June 20, 2011

The More You Know Monday

Bloggyland, guess what, it's Monday!?! Like you didn't already know that :) Hope everyone is having a great start to the week. And if not, hope it just gets better and better from here on out. 

Don't you just hate those always optimistic, happy-go-lucky people?! 

Haha, it's ok, I like foolin' ya'll and letting you believe that I am. Nah, really life is too short to stay mad or angry for too long. Plus, I had a really fun weekend with friends. We drank too much wine and sung one too many karaoke songs. Yep, a perfect time was had, so how can my Monday not be awesome?!
Quick post today, but I came across this and thought it was too perfect not to share. I had wanted to do a post about the Winter War, a battle during WWII in which Finland, for lack of better words, kicked some Soviet ass. And after seeing this below, I don't think I could have put it any better way....

But I think it needs a better closing line. Not "Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid". I am feeling more along the lines of "Be Excited for this Adventure. Very Excited". 

Way to go, Finland! Seriously!! You know they have got to still be proud of the Winter War to this day. Pretty amazing feat for a country of only 5 million. 
And I appologize to any Russians out there who might have stumbled over. Hope it's not still an open wound :)

So yeah, there was your lesson for today, kiddos. The more you know, right?! 

I miss these! (source)
Hey, learning never gets old. Maybe I could start a new Monday post idea. The More You Know Monday??!?

Force that learning on you. 

Whether you like it or not! 

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  1. haha im excited for this new posting!

    LOL...what is that bottom pic from? it reminds me of like Bill Nye the Science Guy or something from those days on PBS. I dunnno LOL...

    And GET IT FINLAND. way to represent. (who am i kiddin..ive never been). Have a great day girl ...AND YES...JULY BDAYS ROCK. Seriously. they do. except when we were growing up and in school. then they sucked because no one gave attention to us on our special days.

  2. WOW, who knew Finland was full of arse-kickers! And..guess what?! I have a Finnish blog audience. Yup! I checked my mappy thing on Google and I have some Finnish readers, talk about awesome right? LOL :)

  3. Why hold a grudge, it's such a waste of energy!

    Apparently Finland is a quiet mini-giant!

  4. Ha, thats great. Who knew? Those Fins are nuts.


  5. I'm so excited to keep learning more about Finland! You're my dose of new information and trivia each day!

  6. bahahaha the more you know symbol is killing me. It's like I'm in 5th grade again or something. I think you should bring back the magic school bus as well!

  7. Finns dont like Russians today either from what I have heard...its deep down in their roots;)

  8. aghhhh, the knowledge! it hurts!

  9. I forget that there are other counties with, you know, their own history. LOL!

  10. lol... learned something new today ;)

  11. Lets go Finland!!! That is quite the feat I must say!! Bet you can't wait to get there!!

    Oh, I may have and idea for Frickin Friday :-)

  12. @Oilfield - funny to me too. Those are some scrappy fins!
    @Megan - I thought it was a good way to pass a Monday post, I mean, do something interesting and different, lol. They do rock. Only the best deserve July birthdays :)
    @An Irish - I know right, I would have never guessed it either. And Finnish traffic!? That is pretty cool :) I will have to check to see if I am getting any hits as well
    @Ellen - seriously, it drains you! I wouldn't want to mess with them, would you?!
    @Simple Dude - exactly what I thought too, who would have guessed!? I have heard they are nuts, of course in only the best way :)
    @Meri - haha, you got it! You are too sweet. And I think you and I would hold our own in Trivia night at the bar :)
    @Jordan - haha, remember that?! Those were always so dumb, haha. Or at least like 'duh' moments. Ohhh, I used to LOVE the magic school bus too!
    @Mrs K - ummm yeah, I can imagine they might still have a little bad beef between them. I will have to get the real scoop when I get there ;)
    @Meg O - I am proud that I get to live there for a few months after hearing about the Winter War!
    @Colin - ohhh, sorry. Learning when you don't have to!? My bad :)
    @Andrea - haha, I know, right?! It seems like Finland might have some good history gems in there.
    @Laura - well glad I could enlighten :) lol
    @Missy - I feel like that should be a cheer. It really is. AND PLEASE please please, send me a Frackin Friday!! :) TexaGermaNadian@gmail.com

  13. I came over her to escape my school work! HA! :) Happy Monday Tex!

  14. Reminded me of this


  15. WoW - who knew - I didn't, but I do now. Amazing what a country can do and facing those odds, eh.
    Great Post and thankyou for sharing

  16. If you ever want I could lend you my more you know video clip that I use for my moral posts. It's on youtube, so you can borrow it, but then I want it back. haha

  17. First of all, LOVE the thought of a "More You Know Monday," and second of all, Finland kicks ass. That is all. Happy Monday, buddy!!

  18. I love how much you learn about the countries you visit! I have a friend from Finland- it sounds amazing there!

  19. I love that you are embracing everything about Finland and passing the info on to us :) I know you're going to have the best time there and I'm excited for you to share your journey. xoxo

  20. @Heather - don't you hate when I make you learn like this, lol
    @Mollie - that is hilarious!! Too funny. Where do you find these things.
    @Lilly - I am glad you liked it. I thought it was pretty interesting too!
    @Copyboy - Wait, I am interested! Is it the "The More You KNow" clip?? Priceless. And yes, I will return it after using, lol
    @Katie - Haha, yeah! I am glad you like. Thank you Katie, hope you had a great Monday too!
    @Shalyn - things I would have never known :) I don't know anyone from Finland, you lucky, lol
    @KY - whether you like it or not, haha, ya'll are going to learn! Well thanks love, that is so sweet of you to say. You better come visit!!

  21. The More You Know logo also reminded me of Reading Rainbow--man I miss that show!

    I hope you continue to pass on Finland tidbits to us :)

  22. You gotta love the underdog, those pesky russkies thought they could bulldoze their way across Finland with no resistence....how wrong were they.

  23. Go Finland, go Finland; you have an awesome educational system and delicious coffee! (you have to sing that comment to get the full gist... ;) )

  24. Ya the Russians super suck at invading but are phenomenal at defending ;)

  25. @KT - I miss reading Rainbow too!! So soothing :) I hope to do so!
    @Ryan - seriously, I will always root for the underdog. Net net Ruskies, you cannot just walk right over there and have Finland!
    @Tony - I would say so too!
    @Dwija - haha, that is what I have heard too! I am currently singing it in my head, lol
    @BigMike - just ask the Germans, right!? :)

  26. Learning scares me. *wimpering*


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