June 10, 2011

Frackin' Friday - OK in UK Guest Post

Hei! You see my little Finnish dude saying that up there. Had to use it at least once. There is one Finnish word we already know. Pronunced "Hey", easy enough, right!? I got this :)

Anyways, I am so happy to have Frackin' Friday back and in action!!! Woohoo, it had been two long weeks without any foreign cuss words. I was feigning for some, and I can only imagine that you were too. 

Not to fear, I have a great guest post of good ol' slangy foreign words for you today. Mollie, from over at OK in UK, brings us a little something different. 

She's an Oakie that moved to the U.K. a little over a year ago. If you haven't checked her out, you gotta jump over there and give yourself a good giggle or two.

She keeps trying to convince me that these words are ACTUALLY English, but they are so funny looking that I am still skeptical. I can't understand those lovely British people half the time anyways....and there is no way they understand me either. 

Anyhoo (that kinda sounded British, right?!), let's get on with a slew of British 'cuss' words. 

Or as Mollie puts it "some slang that isn't quite cursing, but sounds soooooo derogatory"

 Posh Totty
Meaning: posh - stylish and totty - good-looking woman

Meaning: a young white English male who embraces the hiphop culture as a birthright. Seen as quite stupid by many as they tend to leave school at 16 and not complete A levels. "They've taken wearing tracksuits and baseball caps to a new level of pikieness." 

Looking guuud, Chav! (source)

In usage
"I went to the loo, and BINGO, the bloody chav is there at the table sitting next to this posh totty!"
Couldn't Spell Work
Meaning: a lad or lass who can not or will not get a job because they are happy to stay on the dole.

Meaning: a lad or lass who fell out of the ugly tree at birth and hit every branch on the way down. Unattractive and malodorous

Meaning: Come on now!

And I googled 'Minger' and didn't want to put any of those pics up, so instead I used a picture of a dog in a pub. Standard there!
In usage
"Ack, that Simon's a bloody minger, he is... Canna spell work for us now can he, haway?"
Don't you feel all classy and British and stuff?!?! Too funny. I really like these actually. Still English, but no one will have a clue what the heck you are talking about. 

If YOU have a submission for Frackin' Friday's foreign cussing lesson ('cause it is what we all need in life), email me at TexaGermaNadian (at) gmail (dot) com. 

Have a wonderful Frackin' Friday and a great weekend, bloggyland!!
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  1. I lived in the UK for a bit during my college years, and 'minger' was definitely popular. The cockney rhyming slang was also pretty cool!

    "That bird's mingin'! I'd like a Nelson Mandela cream o' the crop. What's that Judy Dench?"

    I have some dirty Italian phrases, too!

    Thanks for sharing these!

    Gillian from Baby Talk without the Babble

  2. I really love Mollie, and all her words.

  3. oh man, you have really touched upon my absolute obsession with british slang. Why does everything sound better with a british accent? This is a great guest post, I love "chav," and I'm thinking Ali G?

  4. loveeee the new header by the way! and HEI is the same in norwegian hahah (probably the only worthwhile observation ill make all day).

    these words are hilarious! ill have to gather some fun norwegian ones when i get there LOL. im sure they have an overabundance of them LOL

    happppy weekend!

  5. Ha! I lived in the UK for a study abroad and remember minger being said quite a bit along with tosser. I always thought it was funny that calling a woman a 'stupid cow' was considered an insult. Ah...and then you forked people when they made you mad. Forking is the same thing as flicking someone off, but instead you use two fingers (think peace sign but reverse your hand so the palm is facing you).

  6. your Chav guy totally looks Finnish! hair, clothes & all... haha. It's funny some of the things they wear that would be considered 'ghetto/gangsta/hood' (whatever you may call it) here, especially considering they are the whitest people around. Maybe you can call them that and convince them it's a good thing? :)

  7. ooh I love Posh Totty, that's a good one! Totally gonna use that and I WISH I could bring my pup into a pub. He's actually quite the beer snob, his favorite is Stella and he turns his nose up at Coors Light, we have a classy English Bulldog drinker :)

  8. @Jillian - That one was my favorite, it just sounds so bad! Haha, I have no idea what you just said there and I love. Well send in your Italian ones, I would love to feature them!
    @Kristina - isn't she great :)
    @Oilfield - it was, wasn't it?!
    @Meri - really?! It does, so true! That is EXACTLY what I was thinking too. Chav is so catchy :)
    @Megan - thanks! nice, then we both got that one down, haha. YES!!! I would absolute love to have your Norwegian ones up when you get there. Happy weekend to you too!
    @Adventures - That is funny,because calling someone a stupid cow in German is a big insult! Weird! I love it though. Now, I gotta look up tosser :) Thanks for sharing!
    @CMD - ohhhhh great, I can only imagine the fashions there, haha. Sooo ghetto yeah right. Maybe, we should start that, haha
    @An Irish - Sounds so snooty. What?!? What a classy little doogie you have there, haha, too funny.

  9. Your new little header guy looks awesome! I love him :)

    Mollie is so funny. Such a treat, that girl. (Seniors '97!)

  10. Loving the new header!! That Mollie sure is sumpin' else, huh? Out there spreading her herpes around and stuff.
    Tex - how is it that I neglected to put you on my "Who I Love" page. Error fixed!

  11. YAY! Love the new header. The little Finnish dude is adorable.

    And Happy Frackin' Friday! How I've missed this! Great words, Mollie. I especially love minger. It's just fun to say. :)

  12. A) How CUTE is your new header?!? LOVE!
    B) There were some words used in the defining of the new words that I am gonna have to look up... Sad isn't it?
    C) I am a TOTAL Posh Totty.

    Have a good weekend love, happy Frackin Friday!

  13. I have a couple brother in laws who "cant' spell work" That was my favorite phrase. Sounds much kinder than "slacker, losers"

    Your header is adorable!

  14. This is awesome! I have nothing to contribute :( I suck.

    Wishing you a wonderful weekend!

  15. I can vouch for Mollie here, yes these words and phrases are used in everyday conversation in the UK. I must take the oppertunity to introduce you to a few of my fav Scots cuss words which you can verify and find out their meaning at the urbandictionary.com

    Bawbag Glaikit Houk Eejit Cludgie

  16. Sweeting effing jesus!! CHAV-my closest girlfriend said this and I almost didn't quite understand her a few years ago...but low and behold...come fr-fr-frackin fridays I nearly died laughing! Why do I automatically think of ghetto kids and gangsta rockstars..isn't that horrible :)

    Hey there crazy lady, have a super fantabuloso weekendo...doin' what you be doin!

  17. You know, it does look good...but that's because of you. You're like the geophysical forces of nature that take plant crap and dead animals and turn it all into diamonds. Thanks.

    People say the nicest things.

  18. Hahaha! Hilarious!!! And they ALMOST inspired me to do you a few choice pieces of OZ vernacular ...

    But somehow I don't think these are what the posh Brits say!!!

    Have a great weekend!

  19. Another Geordie favourite is to put the word propa (ie. proper without the er sound) in front of everything and like at the end. This then changes to somethings which sounds even more ridiculous:

    He was propa minging like. I thought he'd be dead canny like but he was a charver.

    NOtice the addition of 'canny' (my favourite geordie word and I use it ALL the time) and dthe 'r' in charver as it's more southerners who just have the 'v' on the end. All those words are great! Back in the day when I was younger another pretty derrogatory term was 'kappa slapper'. This wass due to a certain brand of tracksuits becoming popular haha! I was never one obviously!

    @Mollie- I am glad you're picking our colourful language up haha!

  20. @Dwija - well thanks! She really is great, isn't she. Glad you guest posted for Frackin' Friday!
    @No7 - thanks! Haha, I love how we all have unanimous love for Mollie! Well thanks No 7!! I have a lot of revamping to do around here, and I think an "I love" page would be perfect. Might have to borrow your idea :)
    @Katie - thanks! Haha, glad you like. Minger really is too fun to say!
    @Heather - thanks lady! Haha, I totally thought the same thing!! We just don't get many of those down here, do we?! You really are, you really are :)
    @Bernie - isn't that a great way to put it, or what?! It does sound much better than those others. Thanks Bernie!
    @XLMIC - no way, you don't suck. You don't have to always contribute, but I like that you read ;) Hope you had a great weekend too!
    @Ryan - well good, because I just knew she was pulling my leg, lol. I WOULD LOVE THAT!!! Ummm, have NO idea what you just wrote there. Are you sure your cat didn't just jump on the keyboard. No way that is real words. Now, you gotta let us know what they mean!
    @Morgan - haha, yes!!! I think that one might be my fave out of the group. We should single handedly bring it to the states. You rock, hope you had a great weekend too!!
    @Mollie - Whatever...but thanks :) And they really do, don't they?!
    @Red Nomad - ALMOST! Well we are getting close then, aren't we. Well, at least not in public, lol. You too!
    @Missy - Ohhh, really like that one too!!! Just adds the umph to the phrase. Haha, canny is good too. Hahaha, kappa slapper. I don't even really know what that one means but I love it...and might have to use.


  22. These are my all time favorite posts. The only tough thing is that, to be proper, they should be spoken with an accent. Seeing that I'm an American, and don't have such cute accents, to say them would sound strange. I would say ming-ERRR instead of ming-ah. And if I said it the proper way people would wonder why I pulled a british accent out my arse. : )

    It's a catch 22.

  23. Oh man Mollie, these are great! The definition for 'minger' made me lol :) I'm always a fan of your writing; so fun to see you here!

    Lindsey your new header is kick-ass!! Love it!

  24. Love it! A friend of mine in high school was British and I only learned the standard swear words like tosser :) Glad to be adding more to my vocabulary!

  25. This is the most educational post of my week. Love it!


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