June 17, 2011

Frackin' Friday - Scheißegal

Hey Bloggyland! Happy Friday to you!!

Today is Frackin' Friday, so how could you not have a good Friday, or weekend, for that matter?!

When we first found out about Finland, I wasn't sure if I was going to do German Frackin' Fridays anymore. Yes, of course, that was the first thought that went through my mind ;)

But there were so many good ones that I had lined up, that I felt it would be a great travesty if I didn't continue.

And I would hate to dissappoint all you good people out there with no Frackin' Fridays this summer.

PLUS, no one sent me their version of Frackin' Friday for this week (thanks a lot!) so I am left to do the dirty work. 

Interested in sharing a dirty foreign word?? Or maybe just a fun expression to say in another language?? Then get your butt to your email and send me something over to: TexaGermaNadian (at) gmail (dot) com. Do it!

So, since I don't know any Finnish...yet, I am sticking with the German for right now.

And today's word really sums up how I have been feeling this whole week. Not bad, or in a crappy mood, but rather...

(pronounced: Sh-eye-z E-gaul)

Scheiß comes from, well, come on, all of ya'll know that one. If you don't, Hi! Welcome out from under your rock. And 'egal' basically means "Whatever" or "I don't care". 

So Scheißegal is the best way to say "I don't give a flying flip" in German. Got it?!

Good. Feels good to say, doesn't it. 

And it seems to always remind me of this cute little picture....

Love it! (source)

I personally like to use it as an end to a losing/meaningless argument. Instead of saying "yeah, whatever", just say "Scheißegal" and you win. Everytime.

Actually, when things would go not exactly according to plan in Germany, it was one of my favorite expressions. 

Scheißegal. It is what it is!

And I need this shirt!!!
It's whatever to me! (source)
Hope you are having a fun Friday. And although I probably won't post much during the weekends this summer, I am always around. Stalking. But in a good non-charge pressing way. :)
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  1. I can totally revamp my favorite cut down: go take a Scheißegal at a rolling donut!

  2. That kitty picture CRACKS me up! :) Have a great weekend!

  3. i will totally be submitting norwegian lingo to you soon LOL ;) have a great weekend girl!!!

  4. That kitty picture is awesome. I think I want to get it as a back window decal for my car.

  5. so i installed a ceiling fan today and forgot to turn off the electrical power, so i sent volts of electricity into my body and shot across the room... but the good news the fan is working. it feels good to be alive, really good. happy friday.

    maybe you would be up for some summer zombie modeling soon?

    all the best!

    ps. i am totaling stealing "Scheißegal".

  6. Love it! and please don't give up the German Frackin' Fridays!!! :-)

  7. I would think that "scheißegal" is one of my most used phrases ever...yea I think that is pretty much true :))) Have a great weekend, chick!


    "Hey There Girl - How's she going" (How r u )
    "Mister Man, jus between you n me n da gatepost" (you are about to hear a great secret)
    "great day to set a hen" (means it is a nice day out)
    And to add a little colour, "so hungry I could eat the arse off a skunk "

    Have a grat day and love your Frackin' Friday
    Cheers, Lilly

  9. I like this one...it can be so easily intergrated into daily life haha!! Also, it's only stalking if the other person deosn't like it...it's always a vital thing to remember!Happy Friday!

  10. @Mollie - leave it to you to take the Frackin' Friday to a whole new level, love it! haha
    @Kassi - isn't that kitty picture great, sums it all up :) You too!
    @Megan - YES!! Ohh, I cannot wait for that, Megan. It will be great. You have a good weekend too!
    @Jordan - It would be a great window decal, what a fun idea. With all your crafty skills, you could probably come up with that, lol
    @iZombie - HOLY! I am really glad you are ok, that is scary. Life is good after surviving something like that. Hmmm, summer zombie modeling...will have to give it some thought! lol
    @Oilfield - You too! I am thinking it will be a hot, but good one :)
    @Jan - Haha, ooookkkk. Just for you, I will keep them up.
    @Rebecca - yes! I am glad you use it so much. It covers a multitude of situations. And always makes me feel good when a German says I am using it correctly, lol. Have a nice weekend!
    @Lilly - LOVE THEM!!! Too funny. I am going to email you and we will get this in the next Friday. Too cool. Thanks!!
    @Missy - haha, so true. Love it, what a way to put stalking. Sounds like you have had to get out of charges yourself, haha, just kidding. Have a great Friday too!

  11. You should know that I said this out loud about 9 times in a row in different accents and emphases, with total glee. The boyfriend looked at me like I was having a seizure...

  12. That kitty picture is one of my faves. And I think this may be my new favorite German cuss word!

  13. Hahaha! What a great word!! Only problem is downunder it'd lose it's impact because no one would get what it meant ...

    Thanx so much for visiting my blog - glad you liked my rainbow!!

    And if I wasn't on the road with indifferent internet acces, I'd have sent you some OZ-oddity sayings for sure! Maybe next week ...

  14. Oh, kitty! I love the kitty!!
    Fun new word. Are you going to get a Rosetta Stone Finnish set to learn Finnish?

  15. Awesome! too bad there is no way on earth that word is going to stay in my brain :(

  16. @Meri - haha, YES! That is the way to do Frackin' Friday :) Glad you liked it!
    @Katie - isn't that picture awesome?! Glad you liked it too!
    @Red - I would love to hear some for this week. Send away! That rainbow was awesome, really love what you did with those photos.
    @Bernie - NO ROSETTA STONE FOR FINNISH :( Sad face. I am trying to find other things. Some luck here and there. Going to at least try!
    @Patti - haha, well you already have so much trivia in your head (like all the stuff you put on your blog). Use it for the day then forget :)


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