to tell you something. I am half Norwegian and so is the hubs....I heard the Swedes don't get along with them either. Yikes, can we not be friends now?!? lol :)

  7. I actually wouldn't mind going to Finland.

  8. I'm really excited your going to Finland! I get to learn all the cool Finnish bad words without ever having to leave the comfort of my couch, sounds like a sweet deal to me :)

  9. This is just so fun and exciting! I have some friends from Finland and an American friend currently living in Finland and despite the dark/cold winters they still really like it there. So it must be pretty awesome to overcome such special weather conditions! ;)

  10. Hope you have a fantastic time in Finland, I wish I could say I speak many languages but to be honest I have enouf trubel spaeking inglesh..

  11. "Does the Pope poop in the woods?"

    Best. Line. Ever.

    So excited for your new move. Sounds like a great new place to be!

  12. At least you'll get one last good bye with the goaties.

  13. Awesome blog, glad I stumbled upon this. Playing in Europe would be unreal.

  14. keep writin ill keep readin

  15. I can't wait for the hop, I just thought of a story to tell.

    As for Finland, keep embracing each move! What stories you're collecting. My nephew is in the MLB minor leagues, and he's so passionate about playing, he'll play until no one wants him any more. He's headed to Brooklyn soon, so your story has a LOT more cache!

  16. Norway! Duh...thanks for clearing that up for me in my last comment. Well, I'm sure there are some interesting non-Viking things about Finland. And I can't wait to learn about them all. If that word is any indication, then Finnish Frackin' Friday ought to be amazing!

    Can't wait for the Storytellers hop! :)

  17. i don't really like appelsiinimehua

    and yes, the fact that i can't pronounce it DOES have something to do with it :(

    take some pictures of the goats when you see them, yeah?

  18. How on earth have you ended up living in three different countries?

  19. I love that you're coming to Finland! One word of advice (if you haven't figured it out already) Google Translate DOES NOT work! It will translate some random words, but if you're looking for English to Finnish translation, it will 90% of the time be wrong. Not sure if that's where you got the orange juice translation... but orange juice is "appelsiini"! Ugh, such a frustrating language.... I swear I spend hours at a time in the grocery store trying to guess what things are! And I still haven't even opened my Finnish book... :/

  20. Get ready for not having the sun set until midnight and having the sun rise at 3. It'll mess with your head. Trust me.

  21. Darn it! I always miss the Storyteller blog hop!! Stupid stupid grad school!! Finland? Very exciting. I can't wait to explore through your blog :)

  22. Look at those Northern Lights! I've never seen them before, have you?! If not, Finland looks like it might be the place to see them :)

    P.S. Can't wait for Frackin' Friday in Finnish!


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