April 29, 2011

Storytellers Blog Hop: April

Hey hey hey, it is that time again. Storytellers Blog Hop is back again. And holy cow, so is the end of the month? April, what April!?

You know what, I am OK with that. Bring on May. Because May means I am back in Tex-Ass. Yes, Friday is our last full day in Germany and we are headed home first thing on Saturday.

I always think of Sandy when I say Tex-Ass, guess I'm 5 years old! (source)

Our bags are packed, the winter stuff is stored, and I am actually looking forward to a long plane ride home! What is wrong with me?! haha

But, until then, I am happy to host the Storytellers Blog Hop!

If you linked up last time, thanks for coming back! If you are new, I'll give you the quick run down.

I like to think that this hop is somewhat unique from all the others out there. One that caters to blogs that tell stories, and have actual real content. It doesn't matter whether the 'stories' are fact or fiction, told with words or pictures, consist of ramblings or thought out chapters, or lighthearted or serious. This hop is for real bloggers with real stories. No advertising, give aways, reviews or coupon sites.

MOST IMPORTANTLY you don't have to write anything special for the hop. Just link up your blog and let it be who it is!

Your blog is your story, so let it shine!
And spread the love if know of some blogs that need to be linked up here!

Only. One. Rule. Please, no sites that specialize in ads, coupons, giveaways, etc. There are many blog hops just for you, but today, this hop isn't one of them. Sorry guys.

Other than that, there are no rules, no 'follow' musts, only an easy outlet to stumble upon new and interesting blogs.

If you have the time this weekend, explore some of the great reads below. A new-to-you, good blog is just a click away.

I doubt you will regret it :)

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  1. Yey! I'm excited to be the first participating - what a great idea this is! I didn't manage to put a pic though... anyway, happy weekend!

  2. My favorite hop!

    Looking forward to reading some great stories!

    Happy Friday everyone and wishes to you and hubs for a safe trip home!


  3. I'm BAAAAAACCKKK!! This is the BEST hop, so look forward to some more great reads ...

    Safe journey!!

  4. Ooh eee this crept up, where did April go!? Happy Friday! Safe travels to you guys Lindsey, don't forget to snag some uber tacky memorabilia at the airport of the royals, that or make the flight attendants work for their money with some in air entertainment! Anyways, have a brilliant weekend slinking back home and starting off your summer vacation.

    ..ps thanks for hosting this bad boy:)

  5. I'm super excited about this, but more excited for you getting to go to TEEEEEXAAAAAAAS! I love that Spongebob episode so much... :)

  6. Yay! I love this hop so much! Thanks for hosting it :) Have a safe trip back to Texas...I can't imagine how excited you must be to be going HOME!

  7. Thanks for stopping by my blog and reminding me about the blog hop. Love it when you do this! I hope y'all have a safe trip home to Texas!

  8. YAY for Storytellers Bloghop! Hope you enjoy your weekend Tex!

  9. Very good idea, will check out those blogs from your list.
    Have a save trip back home and careful with the jetlag.

  10. I love this hop! Its such fun. Only I messed up my image. Ugggg! Hope you have a great weekend. I know you must be going crazy about heading back to the states.

  11. You're looking forward to the flight cuz at the end of it u will HOME!!!! So happy to be linking up with your hop again. Love it! Thanks for hosting it!! Safe flight to u & the hubs, can't wait to read your first post from Tex-Ass!

  12. Yay I'm so excited!! Thanks for hosting this, I gotta get crackin on writing my post then check out some of these other blogs!!! Happy Friday :)

  13. Isn't Sandy the squirrel on spongebob? God I love you more and more all the time. Don't tell your husband.

    How do I get on your story list? I wrote my best story yet!

    Good luck on your trip!

  14. Yay for going home!!!! And thanks for hosting!!!

  15. Thanks so much for hosting. Linking up!

    Safe travels!

  16. Yeah!! All you guys are great :) Making my day!
    @Katherina - so glad you are too, thanks! Haha, its ok. You have a good weekend too!
    @Slidecutter - well thanks lady :) Happy Friday to you!
    @Red - well there you are, so glad you are back. Thanks!
    @Morgan - haha, you always have me cracking up. My mom asked me the same thing about the royal wedding souvenirs! Oh, and the flight attendants will be at my beckon call
    @Dwija - yes, so glad you are linking up! And gotta love Spongebob, right?!
    @Katie - Thanks girl, gladly done :) SOOOO excited!
    @Wendy - haha, you are welcome and thanks for linking up
    @Heather - Thanks Heather, you too!
    @Patti - well thank you. Yeah, that jetlag can be a bia! lol
    @Bernie - it is all fixed up and looking good now, lol. Hate that it doesn't let you change it. Annoying.
    @Sherri - YES! Exact-a-mundo. Thank you, I hope it will be a speedy trip home :)
    @An Irish - so glad you linked up, sounds like a plan. Have a great Friday too!
    @Caleb - ummm, you know it. And don't worry, I won't tell ;) lol. Your story really was the best yet. That was an epic post if there ever was one!
    @Kassi - you are welcome and yay indeed!
    @Ada - no probs bob, glad you linked up :)

  17. THANK YOU for doing this!! I hate when someone comments on my blog and head over to theirs only find reviews and giveaways...I have nothing to say because they have no content! I love stories :) Thanks for a great blog hop!

  18. Thanks so much for putting this together! I am tired of hops geared toward giveaways and reviews... I want to be entertained or drawn in to a story or a world, be it different or similar to my own. Storytellers Hop... right on :)

  19. May is starting from tomorrow.So are you ready for enjoying?Have a great holidays there.All the Best.

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  20. Great hop, thanks for hosting! I hope you have a safe flight back. :)

  21. Hi, I'm following from The Juici Life. Congrats on the award!!

  22. I became a follower of your blog! :) Love it! Erin


  23. Thank you for doing this, but I just realized, I'm too late to link up.

    I don't get the couponing and giveaway blogs. And I'd rather follow people I'd like to read who in turn sometimes like to read my stuff--but they don't have too.

    So I'll follow you, even though I think I'm old enough to be your mom!

  24. http://ellieisanewthing.blogspot.com/2011/04/in-her-shoes.html

    That's what I was going to link up with, if you'd like to read a bit from my life. It's one of those could-be-written better stories, but it was time to just get it out there.

  25. I love this idea I am always looking for new blogs :) I think I am going to grab a cup of coffee and browse through the ones posted so far :)

  26. GAAAAH! How do I always miss this!!??

    PS: I think I have the plague and just rolled my ass out of bed...feel sorry for me yet?

    Next month - I am SO gonna be on time!!!

    *stomps feet and whines*

  27. @Becky - well no problem, I am glad you linked up!
    @XLMIC - You are welcome! Glad you linked up too!
    @Magento - haha, so ready, so ready!
    @Jessi - thanks girl, it was nice and easy :)
    @Jessica - well thanks, wasn't that sweet of her!?
    @Healthy - Thanks! And thanks for letting me know, looking forward to checking out your site too.
    @Ellen - haha, sorry about that. I think I need to have it run all weekend next time. Seriously, me neither! Haha, whatever. Looking forward to checking out your site too!
    @Cestlavie22 - awesome, I can guarantee you will like what you see :)
    @Colie - haha, no worries girl. Like I said above, I need to run it all weekend. Hey, I do feel sorry for you. It is hard getting out of bed, haha.


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